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Of course as soon as Itachi realised his true feelings for the blonde back down on earth, he would have to talk to Pain. Slowly he moved away from the stone, reluctantly averting his eyes from the image of the happy couple and the almost happy Deidara. He turned and faced the fallen angel, them still being a few feet apart. Grey eyes seemed to pierce through him, knowing all his secrets and that was probably the problem. Pain did see through him.

'Itachi,' Pain spoke again. His voice seemed to resonate all around Itachi and he couldn't help but wonder if he would be punished right here. Would he even be punished or would he just be taking away from the watch over Deidara? To him it would be just as bad at this point. 'There is something I need to discuss with you.' The angel walked over to him, making this more of a private conversation, even if they were completely alone in the first place.

For a moment longer Pain just stared down at Itachi, as if trying to figure out something about the raven. Itachi just stayed silent and bowed a little, thinking it might help and well, he was raised that way. And now it was the moment of truth as Pain opened his mouth.

'I've been keeping a close eye on you, Itachi, but it wasn't just me. Our lord has been keeping a close watch as well and pointed out to me that you have developed feelings for Deidara,' he said plainly, making Itachi cringe a little. Not something he wanted to hear, especially not since their leader had seen it, not Pain himself. The grey eyes then averted themselves from Itachi's face and looked off into the distance. 'Now I know that our lord keeps a tight watch on me as well, but he also trusts me in ways for his own personal reasons. So I made a decision on my own without Nagato's consent.' He had actually spoken the lord's name… He had never done that before to anyone, but Itachi didn't seem to react to it. 'I want you to keep watching over Deidara and act out on your love. Take care of him that way. It's something that isn't allowed, but you have my permission to continue and I'll suffer the consequences when something bad happens.'

This didn't really make sense. Definitely not what Itachi had been expecting to hear from the redhead. But what kind of permission was this really? He was allowed to move on his love and take care of Deidara that way. But what does that really mean? 'What kind of permission am I really receiving here?' he asked, still a little confused.

The dark grey eyes moved back to Itachi's and he just stared for a moment, deciding he wouldn't really say what Itachi had permission to do. 'There are no rules for you anymore. Act out the way you want to.' He then turned around and unfurled his wings, glancing over his shoulder one last time. 'And you also have permission to visit earth once a month. Use it wisely.' And with that Pain left. Something told him he had to go see Nagato, even if his lover wouldn't talk about this and would see how this unfolded as well, but he would be punished in a different way and Pain knew that he wouldn't mind this punishment.


Lunch had gone by smoothly and after that they had relaxed in the living room, trying to get comfortable around each other. Most of the conversation was being held between Sasuke and Naruto. It just felt foreign to Deidara to speak this much. He had been alone most of the time and then his friendship with Sasori also wasn't filled with many words. Mostly moans if he really thought about it and that's probably not a good thing. Now it was dinner time already and the three were just sitting around the dining table, mostly in silence having not much to talk about anymore.

Sasuke seemed to tease Naruto a lot, but the blonde didn't mind much, only sometimes complaining. Their nicknames for each other were a little strange, but they were okay with it, so Deidara wouldn't comment and just listen to them talk. Only sometimes did they ask him something and then Deidara would politely answer, but he just didn't feel like mixing into the conversations. He felt out of place, most of the time having no idea what they are talking about. Things going on around town or with Sasuke's work or even just news they saw on TV. Deidara had no idea what was going on in the world and really just focused on his own life from day to day. And then a question was asked which Deidara had expected. It was a miracle they hadn't dared to ask yet.

'Deidara, may I ask you how you ended up living on the streets?' Naruto asked, his blue eyes curiously on Deidara's face.

Lightly Deidara scratched the top of his head, still finding it shocking to how soft his hair felt and how easily his hands slid through it. He had even left it done, not tying it up in its usual ponytail. 'Well, I come from a poor family and eventually my parents didn't have the money to take care of me and my siblings anymore. When I was about sixteen I left the house and started living on the streets. I had no money to get away from there and eventually no solution to get it besides begging and some other stuff.' He wouldn't mention what the other stuff was, hopefully they already knew what it meant. It wasn't much of a mystery what happened out on the streets or so he thought.

'What other stuff?' Naruto immediately asked, almost jumping up out of his chair excitedly, as if Deidara's story was something nice to hear, but he cooled down when Sasuke shot him a glare. 'What? I can be curious about that,' he said, a small pout forming on his bottom lip.

Sasuke shifted a little in his seat and focused his eyes on his plate again, murmuring softly 'sometimes you don't want to know what the other stuff is, Naruto.' And apparently Sasuke did know what Deidara had meant with other stuff and the blonde was grateful for that. He surely didn't want to tell Naruto about that and now he could count on Sasuke explaining it later. So maybe tomorrow there would be more questions, but for now he could just relax.

