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Deidara had been treated so nicely since he got here, except for the weird talk he had with Sasuke. But other than that they had done a great deal for him already. He still didn't understand why he was here and what he was supposed to do here, but for now he didn't care. It took his mind off Sasori and that was the most important part now. Not think about death and who it all had taken away. He had also lost someone he didn't even have to the chance to meet.

A nice shower would probably freshen up him even more and it had been Naruto's idea to start with. Deidara was kind of forced to take that shower. Naruto only glanced at his clothes and started pushing him towards the bathroom, saying he needed to be clean before they could even talk about food. Which Sasuke replied to saying it was a weird statement coming from Naruto. He didn't know why, but this made Deidara smile, seeing how happy they were together with their bits of teasing. He had never really seen love like that. The people that passed by him on a regular day always seemed so miserable and bored with their lives.

Clothes were stripped off his body and Deidara felt a bit self-conscious standing there naked in front of the other blonde, but Naruto wasn't even looking. Just after all he had been through recently the only times he had been naked was for a different reason. He couldn't help it but think that maybe these two guys were after him as well for their very own perverted reasons and he knew this couldn't be true. But his mind just wouldn't let it go.

Naruto's nose wrinkled up as he smelled Deidara's dirty clothes while picking them up. 'I think I will just get you some new clothes instead of washing these,' he commented, turning around and leaving Deidara alone in the bathroom.

Blue eyes blinked in confusion and then a soft chuckle left his lips as he thought about what Naruto had said. Yeah, new clothes would probably seem better in Naruto's eyes, but to Deidara it didn't really matter. These clothes were pretty new, but he never really washed them. If he wasn't showering, why wash clothes?

Then a new adventure started. The actual showering part.

As Deidara turns around and steps into the very big shower cabin that seemed to fit at least five people, he notices the buttons to turn it on. Okay, the temperature speaks for itself, but how to actually turn this thing one? There were so many buttons and don't even mention all the shower heads. Why not just one? Above your head so you can wash your hair properly. Oh, wait there was one there, but just a very big one and it seemed rather scary to Deidara… Well it was probably just a matter of trying…

Deidara pushes the first button and one of the lower shower heads turns on, hitting him in the stomach. A massage head my ass! That freaking hurt! So that one was turned off quickly enough and then a button higher up was pressed and he got hit by a beam of water right in the face… Deidara was not pleased by this and yelled at the shower for not working along. Sasuke and Naruto were getting a good laugh out of this one and were definitely standing by the door, ears against the white painted wood.

This was the shower's last chance to work along or otherwise Deidara wasn't even going to take one and it could just suck it. That did not make sense, but Deidara didn't care at this point. So he pushed a button the highest up and the big shower head above his head turned on. It surprised him at first and he sheltered his body from the down pouring water, but in the end it felt kind of nice. It felt like warm rain and slowly he got used to it.

With a soft sigh he relaxed against the cold white tiles and let the water cascade down his body. Soaping up he would do in a minute, but first he needed to let his muscles relax. He had never felt anything like this before in his primitive life and he didn't even think anything like this would exist.

And then the soap made it even better! It was all foamy and it felt like silk on your skin. Why did these people have these amazing products? This is just insane! And everything smelled so nice… All flowery and expensive. The shampoo certainly cleaned his hair and even got some of the knots out and the conditioner just made his hair all shiny and soft. He really wanted products like these for himself. Too bad he had no place to keep or use them…

Feeling amazing for the first time in well years, Deidara stepped out of the shower and onto the soft towel lying at his feet. It was there just so he wouldn't have to step on the cold tiles. How convenient?! And then there was this big ass towel to dry his body with and he only had to wrap it around his body to completely dry himself. He really loved these people, a lot.

A fresh pair of clean clothes announced that Naruto had come back into the bathroom, but Deidara had never noticed this and he was in too much of a daze to really care right now. He put them on, noting they were a bit big, but found them very comfy. He hugged the soft fabric of the sweater close and laughed in pure glee. He really had never felt better than this.

When he opened the door, no one was there anymore, but he noticed Sasuke sitting in the living room, reading a newspaper. Slowly Deidara walked into Sasuke's direction, but stood still a few feet away from the raven. Sasuke's back was towards him, but the raven had noticed Deidara coming in. He stayed silent for a little while though, curious of what Deidara would do if he didn't reply. It seemed nothing would happen and Sasuke did need to speak up to get the shy boy away from the entrance.

'Sit down, Deidara. Relax a little and wait for Naruto to finish dinner,' he said softly, still reading his paper while he did so.

On his toes Deidara walked towards the opposite couch and sat down on it, making sure he was just sitting on the tip, leaning forward. He could already feel how soft it was, but he didn't feel comfortable enough to just lounge in it. So now he just sat there, quietly and staring at the coffee table in front of him.

