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Deidara was leaning against the side of the wall of Orochimaru's house. He was still dead tired due to the previous night, but the snake had sent them out to do some shopping. Deidara was actually happy that Sasori would be joining him and that the redhead apparently would be living there as well. He was kind of nice and now he wasn't in this alone.

Now he was waiting for Sasori to get outside as well, but the redhead had been inside awfully long already. He wanted to check, but something was stopping him from actually opening the door and seeing what Sasori took so long. So he just stuffed his hands deep in his coat pockets to keep them warm and watched his breath come out in little white clouds. It had gotten colder again and Deidara was fairly sure it would start snowing soon. Thankfully he had a place to stay now, although it wasn't the best. But everything was better than out on the streets, freezing to death.

The door clicked open and Deidara looked to the side, seeing how Sasori was wiping his sleeve across his mouth. The blonde didn't comment, but did raise an eyebrow. Good thing he didn't go in, but why did Sasori do that? The muddy brown eyes lazily looked up at him and also raised an eyebrow, as if he was daring Deidara to say something. But he didn't want to and he shouldn't. Deidara didn't need to know how deep Sasori was already in this.

'Let's go, brat,' Sasori said, walking of the stone steps and turning the corner. They just needed some groceries and Orochimaru had given them some extra money to buy them something nice. The blonde followed Sasori, catching up to him so he walking right next to him. His blue eyes glanced to the side from time to time, trying to see what Sasori was really thinking, but the redhead ignored him. It really was none of Deidara's business.

Sasori reached in his pocket and flipped out a pack of cigarettes. He lit one and inhaled deeply, letting the smoke linger deep in his lungs. With the way Sasori closed his eyes when he took the first pull, Deidara knew how addicted Sasori really was to everything. He wondered if he would ever end up just like the redhead. He certainly hoped not. Sasori reached out the pack, offering Deidara a cigarette as well. He shook his head. 'No, thanks. I don't smoke,' he declined.

A chuckle rippled through the air, smoke lifting up from Sasori's mouth. 'Don't smoke, huh? Usually that's one of the first things you start with.' The brown eyes turned towards him again, a smile playing around the bruised lips. Deidara just had to smile back, a slight blush on his cheeks. Maybe it was weird that he didn't smoke, but he just wanted to keep the addictions away as long as possible. He could already feel the urge to have the white powder again, but he just didn't want to give in to it.

Deidara was pushed to the side, into a store by Sasori. The blonde glanced around the store, noting it was a clothing store. What were they doing here? He watched Sasori walk towards a table with thick sweaters and flipping through them. So Sasori needed a new sweater. That wasn't so strange seeing how many holes the one he was wearing had and don't forget his dirty sleeve he uses the wipe everything clean.

Deidara glanced around the table as well and a smirk formed on his lips when he found a certain printed sweater. He held it up in front of Sasori, teasingly moving it from left to right. 'What about this one?' he asked.

Lazily Sasori looked up at him and then the eyes widened when he focused on the jersey. 'I am not going to wear that!' he exclaimed, ripping the sweater out of Deidara's hands and throwing it back on the table. An irritated look lingered in the brown eyes which only made Deidara laugh even harder. It was really fun teasing the redhead.

'But Sasori, don't you like the cute little kitten in the middle and I think you really are a princess.' Did earn him another pullover thrown towards his face. This one looked even worse with a my little pony print and a weird slogan coming from the show. Of course Deidara laughed again, already imagining Sasori wearing the sweater.

Suddenly Sasori leaned forward and captured Deidara's lips in a kiss. The blonde's eyes widened as he stared down in the brown ones. 'Finally got you to stop laughing,' Sasori said plainly, turning back to the table and picking out the biggest and warmest sweater he could find. Deidara blushed again, glancing around the store to see if anyone had noticed them, but they were all too busy with their own little lives. It was actually a good thing this time.

Sasori walked over to the cash register and paid for the sweater, immediately stripping off his old one and putting the new one on. It was way too big, the sweater reaching almost to his knees. Deidara wanted to laugh again, but Sasori shot him a warning look. He should just shut up and not say anything about it since this would actually keep the redhead warm.

Now it was time to do some actual groceries and Sasori guided Deidara towards the supermarket they always went to. The pale hand actually grabbed Deidara's hand and held him tight. Deidara's hand felt like freezing off being out in the open like this, but he didn't dare letting go either. It felt kind of nice really, sort of comforting and reassuring that he really wasn't alone anymore and maybe Sasori felt the same way.

The supermarket was close by, so they didn't have to walk too far. Deidara tried remembering where he was right now and the whole route in total so he would know how to get back without Sasori. Something he had taught himself while being on the streets for a while.

