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"What the hell is this thing?" Shinn yelled as the Force Impulse closed in on the Destroy gundam, the beam rifle equipped in it's right hand firing shot after shot, the massive machine blocking the hits as best as it could. "Who in their right mind would authorize the construction of such a... monster!" Shinn said as he put his rifle on his back skirt and pulled out one of his beam sabers, closed in, and took a slash at the Destroy.

"Argh!" Auel said as the Destroy raised it's right arm and blocked the Impulse from hitting it with it's shield before it batted it away, the Impulse flying off and looking as if it couldn't control it's flight movements.

"Shinn! Arthur cover him! Meyrin what's his status?" Talia asked with a tone of extreme worry as she saw the Impulse go flying off.

"I'm not detecting major damage to the Impulse, but he has managed to stabilize himself." Meyrin informed as the camera cuts to show Shinn struggle to stabilize his machine in the air, doing so before he calmed himself down, breathing heavily.

"Tristans, fire!" Arthur yelled as the Minerva fired it's beam cannons at the Destroy.

"Oh this again!" Auel giggled as he blocked the shot from the Minerva with the Gottschild SX1122 beam reflector shield mounted on the Destroy's torso. "Try harder!"

"What in blazes is that thing! It managed to just shrug off the shot without even flinching!" Arthur said, leaning forward in his chair looking stunned.

"Captain, we're getting an incoming transmission from the Archangel." Meyrin informed.

"Patch it through. Let's see what the hell's going on." Talia ordered, Meyrin nodding her head in approval as Captain Ramius appeared on the screen. "Greetings."

"I wish we could meet on better terms, but unfortunately we have to deal with this thing. It's immune to beam shots, and every weapon we've fired but our positron cannon hasn't been able to hurt it in the slightest." Murrue warned. Talia put her hand on her chin.

"And we can't fire a cannon like that this close to a city. It looks like it'll be up to the mobile suit pilots then. Maybe they'll have a better change if they manage to get in close to it." Talia said.

"That's what I'm counting on. For now though, we're bystanders." Murrue said.

"We'll think of something, Captain." Talia replied.

"Hey Neo, who can I kill and who can I not kill?" Auel said as the Destroy fired it's "Zorn Mk2" 200mm Energy Cannon in conjunction with it's "Super Scylla" 1580mm Multi-phase Energy Beam Cannon at the enemy machines, specifically the Force Impulse, Shinn narrowly dodging. "Because I HATE THAT MACHINE!" He said as he raised his left arm and fired all the beam cannons on the ends of the fingers. Neo sat in his Windam a little ways away from the battle, observing it.

"The only things you should concern yourself with not killing are the Strike Noir, the Strike Rouge, and the Archangel. Everything else is fair game. But whatever you do, do not let those machines get destroyed, especially the Strike Rouge." Neo said as he saw the mobile suits dance and weave their way around the air space near the Destroy, the massive unit taking shot after shot and firing salvo after salvo of beams in every direction.

"And what's so special about the Strike Rouge?" Auel asked as he remembered when the same mobile suit used it's beam boomerang to cut off one of the Abyss' arms in the battle to destroy Junius Seven.

"Because that's the Princess' mobile suit. You know, the one who you need to give the disc to?" Neo informed in a condescending tone.

"Oh, right. Whatever. I won't kill it then!" Auel said as he batted away the Strike Noir with his left hand and then batted away the Impulse with his right. "But that damn transforming suit! It's fair game!" Auel fired his "Nefertem 503" Thermal Plasma Composite Cannons at the Impulse, Shinn managing to get away due to the distance between them before another mobile suit closed in on him as he flew over the burning winter forest.

"Are you okay?" The pilot of the Strike Rouge gundam, Princess Cagalli Yula Attha said as she approached the Force Impulse gundam.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Princess! What the hell are you guys doing out here anyway?" Shinn said as he looked at the Rouge. Cagalli groaned in her cockpit.

"We're trying to stop this thing! It's... it's a monster! What do you mean, what are you doing out here?" She said as she fired her beam Gatling gun at the Destroy hopelessly.

"Well... isn't ORB a NEUTRAL NATION after all? Aren't you supposed to not interfere with the conflicts of other nations? Aren't you supposed to not get involved in fights like these?" Shinn said as the Force Impulse pulled out it's beam rifle and shot down some incoming missiles from the Destroy as they closed in on him.

"Umm... uhh... but this!" Cagalli tried to say as the Strike Rouge kinda stopped a little in mid air.

"Hypocritical." Shinn said.

"Shut up! I know what you're saying, Shinn Asuka. However, because of the nature of the situation at hand. Because people are dying right now... because this is a massacre... I felt we had no choice but to try to stop this!" Cagalli began to explain but was silenced by Shinn.

"Uh huh. Yea... so..?" Shinn tried to say.

"Shut it! Let me finish. I'm not trying to stop this thing as the leader of ORB, but as a person who does not want to see this bloodshed going on any longer! Get it! This battle has nothing to do with ORB!" Cagalli said as the Rouge began to the thrust forward towards the Destroy which was battling the Strike Noir. "Kira!"

"Yeah... whatever!" Shinn said as he also thrusted forward.

PLANT Supreme Council Chamber:

The leaders of the PLANTs were in a panic. Chairman Gilbert Durandal had just called an emergency meeting to discuss what was going underway right now.

"What's going on?"

"Why didn't they at least give a warning first?"

"Burning down cities at random. It's insanity is what it is!"

"Several cities have been annihilated..." A man in a purple Zaft outfit stoop up and looked at the Supreme Council Chairman who currently had his hands over his face which was tilted downwards in a thinking pose. "Mr. Chairman, our forces must withdraw from Eurasia immediately!" He said as Gilbert simply shifted his eyes towards him.

