Fireman Sam's Monsterous Halloween Adventure

The residents of Pontypandy have turned into monsters! So it's up to Fireman Sam and his brother Charlie to save them! Mild language, nudity, some videogame, film, TV show and Fireman Sam episode references and lots of breaking the fourth wall moments.

[I do not own Fireman Sam, or any of it's episodes or any videogames referenced and/or mentioned in this fanfic, or some of the things used in this fanfic that were used in other games, but hey, that's just me.]

Chapter 1: Opening Cutscene

Normally, a typical Fireman Sam episode would start in Pontypandy, but not this one! No, it began on a big airplane, flying high over the clouds.

"Wow! A vacation! We're finally taking a vacation!" said Norman Price as he looked out of the window. "England... Greece... Arabia... Krakatoa... China... Exotic ports of call!"

And all those places he was taking about, well, they were on a map he was looking at. "And unfortunately, we aren't going to any of those places! Instead, we're here at a run-down old castle in the middle of nowhere!" he complained.

Fireman Sam looked at the castle, and watched Station Officer Steele and Chief Fire Officer Boyce sort out a switch to open a gate. "Look, Norman, I know you're disappointed, but we had to accompany Chief Fire Officer Boyce for the reading of his late uncle's will." Steele and Boyce managed to open the gate and let everyone in. "It's important to be there for friends at a time like this."

The wind whistled round the dead trees, and thunder rumbled in the dark cloudy sky. It was scary. "I just hope we don't see any ghosts!" Elvis Cridlington said, scared. "Don't be silly!" Norman said, suddenly getting over his disappointment. The are no such things as ghosts! Mrs Chen said they only exist in horror stories, films, videogames, etc. We'll be safe!"

Charlie Jones, Fireman Sam's brother and a fisherman, spoke up next. "To be honest, Norman, I agree with Elvis. It DOES look rather spooky..." "AGH!" Elvis screamed, pointing to a scary-looking tree. "What's that?!"

Steele sighed. "Cridlington, it's just a tree." Elvis laughed. "Oh, right." "See, Elvis. There's nothing to be... afraid of..." Sam said, suddenly feeling a little bit scared himself. 'I can't believe we're doing something that's been done before...' he thought.

The group headed up to the big door of the castle. Sam stared at the group. "Remember everyone, be on your best behaviour today. This castle is precious, so we have to be careful. We've got the Newtown Rapid Response Fire Service to take care of all emergencies in Pontypandy. And don't panic. There are no such things as ghosts, so there isn't anything to be afraid of." he said, the last few words sounding less brave, for when some lightning flashed, it made him nervous. "N-nothing at all." Slowly and cautiously, he grabbed the door knocker, and knocked it, then backed away. Before long the others had gathered around him.

"I don't think I can imagine anything living here except things that aren't alive anymore!" Elvis said, feeling scared. "Don't worry, Elvis!" Chief Fire Officer Boyce said. "Uncle Gregor had quite a flair for the dramatic, but I assure you, we're perfectly safe-"

Boyce was interrupted by the creaky door opening, and a scary shadowy figure came out. Charlie was frightened. "Agh! A monster!" Then he fainted.

"Are you all right, Dad?"

"Charlie! Wake up!"

"Charlie, can you hear me?"

Charlie awoke to find himself lying down on a huge operating table, surrounded by his wife and his brother's sister-in-law, Bronwyn Jones, his children and his brother's niece and nephew, James and Sarah, Steele, Boyce, and his brother, Sam. "Ugh... what happened? Where am i?" Charlie asked his brother.

Sam was relieved his brother was alright. "There's some good news, and some bad news." "What's the good news?" Charlie asked. "The good news is that you, me, James, Sarah, Bronwyn, Steele and Boyce are all unharmed." Sam said. "What's the bad news?"

"The bad news is that some of our friends have been transformed into monsters, and they've kidnapped the others!" "Oh no!" Charlie said. "Thankfully, we managed to escape, and found Boyce's uncle Gregor's secret lab. We're safe for now, but evil energy is permeating the village! Everything in the area is rapidly becoming evil!"

And as he said 'evil', the echo came out, 'evil... evil... carpet... evil...'. Sam looked blank. "Huh. I think my next-to last echo must be broken." "So, what are we gonna do?" Charlie asked. "Luckily I've managed to invent something to help us return our friends back to normal and save the village to boot." Sam said. He unveiled 2 grey and black gloves with red and yellow lights on them. He handed the glove with yellow lights to his brother. "These power gloves will allow us to take even the most stubborn evil out of any monster. They have special energy pulses that shoot out, and they can be upgradeable."

He also revealed 2 adult size backpacks, one in brown, and one in black. "And once removed, the evil energy we collect is stored in these clever backpacks, lest it get back out into the world again." Charlie was bewildered. "Wait, WE have to go save everyone?!" he said to his brother, shocked.

"Well, they're designed for our human anatomy." Sam said, as he put his power glove [the one with the red lights] and brown backpack on. The glove fitted his hand like... a glove. Still feeling unsure, Charile put his power glove [the glove with the yellow lights] on. And the glove fitted his hand like... a glove.

"Don't worry, Dad!" James said. "Sarah, Bronwyn, Boyce and I will watch you and Uncle Sam's progress constantly." "Excuse me," said Station Officer Steele, "but I'm helping too." He provided Sam and Charlie with walkie-talkies. "These things mean I will be able to contact you if you're stuck, or if you see anything interesting." he said.

Chief Fire Officer Boyce stood next to a big wheel, with lots of pictures on it. "This," he said, "is the Hub. Uncle Gregor built it himself, which allowed him to travel to lots of wacky worlds." "And this will allow us to do just that!" Sam said. "This," Charlie said to himself, "is what I call a intro cutscene."

"Actually," said Chief Fire Officer Boyce, "There are some catches to it, though." "Like what?" Charlie asked. "There are some places that you can't access till you have a certain amount of evil energy in the fuel tank. The number needed for some worlds is different, and should be displayed on this meter." Boyce said, motioning to a tank with the number 125 over it.

"Also," Bronwyn said, "You need Medals to access new worlds for you to explore. Like the evil energy, the medals needed to get to the next world is different, and is displayed on this meter." She motioned to another tank, with the number 12 over it.

"Ok." Boyce said. "Let's start it up." He pressed the start button, and the Hub Wheel started up...

...then fizzled out and died down with a mechanical whine.

"That wasn't good." Sam said. Boyce checked a dial. "It needs to charge up."he sighed. He connected a plug to a nearby battery. "The charge might take a while, so... how about you have a tutorial level while you wait?" Sarah suggested. "OK." Sam said, and he followed his niece and nephew, and his brother followed closely behind.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." Charlie said, feeling nervous.

I might play all this through like a traditional videogame. Please remember this isn't a real videogame, and it never will be. It's just pretend.

Next chapter has Sarah and James's Tutorial Level.

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