A bored looking blonde was sitting on the steps of a small house. Sasori had said he could come in as well, but Deidara decided against that. After he had heard what Sasori was going to there, he felt no need to follow after him. Apparently the redhead needed more money which was strange since he just got some from Orochimaru.

Deidara had never seen the guys before that were currently in the apartment with Sasori and he definitely didn't like the looks he got from them. Another reason why he didn't go in with Sasori. They were just creepy and Deidara didn't need more money either.

The moans coming out of the house said enough about what Sasori was doing. The redhead could really be loud and it annoyed Deidara. Why did they have to do this now? They could've dropped up the groceries at Orochimaru's place and then Sasori could've gone out alone and get some extra money. He didn't need Deidara here anyway and the cold was awful. The first dots of snow had already fallen out of the sky and were slowly melting on the pavement. Soon they would stay and make the whole neighborhood white.

Deidara was still a bit shaken up about what had happened before. He hadn't expected it would get to him so badly. Stupid promises he had made. Just the way the boy had looked was so similar to the other guy. He could picture how the guy looked and he could think his name, but he wouldn't. He had let the guy down and Deidara wasn't worth it to think about him. He would only be worth it when he got himself off the streets and up somewhere in a nice and warm apartment and a steady job. Sometimes he wished he had never read that paper with the interview. Of course it gave him a goal, but so far he hadn't managed to get anywhere. At least he still wasn't really addicted to the drugs. Sure he liked the feeling, but he wasn't craving it as badly as Sasori was. He hoped he would never get like that about anything.

Some muffled voices now came from the house behind him and then the door opened, Sasori stepping out while counting his money. He looked even worse than before. Hair all mussed and cheeks flushed. His new sweater had a fresh rip in it at the bottom. Deidara wouldn't comment on it, but he did think stuff about it. No one should do that to themselves. Sasori was worth so much more.

'Let's go, brat,' Sasori said, walking of the steps and turning towards Orochimaru's apartment. Deidara stayed behind him, unsure of what to say to Sasori right now. The redhead put the money in his pants pocket and started walking faster. It was almost like he was in a hurry. 'Thanks for coming with me, Dei. You're a good friend. I like you,' he suddenly called over his shoulder.

Deidara was stunned. They really were friends? He liked the sound of that and he did want Sasori as his friend. It would be nice to not be alone for once.

With a smile on his face he followed Sasori into Orochimaru's house and immediately aimed for the kitchen since they still held all the groceries. They started putting stuff away in the fridge and in the cabinets. Soon the bags were empty and the kitchen was filled with some nice food. They had both kept their chocolate bars, but decided not to eat it yet.

Orochimaru joined them in the kitchen and leaned against the plain white wall, staring at both boys. 'You both were gone awfully long. Did you two did something fun as well?' he asked curiously, but Deidara could hear something else in his voice. He didn't know what it was though.

Sasori did flinch at the tone, getting what Orochimaru meant with the question. 'We got me a new sweater and then Deidara took his time with staring at some sort of building,' he simply stated. He kept fumbling with some more groceries, replacing them and then deciding he should cook something. Deidara did wonder why Sasori didn't mention the other place they went to since that was the cause of them being so late.

The snake was about to comment, but then Sasori turned towards him, his eyes focused on the floor and rubbing his nose like he always did. He handed Orochimaru the money he had just earned and then held his hand up to get something back. Orochimaru just stared at the money, his eyes narrowing slightly. He really didn't like this. 'Are you out again?' he asked, his voice sounding a bit strained. Sasori just nodded and motioned with his fingers he was still expecting something. Orochimaru could never deny the redhead what he needed, but the idea alone of where this money came from was killing him.

He got out of the room, crunching up the money in his hand. He grabbed a fresh package of white powder and got it back to Sasori. Then he left and that was the last Deidara saw of him the entire evening.

Deidara really didn't understand what just had happened, but also really didn't want to ask. It was none of his business and he didn't want to make it his business either. He instead helped Sasori cook dinner and plate it up. The redhead brought two bowls of pasta to the extra room where usually only Kabuto was, but this time also Orochimaru stayed. Sasori made his way out quickly again, not wanting to stay in that awkward atmosphere.

They both ate quietly in the living room and when that was done, Sasori left Deidara to do the dishes. The blonde had no idea where Sasori disappeared of to, but he was sure the redhead would be back soon. It couldn't be that bad. After everything was done and the whole kitchen was clean again, Sasori still hadn't come back, so Deidara went out looking for him. It didn't take him that long since the house was pretty small.

Sasori was displayed on the bed, only wearing his boxers still. He was smoking one of those stinking cigarettes. The goofy smile on his face said enough, he was high again. 'Come here, Dei. I want to cuddle,' Sasori said sweetly, making Deidara raise an eyebrow. Okay, he could cuddle. He started crawling on the bed until Sasori stopped him. 'No clothes, only boxers in bed, brat.' Deidara rolled his eyes, but got his clothes off anyway and then crawled on the bed. Sasori wrapped an arm around Deidara's waist and pulled him close, still smoking his cigarette with the other hand.