"What good will that do? A withdrawal won't do anything!" He then lifted his head up and looked at the man with a serious look. "The Minerva, where is it now?" He asked.

"Sir you're honestly expecting that ship to save the day? Seriously?" Kendan Westenfluss, who was also sitting at the table said. Other Supreme Council members just looked at him.

"Sir it's currently engaging the Alliance's machine under orders from fleet headquarters. However given the ships current fighting strength." The other purple suited man said.

"Aren't the reports saying that the ORB fleet that was taken over by Princess Cagalli is also trying to stop that thing?" Another Supreme Council member said. This got Chairman Durandal's attention.

"I understand. However, I will not have our forces try to liberate Eurasia only to have them fail just so that a fringe ORB force can come in and save the day. We are not going to let the Alliance get away with what they're doing! We have to stop that machine in it's tracks and in doing so send a message to whoever ordered that machine to be made and deployed." The camera quickly cuts to show a laughing Lord Djibril. "If we don't stop them then their arrogance will know no bounds! We need to make it very clear to the owners of such a monster that we are going to stop this war and stop the bloodshed!" Gilbert said as he got up and out of his chair. "More cities and more innocent people will be lost if we fail to do this. The barbarity displayed by the Alliance cannot be allowed to continue." He finished.

"I fully agree with the Chairman." Kendan Westenfluss said as he began to clap, the rest of the Supreme Council followed.

"Dammit! Just how powerful is this monster!" Kira said as the Strike Noir fired off both of it's MAU-M3E42 linked linear guns and both of it's M8F-SB1 "Shorty" beam rifles at the Destroy, the shots colliding with the shield and being deflected away from it. "How do I stop it?" He asked himself.

"Hahaha!" Auel detached both of the Destroy's arms and sent them after the Noir.

"Grr... arrhh!" Kira said as he went full on the defensive and did what he could to dance between the shots coming at him from the Destroy's hands, several Murasumes following him as he did.

"Master Kira, are you okay?" A Murasume pilot asked.

"Yes I'm fine. I can't do any damage to this thing but I'm fine. I want you guys to go and aid Lady Cagalli! Maybe she or Miss Murrue will be able to come up with a strategy!" Kira said as the Strike Noir avoided another shot from the Destroy, one of the Murasumes being shot down by the massive machine at the same time.

"Yes sir!" They said. Suddenly Kira saw the Impulse close in and try to slash at the Destroy.

'Shinn... if only I...' Kira thought as he shook his head and avoided another salvo from Auel.

"Arrghhh!" Shinn said as he was deflected away again. "What the hell is this things weakness?" Shinn complained as he tried to think of ways to stop the Destroy, the Strike Noir in the background, the remaining Murasumes following the Rouge, and the menacing Destroy staring everyone down.

Stella was laying down in the Archangel's sick bay sleeping, the doctor working at his desk nearby, his left hand in a fist supporting his head as he leaned to his left, a confused and worried look in his eyes as the ship shook slightly.

"Just what the hell is up with this girl? Before... it showed her as being perfectly healthy... but now... I don't get it? All these bizarre readings have come up out of nowhere. I can't make any sense out of it... and if I can't figure out whats wrong with her chances are this could get worse and she could end up dead." The doctor said as he turned around and looked at the short blonde haired girl, sleeping like a baby. One of the nurses on the ship came over to Stella and put her hand on the girls head. "How is she. Check her status." He asked. The nurse went over to the machine that was nearby and looked at it before turning and facing the doctor.

"She's... it looks like she's getting worse." The nurse said.

"I see. Do what you can. I'll try to figure something out." He said as he turned back towards his computer screen and continued to ponder Stella's condition. 'No human being would ever suffer from this, it's absolutely unheard of. Wait... no human being... no normal human being... I know I need to get my hands on some Earth Alliance data... somehow.' He thought as he felt the ship shake some more. Stella then shifted a little in her bed. "And she might get up soon, and want to see Master Kira... even if she wants to take out her mobile suit she's in no condition to do that under any circumstance..." The doctor said as the camera shifts out and above the Archangel which was firing it's Valiants.

"What's the delay? Why hasn't Zagreb fallen yet? What's holding the Destroy up?" Lord Djibril asked as he sat in his control room.

"Meow!" He cat said.

"Sir the Destroy has engaged the Zaft vessel known as the Minerva and it's mobile suits as well as the Archangel and some mobile suits belonging to that ORB fleet."

"Captain Trupui reports that the Destroy has been unable to move forward. The evacuation of Zagreb is currently in full swing." Somebody said as Djibril slammed his fist on his chair.

"Dammit! Order Neo and a few other mobile suits to go into that city and burn it to the ground while that Zaft ship and that brat's Yacht try foolishly to deal with the Destroy! And do it quick! I want to teach those who would dare side with Zaft a lesson they won't soon forget!" Djibril ordered.

"Meoooooooooooooow!" His cat screamed. Djibril got out of his chair and walked over towards a table where a bottle of his usual expensive red wine was.

"What's the status of the Zaft forces occupying other areas of Western Eurasia? Are they leaving yet? Have we smacked them in the face enough?" Djibril asked. The Chancellor of the Eurasian Federation responded.

"No sir, they haven't. They're sitting where they are right now. We've detected no movement from the Zaft forces that have gone into other parts of Eurasia." He responded.

