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Deidara rolled around in his bed, wanting the sunlight to stay away a little longer. He was very comfy right now and didn't want to wake up yet, but something was nudging him against his back. He mumbled something about going back to bed to this nudging person, but that only made him getting nudged harder. He raised himself up and glared at the person who woke him up. It was the skinny redhead. He had been sitting on his bed this whole time? Wait, his bed? Then he remembered a little of what had happened the previous day and a blush crept up on his face. That blowjob had been pretty amazing, but having the redhead sitting next to him was really weird. Sasori didn't seem to mind it though.

Sasori was doing something in his lap and Deidara's blue eyes were pulled that way. He was fixing himself another line, ready to snort some up his nose. But he made two lines. Did this mean he was supposed to get one as well? He really wasn't in the mood for that, because he still didn't know how he got in this bed and apparently got naked. He didn't like the stuff at all, although the feeling it had brought was really nice and living here wasn't all too bad. Orochimaru fed him. The guy was creepy though.

A thin shaky hand went up to him, offering Deidara the first line, but the blonde shook his head. This made Sasori chuckle before snorting his line up. He leaned back against the headboard, wiping the white stuff under his nose away with his sleeve. Deidara couldn't help but watch this odd behavior. He had never met a drug addict before and actually had wanted to avoid them as much as possible. Unfortunately his life look him places he didn't want to be. 'You probably should take the line before Orochimaru gets back here,' Sasori said with a chuckle.

Deidara raised an eyebrow at the comment, not understanding what this thin guy meant really. 'Why does that matter?' he asked confused, still refusing the line that was held up in front of him again.

'Because he's going to fuck you, that's why,' Sasori simply stated, pushing the plate with the line in Deidara's hand now. He got of the bed and walked over to the door, his hand going up to the knob. 'He should be here any minute and there are some things you rather not remember,' he said before opening the door and stepping out. Softly he closed the door, leaving Deidara alone with his thoughts.

Orochimaru was coming here to fuck him? Couldn't he still escape that? Frantically he started looking around for his clothes, but they were nowhere to be seen. Then he heard the dark voice speak and his heart sank in his chest. Was this really about to happen, again? He stared at the line in his lap. Maybe he should just go for it. It would make the experience a whole lot better. Slowly he lifted the little plate up and sniffed the white powder up.

The door then opened and the blue eyes slowly looked up at who was entering. First the redhead was thrown back in with an annoyed look on his face, but when he noticed the white stuff under Deidara's nose, a smirk formed on his lips. Quickly he crawled on top of the bed towards the blonde. His face was right in front of Deidara's and his tongue lapped out to lick up the remaining bit of drugs above Deidara's lip. 'Smart thinking, brat. You'll enjoy this a lot more now,' he whispered excitedly against Deidara's lips.

Deidara was so confused and even more creeped out then before. What was wrong with Sasori? And then he remembered that Sasori was probably already high. Before it really registered, a pair of lips were pressed against his and a tongue plunged into his mouth. Sasori's hands were pulling away the sheets, leaving Deidara completely exposed. Deidara tried to get the sheets back up, but Sasori wouldn't let him. When there was no way Deidara could reach for the sheets again, Sasori broke the kiss and leaned back with that same smirk.

It was only then that Deidara noticed another person was in the room as well. Orochimaru was staring at them both while slowly undressing himself, this lazy look on his face. Deidara's breathing pitched up and a feeling of fear overwhelmed him. But when the snake was completely naked, he didn't focus on Deidara. No, he actually reached for Sasori who started giggling like a madman. Was this really what the drugs did to you? Orochimaru started undressing the redhead with ease, as if he had done it many times before. The snake didn't look excited at all, just as if it was necessary that Sasori was naked. Deidara tried reaching for the sheets again, but as soon as he leaned forward Orochimaru shot him a glare. He didn't dare move after that.

When Sasori was completely undressed, he crawled forward again, getting comfortable in Deidara's lap. He kissed the blonde greedily, getting really excited for what was about to come. And finally he got some response out of Deidara as well, a tongue pressing back against his. Good, the drugs were starting to work and now this would really get fun. Sasori knew what was expected of him and he would put the plan into work. His arms wrapped around Deidara's neck. He let his own body fall to the side, pulling Deidara with him until the blonde was above him instead of the other way around. They kept kissing until suddenly Deidara yelped.

The blonde wanted to turn around and see what was happening, but Sasori kept him in place. Orochimaru had been squeezing his ass cheeks, pulling them apart. They started kissing again and again Deidara yelped into the kiss. A tongue had been sliding over his puckered hole and he knew now what was about to happen. He didn't really want this right? Although it felt kind of nice. Especially when it went in a little.

