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Black eyes flickered open again and after a few hours of sleep Itachi finally had woken up. It was only because he had heard people talking and he could hear grass being crushed under soft feet. He pushed himself of the rock he had been lying on and glanced around, his eyes falling on Pain who was slowly walking his way.

Itachi rose, unfurling his wings and stretching out his limbs to shake the sleep off. It had been long since he last slept and he always found it very unpleasant to actually wake up. His body stayed so slow for so long and all he wanted to do was just get on with the things that needed to be done, but instead he stayed lazy. Like now when he actually should be checking on Deidara, but he kept waiting for on Pain who apparently was walking his way.

What he hadn't noticed was the smaller angel walking right behind Pain, hidden by the large black wings of the fallen angel. When they were close enough, Pain motioned towards Itachi, introducing him to the newcomer. 'This is Itachi, Deidara's guardian angel.'

The smaller angel came out from hiding and glanced at Itachi, a smirk immediately playing on his lips. 'Well, I must say he isn't doing a very good job then,' he commented, earning a glare from Pain.

But Itachi never responded to what the guy said, only kept staring at him, eyes wide. He couldn't believe that he was actually here. He wasn't supposed to be here. Everything was going so much better with Deidara because of him.

'Sasori,' Itachi chocked out.

Soft noises rose Deidara from his sleep. He turned his head to the side, hugging the pillow a little closer to his body and slowly opened his eyes to see where the noise was coming from. He didn't quite get what he was looking at first, thinking the snake and Sasori were going at it again, but something seemed wrong. Orochimaru was cradling Sasori a bit too close to his body, seeming a bit too desperate to keep him close as if the redhead would run away at any second now. The stranger part was that Sasori actually didn't make a move to run from the snake.

Deidara leaned up on his arms, sitting down on the bed and stared at the scene again. Orochimaru had his face buried in the red short locks and the blonde could hear soft sniffing sounds. It was almost as if someone was crying. He didn't get it. There really was something terribly wrong here.

A tanned hand went forward, wanting to part Orochimaru and Sasori so he could get a better look, but as soon as his hand touched Sasori's shoulder, he knew what was wrong. Deidara jumped back, almost falling to the floor. This couldn't be happening. This was all just a joke. But then Sasori's head turned slightly and those brown eyes were turned to him. They looked empty and unseeing. Sasori wasn't there anymore. He was gone…

Before Orochimaru could say anything or even Deidara himself, he had jumped out of the bed, putting on his clothes while tears streamed down his face. He kept apologising over and over, unsure of what he was really apologising for, but he knew as soon as he ran from the bedroom.

While Deidara ran through the living room, he passed Kabuto who shot him a confused look, but he never got the time to question. Because Deidara was already out the door, leaving everything behind he had owned there, only taking his coat with him to keep him warm. Deidara would never return to that place again, never wanting to be reminded of the first friend he had ever made. It didn't matter that it had been a disturbed friendship, it was one Deidara had treasured. It was someone Deidara finally had gotten close to. And now he would grieve, all alone. And maybe forget as soon as possible.

He had no idea how long he had been running or where he was even going. He ran into people who shot him angry looks and yelled at him for looking where he was going. But Deidara wasn't looking where he was going. He didn't need a direction now. He finally had a direction in his life and that had been cruelly taken away from him. Everything had been taken away from him again. What was there to count on now? He was back on the streets, back to his cardboard box where he would have to sit day after day and beg for money.

A traffic light was missed and Deidara blindly ran on. A car hit the brakes, it squeaking under the sudden halt. A door was opened and slammed closed, the driver walking up to the stunned blonde. Deidara had actually stopped when he noticed he was going to get hit and somewhere in his brain he would've welcomed the hit. Let it all be over with.

'Sir, are you alright?' the driver asked him and blue eyes glanced over the man, noticing he was indeed just a driver. The weird blue cap said enough. How embarrassing, he had almost been hit by someone rich or famous.

Deidara didn't answer, just kept breathing heavily while staring at the chauffeur until another door opened and closed again. In the meantime people had gathered around the blonde and the driver, wanting to know what had happened, if someone was hurt and if they were going to fight. The latter part was of course the most interesting, but neither of the two seemed to want to get into such a thing.

Blue eyes were no focused on the second person who got out the car and if it was even possible, his eyes widened further when he noticed who it was. Frantically he started looking for a way out, but there were so many people and they were blocking every part of the street. He could still feel the other's eyes burning on his face. Why did the guy keep looking at him? Why did he need to recognise him? And to make it all worse, Deidara could hear the cops coming and of course since Deidara was the homeless one, he would be taken to the station.