"This all your fault, you incompetent. You allowed them into Eurasia and didn't ensure that they would regret it. Now I've had to unleash the most powerful mobile suit ever devised by Adukurf to date. I wanted to save this thing until we decided to perform an attack on Gibraltar or Carpentaria... but no... Whatever, the damage has been done. Now it's all the more important that the Destroy cut a burning path of discipline throughout Eurasia and take Zaft out." Djibril said as he poured a glass of his wine.

"Understood." The Chancellor said.

"Eat missiles!" Auel yelled as the Destroy fired missiles at the Force Impulse.

"Argh!" Shinn yelled realizing that he didn't have enough fire power to shoot down every single missile as he backed away, firing his beam rifle when suddenly some more beams blitzed across him and took out the remaining missiles. Turning to his right he saw the Strike Noir. "Thanks..." Shinn said.

"You're... welcome. Now let's try to take this thing out. Any ideas?" Kira asked.

"I've got nothing right now... this thing is a monster. If anything we're better off waiting until the city has been evacuated." Shinn said as he dodged more incoming fire from the Destroy as his console began to beep. "What the?"

"Do you see several Windams heading for the city on your radar?" Kira asked.

"Yes." Shinn replied as the mobile suits noticed the Destroy gundam detach it's arms and send them after the Strike Noir and Force Impulse.

"Dammit! They're going to go after the civilians!" Kira said as he evaded one of the hands that was after him and fired back, the arm activating it's beam shield and deflecting the hit.

"I'm going after them. I won't let them take out all those people... not like before..." Shinn groaned in anger as he remembered when the Zamza-zah self destructed and killed all the innocent people back when they were fighting over the Indian Ocean. However, another voice spoke over him.

"No, I will. You two stay here and do what you can versus this thing. Murasume team on me!" Cagalli ordered as the Strike Rouge flew towards the city, the remaining five ORB Murasumes following it.

"Cagalli..." Kira said lightly to himself, the Strike Noir continuing to evade shots from the Destroy. 'I want to tell you Shinn... but... ugh...' Kira thought.

"Alright guys let's go. We're approaching the evacuation zone." Neo said as he and ten other Windams approached the city of Zagreb. The black haired man then heard a beeping on his radar. "And here they come." Neo said as he turned around and blocked an incoming shot from one of the ORB Murasumes.

"ARRGHH! How dare you do this! You monsters!" Cagalli yelled as the Strike Rouge opened fire with it's beam Gatling gun and shoulder mounted cannons.

"You guys don't know who you're messing with!" A random Murasume pilot said as it flew by a Windam, dodging beam rifle fire before switching into mobile suit mode and shooting it down.

"Captain Trupui, most of the machines fighting the Destroy have moved towards Zagreb to fight our Windams. I'm only detecting two heat signatures fighting our Destroy!" The radar operator aboard the Bonaparte alerted. The Captain of the ship then made a humming noise as if he had an idea.

"Hmm... what if we lured those ships away... that would leave those two mobile suits there alone for Auel to take them out." He said lightly before speaking up and giving orders. "Bring the main engines online. Prepare to head away from the city towards the area where the blizzard is the strongest! Aim main guns. Target: The Archangel and Minerva." He ordered. All around the bridge of the Bonaparte talks of 'is he crazy' and 'I hope he's joking' were heard. "Now do it! Open fire! Main cannons one through four, fire!" He ordered as the Bonaparte fired all four of it's double beam cannons into the distance where the two other ships generally were.

"Incoming beams!" Bart informed.

"Evade! Twenty to port! From where?" Talia ordered as Malik shifted the Minerva to evade the incoming shots.

"Those shots came from the Alliance Hannibal-class. At ten o'clock. Distance: Seven thousand and we're not the only being shot at." Bart informed as Malik once again shifted the Minerva to avoid incoming fire.

"After them! I'm not going to sit around and let us just be attacked by that damn ship! What' the Impulse's power level?" Talia asked.

"Shinn's still at around 85% overall power. He won't need a recharge for some time with the amount of firing he's doing." Meyrin reported.

"Alright then. Arthur, aim Tristans at the Hannibal-class." The Minerva's Captain ordered.

"Trying to, Captain. The weathers rather rough in that area and we're having a hard time trying to get a lock." Arthur said.

"Do the best that you can. Open a com line to the Archangel. I'm sure Captain Ramius wants to get rid of this thing as much as I do." Talia said as Meyrin pressed some buttons on her console, the brunette appearing on screen a couple seconds later.

"Since we can't do anything to that machine I'm guessing you want us to go after that land cruiser with you." Murrue asked.

"Yes. There's a series of mountains nearby arranged in a funky way. I think I may have a little bit of a plan to crush that ship." Talia said.

"I'm all ears." Murrue responded.

The Force Impulse continued to battle the Destroy gundam, Shinn pulling out his beam saber and charging at it.

"Maybe if I hit a sweet spot..." He said as he closed in and engaged the right arm of the machine, performing futile slash after futile slash as the Destroy blocked his attacks with the beam shield on that arm.

"Shinn it's no use!" Kira said as the Noir closed in, but then Kira noticed the Destroy detach it's left arm and send it flying around, out of the Impulse's view. "Oh no, SHINN BACK NOW!" Kira yelled.

"No, I can beat this thing!" Shinn yelled as he slashed away before noticing the left arm coming at him. "Shit!" He said, noticing that he would not be able to get out of the way in time.

"Say goodbye!" Auel yelled as he fired the five beams from the Destroy's left hand.

"No!" Shinn yelled. "Aghh!" He screamed as he felt the Force Impulse get dragged away at the last second.

"I got you!" Kira said as the Strike Noir rammed into the Force Impulse and in doing so pushed both gundams out of the line of fire.

