Ragna Vs. Hazama Haiku Version~

"BlazBlue, activate!"
Ragna yelled at Terumi
Determined to win.

"You idiot! The
Creater of the BlazBlue
Is your good, ol' ME."

"What?!" Ragna was shocked.
He created the Azure
Grimoir? No way!

"You heard me! I made
BlazBlue!" Terumi shouted
Preparing to fight.

"You son of a bitch!
I'll kill you!" Ragna ran at
Him with all he's got.

Terumi threw his
Ouroboros at Ragna
Who dodged it quickly.

Ragna slashed with his
Blood-Scythe trying to slice the
Guy in front of him.

Why won't he just die?
Ragna knew better than this
But he fought away.

Hey y'all. This is gonna be where I dump my poetry on you! Hope you like it. Please, R&R, no flames. It's marshmallow, now! I'm going to edit my poems, so I might not update for a while.