Hey guys. Guess what? Here's my next big multi-chapter story! Woohoo!

This story is expanding on the events that happened in Wrong Place, Wrong Time. I would recommend you read that now, before I start posting spoilers for Wrong Place, Wrong Time in this story. Anyway, this story is about the Teen Tyrants, evil versions of the Teen Titans from an alternate universe. I'll be introducing several new Tyrants, so at the end of each chapter, I'll post a little section that lists the new Tyrants, and who they are counterparts of. I may also introduce heroic versions of some of the villains from the show, just to spice things up a little.

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing to do with Teen Titans, Warner Brothers Animation, Cartoon Network, or DC Comics. Now, with that out of the way, let's get on with the show, shall we?

Teen Titans: House of Mirrors


Arsenal took aim at the prison guard with his crossbow and squeezed the trigger. The crossbow bolt flew straight and true, piercing the guard through the chest. His target collapsed, dead, and his partner raised his pistol, looking around warily, trying to find the shooter. Arsenal pulled himself back into his hiding place as he reloaded his crossbow. A yellow blur sped down the streets as Inertia ran up to the second guard. Inertia vibrated his hand at high speed and rammed it into the guard's head, shaking his hand violently and scrambling the guard's brain, killing him. Alarms went off and guards raced outside. Arsenal broke cover and fired, killing another guard and drawing the fire off the rest. He ducked down behind cover again to reload. Pipes burst out from the road as Typhoon raised the water up. Typhoon gestured, and the water flew over to the guards, enveloping their heads. The guards tried to pull their heads out of the water-bubbles, but it was no use. Eventually, they could hold their breath no longer and collapsed unconscious. As they fell unconscious, they instinctively breathed in, inhaling the water that would soon drown them as their lungs flooded. Typhoon had missed a guard, and the survivor took aim at the Atlantean criminal. Behind him, Wasp grew back to her normal size and rammed her stingers into his back. The sharp weapons stabbed into him, and Wasp pressed down on the triggers, sending electricity flowing into the guard. The electricity caused the guard's muscles to spasm as he was electrocuted.

The doors to the Jump City Prison had slammed shut after the guards had left to fight. As Wasp finished off the last guard, Curse walked up to the door and snapped her fingers, causing a pink shockwave to shoot out from her hand and envelop the door. The door immediately began to rust, and soon, all that was left was a small pile of red dust that was blown away in the wind. Gunfire started up as the guards inside the prison opened fire. Crimson dropped down from the sky and raised her hands, forming a glowing red barrier in front of her. Joto landed behind her, his exposed head and arms wreathed in flames, and thrust his hands through the barrier, sending a column of flame down the hall. The guards screamed as they were burnt to death. Joto let the flames die, and Crimson collapsed the barrier she had created. Inertia, Curse, Arsenal and Wasp ran inside, while the others waited outside, covering their backs.

Richard Grayson shielded his face with his arm as the door to his cell resonated until it shook itself apart. Once the dust settled, he saw a figure dressed in dark green standing in the doorway.

"Inertia," said Grayson. "It's been a while."

"It has indeed," replied the speedster. "We figured you guys were getting bored in here."

Grayson stood up. "You've managed to avoid the Brotherhood of Justice so far?"

Inertia nodded. "Once we get you guys out of here, Vox will get us to our headquarters."

"How much time do we have to spare?" asked Grayson.

"Not much," said Inertia. "But I did have enough time to find these."

Inertia held out his hands. In his left was a utility belt full of weapons. In his right hand, he held a red, featureless helmet with two blank eye sockets. Grayson buckled the utility belt around the waist of his prison jumpsuit, and slipped the helmet onto his head. With the helmet in place, he reached into his belt and pulled out two bird-a-rangs and connected them, causing hidden mechanisms to form a sharp sword. A feral grin spread across his face, hidden by the helmet.

"Look out, world," he growled. "I'm back in the Red Hood."

The door to Komand'r's cell crumbled, and a woman with pink, cat-like eyes and pink hair, styled into a pair of horns, walked into the cell.

"About time you showed up, Curse," said Komand'r.

"Give me a break, Blackfire," said Curse, snapping her fingers. The electronic locks in her handcuffs snapped, and the heavy metal device fell to the floor with a loud clang. With her hands free, Komand'r ripped the metal headband off her head and tossed it aside. Komand'r's eyes glowed a fierce purple as she charged up her starbolts.

"What happened to the Jewel of Charta?" asked Curse.

"It was destroyed," said Blackfire quickly. "I'll explain later. Right now, let's just get out of here."










Gadget's red circuitry lit up as power returned to its systems.

"Diagnosis: Weapons systems are in need of reactivation," it droned.

"All right, give me a second," whispered a voice. Gadget recognized it as belonging to Karen "Wasp" Beecher. The robot's sensors told it that her hands were fiddling with the wires in his upper back and shoulders. She connected a wire to its proper place and closed the panel in its back.

"There," she said. "How's that?"

Gadget raised its right arm, transforming it into its weapon of choice, the sonic cannon.

