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It seemed they were everywhere in this American city.

But she didn't mind really since ghosts were so much easier to deal with rather than demons and purifying ghosts simply meant she was helping someone finally pass on after their death.

But this particular ghost was different.

'A half-breed,' Kagome thought, staring curiously at the ghost flying through the air, seemingly patrolling the city for any threats before he stopped to witness her purify yet another spirit that had tried to attack her, 'Half human, half ghost. I wonder how that happened.'

"You can see me?" The boy asked in disbelief, tensing and readying himself for a fight because he had just seen her seemingly zap a ghost out of existence, "Who are you?" He demanded, and if his cheeks could warm in his ghost form, they would have at her pretty smile.

"So you're the protector I've been hearing about?" Kagome asked excitedly, rather drawn to his spirit energy and silvery hair, "The ghost boy who fights to protect Amity Park from evil spirits?"

"And?" Danny Phantom clenched his fists, backing away slightly, "You haven't told me who you are." She didn't seem like much, only about five years older than himself at the most. And she was no taller than him, but he couldn't judge her from her appearance alone, especially not after he had witnessed.

"Kagome Higurashi," She answered quickly, as if to get it out of the way, "So why risk yourself to protect this place? You don't owe this city or the people in it, Danny Phantom."

"No one needs to 'owe' me anything," Danny stated, "I'm not about to let evil ghosts terrorize this city when I can stop it!"

Kagome blinked, "I wish more had your way of thinking," She said wistfully, smiling softly at him and he seemed rather uncomfortable when she moved towards him, but he didn't back away, "Humans are always in it for themselves."

Danny furrowed his brows, "You say it like you're not human yourself." He pointed out and her gentle smile suddenly turned bitter.

"I wish I could consider myself as such still," She murmured, blue eyes hardening at her dark memories of the past, "It's hard to think of myself as a human anymore."

Danny said nothing in response, able to see the raw pain within her eyes.

"Don't ever lose your way of thinking," Kagome said, moving closer and Danny momentarily flinched when she somehow managed to place a hand on his head, despite him being in ghost form, "Otherwise, you will have a grim future self to look forward to. And you're too pure for that."

Danny Phantom watched as she walked away, a bit weirded out about the strange words, but very intrigued at the same time by the older teen.

He needed to learn more about this Kagome Higurashi...