But then he saw the other man leaning forward to his driver and whisper something in his ear. With a nod the driver walked over to Deidara while the guy got back in the car. The blonde's wrist was taken and he was guided towards the car as well. 'Since you were in such a hurry, my lord asked me to get you to your destination as fast as possible.'

A door was opened and before Deidara could react, he was already pushed inside. When he glanced to the left, he could see the man sitting next to him, his eyes now facing forward and not on him.

'What was your destination, sir?' the chauffeur asked, looking back at Deidara through the front mirror.

Deidara fidgeted with his coat, looking anywhere but the chauffeur or the man, feeling rather uncomfortable. 'I, uh, I wasn't going anywhere,' he murmured under his breath, but both men had heard him.

The man next to him glanced Deidara's way for a moment, before leaning forward to his driver. 'Take us home,' he said softly and then leaned back again, sinking into his soft leather seat. Deidara's eyes widened, unsure of what this was supposed to mean. The guy couldn't just take him home with him! But maybe that would mean he got to meet… No he couldn't risk that! He looked awful and no one wealthy should be seeing him like this. He was such a mess.

But he never opened his mouth to comment, just stayed silent as the drive continued. Deidara glanced to the side a couple of times, but the guy never seemed to look back. It was strange that he would be invited in his home so easily. They didn't even know each other and for all the guy knew Deidara could be very dangerous and out for his money. It seemed all so reckless.

The car made a turn and drove down into a basement parking lot. The driver parked the car and quickly got out, opening the door for the guy and after that he wanted to do the same for Deidara, but the blonde had already gotten out. With a small bow the chauffeur got back in the car and drove away.

'Follow me,' the guy said, waving him over. Nothing more was said again. Not when they got in the elevator and not when they reached the highest floor of the building, meaning the penthouse. The guy opened the door and left it open for Deidara to walk inside as well while he went into a room on the left side.

Slowly Deidara walked into the house, hearing two voices murmur softly to each other. It seemed loving even when he couldn't make out any words. And then suddenly someone shot out of the room to the left and he was met with a bright smile and big blue eyes and don't get him started on the sunny blond hair. It shocked Deidara with how happy the guy looked and he wondered who this could be.

'Hi, I am Naruto. Nice to meet you,' the guy said, extending his hand for Deidara to shake.

It made the blonde feel uncomfortable again and he tried wiping his hand clean on his just as dirty jeans, but Naruto didn't care anyway. The guy grabbed his hand and shook it anyway, waiting for Deidara to introduce himself. 'Deidara,' he said softly, glancing around the room again, his eyes falling on some photos on a side table.

As he made his way over to the photos, Naruto looked back into the room he just came from. 'Seriously, Sasuke. What has gotten into you? Is my kindness finally rubbing off on you?'

For a moment Deidara looked back at them both, seeing it was the kitchen Naruto had come from and he could see Sasuke slowly stirring in a pan that probably would be serving lunch. Naruto seemed too busy with getting Sasuke's attention, but the guy's eyes soon were focused on Deidara again, seeing how the blonde was walking towards the pictures, the blue eyes focused on one in particular.

It really was him. The one he had seen in the newspaper months ago. The one he had admired for so long and now he was so close to actually meet him. What would he be like? Blue eyes glanced over the other photos quickly, but in the end were glued to this one picture. The guy was so beautiful and he seemed so perfect. This was who Deidara wanted to be.

Deidara didn't hear Sasuke coming up behind him and look over his shoulder as Deidara let a tanned finger slide over the picture frame. 'Do you know him?' the raven softly asked? And Deidara shook his head.

'No, I only saw him in a newspaper once. There was an interview with him in it and he was talking about what he had accomplished and his life seemed so perfect. It made me dream,' he admitted and then shyly looked back at Sasuke.

The raven shot him a look Deidara didn't really understand. It made him look away and feel like he had said too much. Some things were better left unspoken. 'My brother had accomplished a lot of things and his life could've meant so much more, but he was not happy. He committed suicide a few months back. I believe only a few weeks after that interview was taken. Don't dream of the life he had, because it brings nothing but emptiness.' And with that said, Sasuke turned away and went back to Naruto, putting up a fake smile to keep Naruto happy for now. He didn't want to show he was still very broken due to his brother's death.

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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