"Dammit!" Auel yelled as he aimed all of his chest cannons and his head cannon at the two mobile suits. "Stand still and die!" He fired off all of his weapons.

"My turn!" Shinn yelled as he grabbed the Strike Noir as both mobile suits went out of the line of fire.

"It wasn't really your turn, Shinn. It was the least I could do, considering..." Kira said, a tear in his eyes as the Strike Noir shot down incoming missiles from the Destroy and the Impulse weaved its way through the beam fire of the massive war machine, Shinn equipping a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean? I haven't done anything to earn such respect from you, Kira." Shinn said.

"No you haven't. However at the same time I've wronged you in the worst way possible." Kira said as the Noir saw the Impulse about to get hit by a beam and grapple onto it and pull it out of the way, Shinn clearly confused and unable to process what Kira was saying.

"What? What the hell?" Shinn asked. Inside the cockpit of the Strike Noir Kira was looking as if he was about to admit right then and there that he killed Shinn's family. However, he would be interrupted.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of all this talking!" Auel could be heard over the line as the Destroy fired another volley from the beams on the sides of it's backpack.

"What? YOU?" Kira said, recognizing the voice but tried to remember whether this one was Sting or Auel as Stella had said earlier.

"THE... THE... PILOT... WHO WAS AT DIOCULA!" Shinn yelled as he remembered Sting and Auel trying to shoot at Kira, Cagalli, Shinn, and Stella.

"That's me. Now both of you must die! Black one needs to die for kidnapping Stella, and the white one needs to die for killing Sting!" Auel said as the Destroy fired another volley from it's chest cannons.

"Your side was attacking ours in that battle! He tried to kill my friends and paid for it!" Shinn yelled as the Impulse weaved its way through the battle.

"You know, if you care about Stella, then you'll care about her happiness, Auel." Kira said.

"Yes I care about Stella! Even though none of us were blood related I've known her for a very long time! We grew up together! Even though we were all trained to kill! And then one of you stole her and the other killed Sting! Now it's just me! I've... I've lost my brother and my sister! And I know she's not happy and I'm sad because now I've got no one! That is why I'm going to Destroy both of you bastards!" Auel roared as the Destroy unleashed a barrage from all of the beam weapons on it's body, the Force Impulse raising it's shield and the Strike Noir pulling out one of it's anti-ship swords, both of them using their equipment to block the incoming beam saber attack as they made sure only one beam would hit them and that it would be from the hand cannons.

"Yes Stella is happy! Do you want to know something, Auel?" Kira asked as the Strike Noir weaved its way through more beam fire and then activated it's two beam cannons, raised its arms up, aimed the cannons under his shoulders, and then fired them at the Destroy, Auel raised his left hand to block, but as he did Shinn managed stay low to the ground, sneak up on the Destroy, and then quickly ascend and slash at the Destroy's extended left arm. The damage was not enough to severe the limb though. "Good job, Shinn!" Kira complimented the other, younger pilot.

"Thanks Kira, it's good to know we can actually deal damage to this bastard!" Shinn said with a satisfied smirk. Inside the cockpit of the Destroy, Auel had an angry look on his face.

"Damn both of you! That's the first and last hit you'll get on me!" Auel yelled. "Now what do you want to tell me, bastard?" Auel asked.

"Stella's in love with me. I'll repeat that for you: Stella's in love with me. I've made her happy. You apparently treat her like a sister and want her to be happy. Well then you shouldn't kill me then." Kira said. Shinn stopped mid air and it looked as if the Destroy went into a semi-idle pose.

"Kira, are you..." The Force Impulse turned towards the Noir as Shinn asked that question.

"I'm not lying. Now hopefully this guy will stop this madness! How many people have you killed and how many people have you stripped of their happiness, Auel?" Kira asked as the Strike Noir pulled out it's other anti-ship sword and charged at the Destroy.

"Not a chance! I know you're not telling the truth!" Auel said as the Destroy prepared it's beam shields.

The Minerva was seen chasing the Bonaparte through the weird mountain valley that was near Zagreb. The wind was blowing strong and the visibility was low, except for the few times when both ships fired their beam cannons at each other, usually missing completely due to the messed up sensors. The Minerva had to move at a slow speed in order to not have anything come up abruptly and damage it, so it wasn't gaining that much on the Bonaparte.

"Captain our heat sensors are of little use in this blizzard since they don't have thrusters for engines." Arthur informed.

'Over time the land changes... little by little... however we can use that to our tactical advantage. I looked at a geographical map of this zone as we were headed this way so if we play our cards right...' Talia thought at the Minerva pressed onwards.

"Alliance Hannibal-class, distance: six thousand." Bart informed.

"I'm having a hard time keeping us on course in this weather, Captain." Malik reported.

"Just keep at it. Don't worry, this plan will work. I know it will!" Talia said as the camera cuts outside to show the Minerva get bombarded by the wind and snow from the blizzard outside as several beams pass by it.

"What the hell are they doing chasing us into this area in a large ship like that? Whatever, we'll use this to our advantage!" Captain Trupui said as the camera cuts outside the Bonaparte to show the icy mountains the two ships were passing through. "Target the mountainside ahead of the Minerva with the main weapons!" He ordered as the Hannibal-class aimed it's double beam cannons at it's port. "Fire!" He said as the ship fired it's weapons at the mountainside, causing an avalanche.

"What the?" Arthur nearly screamed as he heard saw snow and ice headed for the Minerva and heard the breaking sound of the mountain face.

"Roll sixty to port! Evade!" Talia ordered.

