Trying out something new. This will be a little darker than my other stories or at least I will try to make it darker. This chapter is all from Itachi's POV.

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He was sitting on a boulder, head leaning on his hands, as he looked over the grassy fields. A soft breeze swept his black hair up and down, the locks softly caressing his face. He hadn't been here for long, but he come to love this place. So peaceful and quiet. He didn't see many others. It was almost like they were avoiding him, but even if they were, he didn't really mind. He had hated hanging out with people he didn't care about. It was kind of a miracle he was here in the first place.

How he had lived a strange life, trying to fill his father's shoes, giving up his hopes and dreams. Eventually it had been too much. He just couldn't take it anymore. It had been such a beautiful day. Very warm for the end of October and the sun had been shining on his face. He had walked for miles to the perfect spot, not wanting to bring his car since he wouldn't be able to leave unnoticed then. People would've start question him why he was leaving? It was Sunday, shouldn't he been studying? He just didn't want to study anymore. It was the only thing he really could do. He didn't have any friends since he never had time to make friends.

It had been busy on the bridge. Lots of people walking from one side to the other, trying to get to the park as fast as possible. Traffic was bad as well, cars standing still on the bridge. He never even glanced at them. He just found the perfect spot in the middle of bridge. He climbed up the rail and looked up in the sky, his black eyes finding the sun. It was so blinding, but inviting. He was sure this was the right decision to make and that's why he let go.

It had been such a peaceful day and Itachi had just let it all go.

When he finally opened his eyes again, he was in a whole new world. Everything felt so surreal. The sky was so bright blue with no sun to light it up. As far as you could look, there were grassy fields, flowers adorning them. Sometimes a tree sprouting out of the ground. What Itachi really saw was hard to describe. He couldn't really hold on to it, like it was ever changing. It was just so different to earth.

He had been for a few weeks now. It had been all about settling down, getting comfortable with this new life. The most fun thing he had to get comfortable with were his new wings. It had been strange at first, but soon he couldn't stop flying around. He had seen a few others like him and some even made small talk, but he didn't really made friends yet. How did you make friends? Itachi didn't really know and still he didn't really care. Being alone was just what he needed.

But the peace and quietness would come to an end today. He would become a guardian angel and watch over a human who supposedly needed his help. Well, why hadn't there been one for him? Yeah, that was the first thing he asked. He actually had a guardian angel and that angel eventually decided he needed to die to become happy. Everything the angel had done for him wasn't helping. It had been the right call and Itachi couldn't even be mad at him. He did feel better ever since he got here. He hadn't met his guardian angel yet and he wasn't sure he wanted to know who it was. Making a decision like that should've been hard enough and meeting each other might end in a lot of awkwardness.

A few more minutes passed as Itachi enjoyed the soft breeze. The other should be coming soon. The one they called god. Itachi hadn't met him yet, but was quite intrigued by his nickname. Why would a god carry the name Pain? It wasn't his real name. That seemed to be Yahiko and apparently he wasn't even the real god, just someone who served him. This should be interesting.

He could hear the soft beating of wings, indicating that Pain was coming. Itachi just stayed seated, waiting for the god to speak to him. 'Itachi Uchiha,' the low voice bellowed. Itachi slowly rose from the boulder, his bare feet touching the soft grass. He turned around, seeing Pain for the first time. He was much taller than a normal angel and he had weird purple ringed eyes. Maybe he was some kind of god and not just an angel. He had short red hair and many piercings adorning his face. It was strange to Itachi how an angel could look like that. Pain wasn't beautiful like all the other angels, he was terrifying.

As soon as Itachi had turned towards Pain, the god continued. 'As of now you will be a guardian angel. You will be assigned to a human and you will watch him. There are certain rules for guardian angels. When you are not sure what to do about a certain case, always ask a second opinion. When something gets out of hand, you have permission to visit earth, but only for a short amount of time. And lastly, don't ever get feelings for your human. When you start to like your human, come back to me and you'll be assigned to another human. Am I clear?' he bellowed again. That voice, it really fitted him.

Itachi nodded, not really giving Pain a response and the angel didn't seem to care. He just nodded back and took a step closer to Itachi. He unfurled one wing from behind his back and only then did Itachi notice that his wings were black instead of white. Didn't black wings belong to fallen angels?

'I will show you who your human is,' Pain said, pointing towards his black wing. A vague image started forming on it and it showed a young blond boy. Should still be in his teens. The image started moving. First the blonde had a happy smile on his face, but that vanished soon. The blue eyes glanced around nervously until they looked right at Itachi. That was where the image stopped and Itachi couldn't stop staring. The blonde's hair was a mess, dirty streaks on his cheeks and his lip bloody and split. But the most frightening part was the cold blue eyes, like nothing in the world could make his life better anymore. It was how Itachi's eyes had looked like.

The image vanished and Pain retracted his wing again. 'This is Deidara. We aren't really sure what the boy has been through, but I'll give you some basic information. He's 19 years old, lives on the streets of Konoha and seems to have some strange friends. We don't know how he ended up on the streets, so that is for you to find out. Do you have any questions?' Pain roared.

Itachi blinked once, thinking about what Pain had said really. They didn't know anything about this boy, so how was Itachi even going to help him? How could he find stuff like that out? He just needed to know more, but they didn't have more information for him. 'How will I be able to watch him?' he eventually asked.

Pain nodded and walked over to Itachi. He held up his hand, holding up a bottle of water in it. 'If you pour this water out over a stone, the image of your human will appear. You only need to keep the bottle to the water again to retract it.' Itachi took the bottle and held it up in front of him. The cap was made of gold and the glass was as see through as it could be. But the water seemed strange, a bit too syrupy and it also glowed a soft blue. He would check out how this worked very soon.

A pair of black wings unfurled and Pain was about to leave. 'Whenever you need me, Itachi. Just say my name and I'll come,' he said with a nod. Somehow he seemed to sound so much nicer now. Less terrifying as well.

'Thank you,' Itachi said softly when Pain had already flown up and was probably out of hearing range. But then a pale hand went up and waved at the raven. Itachi watched him leave, the black wings disappearing between the white clouds that divided the several levels of heaven.

As soon as Pain had disappeared, Itachi walked over to his boulder again and opened the little bottle. He poured the water out on the rock, it forming a perfect circle. An image started forming and soon he saw a clear image of a teenage blond boy sitting in a cardboard box.

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