A/N: Hello and Happy Halloween! Part 1 of 3. The gang visit a haunted house on the night of Halloween and get much more than they bargained for. Rated T for profanity and suggestive situations! Primarily Jori, but I found myself writing some Beck/Cat in it as well. Review?!

Witch's Lament


i. something wicked this way comes


"This is a bad idea," Andre announced as he sat at the driver's seat of his van. Beck was the passenger's seat and the rest of the gang – Tori, Jade, Cat, Trina, Sinjin and Robbie – were all huddled in the back. The van rode through the dark highway, jiggling ever so slightly as it went over speed bumps. "I'm getting a really bad feeling about this," Andre continued, feeling stuffy and clammy, and a little bit sick.

"Oh shut up," Trina rolled her eyes, "This is perfectly safe, okay? Loads of people are going, even some from Hollywood Arts. Ow, Robbie, your headlights are digging into my back!" she wriggled in her space, turning around to shoot a glare at him. Robbie was dressed as the Mystery Inc. Van from the franchise Scooby Doo. His costume was a soft cushy version of the van with space for Robbie's body in the roof and arms through the windows.

Sinjin was smoking what he claimed to be a herbal remedy for his brittle bones, and it definitely reeked of something new agey and healthy. Andre had wound the windows down but the smoke was getting everywhere. Trina had complained about the smell thirty three times since he lit up.

"I'll google map the place," Tori said from her position, checking her phone. This year, Hollywood Art's Halloween Party that year was scheduled to the lamest it had ever been, so when Trina boasted about going to a cool yet currently undisclosed haunted mansion party, everyone wanted to go with her. Unfortunately for Trina, that was the only way her parents would let her go, so everyone costumed up and Andre borrowed his dad's van.

Everyone going to the haunted mansion party would be texted the address earlier that night and it was farther away than Andre would have liked. Andre was dressed as Scooby Doo, in a giant dog costume identical to the cartoon character. Beck was dressed as Fred, also from the Scooby Doo franchise; in a white shirt, red neck tie, blue jeans and blonde hair wig. Cat was dressed as Daphne; in a purple dress, her red hair back combed, with light purple tights, a green scarf and purple go-go boots. Sinjin was dressed like Shaggy and Trina was dressed as a slutty Velma, which wasn't as hard to pull off as everyone thought it was.

Jade was originally supposed to be Velma but at the last minute, she changed her mind and decided to dress as the Evil Queen from Snow White. Her black lacy dress clung to her skin and bared her cleavage. Her eyes were dark and smoky and her lips were as red as blood. She had a black Amy Winehouse style wig on with a lacy funeral-like veil, fake nails, black heels and a train that flowed like a Bridal's Dress should have. She didn't really look anything like the Evil Queen, more like a sexy evil Witch.

Tori decided to go as Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. She had a puffy pink dress that sparkled with the weight of it's diamonds, a pink wig, a Glinda-style tiara, a long silver wand and lots of pink make up. Secretly, Tori thought that Jade had only switched costumes at the last minute to something that was the opposite of hers just to spite her. She was most probably right. Normally, if they hadn't been dressed up, they would have fit in Andre's van no problem, but their costumes were so animated and big that Andre was convinced the van would break down any minute from all their weights combined.

"Where did you find this place again, Trina?" Robbie asked.

"On Craig's List," Trina replied.

"What?" Andre and Beck said at the same time.

"Oh relax boys," Trina rolled her eyes, "It's just a party, will you calm down? Lots of people are going to be there, it's not going to just be us. And I left Mom a note of the address on the fridge before we left, so if something does happen, she'll know where to find us."

"Still not reassured," Tori glared at her sister.

"Stop whining you big babies," Trina snapped, "I didn't even want you to come. You just tagged along."

"After Tori's mom said that you couldn't go without us going," Beck added, glancing in the front view mirror.

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Sinjin suddenly added to the conversation, "We've got Jade. What could possibly be scarier?"

Jade smirked.

They murmured in agreement.