Naruto just huffed at the answer and seemed to sulk a little, but then another curious glint found the blue eyes and Deidara was really starting to fear the blonde, wondering what he could possibly feel the need to ask now. 'Well, now that Sasuke kind of took you off the streets. What are you going to do?'

Well, that was unexpected and Deidara didn't really have an answer for that. Just because Sasuke took him in today, didn't mean that he was actually planning on staying here. 'I, uh, I thank you for your hospitality today, but I think I'll just leave tomorrow and continue my life as I have been living it all this time,' he said softly, suddenly not feeling very hungry anymore. He placed his fork down and just sat back in the chair, keeping his gaze on the table, not daring to look up.

'No way,' Naruto immediately stated. 'He's going to stay with us, right Sasuke?' the blonde said, elbowing the raven in his side. 'I am sure you can get Deidara a job and he can just stay in our guestroom until he has enough money to live on his own. You make enough money anyway.'

You could see on Sasuke's face that he definitely wasn't happy with what Naruto was offering Deidara, but he didn't want to be the bad guy and deny Deidara everything. Sometimes he really hated that big mouth of his boyfriend. Sasuke didn't look up at Deidara as he spoke, focusing on his food still. 'I cannot promise you will get a job,' he started. 'But I will try and see if there is some sort of low job at the firm. Don't expect too much. You can stay for a month for free, after that you'll be paying money to sort of rent the room. I'll promise I won't ask too much and you can stay as long as you like, as long as you give us some privacy as well.'

That was suddenly a lot of information, but it really warmed Deidara's heart. He could actually stay here and get his life together and the couple would even help him. He wasn't sure how to respond to it and just kind of stared at the raven. 'T-thank you,' he stammered and that was about all he could say.

Naruto seemed ecstatic about it all and grabbed Sasuke's arm lovingly, spilling all of Sasuke's food back into his plate, thankfully. The raven just glared at him again, but this time the blonde didn't care and just kept on smiling, squeezing Sasuke's arm tightly. 'Now we will be one big happy family,' he said dreamily, making the two other males raise an eyebrow.

'He's not our child, Naruto. Don't treat him like on and he won't be staying forever either,' Sasuke lectured and pulled his arm free again, wanting to just eat in peace and not be bothered with more questions and other things that Naruto loved to do at the dinner table.

And this was about the time that Deidara really felt like being too much for the two, so he slowly rose from his chair. 'I think I will give you that privacy you mentioned and retreat to my room. I would like to spend some time alone and sort things out. A lot has happened today.' He bowed politely and then was about to walk off, but Naruto quickly jumped up, wanting to stop the other blonde.

'But you haven't even eaten dessert yet,' Naruto said with a pout, trying to look extra cute. Which Sasuke snorted at. Such a little manipulator Naruto was at times like these.

Deidara just shook his head and kept on walking, already knowing where his room was or at least the guest room, it wasn't truly his room of course. 'I'm sorry, but I really am not hungry anymore. I'll try some tomorrow,' he replied and then disappeared into the hallway sighing softly as soon as he was out of sight of the couple. He knew Sasuke was happy that he was gone now, but Naruto would probably whine a little longer and of course ask what that other stuff would be.

It was strange to now call this his home. Deidara hadn't called anything his home really. Recently maybe Orochimaru's house, but it still wasn't the same as this. He would actually live here and build a life or something. He wasn't even sure if that was possible. But he also never had really tried to build a life and just kept on begging. That's why he hesitated to open the door to the guestroom, unsure if this was really what he wanted. His hand was hovering right above the handle, contemplating if this was going to be his life now. Being able to shower every day, having nice meals and possibly buy himself luxury items. He had never even have a phone before, but somehow everyone seemed so addicted to them that he wondered why and wanted one as well.

So this life would be much better than the one he had, so he decided to go for it and there was also something else that was luring him into the room, but he couldn't quite place what it was. So slowly he pushed down the handle and went into the room. It seemed very dark and he could not even make out the bed, especially not when the door suddenly closed behind him, surprising him a little.

He felt his way through the room, not wanting to bump into anything and then suddenly his hand came into contact with something hard. It actually felt warm to the touch and then Deidara realised that it was a person. He was about to scream, but something seemed to have stolen his voice and he just stood there completely frozen.

Suddenly the light by the bed flicked on, making Deidara able to see who was actually standing in front of him and as soon as he realised who it was, he almost fainted.

A bit confused only one word left his lips. 'Itachi?'

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