"Ugghh!" Malik grunted as he turned the ship violently, the people inside of the Minerva bracing themselves as they were tossed around the ship. The gray and red vessel managed to evade the brunt of the avalanche, and all that actually hit the ship was snow. Malik then manipulated the controls to level out the ship again.

"Phew..." Arthur said.

"Damn them. Target that ship with the Tristans and Isolde then follow up with a barrage of missiles. Stop it dead!" Talia ordered. The path that the Minerva was traveling through seemed to be curved to the left.

"Isolde, Tristans, fire!" Arthur ordered as the Minerva fired off it's two double beam cannon and one triple beam cannon at the Bonaparte and then followed up with a barrage of missiles.

'We're almost to the place I want to get to. Just a little longer...' Talia thought as the Minerva continued onwards.

"Evade!" Captain Trupui yelled as the Bonaparte tried to avoid the poorly aimed beam shots and managed to due so, however some of the missiles hit the ship and took out some of it's weapons on the port side. Inside the ship the entire crew shook from the impact.

"High-energy double beam cannons and machine guns on the port side have been hit and are inoperative." An officer aboard the Bonaparte said.

"Dammit!" Captain Trupui slammed his fists on his arm rests. "Prepare to activate all thirty-two smoke dispensers and then halt the engines." He ordered.

"Yes sir!" The crew of the Bonaparte responded.

The Minerva continued to chaise the Hannibal-class ship. Talia sat at the edge of her seat as she watched her vessel continue to try to fire upon the other ship. The bridge crew of the Minerva then noticed a dark gray smoke cloud come from where the Hannibal-class was.

"What in the name of..." Arthur said.

"Captain I can't see!" We're losing what little visibility we had!" Malik said.

"Stay on course. We'll be fine." Talia ordered. 'Just a little longer... like a minute.' She thought as the Minerva began to pass through the black cloud. The crew braced themselves as their ship passed through the cloud. When the Minerva had finally cleared the black cloud they noticed something weird.

"Where is that ship?" Arthur asked. Bart feverously worked to answer that question.

"Captain! Behind us!" The radar operator said.

"What?" Arthur freaked out.

"Evade!" Talia ordered as the Minerva rolled to it's starboard to avoid an incoming beam cannon shot. "Ascend by sixty meters. Make sure we're nice and high up as we clear the valley." Talia said as the exit to the mountain valley could be seen. 'Nice and easy... we're almost there...' She thought. When the Minerva exited the mountain valley they saw four green energy beam and two yellow energy blasts pass under them near the exit of the passage. However, the people on the Bonaparte could not see this.

"We're passing out of the valley!"

"Incoming fire from our port!"

"Evade!" Captain Trupui ordered.

"Too late!"

"AHHH!" The bridge crew yelled as their ship was hit by several beam shots and the ship was destroyed.

"I'm sorry we almost hit you by accident there." Murrue Ramius said on the screen of the Minerva as the smaller vessel turned and headed towards it.

"No problem. It was all according to plan." Talia said.


"I'm all ears." Murrue responded.

"Alright. There's an oddly shaped region of mountains nearby here. I was looking at a geographical map of this area beforehand. There's a valley that goes into the mountains just beyond where that ship is and loops around, coming out in an exit just a couple kilometers from here. If the Archangel stay's near that exit and fires it's cannons at ground level as soon as it detects an incoming vessel we can get them in one go. If we go after it right then and there will be going into the blizzard and have our sensors so jammed by the weather we'll be lucky to get an accurate shot off." Talia explained.

"Hmm... sounds like a good idea, considering our ships are practically useless versus that thing. Are you sure your machine will be fine? I'm concerned." Murrue asked.

"Shinn should be fine if he's with your Kira. I trust him." Talia said.

"Okay, fine then. Transfer the coordinates of the exit to the pass and we'll wait there for you to drive that ship through there." Murrue said.

"Thank you." Talia responded.

-End Flashback-

"Take us to where the Impulse is. The storm isn't as strong in these parts." Talia ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Malik responded as the two ships seemed to head to where the Destroy, Strike Noir, and Force Impulse were.

The Strike Rouge sliced an enemy Windam in half with it's anti-ship sword as Cagalli gritted her teeth.

"How many are left?" She said as she looked at her radar. "Seven of them. And we've lost two of our Murasumes! Guys regroup on me!" Cagalli ordered as the three remaining ORB Murasumes grouped onto the Strike Rouge as the seven remaining Windams, one of them looking to be a custom Windam with a special paint job closed in. "Alright... let's do this!"

"Yes, your majesty!" The remaining Murasumes said as they prepared to engage the Windams.

'Dammit! I can't have you die! Not you... Whatever... I won't attack you directly. You're good enough not to get killed if you have a mobile suit like that, right?' Neo thought as the Windams came at the ORB mobile suits. The man with the scar on his face then rolled to his left and avoided an incoming beam saber shot, gritting his teeth.

"I'm not letting you go after and kill those fleeing civilians!" Cagalli said as the Strike Rouge aimed it's Beam Gatling gun at an enemy Windam that had just fired off all of it's missiles at her. The shots from the Strike Rouge hit the missiles and destroyed them, creating a cloud of smoke. "AHHH!" The Princess yelled as she emerged from the smoke cloud, anti-ship sword in hand and then stabbed the Windam directly in the chest, piercing the pilot's body before pulling back and letting the machine explode. Cagalli then ascended and did a back flip, dodging an incoming beam rifle shot and the Windam that fired it as it blitz by her. She then side stepped to her right so that she was directly behind the enemy machine and then aimed the beam cannon mounted on the Strike Rouge's left shoulder at the enemy Windam and fired it, ending the mobile suit. The three remaining Murasumes flew in formation around the Windams before they popped into mobile suit mode and fired their beam rifles at the five Alliance machines, the enemy firing back. Two of the Windams were taken out however at the same time two of the Murasumes were as well.