After some initial comprehension, the gang had finally gotten into the spirit of Halloween and were singing Michael Jackson's song Thriller in time to the radio as Andre followed Tori's map phone instructions held in the passenger seat by Beck.

"Turn left," Beck told him, "We should be here."

Andre turned off the interstate and onto a little back road up a windy narrow path that was covered with trees on both sides. The gang's communal singing drifted off slightly as they stared through the wind shield that show cased the dark and creepy windy road ahead them.

"This is creepy," Tori murmured to herself.

"It's Halloween," Trina shrugged. "What can you expect?"

Andre turned left at the end of the road and finally pulled to a stop. They all stared out the window at the sight of the old run down looking mansion before them. The front lawn was littered with Halloween decorations; grave stones, scary pumpkins, plastic ghosts, scarecrows and ghouls. The mansion was more like a 19th century Victorian Manor, with a dark near black exterior and cardboard planks nailed up the windows.

Apart from the lit decorations in the front lawn, it was hard to tell if any lights in the Manor were on. It was eerily silent.

"I don't hear anything," Beck pointed out suddenly, "Do you?"

"Maybe they heard us pulling up and decided to hide to try and scare us," Trina said with sparkly eyes as she leaned forwards and slid open the van door. She hopped out, smoothed down her short burgundy mini skirt, and looked at her skimpy orange shirt that accented her breasts and mid riff. She ran her fingers through her short brown wig and smirked at her own attraction. She completed the look off with school girl like orange socks that stopped under her knees, and black heels.

The rest of the gang clambered out – Glinda, the Evil Queen, the Mystery Inc. Van, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Scooby – and Andre locked the van behind him. They stared up at the haunted Manor and waited.

Trina sighed, "Oh come on guys!" she left them by the van and marched over to the Manor, charging up the pathway and knocking tentatively on the door. She glanced back at the rest of the gang and turned around in time as the door before her creaked opened. She smiled, slipped inside and the door slammed shut behind her.

"Did Trina just get body snatched?" Robbie frowned. "I didn't see anyone at the door."

"Me neither," Andre agreed.

"I don't like this," Cat suddenly shook her head, "I really, really don't want to go in there."

"Oh come on, Daphne," Jade raised an eyebrow, "You guys dressed as a bunch of teenage detectives and not one of you is brave enough to go inside that creepy looking house? You give the franchise a bad name."

"Crap," Tori mumbled under her breath as she tried to walk in her Glenda costume towards the house.

"Tori?" Beck called.

"My sister just walked in there," Tori called back, "And if I return without her, my parents will kill me!"

They all reluctantly followed after her towards the Manor. Tori reached out and grimaced as she knocked on the front door. It creaked open of it's own accord, and Tori instinctively took a step backwards and bumped right into Jade. The Goth's hands gripped either side of Tori's waist to steady her.

"Watch it, Vega," Jade snapped, "Or I'll put a spell on you."

Tori squirmed out of Jade's grasp, a little unnerved by how good it felt. Jade reached past Tori and pushed against the door, making it swing open to reveal a decrepit almost burned down interior. It looked like the Manor had just barely survived a mass fire. How the hell was it even still standing? Tori's stomach twisted when she realised that the inside of the Manor was empty, dark, and not full of partying teenagers with a strobe light and a bunch of tables with accommodating food, punch and desserts.

Why hadn't they just gone to Hollywood Art's Party instead?

"Oh no," Sinjin shook his head, backing away, "This is just like the makings of a horror snuff film! No! No! I can't experience that again! Not again!" he turned and ran in the direction of the side of the Manor, away from the gang and Andre's van, to the back of the creepy old house.

"Where are you going, Sinjin?!" Cat cried after him. "We're here!"

"What did he mean by 'not again'?" Andre frowned.

"I'm going back to the van," Robbie was already walking back up the path.

Jade licked her lips, sighing, "As much as I want to, we can't just leave Trina and Sinjin here. We'll be forever known as 'Those people who ditched their friends to get murdered.' Nobody will hire us after that."

"Yes Jade, because that's the only reason to save Sinjin and my sister," Tori snapped.

