Chapter 4

"Fighting the Poachers."

Outside in the cage that was holding him, Mumba was powerless to do anything to help his new friend or his lionesses. All he could do was wait for someone, anyone, to help him.

Suddenly, he heard rustling out in the distance. He took up his battle position to defend himself from the intruder or intruders that were seemingly approaching him.

"Who is there?" he growled. "Are you here to rescue us or kill us for your own good?"

He was relieved to see Basuli and his fellow Wazri warriors emerging from the shadows. They quietly walked over to the cages and Basuli tried to unlock the cage as quietly as he could.

"Are you hurt, Mumba?" Basuli asked. "Where are the lionesses?"

"The humans placed them in an area not too far from here," replied Mumba. "They better not hurt them."

The cage was opened and Mumba stepped down while the Wazari warriors freed the other lionesses. A few minutes later, all the lionesses were freed.

"Where is your friend?" Mumba asked.

"His mate and his friends are looking for him," replied Basuli. "We must join them." With the lions freed, Basuli and the Wazari's made their way towards Mr. Paddington's office. Just then, a group of poachers, including Neils and Murkus, emerged to find that the lions had been freed and pointed the gun at the group.

"Where did you think you are all going?" they asked evilly. "Get back in your cages, all of you and you savages are under arrest." Basuli and the warriors seemed like they were going to give up but then suddenly, they heard the sound of trumpets out in the distance. Suddenly, Jane and Terk jumped off of Terk's back and onto the backs of the poachers. After a brief struggle, they managed to end up throwing them onto the ground.

"Perfect timing, everyone," said Basuli. "Although we preferred that you stay behind."

"Aren't you glad we came along?" Jane asked, her shirt and skirt torn from the struggle.

"You Wazari's think you can do this alone? Think again," added Terk. Nobody messes with gorillas."

"Indeed," added Professor Porter, who was on Tantor's back. "You go after Tarzan, we'll stay here with the poachers."

"I don't think so," said a voice. Mr. Paddington emerged from behind the shadows with a gun to Tarzan's head. A group of poachers followed him armed with guns.

"Anyone makes a move and the ape man gets it!" he cried.

"Leave him alone, you beast," cried Jane attempting to run to Tarzan. She was held back by several Wazari warriors.

"Jane, no!" he said. "If you do anything crazy, he'll hurt Tarzan!" A distraught Jane was forced to comply and the group appeared to surrender. Suddenly, the sound of growls was heard from behind Mr. Paddington's head. Looking up, Mr. Paddington and the poachers found themselves face to face with Mumba and the lionesses, which had gotten away during the struggle.

"Shoot them!" yelled Mr. Paddington. Tarzan took this distraction and stomped his foot on Mr. Paddington's, freeing himself from his grasp. The lions charged towards the poachers and they tried to shoot them but were overpowered by them.

While the poachers dealt with the lions and were seemingly losing, Mr. Paddington tried to run away but was tackled by Tarzan and several Wazaris. He managed to get himself free after a brief struggle and Tarzan and Basuli, now armed with spears, cornered him before he could get away.

"Don't hurt me, please!" begged Mr. Paddington. "If you want me to leave, I will."

"Then do so…now," Tarzan said angrily.

"And don't you ever come back into this jungle," added Basuli. "If you do, you will never come out of here alive."

Mr. Paddington ran from the warriors as fast as his legs could carry him. The poachers who managed to escape from the lions, including Neils and Murkus, also joined him in running away. However, several other poachers, including Max and Quincy, lay dead by the lionesses. As they ran, Tarzan and Basuli watched with relief, knowing that the lions and themselves were safe. Jane ran over to Tarzan and hugged him knowing he was safe. It was over, the poachers were defeated. However, Tarzan knew that Neils and Murkus would one day be back, even more determined to make sure that Tarzan would not succeed in their goals again.

The next day, Tarzan and Basuli were back at the lion's den for the first time since the invasion of poachers. Mumba had injured his paw in the final struggle against Mr. Paddington.

"I am glad for us all to be back thanks to the both of you," said Mumba. "We owe you our lives."

"That's great to hear," said Basuli. "Tarzan and I will make sure nothing happens to you every again." Mumba knew that he had to embrace Tarzan as a protector along with Basuli.

"Yes, Basuli," replied Mumba. "Tarzan is a great warrior like yourself and I deserve to enlist the both of you as protectors of this den."

"You know, Mumba," said Tarzan. "You remind me of Kerchak, who led my gorilla family for many years. He was a great leader and one day, you will be like him."

"What do you mean, Tarzan?" asked Mumba. "How do I remind you of Kerchak?"

"He had difficulty accepting for who I am," replied Tarzan. "Over time, he grew to accept me for who I am and accepted me when he died."

"Then, what you are saying is true. I just had to realize that," said Mumba.

As Mumba spoke, Tarzan smiled knowing that his friend had finally accepted him not just as a friend, but as a protector.