His mind turned a little fuzzy again and a giggle erupted from his mouth. Sasori just giggled along before kissing him roughly again. Somehow everything seemed funny now. How that tongue slipped in and out of him, reaching much further than every tongue had ever reached. How long was the snake's tongue anyway? See, the name still fitted. And then it was even funnier when both he and Sasori reached for each other's cocks, stroking each other until they were both fully hard.

But then the tongue left his ass and before he could even comprehend it, a cock was shoved inside of him. He moaned though, not really feeling the pain at all. Such an amazing feeling it was. Sasori was laughing at him though and his crazy moaning as soon as Orochimaru picked up a pace. Deidara made sure he stopped laughing though, forcing Sasori to sit up against the headboard. His blue eyes were focused on Sasori's brown ones, leaning down to capture the redhead's erection in his mouth. Deidara was right, the laughing did stop and now Sasori was the one that moaned like a cat in heat.

The room was filled with different kind of noises. The soft grunts coming from the snake, the slapping of skin against skin, the needy sucking noises coming from Deidara and then the loud giggled moans from Sasori. They were all enjoying this on a different level. Orochimaru was just glad that Deidara still was so tight and so willing right now. He could do anything he wanted and the blonde wouldn't even react. Sasori was so used to things like this that he made himself enjoy this, because going into this without wanting it would let him sink in the deepest hole he had ever been in. And Deidara just banned every thought of this being wrong and only thought about how good it felt, enjoying it purely because of the physical stuff.

Orochimaru pushed deeper inside Deidara, reaching a certain spot dead on. This made Deidara moan loudly around Sasori's cock, swirling his tongue around to pleasure the redhead more. The giggling was gone now and Sasori just threw his head back and closed his eyes to enjoy this. Deidara was really good at this. This was almost team work the way they were pleasuring each other.

They had no idea who came first and who came last. It was all just jumbled up together, but they all knew they all were very satisfied in the end. Orochimaru immediately got dressed again and left the two exhausted bodies on the bed. Both boys didn't really mind that. They turned to each other and crawled really close, giggling their heads off again. Both of them had funny thoughts running through their heads, but they couldn't say them out loud, to drugged up to actually form words now.

After a little breathing time Deidara jumped out of bed and looked at Sasori playfully, a wide smile plastered on his face. The redhead giggled again and followed after Deidara, ending up in the shower. And what a nice shower it ended to be. Hands roaming over each other's body, more kisses being given and ending in Deidara bended forward again, Sasori's cock buried deep inside of him. This was seriously the best time he had in his whole life.

Ringed eyes were glancing down through the clouds, his eyes able to see everything and none could actually look at him back. Now he was focusing on a certain angel, taking in everything the angel was seeing and thinking. The thoughts disturbed him and that was why he had called for his fallen angel. He could hear the wings softly beating against the air and soon the black wings appeared in front of him. Not that he turned away from his vision of sight. He had seen the fallen angel many times before.

Pain took in the sight of his god. How he was displayed on the white bed, the eyes turned away from him. The red hair stuck out on the white pillow, but it fitted his pale skin so beautifully. Slowly he started taking off his clothes, knowing it was expected of him since his god was naked right before him. He walked over to him without saying a word, getting on the bed and laying beside him. His black wings were folded on his back, completely out of sight for his god. Pain pressed his naked body against him, wrapping his arms around him to pull him closer.

Only then Nagato moved again, his body responding to the soft touches. The head turns away from the sight of Itachi and the ringed eyes focus on Pain now. 'Wrong thoughts are filling the new guardian angel,' he simply stated.

Pain's hand goes under his god's head and lifts him up a little, closing the distance between them. He kisses him softly without expecting a response. Nagato would respond when he was done with this conversation. 'I know, my lord. But let me take care of it. I believe he can do good things for Deidara. You know he would be the first to actually be able to do something,' Pain says softly, not wanting to sound overly bossy. He didn't want to insult his god with words that were chosen wrong.

'He did find him a friend,' Nagato responds, glancing back at Itachi for a second. 'Alright, I will trust you with this, but do not have me punishing you again,' he said sternly, his face hardening for a second. Pain still thought he was beautiful, but he loved that soft glow the most whenever Nagato was smiling. Nagato's face softened again and his ringed eyes stared back in Pain's. 'Now will you kiss me again?' he asked, blinking his eyes once.

Pain smiled broadly, immediately leaning down to capture Nagato's lips in a kiss. This was why Pain loved him so much. These little hints that showed how much he deeply cared for Pain. The soft pale fingers sliding over his back, fingering the black feathers a little, letting Pain know it didn't matter what he was, that Nagato would love him no matter what.

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