"We'll have to split up," Beck announced, "Robbie, Cat and I will go look for Sinjin. Jade, Tori and Andre, you go look for Trina. Everybody has their cellphones with them, right? The first sign of any psychos or stalkers or murderers, call the police."

Robbie grumbled under his breath but turned and headed back towards Beck. He, Robbie and Cat began to walk round the side of the Manor in search for Sinjin, leaving Andre, Tori and Jade at the front door.

"Who wants to go in first?" Jade said with a growing smirk. "Tori?"

"You're always so gun ho about scissors and blood and evil things," Tori said, "You go first."

"For the love of God," Andre walked in between them and took the first step into the eerie Manor. The floorboards creaked beneath him. Tori glanced at Jade with an unsure look and then followed after Andre, hyper aware that Jade was behind her. They realised that they were in a foyer. In the middle was a winding staircase that led to higher floors. The left of the entrance looked like it lead into another hallway and the right of the entrance looked like it led onto a parlour of sorts. How long had this Manor been abandoned for? How long had it been standing? Who even lived here before them?

"I knew this was a bad idea," Andre mumbled to himself. "No good can come of splitting up."

"Where could Trina have possibly gone?" Tori shook her head, "Those stairs don't even look stable enough to support one person."

"It's the Craig's List guy," Andre nodded, looking around with narrowed eyes, "He's probably snatched her and dragged her down to the basement."

"What a delightful thought," Jade smiled.

"Jade," Tori snapped, "How can you possibly still be your usual self when we're in a situation like this?"

"What can I say?" Jade retorted, "I'm a consistent person."

"I'm cold, I'm terrified, I'm shaking and I'm this close to peeing myself," Tori gritted out hoarsely, "If we don't find Trina within the next ten minutes, I'm calling the police."

"It won't do anything," Jade shook her head, suddenly serious, "Tori, it's Halloween, one of the biggest nights of the year. They'll be flooded with prank calls, candle light mishaps and drunken assaults."

"Well we have to do something," Tori said stressfully, "I know I hate Trina, I know she's talentless and a bitch and annoying and has the moral compass of a North Korean terrorist but she's my sister."

"That's actually really offensive to North Koreans," Andre stopped to tell her. Then he said, "Don't worry Tori, we'll find her. She'll probably be somewhere in this house; hiding, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump out and scare us half to death."

"This doesn't make any sense," Tori whispered to herself, "Trina said the Craig's List ad was a party, not some weird old empty house in the middle of nowhere."

"Maybe it was a mistake," Andre shrugged back. "Wrong address, maybe?"

"Then who set up the garden decorations?" Jade replied and that thought made them stop short with fear.

"We'll need to check upstairs," Andre said, "I left my flash light in my van. I'll go get it and—"

"You're leaving?" Tori almost lost her breath.

"We need to go upstairs and I'd rather have my torch with me when I did," Andre said, "Look, I promise I'll—"

"Don't say it," Jade grimaced.

"—be right back."

Tori whined, "Andre! People who say 'I'll be right back' never come back! It's the rule of horror films!"

"Enough." Andre shook his head, "I mean it. You're letting this day and it's personification of evil things affect the rational part of your brain. This is just a creepy house, Tori. No more, no less. And I will be back. Right back. Okay?" he headed towards the front door, stepped out and made sure it was lying open behind him as he disappeared down the pathway.

The moonlight from outside trickled inside the foyer and Tori suddenly felt colder for some reason. She glanced meekly over to Jade, who was staring with fascination into a nearby glass cabinet that was covered in filthy old dust. Nothing in this house looked like it had been touched for fifty years.

"I'd really be up for hearing a sarcastic comment right about now," Tori said as she scuffled over to Jade in her puffy pink dress.

"Tori, look at this," Jade opened the glass cabinet doors, the cobwebs and dust flying everywhere as she did so.

"What?" Tori bit her lip.

