MGS – The Patriot's Knight: Part 3

"Hello Son."

Now Snake is the one whose face is in disbelief. "This is impossible. There were only three survivors of the 'Les Enfant Terrible Project': one is dead, one is living in Ocelot's body and I'm the third. This man is not your father, Messiah."

Big Boss immediately responds. "Snake, why don't you mind your business because Messiah was never part of that project."


"You were told that I could not have children because of a war wound. So the 'Les Enfant Terrible Project' was created to fill that void. It wasn't until three months after the project began that I did actually get a woman pregnant.

Nine months later the child was born. I had him become my special project and continued in the development of the 'terrible children'.

However it was difficult for me to run the show as both a mercenary and The Patriot so I had you 'kill' me. Then I used gene therapy to reduce my age and was The Patriot full time."

"You bastard."

"Come on, Snake. Now this is no way to treat daddy."

"I'll send you to hell."

"No one is going anywhere."

"So tell me: why is it we're still alive?"

"You are quite possibly the best fighter in the world. With you by my side we can literally own the world. Join me and we will rule this planet from my Outer Heaven."

"You've got some nerve. You've tried to turn me into a terrorist for the past four years and now you want me to join you?"

"Oh. My son. You have it completely wrong. I don't hate you. In fact, I admire you. During Shadow Moses you were the best soldier I had ever seen. But Thanks to Solidus, the whole thing was blown open to the public. So I had no choice but to set you up with that tanker."


"Because you were my secret. You were going to be the basis of everything. I created the S3 plan because of you and I couldn't let the public know their sons were going to war just to be molded into one person."

Messiah finally speaks, "You said fighter."

"What was that, boy?"

"You said 'you are quite possibly the best fighter in the world. With you by my side we can literally own the world.' And you were talking to Snake. I've been your long last son for over three decades. Now we finally meet and you've said only two words to me."

"You? Well…. You're a failure. Yes it is true you've completed all your missions for me and done everything you were told but you did rebel against me and that can't happen. So… I found a new 'messiah."

Big Boss signals over a Vamp robot from the shadows holding something in his arms. As he gets closer the three both realize it's a baby. "It's Olga's child," says Snake.

"That is correct. I believe you made a promise to rescue him from me. Well it looks likes you won't be joining me so you'll be dying as soon as GW is loaded and won't get the chance save him."

Big Boss takes the baby from Vamp. "Hmmm. What a fine looking child. I've never seen him myself. Vamp has been taking care of it."

Big Boss rubs the child's cheek with his finger. Messiah's face is filled with pure anger now. His eyes begin to fill with blood and his teeth grind so loud it echoes slightly across the room. Big Boss hands the baby back to Vamp.

Messiah's face then slowly changes from complete hatred to grinning laughter. Big Boss is the first one to notice. "What's so damn funny?"

"Oh, it's ironic. How I have waited my whole entire life to meet my father. And now, after waiting all this time, he's right here, seemingly back from the grave, only to die right in front of me."

"Ha. I think you're confused as to who is holding the gun to whose head."

Big Boss takes out a gun and points it at Messiah. "I've got two words for you, dad:….fox….die."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know for the most secretive person in the world you have a horrible computer security system. It wasn't hard hacking into your files and coming across your plans for the S3 orchestration of Shadow Moses. When I saw Olga's name up there I knew you would use her baby to get her cooperation.

"That's when I knew our hero, the legendary Solid Snake, would come to rescue her child. So before you kidnapped the baby I gave him a shot of Foxdie programmed to kill Solid Snake soon after physical contact. And since Snake is a clone of you 'old' man, you can consider yourself screwed."

"You piece of trash!"

"Now now, daddy. Not in front of the baby. Now go ahead blast my brains out. It won't matter because in five minutes you'll be dead."

Big Boss grips the trigger then slowly lets go tossing the gun to the side. "No. You know what. You deserve a far more painful death."

Big Boss runs over to FAL and jumps inside. He pushes a button and the whole room starts to rise to the surface. Soon after the walls and ceiling break apart and all that's left is the floor resting on the ocean surface like an island.

Big Boss points the machine gun at everyone. "Here. I'll let you go out in style."

Big Boss opens fire. The five Vamp bots are the first hit and fly back into the water sinking to the ocean floor. The one Vamp holding Olga's child takes several bullets but only falls to the floor clutching the unharmed crying baby in its arms.

As for Messiah, he jumps up, flips and dodges each and every bullet with grace, except for one. He let that one hit his cuffs knocking them loose so he can break them.

Then, amidst all the gunfire, the nearly invisible Otacon finally breaks his silence. "NOOOOOOOO!"

Otacon dives in front of Snake and takes bullet after bullet until his body is covered in blood.

As Otacon's body lies with Snake by his side, Big Boss, inside FAL, turns around and gets ready for takeoff when RAY pops up from the water and lands on the solid floor. "The directional microphone on this RAY has finally come to good use. Hello, pops."

"So you must be, Liquid. I see you're very similar from Messiah. The only difference is that he was an unexpected failure and you were planned to be a loser from the beginning."

Liquid screams in hatred and fires the PHG as does Big Boss. The two 'beams' hit each other and a sort of shoving match begins. First the RAY is pushed back then FAL a little bit more. Liquid is amazed by FAL's power. "Wow. For something that small it packs quite a punch. But let's see it handle this."

Liquid fires several rockets from the back of RAY. FAL releases its PHG and jumps straight up in the air. FAL then flies to the top of RAY's head and starts punching. "I don't have time for this."