Deidara just laid his head on Sasori's chest and sighed on content. It felt a little weird, but also kind of nice. He never really hugged anyone else before. He snuggled closer and closed his eyes, just enjoying the moment. Sasori's pale fingers drew patterns on his bare side, tickling Deidara. A giggle left his lips, making the redhead smirk.

'Are you ticklish, brat?' he mused, his fingers sliding over Deidara's stomach now. Of course Deidara couldn't stop his laugh from bubbling up and as soon as it left his lips, he knew he was screwed. Sasori's hands were everywhere, tickling all over the soft tanned skin. Deidara tried to catch his breath, but before he could Sasori was already touching him somewhere else. This was seriously hell for the blonde, but he couldn't find the small redhead off. Why was he so strong? Or better yet, why was Deidara so weak?

Eventually Deidara couldn't take it anymore and gave up. Sasori went back to just relaxing on the bed and Deidara was breathing heavily, body sprawled out on the bed. He definitely didn't like a tickle fight, that's for sure. It took him some time to actually breath normally again and when he did, he noticed Sasori had already crawled under the sheets and was fast asleep. Sleep seemed to be a good idea right now, so Deidara did the same, pulling the sheets up all the way to his chin and closed his eyes.

Deidara was roused awake somewhere in the middle of the night and saw something that instantly made him feel uncomfortable. Apparently Orochimaru had joined them in bed at some point and now he was being very intimate with Sasori so to speak. Deidara stayed as quiet as possible, making sure they wouldn't ask him to join in, because he really didn't want to. But they never even noticed he had woken up.

Orochimaru was way too busy with the redhead he held so dear and just wanted to touch him all over. When he looked into the brown eyes now, he could actually see their real color instead of the widened black pupils. He had never been this slow and gentle with Sasori, but somehow he felt he needed to right now. He had to show Sasori how much he loved the small redhead and how badly he wanted Sasori to be clean. Sasori should be enjoying his life and not let it rot away in different men's beds. Softly Orochimaru kissed the redhead, letting his tongue slide through the wet cavern. Such a beautiful small boy Sasori was. Slowly he rode the redhead, for the first time making love to someone in his whole life.

Itachi was watching the whole scene intently. He wanted to make sure Deidara didn't have to join in, feeling how uncomfortable Deidara already was. It was strange though to see the other two so close to his blonde and not even paying attention to him. Itachi still wondered how Deidara seemed to know Sasuke or something like that. He got more attached to the blonde than he would ever admit. It was still forbidden to feel like this about any human.

Soft wings swept through the air, but this all went unnoticed by Itachi. He never heard anyone walking up towards him since this person had such light feet. It was almost as if he was floating right over the grassy grounds. A certain bright light radiated off his body which made it hard to look at him, but also the very reason why many wanted to look at him. The golden wings were folded behind his back and seemed to disappear completely.

Nagato now stood beside Itachi, his hand going down and lifting the raven's chin up and away from the scene. His attention should be with his god now. 'Hello, child. Good seeing you again,' he said dreamily and Itachi immediately couldn't stop staring at him, completely in awe. Nagato let his thumb slide over Itachi's face, a comforting gesture. 'But I think it's time you got some sleep,' he then stated, his voice sounding so velvety and sweet.

Before the words even really got through to Itachi, his eyes closed already and his body fell to the side, already fast asleep. Angels never really slept unless Nagato forced them to. In this case it was needed, because he also knew Itachi was getting too attached to the blonde. Yahiko had told him not to interfere, but he had no choice now. Nagato also feared for his lover, knowing that the longer this continued, the severer his punishment would be. Itachi was already facing punishment by only feeling this way. Why was Yahiko his weakness and why did he still listen? He loved his fallen angel too much.

Nagato's ringed eyes turned to the small pool of water on the rock and watched for a while, waiting for all of them to go back to sleep. Orochimaru's wrapped around Sasori's frail body and Deidara just inches away from them. It was a sweet sight and Nagato could feel himself smile at the lovely picture. Too bad it all had to end at this point. With one blink of the eye and it was done. Nothing seemed to have changed. Everyone was still sleeping, soft gasps coming from a few mouths as they dreamed.

But something had drastically changed and they would all find out in the morning, including Itachi. For now the raven could sleep, getting some stress off his shoulders. Nagato knew Deidara wasn't the easiest to take care of. Many angels had already left his case, thinking it would not be done, but Itachi was showing him differently. He was proud of his child even though he was breaking some rules.

When Nagato turned around, ready to leave again, he noticed Yahiko standing just a few feet away. 'Was that really necessary?' Yahiko almost asked accusingly, making Nagato narrow his eyes. He better not defy him. That would be another punishment.

'Yes, it was. This had been planned for a long time and no new guardian angel will change my plans,' Nagato answered plainly, unfurling his wings and lifting himself up.

Yahiko was mad at the emotionless reaction, but he knew his god was right. Nothing could've stopped this outcome. He just felt so bad for the others, knowing what impact it would have in the end. He glanced over at Itachi once and then lifted himself up as well, going after his lover who he knew was expecting him already.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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