A/N: Set in the LUTHOR-verse, because Hell on earth is fun.

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When she waited for him the first time, he'd told her he had a plan, that Lionel wouldn't be a problem anymore. Of course, any Luthor plan takes time.

That day, Clark Luthor took his time with her, left her shaking with his name on her lips. She had been curious after all, him wanting to meet her at the old Kent Farm, such a prostrated wasteland in the dark world. But Lutessa Mercer never questioned this brother of hers, the alien with a human moniker, the one shared mark between them that branded her blood and his soul.

She'd waited in the barn, among the dried haystacks and rotted wood. She could see all the way out to the cornfields from the balcony, the flattened grass enough for her to know that everything out there was dead.

He showed up, a prince in black, dark hair pushed off his smirking face to reveal those evil eyes.

"You kept me waiting," Tess said evenly, not betraying any feelings she had about the fact.

"Pressing matters," Clark returned with that silky smirk in his voice. "Had to see a guy about his death."

He said these things, spoke of murdering people but never had Tess seen blood on him, never had she witnessed the aftermath of one of his killings.

"This plan of yours, I hope it involves a gruesome and untimely end to our father. You've lived in his shadow for too long and I've been forbidden from ever claiming to be a part of the Luthor family… Let's not waste time with pleasantries."

The Kryptonian prince stood close to her, towered over her but Tess peered up at him through lidded eyes that had held a dark soul for too many years; she wasn't afraid of what he could do to her.

"Well, Tess, I don't plan to. Lionel will die, we'll see to it. But first we must destroy him."

"Destroy him?"

Clark's hands came to rest heavily on her shoulders, like he wanted her to think about all the ways he could destroy her. "Burn his empire to the ground, waste his riches and keep him just alive enough for him to see it all fall before him. I'd say the time has come for Lionel Luthor to fall to his knees and beg…for mercy."

Him using her own moniker, the one she was adopted into, made her smile up at his shadowed face. "It's long overdue, Clark. Sounds like a solid plan."

He pressed more weight onto her shoulders, shuddered with pure delight at the sound she made, and pushed her up against the wooden wall. "There's one more thing we could do, that would drive daddy crazy…"

Clark forced his mouth onto hers and was met, at first, with resistance, Tess struggling to break free. But she knew resistance was futile, as the man whose strength could raise the barn from the ground had her where he wanted, and he wasn't about to let her go.

She let him attack her, ferocious like an animal, any ethical line they were crossing not worth a damn. She was surprised when he kissed her neck and he was gentle, his lips soft and filled with warmth.

The dark world was lit on fire, the kind of fire Hell was made of, and Tess found she wanted him, more than she'd ever wanted anything in this life. He left her wanting, and he'd keep her waiting every time but every time she'd feel the love only ever felt out of yearning—of wanting to be claimed, completely.

And Tess let herself be claimed by a Luthor, a birthright she could truly boast, especially to the dark father himself…when the time came, of course.