Jade reached in and picked up a framed photograph covered in dust. Her fingers brushed the dust away as she peered at the black and white polaroid in the frame. Tori craned her head in over Jade's shoulder to get a closer look as well. What she saw almost made her stop breathing.

There were people inside the picture and they bore a scary if not uncanny resemblance... to them. The people in the photograph were standing in the foyer; the shiny brand new foyer that looked nothing like it did now. The four women in the shot looked exactly like Jade, Tori, Trina and Cat, but dressed in 1920's flapper outfits holding wine glasses. The men accompanying them in the picture looked exactly like Beck, Andre, Robbie and Sinjin, but dressed in black and white tuxes with their hair combed back.

"That's us," Tori whispered into Jade's neck without realising it.

Jade flinched as she felt a shiver go down her spine. She couldn't deny it; there was no point.

"Jade, that's us," Tori whispered again, stronger this time, "Jade. We should never have come here."

"No, it appears we shouldn't have," Jade agreed.

"We need to leave. Where's Andre?" Tori headed for the front door, staring out down the pathway. Andre's van was still at the bottom of the front lawn but Andre was nowhere to be found. "Jade, Andre's gone."

Jade took a step towards the front door with Tori but at that precise moment, a gust of wind knocked them backwards onto the creaky floorboards and the door slammed shut, plunging them into total darkness.

Tori screamed, her whole body shaking with a kind of fear that could have caused a heart attack. A cold hand clamped around her mouth and her eyes widened as she tried to fight her unseen attacker.

"Tori, it's me," Jade whispered into her ear. Tori immediately stilled, aware of Jade's hands around her waist, clutching her with an insane death grip. She frowned. Something else was happening other than fear and adrenaline. Tori was... liking Jade's touch? Something was definitely going on. Something weird, and something wrong and something evil.

"Jade," Tori gasped lowly, "I'm so scared right now."

"I know," Jade whispered back. "I'm going to bring you up now, okay? Just very slowly, I'm just going to..." she slowly brought Tori up from the ground, rising herself at the same time. Her hands never moved from Tori's waist and Tori found that she didn't want them to.

Creaking stair steps and a demonic like cackle from the first floor jolted them on the spot. Tori's heart was beating so fast she thought it might burst from her chest.

"This is ridiculous," Jade suddenly dropped all pretence of being scared and said aloud, "Tori, we're being pranked."

"What?" Tori frowned.

"Trina, Sinjin, the whole group," Jade said, "They're pranking us! The Craig's List ad, the creepy house, the photo shopped picture of us like 1920's flapper girls. They set this up to prank us."

"Thank god," Tori heaved a sigh of relief. Then she gaped angrily, "I'm going to kill them!"

"We could just get them back," Jade said after a pause, "Do our own pranking."

"How?" Tori whispered, "I can't see anything, we're in the dark."

"Take my hand," Jade said, a little annoyed but Tori didn't hesitate to reach for the Goth's hands and intertwine their fingers like it was a normal thing for them to do. With Jade's free hand, she took out her iPhone and said, "Take out your phone and flash it on the stairs, we're going up."

"Two moments," Tori said, "Just wanna update my status."

Jade scratched her head impatiently.



Velma is missing, and it seems the rest of the Scooby gang have disappeared too. Can two Witches figure it out? Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West are on the case!

P.S – Jade's hand is warm.

Mood: Terrified & Revengy


"Tori," Jade looked down at her phone, "I'm the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen! Not the Wicked Witch of the West! And my hand is not warm."

"Your hand is warm," Tori countered, "We're almost at the first floor, stop checking The Slap and use your phone for light."

"Says you," Jade murmured. "Stop grasping my hand so tight."

"I'm scared," Tori muttered, "Despite knowing that is all a set up, it's still creepy in here."

"This is the last time I ever listen to Trina again," Jade said angrily.

Tori grappled with the bottom of her puffy pink dress as she maneuvered up another step. "I don't understand why Witches walk," she said suddenly, "If I had magic powers, I'd just fly everywhere."

Jade was already smirking as she said, "If I had magic powers—"

"I don't even wanna know," Tori cut her off.