Chapter 2: Sarah and James' Tutorial

James and Sarah led Sam and Charlie to a big obstacle course. "Wow!" Charlie said. "Now this is a big obstacle course!"

"OK, Dad." Sarah said. "If you and Uncle Sam want to rescue all our friends and save the village, we need your help!" "That's good, but what do we have to do?" Sam asked. "Pretty much everything! But we'll start with the basics!" James said.

Left Analog Stick: Move character

Right Analog Stick: Control the camera

"Move around with the left analog stick!" "Right! And the right analog stick lets us look around!" Sam said. "You catch on fast, Uncle Sam!" Sarah said. "Remember, talk to Station Officer Steele if you're stuck, or if there's anything interesting!"

L1: Talk to Station Officer Steele

"Got it!" Steele said, calling from the walkie talkie Sam had given him. "Call me if there's anything that troubles or interests you."

"Ok." Sam said. "Now what?" "Follow me." Sarah said. Sam and Charlie followed her to some platforms. "Sometimes, you will need to jump on different things throughout your travels. Try jumping onto the low platform." Sarah said. "How do we do that?" Sam asked. "Just press the Jump button! It's not rocket science!" Sarah said.

X: Jump

Sam jumped up onto the low platform. He looked at a platform that was higher than the first platform. "How do I get up there?" Sam asked Sarah. "Just do a double jump by pressing your jump button twice!"

X, X: Double Jump

Sam did just that. Charlie followed closely behind. "You ARE great, Uncle Sam!" Sarah said. "Now, follow me!" James said. Sam and Charlie followed James and Sarah to an area with about 15 wooden boxes.

"This is where we can demonstrate attacking." James said. "This is what I call a platformer game!" Sam said. "I thought fighting never solved anything." Charlie said. "Actually, Dad," James said, "pressing your melee attack button whether you or Uncle Sam are moving or standing still will allow you to engage any monsters that try to stop you, and destroy things like chests and crates. Break all the crates and you'll see what I mean."

Circle [whilst running]: Moving Melee Attack

Circle [whilst standing still]: Stationary Melee Attack

Sam and Charlie broke all 15 crates. "Good work! Now follow me to show you how to use your power gloves to attack!" James said. Sam and Charlie followed James to a target area. "Sometimes, if melee doesn't do it, an energy shot will!" "Really?" Charlie said. "Yes, Dad. If you and Uncle Sam press your glove attack button, you can launch energy pulses that attack anything in it's range."

Square: Power glove shot

"Good!" Sam said. "There's more!" James said. "If you charge it up, you can deal an extra power to it. It works on tougher enemies."

Square [held down]: Charged power glove shot.

"That sounds good." Sam said. "BUT," James said, "you will move a bit slower whilst you're charging up, so you might be vulnerable for a while. But don't worry about it. Deal with all these targets with your glove, then come to the next bit of the tutorial."

Sam and his brother dealt with the targets, then headed up to where Sarah was. But Sam accidentally stepped on a nearby panel, and a bolt of electricity zapped him. "OW!" he yelled in pain. "Are you OK, brother?" Charlie said, worried. "I'm alright, Charlie. I just got zapped, that's all." "That was painful, Uncle Sam, but don't worry. To help you and your brother on your adventure, there are some items for you to collect. She motioned to a first aid kit. "This item is a first aid kit. It will refill your or Dad's health if it's running low. And you two don't wanna run out. Just walk over it to pick it up."

First Aid Kit: Health Pickup

Sam did that, and he felt much better. Then, he and his brother headed over to Sarah, who was near a spinning token, which had Sam's face on one side, and Charlie's face on the other side. "What's this, Sarah?" Charlie asked his daughter. "This, Dad," Sarah said, "is an extra try token. Pick this up to get another try at something if you fail to do it the first time."

Extra Try Token: Extra Life Pickup.

"Like in videogames where you get a 1-Up?" Sam asked. "That's about the size of it!" Sarah said. "Go pick it up, then go to where James is." Sam touched the token, it spun and flew into the air, instantly meaning Sam and Charlie had gained an extra try.

They then headed to where James was - near some crates, that looked a lot like the ones from earlier. However, there were only 6 of them... and they were made of metal. "How do we destroy these, James?" Charlie asked his son. "Well, Dad, you and Uncle Sam can do a pounce attack. You, Dad, have a tuck pounce, and Uncle Sam has a chest slam." "How do we do this 'pounce' attack?" Charlie asked. "Just do a double jump, then press your melee attack button. This move is useful for eliminating less-than-cooperative foes, and it's also good to press buttons, destroy obstacles, and break metal crates. Break all 6 of these metal crates to proceed to the next bit of the tutorial."

X, X, Circle: Pounce attack

So without a second thought, Sam and his brother dealt with the 6 metal crates. Sam dealt with 3 of them, Charlie dealt with the other 3. Then, they headed to the next part of said tutorial level.

And that was... all about coins. Sam and Charlie saw some coins in the room they were in. There were 15 yellow ones, 5 green ones, and 2 silver ones. And they had the emblem of the PontyPandy Fire Service on them. "These are coins, Uncle Sam." James said. "Collect these to purchase upgrades for your gloves." "And what's more," said Sarah, "they come in 3 colours: yellow, green, and silver. Yellow is worth 5, green is worth 10 coins, and the silver ones are a totally brilliant 50 coins!"

