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Chapter 1

"Encounter with a King."

It was another unusually warm day in the jungles of Africa. The sun was shining and the waves were crashing on the shores. It all seemed normal, except the sounds of footfalls were moving through the branches and trees. Two men wearing hunter's clothes had been crossing through the jungles with guns drawn. They were now waiting in a clearing for

"I'm telling you Max," said the first hunter, who spoke with a British Accent. "That lion should have been here by now."

"Quincy, you old goon," replied Max, who also spoke with a British Accent. "You have to be patient to get a creature of this much power. When we catch it and bring it back to London, why we'll be the most famous men in Britain. But, we have to be patient and-".

Just then, they saw what appeared to be a large male African lion walking in a clearing. Just then, the Lion walked under a tree and that appeared to be the signal for the men to make their move.

"Gotcha!" they cried and they pulled down on a rope that sent a cage onto the lion. The lion roared in fear and the poachers came out from their hiding place, smiling evilly at the lion, who was growling at them.

"Well, now looky here, Quincy," said Max. "Can you smell British pounds right about now?"

"Let's take this cat and get out of here," replied Quincy. "I'll get the boys."

Just then, a loud yell was heard in the clearing and a man with brown hair and wearing a loincloth emerged in front of the men and was now shielding the lion from them. The two men drew their guns and were prepared to shoot at this man. But, he showed a spear at them.

"You did a dangerous move by catching this lion," he said with anger in his voice. "If you don't leave now, you will suffer the consequences of the jungle."

"Now, look here, you savage," cried Max. "We want this lion and we are going to take it whether you like it or not. Now, step aside or we will make you step aside."

The man didn't move and pointed his spear at them. This made them drop their guns and stick their hands up.

"Now, go," said the man. "And do not come back here again." Complying, Max and Quincy picked up their weapons and left. As the men left, the wild man turned his attention to the lion, lifting the cage up from him.

"You are safe now Mumba," he said to the lion in a calm voice. "They will never harm you again."

"Thank you, Tarzan of the Apes," said Mumba in a deep voice. "I am most grateful for what you have done." He bowed to Tarzan and ran off into the distance. Tarzan smiled as the animal left and turned back towards the jungle.

Later, Tarzan spoke about the lion to his Ape friend, Terk.

"A lion named Mumba," said Terk, munching on Mangos. "What's a lion named Mumba doing in this part of the jungle? Don't they belong in the Savannah or somewhere?"

"Well, he belongs in a den near the Wazari village," replied Tarzan. "Apparently, poachers are seeking these Lions and I have to protect them all from them. However, in doing so, I have become close friends with Mumba." Terk continued eating not really caring about what Tarzan was saying.

"Let me tell you something, hairless wonder," replied Terk. "If there is a highly respected lion out there not willing to attack Gorillas, then how come you think they are more respected than shall we say Leopards and Panthers?"

"Lions are nobler and they show more dignity than most wild cats of the jungle," explained Tarzan. "Do you remember the time Jane took in a leopard cub against my wishes?"

"How could I forget Fluffy?" remarked Terk. "It was fun for a while, but then you had your suspicions about Fluffy and you told her he needed to go and well, the rest was history."

"Leopards and Panthers are savage creatures, Terk," said Tarzan. "You, I and everyone know that a leopard killed my human family, they almost killed Kerchak and that two panthers hunted down Jane and her friends. But, this lion is a friend and I will risk my life to protect him."

Tarzan grabbed his spear and rubbed it as he spoke. "You will soon see Terk that not all wild cats can be our enemies," said Tarzan.

Later that night, Tarzan continued his story about the lion to his wife, Jane Porter, who was usually dressed in a yellow shirt and green wrap around skirt.

"Tarzan, are you sure this Lion is a friend of yours," asked Jane, who spoke in a British Accent. "I mean, it's rather unusual for lions to be in this part of the jungle. "

"But, this lion is no different, Jane," he said. "He lives in a den near the Wazari village and he is very respectable amongst other creatures of the jungle. He is a very good friend of mine."

"Well, then maybe I should meet him," replied Jane. "After all, not all kings and queens are trouble, if they run their kingdoms properly."

"What is royal life like in England, Jane?" asked Tarzan. "Is it any different than here in the jungle?"

"Well, when I was growing up Queen Victoria was a very well-liked leader," explained Jane. "There had been many kings and queens before her, but she revolutionized England in a way we have never seen before. Why, she had done so much that the people pay homage to her almost every year. But, after she passed away, life just was never the same. I mean King Edward is a good king, but I feel that England lost a really good friend and leader." Jane sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "But, you see Tarzan, ever since I lived here with you, I feel that maybe we should do something for the jungle in a way Queen Victoria did for England."

Tarzan looked at his wife with content and approached her. "Jane, we have done enough for this jungle more than you could ever imagine," said Tarzan. "Perhaps we could learn something from Mumba in a way we could not think possible."

"What do you mean, Tarzan?" asked Jane. "What can we learn from this lion?"

"You will soon, see," said Tarzan.