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"Oh, this Gucci lipstick is gorgeous. Makes me look like a hoe. Hucci lipstick, I'll call you." Smiley kissed the lipstick lid. She flung an auburn wig over her shiny bald head. The tussled ends of the wig cascaded down her lower back. Her bangs covered more than half of her face, revealing only her sausage Hucci lips. She pulled her wig into two high side ponytails, tightening it with metal bars. Her super strength ripped out a great deal of the hair off the wig.

"I think I'm turning lesbian for myself." Smiley kissed the mirror that she was admiring herself with. She pulled on her ultra-short miniskirt. So short it couldn't even cover her. She threw on a long sleeveless dress-top (that managed to cover the surface area that her skirt was unable to) and fluffed it up a bit. Mushing her size 99 feet into a pair of size 32 stilettos, she sang obnoxiously, "I'M HAVING THE TIME OF MAH LIFEEEEE."

"I'm pretty." Smiley smirked as she sashayed out of the door, onto the streets, ready to go to her favourite night club.

"OMG, I have like, all of their albums. They are soooooo charming. Have you seen Minho's man skirt? I'd totally tap that. It brings out his feminine yet manly side of him," Ploopy swooned.

"Uh, if you haven't noticed, you're a guy. SHINee is a group made of guys. What are you, gay?" Umbi snapped.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, UM? I'm not gay! Just a passionate lover." Ploopy pulled out a fire truck red rose from his pocket. Umbi stared at him with disbelief as he watched Ploopy inhale the man man scent of the rose before stuffing it into his mouth.

"Totally, a passionate lover who eats his partner." Umbi rolled his eyes and lit his cigarette. The two gangsters were hanging out in the alley near the bus stop. "Oh, the rose isn't my partner! I love Minho. And ONLY Minho. He is so-" Ploopy swooned, only to be cut off by Umbi.

"Hey, check out that chick over there. To prove that you ain't the gay ass that you are, go get her." Their attention immediately fixed on Smiley, who was cat walking down the road. "Oh, that chick's hot. Her lips are inevitably alike to Minho's!" Ploopy lit his cigarette and pushed back his bangs. Smiley continued walking down the bloody road, not noticing Ploopy who was swooning over her Hucci lips.

As she walked past the desperate gangster, a flirty wolf whistle caught her attention.
Her face immediately took on a flirtatious smug expression as she walked past Ploopy, swaying her hips roughly, as if she was pelvic thrusting. In a flash, Ploopy was beside her.

"Ayy girl, can I buy ya a drank?"

The fire-y orange wig fell to the ground in an instant, revealing the previously concealed eyes. It was pure horror, as if her eyes were dug out with spoons and shovels. She flashed a smile, revealing her mouth that looked like it was assaulted with bulldozers.


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