Big Boss aims the rail gun right in between the eyes of RAY and fires from point blank. The force pushes RAY back off into the Ocean. RAY tries to get itself together but before it has a chance Big Boss takes charge. "That's it! Screw Outer Heaven! I'm going to show the world what the U.S. and 'The Patriots' are really up to. This country is so strong that its destruction would mean the Apocalypse. And my destruction is this country's destruction. So from this moment forward this world is over. Let's at least go out with a party. And the location: Washington D.C."

As the two fight Otacon dies in Snake's arms. "Snake, Dave, I don't care what you think. You are a hero. You have helped me turn everything around and make a difference and now I get to die a warrior. *cough*"

"Stop it, Otacon, Hal. Save your strength."

"It's no use. I'm dead anyway.*cough* I was always the survivor. But now I am not. Both the woman that I loved and the sister I betrayed died in front of me. I thought my living on was a curse. But you, you helped me turn it into a gift. A gift for a chance to turn it around. To fight for a cause.*cough*

"Now I don't need to be the survivor because I have passed on that gift to you. Please use it well, Snake. And Thank You."

Otacon takes his last breath and Snake closes his eyes. "No, Otacon. Thank you."

Snake turns around to see Big Boss rambling on about destruction. He flies off and RAY swims after him. Now Snake looks up to so see Messiah standing before him. "Well, Snake, time to die."


"Why, Snake? Why?! Because you stole everything from me! You are the root of all my sorrows."

Snake laughs and Messiah can't understand why. "You think this is a joke?"

"You're just like them. Liquid and Fortune both. They blame me for making their lives miserable even though I had nothing to do with it. And you're no different. I didn't know you even existed before today and you accuse me for everything."

"My 'father', The Patriot, created me to be His. He took everything 'normal' away from me even though I was a natural born child. By the time I was twelve I killed more people than cancer. It became my life. But you. You're nothing but a copy. You were given a choice and you chose this life over a normal one. Now you fight because you have a cause. I fight because He tells me to.

"You, you were His prize. He modeled His 'perfect soldier' after you even though he created me to be it. I was supposed to be the basis of the S3 plan. And He still chose you.

"I wanted to bring you here to expose him. Because I knew he wouldn't care if I was here. But if you were, He would definitely show His face to His 'perfect soldier'. The plan was that you would die from Foxdie after beating Him and taking Olga's baby away and I would finish Him off.

"But I hadn't met you then and you were not the horror I pictured you to be. Working with you to get this far, I changed my mind and chose to tell you about the Foxdie in Olga's baby. But now, since I discovered that my own father was The Patriot, I can't let you steal my birthright from me.

"I mean, He chose you, a damn clone that time after time betrayed Him over his own biological son! No! That can't happen! And so it worked out perfectly. His life will end from Foxdie and you will die by my hands."

"Some how I doubt that."

"Let's see."

Snake, still kneeling beside his partner in 'crime', stands, lays Otacon's body at the edge of the floor and steps in front of Messiah. The ninja closes the face of his mask. "Say hello to father in hell for me."

"Why don't you."

Snake punches at Messiah and misses. Repeatedly Snake continues to swing and miss as Messiah dodges punches left and right. Then Messiah side steps and kicks Snake in the head. The blow knocks Snake to the floor but as the overconfident Messiah walks towards Snake, Snake tackles him and sends him flying to the floor.

Now pinning Messiah down, Snake punches him as hard as he can in the face over and over. Messiah counters by kicking Snake in he back of the head. Snake rolls over and Messiah kicks up.

The two once again face each other down. The fighting begins again. Punches and kicks are thrown for what seems like hours but was only a matter of minutes. Even though the two fighting styles are completely different both fighters are evenly matched.

At the end of the brawl the two of them lie on the floor covered in blood. Electricity and sparks shoot out from Messiah's exoskeleton as he reveals his face once more. "You are right, Snake. This is futile."

With his face covered in blood, Messiah gets up and walks over to Snake. "My quarrel was not with you. The cause I fought for has finally been resolved. Big Boss, The Patriot and maybe even this country are finally dead. New causes are to be chosen. Who knows; maybe this time we'll be on the same side."

Olga's child, still clutched in Vamp's arms, has not stopped crying since the fighting began. Messiah walks over to the baby and picks him up and immediately stops crying. Messiah walks back to Snake. "Goodbye, Solid Snake."

As Messiah turns around the bloody Snake, still lying on the ground, speaks. "What are you doing? You have no right to take that child."

"Why not? I mean after all, I am his father."

Messiah clutches the baby, turns his mask back on and dives into the ocean leaving Snake all alone.

As FAL flies through the air, it easily outraces RAY. "Now it's finally time to reveal to the world the power of Metal Gear and leave my true mark by bringing down the…."

Big Boss feels a sharp pain run through his heart as FAL plunges to the desert below. It hits the ground hard and pops up spinning multiple times before hitting the rocky ground again and skidding to a complete stop.

Big Boss gets out and crawls several feet before reaching his hand out to call from help. It's no use. His hand falls to the floor after his head and the legendary Big Boss is dead.

Two minutes later a van pulls up and several men put Big Boss's body on a stretcher them load him into the van. After that, the men work together to lift up FAL and load it into the van as well. Then the van drives off to the military base that Big Boss was reaching to for help: Area 51.


Snake lies bleeding on the floor. Below him in the ocean depths, the base still rests deserted. In the control room a giant blank computer screen flashes on and reads: Download Complete. GW is now online.