MGS – The Patriot's Knight: Part 1

Shortly after Otacon's codec message with Snake, he gets an email from his so called "contributor," the dead patriot. Otacon reluctantly opens it and all it contains is a set of coordinates. Otacon then looks on his map and sees the coordinates are set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

He once again calls Snake on his codec and tells him about the e-mail. Snake responds with four words. "Otacon get the Kasatka."

Not long after, Snake sits suited up in the chopper over the Pacific. He peeks over the edge to the water down below and then looks up at Otacon in the cockpit. "What makes you so sure this information is reliable?"

"I've only gotten one other e-mail from this contributor and it was telling us that he will be one of our major sponsors. That was within a week of us forming Philanthropy. Now he says he wants to meet us two minutes after we found out that he's been dead for over 100 years. He's obviously plugged in somewhere."

"Why do think he wants to meet us, Otacon."

"I don't know but I don't think he would help us for four years and then kill us after donating that kind of money."

"Well exactly how much money are we talking about?"

Otacon turns around to look at Snake from the cockpit. "How many bullets do you think you've ever fired?"

Snake answers emotionless "A lot. Why?"

"Because the numbers probably higher that that."

Snake turns his head and sees in the distance an object flying across the sky. He's immediately puzzled as two what it is. The mysterious figure is much bigger than a bird but also much smaller than a plane. "Otacon, what's that. It's moving faster than anything I've ever seen."

Otacon picks up the binoculars and focuses. "I don't know but I have a feeling you're here to find out."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because it's plunging into the ocean."

Snake takes the binoculars away from Otacon and looks. He nods and has only one reply. "Let's go."

"Snake, let me get closer so you don't have too far to dive."

As Otacon turns around his partner is nowhere to be seen. He looks down and sees Snake plunging to the ocean.

Otacon then pulls away and lands on a small island ready and waiting to be of use.

As Snake swims with his SDV down to the ocean floor he sees nothing and quickly realizes this was a horrible decision. Whatever, if anything, he's swimming to can tell he's coming from a mile away.

Then he notices something swimming next to him. He looks over and it's a cyborg ninja. The ninja signs for Snake to follow him. Snake firsts hesitates and then agrees knowing the ninja could have easily taken him out from behind if he wanted.

Snake follows the ninja and in the distance he can see light. Soon it becomes clear what the two were swimming towards: a city resting in between a crevasse on the ocean floor. As the monstrous city comes into view Snake can only think, 'What the hell have I gotten myself into now.'

Snake dumps the SDV and swims into a door the ninja has opened in the side of one of the structures. As the water drains out of the room Snake immediately draws his SOCOM and points it at the ninja.

He looks the cyborg up and down and is instantly confused. This ninja is nothing like Olga or Fox. Instead of a sword on his back, he carries an M4, a belt with supplies and a silenced berretta in a holster. Snake stops surveying the ninja and regains his focus. "Who are you?"

The ninja quickly replies. "Hello, brother."


"No. Our relation is more ideological than literal. A brother in arms if you will."

The ninja touches his helmet revealing his face. Snake doesn't recognize the man. "I assume my invitation came from you."

The ninja moves his hands signaling Snake to keep quiet. "I've already disabled the security on this side of the structure for us to sneak in but the other side is fine, so shhhhh. Now as far as who I am, let's just say I'm the person this exoskeleton was really made for."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I have the answers you so desperately seek."

Snake lowers the gun. "So you're the 'dead' Patriot that's been sponsoring us."

"No. It's true The Patriots are dead. But I just used that name to get your attention."


"Because it helps to have another in the war against Metal Gear."

"There's a Metal Gear here?!"

"I didn't say that."

"Then why did you drag me down here?"

The ninja turns slowly and pauses before asking a question. "What is Metal Gear?"

"Are you serious?"

"Just answer."

Snake sighs and reluctantly answers the question. "Metal Gear is a nuclear equipped walking battle tank. One time it was nuclear equipped so that can fire from any spot on the world to any other spot on the world with almost 100% invisible warheads."

"Perfect answer. What we are in right now is an underwater Air Force base. Brilliant idea, right? Well what it's used for is the production and development for their version of 'Metal Gear'."

"How did you get this intel? Otacon has been looking for the Air Force's Metal Gear forever."

"I didn't say Metal Gear was here."

Snake starts to get frustrated. "You just said…"

"What I said was their version of 'Metal Gear'. Let me explain. The Army had a Metal Gear called REX. Because of Shadow Moses Metal Gear's development plans leaked across the world and the Marine's RAY was created to stop them. Then He ordered the development of Arsenal by the Navy to control the flow of digital information. Now He plans to have the Air Force build him FAL - short for falcon - to use as His ultimate weapon. Now when you told me that Metal Gear was a walking talk you were correct; and so that is why FAL is not a Metal Gear."

"Well if it's not a tank then what is it?"

The ninja pauses for a moment. "A suit."

Snake has a look of confusion and the ninja continues on. "It's a virtually impregnable suit armed with a rail gun, 30 mm machine gun, 30 missiles, a pressurized hydro gun and portable 2 nuclear warheads."