Dark eyes kept a careful watch over him, examining the blonde sitting in front of him. Sasuke's curiosity was peeked and he had so many questions to ask, but only one was important for now. 'Why did you ran in front of my car and almost got yourself killed?' he asked plainly, not being concerned with how this may sound for Deidara.

The blonde was a bit taken aback and didn't really know how to respond, but he couldn't just leave Sasuke hanging like that. 'I, uh, I didn't do it on purpose. I was, uh, I was running away from something.' Or someone… Or at least from the thought of someone. It was all very confusing, but the thought of running away did fit.

'What were you running away from?'

Blue eyes met black and Deidara just stared at Sasuke, nervously rocking back and forth in his seat. He didn't want to think about that right now, because it was all too soon. He didn't even have the time to morn his loss. 'Death,' was eventually his whispered answer, tears stinging his eyes. The first tears he would let slide down for Sasori and maybe also for Itachi. So much death to think about in one day. Hadn't Deidara's life been hard enough already?

Sasuke stayed silent, studying Deidara's face and giving him some time to get over the sudden emotions. It had not been the answer he had guessed. He had expected someone being after him for money or for things Sasuke didn't even want to think about, but how could death be chasing someone? But he didn't need to ask his question since words already started flowing out of the crying blonde.

'I finally had a home I could return to and I made a friend. For the first time I didn't feel alone, even if it was a fucked up place. But he died and he left me and I have nothing again. There is nothing for me in this world. Nothing that binds me here. Nothing that makes me heart beat faster. And now I've learned that the one I looked up to is gone as well.'

Soft sobs were the only sounds still left in the room as Sasuke kept silent. He wasn't one to comfort from the beginning, but this was about his brother again or at least part of it and again Itachi had made someone miserable by choosing death. It was something he could never agree with. Committing suicide was a selfish act and thinking no one would care that he was gone, was the dumbest thing Itachi had ever thought. Sasuke loved him more than anything. He had chosen to be with Naruto because of Itachi and now he could never show how grateful he was that Itachi made him do that. Why did he have to leave?

'My brother made the wrong decision when he took his own life and you should not start thinking the same way,' he commented slowly, his words chosen carefully and his voice sounding as stable as ever while his head was in chaos. 'There is always something to return to if you create a place and if you think you have nothing, you are always welcome here. We both lost someone that meant a great deal to us.' A soft smile broke free on Sasuke's lips. It felt foreign to him, but also nice and comforting.

Deidara only nodded at the sweet words, not understanding why Sasuke would offer such a thing. 'Why did you take me here in the first place?'

Something Sasuke hadn't really thought about yet, but now he had to and the answer made him smile somehow. 'I remember the first time I saw you in front of Uchiha Inc. and I remember thinking that Itachi would've liked you from the start. When I saw you the second time in such distress I knew I had to take you in and take care of you, just like Itachi would've done. There is something special about you and Itachi would've noticed. Let's say it's my own selfish way of keeping Itachi close to my heart.'

Before Deidara could answer, a door was suddenly slammed open and Naruto stepped in, a weird frilly apron tied around his waist. 'You two really make me feel like some sort of damn housewife, but dinner is ready,' the blonde commented and the soft smile that was already on Sasuke's face broke out into a full grown smile.

'Well we both know who makes the money in this household, so someone should be the housewife,' the raven answered teasingly, getting up and walking towards Naruto. A weird fight breaks out between the two where Sasuke just keeps smiling and Naruto looks a bit insulted and Deidara watches them in silence. He really had never seen a couple as happy as they were.

Deidara stands up and walks after the arguing couple, a smile now also on his face. He stays behind them, but does decide to comment. 'You two are really perfect for each other.'

Black and blue eyes turn towards him, both smiling. Sasuke answers with, 'Itachi used to say that as well.'

Another raven was gazing down upon them and he felt guilt stinging his heart. He couldn't hear Sasuke's thoughts, but he recognised every bit of emotion playing behind those deep black orbs. Yes, maybe he did make a mistake, but somehow he also felt like he was in the right place.

He had used to say that about Sasuke and Naruto and he still believed they were perfect for each other. Maybe Naruto came from a different environment, but it shouldn't matter. They were happy and that was the most important part. It was something he had wished for himself and never got to achieve.

But the comment that had struck Itachi the most was his little brother saying he would've found Deidara special. Especially since it was true. If he had seen Deidara under different circumstances he would've taken care of the beautiful blonde and made sure he would be happy. Itachi always tried making others happy, but making Deidara happy would've been different. It would make him happy as well. If Itachi had met Deidara under different circumstances, he would've loved Deidara.

But he wondered, was that any different now?

'Itachi, we need to talk,' the low timbre of Pain's voice warned over the soft green grass around Itachi.

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