"Lady Cagalli!" The last Murasume pilot yelled as he found himself surrounded by the three Windams.

"Dammit!" She said as she grabbed her beam boomerang and whipped it at the Alliance suit. "Hold on!" She said as the boomerang managed to take out one of the Alliance machines before returning to it's owner who placed it back in it's spot. The last Murasume then pulled out it's beam saber and went right for Neo's machine, the black haired man seeing the ORB mass production model heading for him as he blocked the incoming swing with his shield, sidestepped the Murasume, pulled out his armor penetrator, and then threw it at the Murasume, the ORB mobile suit suffering a hit in the back as it exploded.

"Damn... you..." Cagalli groaned, a tear in her eyes The Strike Rouge then found the other Windam heading for it full force with one of it's beam sabers in hand.

"AHHH!" The pilot yelled as he took a swing at Cagalli. "What?" He said as he saw the Strike Rouge literally grab his arm with its right hand.

"RAGH!" Cagalli then kicked the Windam with her left foot, causing the mobile suit to fall to its left as she aimed her beam Gatling gun and fired it, turning the last normal Windam into Swiss cheese.

"Dammit... now it's just me..." Neo grumbled to himself as he found the Strike Rouge coming at him. Cagalli had drawn one of her anti-ship swords and was taking swings at Neo, the Windam pilot making hasty evasion moves as he tried not to get hit.

"What you're not going to counter attack? Come on!" Cagalli said as she swung downwards at the Windam, Neo blocking with his shield and pushing upwards, causing the Strike Rouge to be pushed back.

"No... it's just that..." Neo said as he tried to aim his beam rifle at Cagalli while thrusting backwards, the blonde haired pilot weaving through the shots.

'He doesn't seem to be aiming that well... heck this guy has been acting on the defensive the whole time... I wonder why? Whatever, he's just another piece of Earth Alliance scum...' Cagalli thought as she approached the Windam and cut off it's right hand which had the beam rifle in it.

"Please... listen to me. I have something to tell you!" Neo said.

"I don't care! You tried to go after those people! I am stopping you right now!" Cagalli said as the Strike Rouge prepared to thrust it's anti-ship sword forward at the Windam's cockpit.

'It's all up to you now, Auel. Make sure she get's that disc, or else...' Was Neo Roanoke's last thought as the Strike Rouge pierced his cockpit and ended his life. The camera then cuts to the Strike Rouge's cockpit to show Cagalli breathing heavily and sweating.

"Good... time to head back to the ship." She said to herself as she thrusted forward to where her radar showed the Archangel to be.

The Force Impulse and Strike Noir had managed to do some more damage to the Destroy by the time that the Archangel, Minerva, and Strike Rouge returned to them, but not anything critical. They had managed to land a few swings of their beam sabers here or there, but it was only little gashes like what they had done to the arm. If anything, the damage Kira and Shinn did to Auel, despite both of them being better pilots, was the equivalent of what a seven year old child with sharp nails could do to an adult.

"AHHH!" Shinn yelled as the Force Impulse raced around the Destroy gundam.

"I'll get you!" Auel said as he prepared to fire both his "Zorn Mk2" 200mm Energy Cannon and his "Super Scylla" 1580mm Multi-phase Energy Beam Cannons at Shinn. Little did he know the Strike Noir had taken position above him to his right and had both of it's MR-Q10 "Fragarach" 3 beam blades drawn and prepared to go at it. "DIE ALREADY!" Auel said as he fired.

"Now Kira!" Shinn yelled. 'What was he about to tell me earlier before Auel interrupted us? I'll have to ask him after the battle...' Shinn thought as the Force Impulse evaded the shots by flying to the right.

"What? You!" Auel said as he tried to get the Destroy to move backwards so he could avoid the incoming slash from Kira.

"This ends!" Kira said as the Strike Noir blitzed pasted the Destroy gundam, taking a slash with both of it's swords. As a result of Kira and Auel's moves the cockpit hatch of the Destroy was blown open and Auel Neider could be seen inside if one looked inside...

"No! You have to stay in bed!" The doctor ordered in the Archangel's sick bay as Stella Loussier tried to free herself.

"No! Stella needs to go see Kira! Stella wants to see Kira!" Stella said as she freed her left arm from the nurse who was holding it, smacked that nurse in the stomach with her freed arm, and then turned to the doctor. "LET. STELLA. GO!" She screamed as she punched the doctor in the face, causing him to release her and walk backwards in shock. "WHERE'S KIRA?"

"Oh... wow... ugh..." He shook his head, regaining his senses after seeing stars fly around his head. "Hey, get back here!" He said as he went after the fleeing Stella.

"Kira you're kidding? That's the person who's piloting that machine?" Murrue asked from the Archangel bridge, looking at a feed that showed Auel sitting in the pilot's seat of the Destroy. Suddenly, Stella came onto the bridge, but since the battle was raging on, no one paid any attention to her arrival.

"Kira..." She said in a soft tone.

"Yes. His name is apparently Auel and he's a 'friend' of Stella's." Kira said from the Strike Noir's cockpit. The people on the Archangel's bridge who were hearing this could sense that he was having a rough time dealing with them.

"Auel..." Stella said silently. 'Auel is piloting that machine...' Stella thought for a second before she turned around and ran off of the Archangel's bridge.

"He's convinced that we're making Stella unhappy and wants to get rid of us because of that." Kira said.

