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Carefully blue eyes opened and immediately Deidara brought a hand up to shelter them from the bright light that seemed to surround him. Where the hell was he? Slowly he got up on his feet, wondering why he had been lying down in the first place and then he felt something heavy on his back, trying to see what it was he turned slightly, almost losing his balance.

He had wings?! What the hell was this? And why on earth wasn't he wearing a shirt?

And then he remembered what had happened before. How he had run into Hidan and how the guy had stabbed him over and over again. He remembered closing his eyes, but not opening them again until now. Was this a dream? Or was he dead? As all these questions ran through his mind Deidara hadn't noticed someone else walking up to him gracefully, arms folded together as he carefully unfurled his wings a little, a golden glow emitting from them.

'Deidara,' the man spoke, his voice echoing over the grassy fields they were currently standing on. 'I am glad you could finally come.' The blonde turned towards the voice and blue eyes widened immediately, feeling very overwhelmed by the sight of the man alone. It was hard to even look at him. Such beauty it was almost frightening. 'I apologise for the way we needed to bring you hear, but it was a spur of the moment that I decided it was time to bring you hear and this way I knew I couldn't reverse it anymore. Hidan wouldn't be stopped as soon as I brought the idea of killing you in his mind and it worked. But I do wish it would've been less painful and maybe less publicly.' Nagato took another step closer and placed his hand on Deidara's shoulder, knowing how confusing this all was for the blonde.

Lips parted for a moment, wanting to say something, but Deidara just wasn't sure what to say. Eventually the words just rolled out. 'You killed me?'

A slight smile formed on Nagato's lips. He would need to explain a lot more before Itachi and Yahiko arrived, because then he would have to deal with other things. 'I believe you do not fully understand who I am, but I am God. So in the end I make the decisions on what happens on earth. Of course not everything can be stopped by my hands and humans do deserve to make decisions of their own, but sometimes I do meddle in a bit. And in this case there was a reason why I believed you needed to die.'

In response Deidara just blinked up at apparently god. This was too much. God wanted him to die for some good reason. But he thought Itachi was his guardian angel. That means it was all a dream before and he hadn't seen Itachi! But then there still was no reason why Deidara had to die.

'You see I was aware of Itachi visiting you about a month ago and he had gotten permission of my right hand angel, Pain.' Ha! Itachi had visited him, so it had been all real. That was actually a very nice thought and something started fluttering in his stomach. 'But it is actually illegal for angels to fall in love with humans. They will be taken away as the guardian angel of that human and they will never see each other again. Now Pain decided to ignore these rules and give Itachi permission to fall in love with you and because I do believe in love, I decided it would be best to have you come here. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought you would be happier with Itachi than the life you were living.'

That was something big God said, but it was true. Deidara would rather be with Itachi forever than have the best job. Even if he thought it would make Itachi proud if he did have a good job and a house and everything and he also felt a little bad for just leaving Sasuke and Naruto like that. They had already lost Itachi and now he suddenly left as well. But there was nothing he could do about that anymore. 'Thank you,' he eventually murmured, shooting the tall redhead a smile.

A soft flapping of wings was heard and two pair of eyes shot up, one confused and the other smiling softly. 'And there we have Itachi and Pain. I am sorry for what is about to come, but they both need to be punished for what they did.' That sounded kind of scary and Deidara wasn't sure if he could watch Itachi get punished by their god.

Itachi was the first one to land and he desperately made his way to the blonde, wrapping his arms around Deidara's shoulders and pulling him close. Eventually lips clashed, more desperation clinging on to them. 'I'm sorry,' Itachi murmured over and over again, feeling like this was all his fault, but he couldn't help but feel happy about this. He finally had his Deidara here with him, forever.

The other two had been waiting patiently, Pain's heart racing, because he knew he would be punished, but had no idea what kind of punishment it would be. And then Nagato had waited enough as he cleared his throat to get the two angels' attention again. 'I am sorry to disturb this intimate moment, but there is something that needs to be done before you can join your time together.'

Slowly Itachi released Deidara and stood in front of Nagato, bowing his head down. Pain made his way next to the raven, but instead kept his eyes locked with the redhead. It made Nagato feel uncomfortable, because he wasn't happy with needing to punish his lover yet again and this time it was not even for their own love, but for someone else's. But he would just start with Itachi.

'You have been told when you came in that falling in love with a human is against the rules and yet you still pursued your affection and even visited the human on earth. This means you will be punished for your betrayal.' Nagato lifted his hand up and it seemed like nothing was happening until a searing pain shot through Itachi's back. He fell to his knees, screaming out in pain. Deidara wanted to do something for his lover, but he didn't even have a clue what he could do. Slowly Itachi's wings started turning black, starting from the base and running all the way to the tips. And when it was over his skin seemed a little paler than before and he also felt cool to the touch. 'You are now a fallen angel. You are never to be guarding a human again and you will never have permission to leave. You are bounded to heaven and will not have to do anything involving earth.' With that said Nagato turned away from Itachi, leaving the two lovers to take a breather and get over the shock of what just happened.

With a sad smile on his face Nagato stepped closer to Yahiko, placing a hand against the other's cheek. 'I hate you for doing this to me again,' he murmured. 'But I have found a fitting punishment for you.' Pain took in a deep breath, not wanting to reply. He didn't regret anything of what he had done and he knew Nagato had eventually agreed with him, but the punishment needed to happen to make sure no other angel would ignore the rules.

The hand that had been against Yahiko's cheek slid down and was placed against his bare chest and as if some sort of pulse suddenly flew out of Nagato's hand, Pain's body started to tremble for a moment and then a loud scream was pulled from his throat as black rods started coming out of his body. Black piercings were now littered all over his body, some very big even as they grew larger and larger. And when Nagato pulled his hand back, the fallen angel stopped screaming as well.

'Because you cannot be trusted, breaking the rules twice already, you will be bound to me and are never to leave my side. I will always be watching you and you will not get involved with anyone else but me.' His words had sounded much softer than when he had spoken to Itachi and it still pained him to have done such a thing to his most precious person. Nagato stepped closer to Yahiko and without thinking about whom else was present pulled him into a kiss. How strong his lover had been, keeping up on his feet with the pain he had gone through. 'Don't ever do such a thing again,' he whispered. 'I cannot stand seeing you in pain.' And Yahiko responded by kissing him again, his every promise lying in it.

Not wanting to interrupt the other's moment, Deidara and Itachi slowly started walking off, the blonde still very concerned about Itachi's wellbeing, but he seemed to be doing fine already. They walked for a while in silence, holding hands as they looked on over the grassy fields with trees scattered around randomly.

It felt strangely comfortable even if they never really had spent a lot of time together. Only that one night and that was more filled with lust than anything else. But this walking in peace and just enjoying the other's company. And the fact that they were allowed to stay together. It was as if a dream had come true.

'Will you make me happy?' Deidara asked softly, smiling up at Itachi.

The raven made them stop and turned towards the blonde, bringing their bodies close again. 'I will do everything to make you as happy as you can be. It's what I have been trying ever since I first saw you.'

Happily Deidara buried his face in Itachi's neck, smiling as he thought about all the good things that had happened recently. It had been Itachi who was helping him get through it all. 'You know those black wings actually kind of suit you,' he added, changing the subject to something lighter.

A soft chuckle left Itachi's lips and after that he couldn't stop smiling. His lonely days were over now that he had this beautiful blonde by his side, forever spending time together and he knew he would never be lonely again.

When I met you, everything changed.

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