The redhead grabbed a cart and pushed it inside of the supermarket. Deidara was amazed with all the stuff they had here. It had been a long time since he really was inside of a supermarket. What was all this food you could warm up in a microwave? He didn't have long to stare at it since Sasori just grabbed a few and then continued on, grabbing other stuff along the way. Not the best food they could eat, but Deidara was happy enough he could actually eat every day. Maybe he would gain some weight now since he was really skinny.

'Want to get something?' Sasori suddenly asked, snapping Deidara out of his thoughts. They had arrived in the isle filled with sweets and chocolate and the blue eyes widened a little, mouth watering at the thought of finally tasting something like that again. But there was so much to choose from and Deidara really didn't know what to pick. Something with a nice filling or filled with nuts? Maybe just a plain one.

He threw a bar into the cart, eyeing it with much need. He wanted to eat it so bad, but he had to wait and he would savor the bar. Sasori was just smiling at him and then picked out a bar of his own. Now that they were doing groceries, they actually had the possibility to pick out stuff they liked.

The cart was filled very fast and now they were just standing in line, waiting for them to check the stuff out. Deidara had no idea what it was they were getting and glanced down in the cart. Seemed to be like a lot of easy cooking stuff. Just warm it up and it's done. Didn't seem very healthy, but nothing in the cart appeared healthy. Not even something vegetable like or fruit like. Mostly it was just carps and sugar.

Sasori nudged Deidara in the side, making Deidara glance up again. The redhead pointed forward and the blue eyes went to a woman who was fighting the cashier. A blond eyebrow was raised at the scene, not really understanding what was going on. The whole line seemed to find it strange, but only the first few people knew what was going on. Sasori was chuckling under his breath, watching it with amusement in his eyes. 'I think we can fix it,' Sasori said, glancing back up at Deidara. The blonde raised an eyebrow, no idea how they would actually be able to solve this. 'Kiss me,' Sasori said naughtily, making Deidara blush fiercely. How was that going to help?

But he couldn't really think about it, because before he knew it, Deidara was pulled down and soft lips were forcing him to kiss back. He wanted to pull away, but Sasori kept him in place and eventually Deidara just gave in. What else could he do? A soft moan left the redhead's mouth, making Deidara's blush even worse.

When the kiss was finally ended, Deidara frantically looked around. But of course everyone had seen it. Sasori nudged him again and that was when he noticed that the fighting woman had left. No one wants to see two males making out, especially not women like her… 'Told you it would work,' Sasori said smugly and it did work. The line moved forward much faster and before they realized it was their turn already. They were such a good team. Sasori put everything on the belt while Deidara put everything in bags when it was scanned. Deidara felt pretty good about how they were working together.

They walked out of the supermarket, arms filled with grocery bags. Sasori stopped them for a moment, lighting another cigarette. He offered one to Deidara again, but the blonde kindly declined. Somehow it really suited Sasori that he smoked, but Deidara still didn't like it. It made the redhead taste funny as well, thinking about the kiss they just shared. Another blush spread on Deidara's face. Damn it, why couldn't he stop blushing around the smaller redhead?

A red light made them stop walking again and Deidara glanced up, watching the tall buildings all around them. His eye fell on a certain name. A name he had remembered for such a long time already. Uchiha Inc. The blue eyes blinked once at the name, following the outline of every letter. He never noticed the light turned green again, signaling them to walk, so Sasori had to pull him along by his hand. Yes, Deidara had remembered that name for a long time, but then with a certain first name in front of it.

Itachi zoomed the out so he could actually see what Deidara was looking at. Somehow the blue eyes changed, became for alive when his eye fell on something and Itachi needed to know what it was. Maybe it was something he could use to make Deidara happier with.

And then he saw the name. His own last name printed on the side of the building with big bold letters. So plain and boring and yet it showed so much power. A company he had worked for, but became so miserable at. The company might look good, but it had nothing good to offer. Why was Deidara so interested in it then? What bound did Deidara have with the company? And what made those eyes seem so alive?

He zoomed in again, focusing on the blue eyes. He watched Sasori try and get Deidara's attention, but those blue eyes kept staring up at the building until he couldn't read the sign anymore. Then the blue eyes went down, widening a bit when he saw something else. Deidara stopped walking, staring at one particular spot. Frantically Itachi changed the vision again, turning so he could see what Deidara was looking at.

Itachi's eyes met with a pair of black ones so similar to his. His baby brother's eyes, seeming so empty and alone. He had left Sasuke all alone in this world, but he knew his brother would make it out there. He remembered Sasuke falling in love with someone right before Itachi took his own life and he hoped his baby brother was still happy with that person. He didn't even remember what the name of the person was.

The black eyes had stared back for quite some time right until his driver parked the car in front of him and motioned for him to get in. Sasuke disappeared from sight and only then Deidara started moving again, following after Sasori.

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