Coins: Collect to purchase upgrades for Sam & Charlie's gloves.

Coin Values:

Yellow: 5

Green: 10

Silver: 50

"That sounds interesting!" Charile said. "Yes, Dad!" James said. "Collect all the coins, then continue to the next area."

Sam and his brother collected the coins. Thankfully, they were shared between them. As soon as they had finished, they calculated the total, which added up to 225 coins altogether.

James and Sarah were near two different types of switches, which, oddly enough, were the next part of the tutorial. One switch was a big button marked with an X. And the other was a green target held by a flying creature."Wow, Dad! You and Uncle Sam sure learn fast!" James said. "Well, uh... great." Sam said, feeling proud.

"Great!" Sarah said. "Now to learn about... the switch!" "The switch?" both Sam and Charlie said at the same time. "Yes." James said. "Those that are on the ground must be pounced on." "And others," Sarah explained, "must be hit with your power gloves."

Switches: Activate to do... whatever they do. Sometimes more than one is required.

Switch Types:

Ground: Must be pounced on.

Bat Target: Shoot with power glove.

"They can do all sorts of things, like move platforms or objects, and open doors. And even make platforms appear from thin air!" James said. Sarah spoke next. "And if you don't know what to do or if you can't find what you're looking for, activate any switch you see! What's the worst thing that can happen?" "That's a good thing... I guess." Sam said. "BUT," Sarah said, "sometimes you may need to activate more than one. Sometimes they're different and they can be hidden in the weirdest places! So search carefully!" "We'll be sure to remember that." Charlie said. "Now deal with 2 of each of the switch types to open the door to the next part of the tutorial." Sam and his brother dealt with the switches. Sam tackled a pounce switch, and Charlie dealt with a bat target, and vice versa. Soon, the door opened, and Sam and Charlie headed to a very odd part of the tutorial.

"Sometimes," Sarah said to her dad, "you and Uncle Sam have to work together to clear obstacles!" Sam was apparently pleased about that, as was his brother. "Great! Just like when we were kids!" "Yeah! Mum would be so proud that we're saving our friends!" Charlie said. "Right." James said. "in single player, you can swap between characters by pressing the swap button."

L2: Swap between Sam and Charlie

"Clever!" Sam said. "The player that follows will be computer controlled." "Now this is what I call a videogame!" Charlie said. "Remember, Dad," said Sarah, "look for coloured lights. Royal blue means only Uncle Sam can interact with it, and yellow means only you can interact with it!" "And if it's green?" Charlie asked. "It means either you or Uncle Sam can interact with it!"

Color Code:

Royal Blue: Only Fireman Sam can interact with the object.

Yellow: Only Charlie can interact with the object.

Green: Either Sam or Charlie can interact with this object.

"Great!" Charlie said. "Now, try using the swap feature to open the door!" Sarah said. Sam and Charlie worked together, tackling the right object that matched their color. On the green glowing lever that opened the door, they both pulled it together.

James and Sarah were in the next room, for the final part of the tutorial. There were training dummies in the room. "You're almost there!" James said. "Just one more lesson to go!" Sarah said. Suddenly, lightning thundered outside. The training dummies suddenly came alive! "Oh dear!" Sarah said. "Dad! Uncle Sam! Sort these dummies out!" James said, as he and Sarah hid. Sam and Charlie dealt with the training dummies, that went down in at least a hit or so. A few of them escaped. But out of the defeated ones, out came strange glowing stars. there was 1 in each of these 5 colors: green, red, blue, yellow, and dark purple.

"What's that stuff?" Sam asked. "That is Evil Energy." Sarah said. "It's used to fill up the Energy meter to open new levels. It comes in 5 colours: green, red, blue, yellow, and dark purple. Greens are worth 1, reds are worth 2, blues are worth 5, yellow is worth 10 and dark purple is worth 25! It comes from containers, from defeated enemies, and just lying around."

Evil Energy: Collect to open new levels in the Hub.

Evil Energy Values:

Green: 1

Red: 2

Blue: 5

Yellow: 10

Dark Purple: 25

"Pick it all up to complete the tutorial." James said. Sam and Charlie picked all 5 stars up. Just like the coins, they were shared between them. As soon as they had finished, they calculated the total, which added up to 43 evil energy pieces altogether. "Well done, Uncle Sam, and Dad!" James said. "You have learnt all the moves you need after you leave the tutorial area." Sarah said. Sam and Charlie headed to the exit, picking up 7 green pieces of green evil energy, which, when added to their evil energy counter, made 50 pieces of evil energy all together.

Sam and Charlie arrived, and came up to the Hub wheel, which was fixed. Bronwyn set the location for somewhere called 'Peacock Purgatory', and pulled the start lever. Instantly, Sam and Charlie were teleported through a wormhole, off on their big adventure.

Please remember this isn't a real game, and it never ever will be. I bet you wish it was, huh?

Next chapter has the first level!