"Diagnosis: Sonic cannons fully functional," Gadget droned. "Missile launchers inoperable."

"I'll fix them later," said Wasp. "Right now we have to go."

"Statement: An excellent strategy." Gadget paused as it finished its final systems checks. "Query: Did you use your stingers to reactivate my power cells?"

"Yeah," said Wasp. "What about it?"

"Statement: Thank you," replied the robot.

"You're welcome," said Wasp, in a similar, mechanical tone. "Now let's go!"

Garfield Logan walked out of his cell, stepping through the hole that had recently been made.

"Beast," said Arsenal, resting his crossbow on his shoulder. "Ready to blow this joint?"

"I've been ready for years," said the green-skinned man. "Who else is here?"

"Inertia, Curse and Wasp are rescuing the others, and Soviet, Joto, Crimson, Typhoon, the Speedster Twins and Vox are outside," said Arsenal. "I think reinforcements are on their way; we have to move."

Arsenal was wrong. The reinforcements were not on their way; they had already arrived. Soviet flew above the team of policemen, hurling radioactive fire down at them. The Russian criminal dropped down amongst the policemen, and started slinging radioactive fire in all directions. Crimson was also in the air, firing red blasts of energy from her hands. As the policemen started getting their range and their bullets started passing too close, Crimson created a shield around herself. She maintained the shield until the police stopped to reload. Once the gunfire stopped, she turned the shield into a massive blade, and waved her arms, swinging the blade through the policemen and slicing them open. Typhoon was on the ground, using his natural Atlantean strength to snap the back of a policeman. He lashed out with the serrated hook on his right hand, slicing open another policeman's throat. He pointed the hook at another policeman, and flexed a muscle in the stump. This triggered a small switch that caused the hook to shoot out on a grappling line. The hook was sent flying and pierced the ribcage of Typhoon's target. Typhoon ran towards the dead body and yanked the hook out. With the hook out, Typhoon swung his arm, using the freed hook like a flail. Joto stood some distance away from him, hurling fireballs at the policemen. There was a red and white blur as the Speedster Twins raced past. Their hands were linked, as they could only use their powers when they were touching each other. While they could not use their superspeed to vibrate through solid objects, they could still move fast enough to do severe damage to people that they hit, as was attested by the policemen killed through blunt force trauma to the head. Vox opened his mouth and pressed a button on the voice-box on his throat. A loud piercing wail rose up, causing the policemen in range to scream in pain as their eardrums ruptured.


Vox turned towards the prison, and saw Arsenal, Inertia, Curse, Wasp, Red Hood, Blackfire, Beast and Gadget running outside.

"Get us out of here!" yelled Arsenal.

Vox nodded, and opened his mouth again, pressing a different button on his voice-box. This time, instead of a shriek, there was a trumpet-like note, and a blue-ringed portal opened up.

"Tyrants!" yelled Red Hood, re-establishing his role as leader. "It's time for us to leave!"

Each of the members of the criminal organisation known as the Tyrants bolted towards the portal, racing through. Joto and Typhoon were the last two through. Typhoon created a ball of water and lobbed it into the air, and Joto sent a fireball into the ball of water, superheating the water into a cloud of steam. Once the steam cleared, the portal had closed, and the Tyrants were gone.

Who's Who:

Arsenal (Roy Harper): Counterpart to Red Arrow (Roy Harper)

Inertia (Wally West): Counterpart to The Flash (Wally West)

Typhoon (Garth): Counterpart to Tempest (Garth)

Wasp (Karen Beecher): Counterpart to Bumblebee (Karen Beecher)

Curse (Lorraine Moore): Counterpart to Jinx (Lorraine Moore)

Crimson (Toni Monetti): Counterpart to Argent (Toni Monetti)

Joto (Isaiah Crockett): Counterpart to Hot Spot (Isaiah Crockett)

Red Hood (Richard Grayson): Counterpart to Nightwing (Richard Grayson)

Blackfire (Komand'r): Counterpart to Starfire (Koriand'r)

Gadget (Victor Stone): Counterpart to Cyborg (Victor Stone)

Beast (Garfield Logan): Counterpart to Changeling (Garfield Logan)

Soviet (Leonid Kovar): Counterpart to Red Star (Leonid Kovar)

The Speedster Twins: Counterparts to Más y Menos

Vox (Mal Duncan): Counterpart to The Herald (Mal Duncan)

As you can see, there are several new Tyrants, and yes, they really are evil versions of the Teen Titans from the show. I know, in Wrong Place, Wrong Time, that I said that the Tyrants were different people from the Titans. However, that idea was not set in stone at the time, and was just what was bouncing around in my head. After some more thought, I decided to change that, and make them evil versions of the characters we all know and love. That should make things a lot more interesting.

Oh, and yes, since we are dealing with evil Titans, there is going to be quite a body count, thanks to the Tyrants. That sort of thing tends to happen when the bad guys are on the loose. This story is rated T for a very damn good reason.

I'll probably update sometime soon (maybe). I will do my best to write this story for as long as the muse is willing to cooperate, and for as long as study stays out of my way.