"What? Whatever. How much damage have you managed to deal to that machine?" Murrue asked.

"Not that much damage, Miss Murrue. Yes we have managed to hit it but... we scratching it if anything. That thing has strong armor." Kira replied. Murrue made a 'hmm' sound for a second.

"And We're too close to the town to fire the Lohengrin..." Murrue said as Mirallia gasped and said something.

"Captain, we're detecting unauthorized use of the port side mobile suit catapult." Mirallia informed as Chief Murdock's face appeared on one of the monitors for the Captain's Chair.

"Hey Captain, that girl's taken the Gaia and is going to launch!" Murdock informed.

"What? Tell her to stop! Now!" Murrue ordered.

"No, let her leave. I'll get her." Kira said over the line as Murrue turned to face him. "Please, she'll listen to me." Kira said.

"Okay, fine then. Let her out." Murrue ordered. Inside the Archangel's port side catapult the Gaia prepared to launch from the ship, Stella literally wearing only the gown she had worn in sick bay and escaped in.

"Stella Loussier, Gaia, launching!" She said as she launched her machine from the Archangel. As the Gaia left the Strike Rouge could be seen closing in and heading into the hanger bay.

"Stella... what is she doing?" Cagalli asked as she docked her machine, which was now low on power from all the energy weapons she had been firing.

"Ma'am! We're detecting a mobile suit launching from the Archangel! It's the Gaia!" Bart informed.

"What?" Talia said. 'Wait... that mobile suit's pilot... is that girl... the one who Shinn is worried about since she had a Block Word used on her...' Talia thought.

"The giant enemy mobile suit has stopped moving, ma'am." Bart informed.

"Auel! Auel!" The blonde haired purple eyed girl yelled as the Gaia closed in on the Destroy gundam, the Strike Noir, and the Force Impulse. "Auel!"

"What?" Shinn said as he heard Stella close in. "Stella!"

"Stella? What are you doing? Why are you with those people! Those liars! I am going to Destroy all of them!" Auel said.

"No Auel, stop it!" Stella said as the Gaia approached the Destroy which had stopped. The Force Impulse tried to close in on it but the Strike Noir stopped it.

"Shinn... I think if we let Stella talk to this guy she can get him to stop. Maybe if he hears the truth from her..." Kira tried to say.

"I get it. Sure. But I wouldn't take your guard down anyway." Shinn said as the Force Impulse raised it's shield.

"Stella! You've been... brainwashed by those evil people!" Auel said as the Destroy looked right at the Gaia.

"No, Auel! I haven't!" Stella said as the Gaia lowered itself to where the gash in the cockpit cover was.

"That bastard in the black suit said you fell in love with him! Ha! Ya right!" Auel said as he raised the Destroy's right arm and fired at the Strike Noir, Kira dodging.

"Kira..." Shinn said from the Force Impulse

"I know... just a little longer." Kira said.

"I did! Auel... Stella did fall in love with Kira... he told you the truth!" Stella said.

"What? Now I know you're not the real Stella! And because of that you're going to perish because you probably got rid of the real Stella!" Auel said.

"NO! AUEL STOP IT! STELLA IS REAL!" She said as she brought the Gaia closer to the Destroy and opened the cockpit. The blue haired boy looked at the figure which came out of the mobile suit wearing nothing but a sick bay gown, however at the same time Auel could not make out her face. "Auel, it's me, Stella. Stop all this... stop using that evil machine." She said as she got closer to the Destroy's cockpit and looked him right in the eye. "It's Stella... your... 'sister'" She said.

"Stella! It is you! But... I was ordered to Destroy all this stuff... until..." Auel remembered how he was ordered to surrender when he was about to lose. However at the same time he looked at his radar and noticed that the Bonaparte was nowhere to be seen and he was surrounded by the Archangel, Minerva, and their mobile suits. "I surrender." He said with a huff.

"Yay! Now get out of that machine! Stella's going to come down!" She said as she got back in the Gaia's cockpit and made her radio broadcast to all ships and mobile suits nearby. "Kira, Stella has convinced Auel to surrender!" She cheered over the line, everyone in the region hearing what she just said.

"What? She got that machine to surrender?" Cagalli asked from the Archangel's bridge, which she had just walked onto, still in her pilot's uniform.

"It would appear so... I guess that's a sigh of relief." Andrew Waltfeld said from the Captain's Chair.

"Shinn, am I hearing this correct? The pilot of the Gaia convinced that death machine to surrender?" Talia asked her ace pilot.

"From what it looks like, yes." Shinn said.

"Well I want you to go check it out as soon as that pilot opens his cockpit door. This certainly is an interesting thing we have going on here." Talia said.

"Yes ma'am!" Shinn said.

The Destroy gundam shifted back into it's mobile armor mode and seemed to compress it's legs, causing the mobile suit to squat on the icy ground. The three gundams nearby landed, with Shinn getting out first and running over to the Destroy. When Kira got out he began to walk towards the Destroy, but met Shinn.

'He still didn't tell me what he was going to tell me...' Shinn thought as he stopped Kira, the Ultimate Coordinator gulping a little.

"Kira... what we're you going to tell me earlier about how you 'owed me' or something like that?" Shinn asked. Kira looked like he was mentally pushed back a little. "Well?"

"Shinn... the truth is... I want you to forgive me..." Kira said.

"FOR WHAT?" Shinn asked as Stella got out of the Gaia's cockpit with what looked to be runners on.