"Oh my God."

"That's not all. The suit can fly, reach speeds of up to Mach 4 and swim like you wouldn't believe."

Snake pulls out a smoke and lights it. "So how do we destroy it?"

"We can't blow it up because the damn thing is carrying warheads so I'm going to take action not on FAL, but by taking out the ones that plan to use it. I've had a contact working here keep me posted on FAL. He told me that the suit was operational when GW was fully eradicated. I guess He couldn't wait to start His war."

"So what do you plan to do?"

"He had the base deserted. Why, I have no idea. But whatever it is we have to stop Him before He can successfully recreate Outer Heaven."

"What are you talking about? Who is He?"

But before the ninja could answer an explosion cuts off the conversation. The two are thrown in opposite directions and in between them a giant hole erupts with water. A wall from the flood protection system drops between the two warriors cutting them off.

Snake looks through the window and sees RAY swimming to him. He runs down the hall but before he reaches the end RAY docks with the structure.

A series of doors start to open and Snake draws his SOCOM pointed at the opening door. As the door opens Snake sees Ocelot and lying beside him is an unconscious Otacon. The two exchange a stare before Ocelot shows a grin. "Hello, Brother."

Snake doesn't even wait. He fires his gun five times but the bullets miss hitting the bulletproof wall. "I thought you learned last time, brother."

Liquid taps his hip and shows Snake the device that repels bullets. "That tracking device you planted on me was pretty damn big. Easy to spot. Too Easy. I simply destroyed it when I got to the location the Patriots gave me. But nothing was there. Nothing. No buildings. No people. Just a grass field that supposedly went on forever. I knew you would come up with something, Snake, so I went looking for the Kasatka. When I found it your little errand boy wasn't far behind. He resisted torture quite well, but I still broke him. Would you like to know what technique I used?"

Snake screams in anger and fires the gun once more. "Snake, Snake, Snake. We already went through this."

Liquid draws Ocelot's Revolver. "Now, what have you learned here at this base?"

Liquid starts walking towards Snake who simply grins and holsters his gun. "It's not what I learned, it's what I know. And I know that you're STILL not as fast a shot as Ocelot."

Snake kicks the gun and punches Liquid in the face. The gun slides down the hallway. Then Snakes grabs Liquid's device and smashes it to the floor. Liquid retaliates with a punch. Snake ducks and draws his gun but Liquid grabs his hand and points the gun straight up in the air. Liquid knees Snake in the stomach and slides down the hallway. He picks up the gun and fires at the same time Snake does. Then two bullets fly through the air and collide sending a spark of light through the hallway.

Liquid gets on his feet. "Well that's a first. Fine, if you won't tell me then I'll find out myself."

Liquid looks at the options he has and runs to the left of the hallway intersection. Snake picks up Otacon and drags him to a laboratory further dawn the hall. Inside Snake sees a scientist sitting at a desk.

Snake places Otacon down and draws his gun. "Who are you?"

"I'm the lead developer for FAL."

"So you're being held here?"

"No. Why would you think I'm being held here?"

"Well everyone else is gone. Why are you still here?"

"You can start by pointing down the gun." The scientist adjusts his glasses. "I'm Dr. Mark James. And I am here because of my orders."

Snake keeps one hand to point the gun at the doctor and uses the other to drag Otacon in. "No. I will not drop my gun. If you're under orders you're still a threat. But I have to ask you: please treat my friend?"

The doctor runs over to Otacon, picks him up and puts him on the desk. The doctor begins to treat Otacon's wounds. "He'll be alright. So why do you still point the gun at me after I helped your friend."

"This gun was the only reason you did. Now tell me everything you know."

"I was sent down here to work on FAL: The Metal Gear suit for the Air Force. Production was completed two days ago but I was told to evacuate my men yesterday and work on uploading the Navy's GW system into this base's mainframe."


"Those were my orders. Load GW into the mainframe."

"Is it possible?"

"Yes. Absolutely. The download is on manual right now. I'm just overlooking it."

"Can you stop it?"

"Yeah but…"

Snake pushes the gun forward. "DO IT!"

"But my orders…"

"Screw your orders! I'm telling you right now to stop the download!"

"Jeez. Fine."

The doctor walks over to the computer and begins typing.

"That's strange. The download is locked. I can't stop it."

"Who has the power to do that?"

"My superior, I guess."

"Who is that?"

"Well actually he's not my real superior. He just showed up yesterday and told me to evacuate my facility and gave me these orders…."

Snake once again thrusts the gun towards the doctor. "WHO?!"

"Well actually, now that I think about it, He kind of looks like… you."

Snake pauses for a second. "What did you say?"

"Yeah. Different hair and all but He definitely looked like you. He called himself what was it… oh yeah…."

At that precise moment a knife darts across the room hitting the doctor square in the head. Snake looks behind him only to see Vamp smiling in the doorway. "Everything is going according to plan, but I'm glad I finally get to face you in battle after all these years."