"Shinn... calm down. The truth of the matter is that when I was fighting with the Freedom gundam back in ORB I took a hit from another machine while I was about to fire the Freedom's Rail guns. That shot... got misdirected and is the shot that..." He paused, still looking at Shinn, but knowing full well what might happen when he spoke again, and trying to mentally prepare himself for the worst. "Killed your family." Kira admitted. Shinn looked both shocked and confused, but that expression was soon replaced by anger. "I'm sorry. I truly am..." He said in a completely emotionless tone, trying to neutralize the feelings Shinn would have as quickly as possible.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO! DAMN YOU!" Shinn said, a tear in his eyes and he pulled back his right arm, and thrust it forward, punching Kira Yamato in the gut. "DAMN YOU! I HATE YOU!" He yelled as he ran towards the Destroy's cockpit, Stella closing in on Kira as light white flakes of snow fell from the sky upon the ground.

"Ugh..." Kira said as he fell to his knees and held his stomach with his left hand. "He hits... hard..." Kira said, looking hurt but not too hurt.

"Kira!" Stella said as she closed in on him and held him. "Kira... are you okay..?" She asked, a tear in her eyes.

"Shinn... you have to realize... I'm so sorry... it was an accident... I would never..." Kira said in a low tone.

"Hey what's all the yelling about?" Auel asked as he got out of the Destroy's cockpit, the disc that Neo gave him in hand. Shinn closed in on the light blue haired boy, the winter wind blowing in both of their faces. "Who are you?" He asked in an angry tone.

"I'm Shinn... the pilot of the combining mobile suit! And you are?" He asked.

"You son of a...! I'm the pilot of the Abyss!" Auel yelled at Shinn, raising the disc up into the air unintentionally.

"Screw you! You're lucky you're alive! What the hell is that anyway?" Shinn asked, looking at the disc.

"None of your business! It's for that Princess Cagalli or whatever her name is! Not for you!" Auel said. Shinn, who was now upset and irrational took this the wrong way.

"AH! SO THIS WAS ORB'S FAULT! I'LL TAKE THAT THEN! ALLIANCE SECRETS!" Shinn said as he grabbed the disc from Auel and ran the other way.

"Stop! You idiot!" Auel said as he tried to follow Shinn but slipped on the ice. The pilot of the Impulse made his way back to his mobile suit and closed the hatch before lifting off. "Stop him!" Auel said as he approached Kira and Stella.

"Ugh... what's wrong?" Kira said as he got on his own two feet and looked at Auel and then Stella. "Stella... what are you doing in just a dress like that? You'll catch a cold..." Kira said.

"He stole the disc that Neo told me to give to the girl named Cagalli!" Auel said.

"What?" Kira asked.

"Neo told you to give something to Cagalli?" Stella asked as she noticed the Force Impulse head back to the Minerva.

"Stella you need to get back to the ship. Take Auel with you. I'm heading back too. We'll sort this all out, okay?" Kira asked. Both Extendeds nodded.

"Shinn what's wrong?" Talia said as she noticed the Force Impulse heading back to the Minerva at a high speed.
"Captain, I've got some data here. Apparently the pilot of that machine was supposed to give it to Lady Cagalli." Shinn said over the line.

"You're kidding! What kind of conspiracy theory is that?" Arthur asked.

"Swing bow one hundred and eighty degrees once the Impulse lands and prepare to set a course for the sea. Shinn, meet me in my office once you're back on board the ship. Arthur, you have the bridge." Talia said as she got out of her chair and walked off. 'Just what the hell is going on if the pilot of such a machine had something for the Princess of ORB? I can't make any sense out of it... but at the same time... I don't want to make any stupid moves.' She thought as she got onto the Minerva's bridge elevator.

The Force Impulse docked in the Minerva's hanger bay and as soon as it did you could feel the ship make a sharp turn as Shinn quickly got out of his gundam and lowered himself to the floor. As soon as he did he literally ran as fast as he could to the elevator.

"Hey Shinn good job out there. That thing looked to be straight out of hell!" The Chief Engineer said.

"Nice job! From what it looked like you wouldn't even be able to hurt it but you did anyways!" Vino said as the red eyed boy entered the Minerva's elevator, the disc in his hand.

"Thanks guys! I got something to do!" Shinn said as he pressed the button on the elevator as the door closed. 'Damn... Kira the one who killed my family...' He slammed his fist on the wall. 'And I thought I liked that guy... dammit! How can it be! DAMMIT!' Shinn thought, tears forming in his eyes. When the door opened the pilot of the Impulse ran towards the office of Talia Gladys and opened the door.

"Shinn! Okay what is it?" Talia asked, looking at the pilot. "And why are you crying?" She asked, looking into his eyes with worry.

"I'll explain later... Captain... but for now... here's the data." Shinn handed her the disc.

"Now what the hell could this possibly be? This doesn't make any sense at all." She said as she popped the data disc into her computer. The machine started to automatically play whatever was on the disc, and soon a picture of Neo Roanoke, the man with long black hair and a scar on his face appeared.

"Who the hell is he?" Shinn asked. Talia was especially shocked by what Neo looked like.

"Greetings Princess Cagalli Yula Attha of ORB, I am Oscar Durandal, the little brother of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Gilbert Durandal. I am also called Neo Roanoke... and I have something important to tell you this day... Something very important..." Oscar said.

"What the hell..." Shinn said, putting on the most surprised face he could possibly muster.

"Who is this man... is he... for real..." Talia said with a critical look on her face, looking into the eyes of the digital image of the man who claimed to be Gilbert Durandal's little brother. Outside on the battlefield you could see the Minerva heading over the city of Zagreb, leaving the Archangel and the Destroy behind...

Author's Note: Kira confessed to Shinn. Happy? Don't worry, we'll see something more come of that, next episode, which will be very interesting.