The Final battle between the Spider and the Goblin

This is the sequel to my story `Spider-Man's Ultimate challenge´ in this story so will Spidey have a hard time because signs of the return of the Green Goblin troubles him, is this Norman Osborn who is still alive or is it someone else and can Spider-Man stop him? Read to find out.

Chapter 1- A few normal days for Spidey

It was in the evening in New York, the city was calm and quiet, high up in the air on the top of a skyscraper sat New York's great protector Spider-Man and was looking down on the streets and the cars down there, he sighed and just enjoyed the peace and quiet even though he knew it would only be temporarily.

"It's gone three months now since I stopped Carnage and locked away both the symbiotes forever, I have been working almost over time as a crime fighter since crimes has been pretty high recently, one good thing is that people is starting to trust me again, a lot of people lost faith in me after I bonded with the Venom symbiote".

Spider-Man stood up and looked down before he fell forward and fell towards the ground with his head first, once he got close to the ground so shot he a web-line and he swung so low that he swung between two cars, as he got up in the air again he heard people cheer for him. He swung around the city for about a half hour before he heard police sirens, he swung towards the sound and saw a car chase, he quickly swung past the police car and towards the speeding car.

"We shouldn't have stolen this car, if Spider-Man shows up.." said a guy in the passenger seat but the guy in the driver seat shouted, "SHUP UP, Spider-Man might be busy with something else right now", the girl that sat in the backseat leaned in and said, "Yeah I mean Spider-Man must have more important things to deal with than a few teens stealing a car".

At that moment so heard they a thud on the roof and got worried and got scared then Spider-Man looked through the window on the driver's seat, "Say my name three times and I magically appear". The three teens, two who was seventeen and one who was sixteen got scared and tried to shake him off but he just stuck to the roof and yawned, people never learned.

He grabbed the guy in the driver seat and threw him into the backseat before he quickly webbed all three teens and jumped into the car and hit the break hard making the car spin a little before it stopped, he got out of the car just as the police car had caught up and out came Sergeant Carter and officer DeWolff. DeWolff didn't look happy at the web-slinger, "We could have taken them ourselves", she walked past Spidey while Sergeant Carter stopped in front of him, "Ignore her Spidey, you did a good job stopping them, thanks".

Spider-Man said it was no problem before he jumped up in the air and began to swing away, he knew that it was soon time for him to get home but there was one more thing he had to do, something he hadn't done in a while, so he began to swing towards the cemetery.


Spider-Man was walking between the tombstones while making sure no one was there to see him, he soon reached the right one grave and sat down on a knee and put his hand on the tombstone with the name Ben Parker carved into it, "Hi uncle Ben, I know it's been a while since I last visit you but I have been a little busy. I just wanted to tell you that it's okay with me and aunt May, I got a job at the Daily Bugle and I have good friends, of course it's a little bad between me and Harry now since I accidently killed his dad, he's mad that I still takes pictures of Spider-Man and sometimes ask me if I know who he is. I can't tell him that I'm Spider-Man and he won't listen to reason then I try to tell him that I didn't mean to do it".

Spider-Man sighed and looked at the tombstone before he continued, "Most people would have given up after all I have seen and all I have gone through, but I promised here on your grave that I would never look the other way for criminals again, but that's not the only reason I really care about what happens to other people, Spider-Man is a part of me and without that part of me I wouldn't be me anymore". Spider-Man stood up again, "Thanks for listening uncle Ben I needed that, I miss you but I know you will always watch over me", Spider-Man shot a web and began to make his way towards his home.


Peter woke up by his aunt shaking him, "Good morning aunt May", she smiled at him, "Good morning dear, Mary Jane and Gwen is here and wants to know if you wants to go to the Silver Spoon". Peter smiled and sat up, "Tell them I will be down in a few minutes", May smiled and nodded before she went down to tell the girls, Peter got up and put on his Spider-Man costume before putting his normal clothes over it.

He walked down the stairs to see Gwen and Mary Jane sitting on the couch waiting for him, they smiled then they saw him and said hello, Peter smiled before taking a bread to eat on the way and the three of them made their way to the spoon.


Peter, MJ and Gwen sat at a table and were talking, MJ was just telling them about a new play they were going to do in the drama class and then she looked at Peter and asked with a low voice, "What about you tiger, much work for your other identity?" Peter smiled at her, "Nothing I can't handle, just a few bag snatchers, car chases and bank robberies, but no super baddie for a while which is a surprise, I expected the Sinister Six to try and get revenge on me for what I did to them as Spider-Venom". Gwen and MJ shivered, they remember how Peter had been then he had once again bonded with the black symbiote and became Spider-Venom and he had been terrifying.

But before they could continue talking so did something on the TV catch Peter's attention, apparently so had Kraven and Shocker attacked the Daily Bugle and if Spider-Man didn't show up so would things get ugly, Peter stood quickly up, "Well challenge faith and you will regret it, I call you guys after I take care of those two", Gwen and MJ nodded and looked at him worried as he ran out from the spoon.


Kraven and Shocker was inside J Jonah Jameson's office waiting for the web-head and they were both getting tired of Jameson who was yelling at them, a few seconds later so were Kraven at his limits and walked over to Jameson, "IF YOU FREAKS ISN'T OUT OF THIS BUILDING IN 0.00543 SECONDS SO…" he became silent then Kraven grabbed him and lifted him up in the air. Kraven prepared to punch Jameson then he suddenly began to sniff in the air, he growled and turned around and looked at the window behind him in time to see Spider-Man come swinging before he crashed through the window and placed both feet in Kraven's face.

Kraven flew into the wall while he dropped Jameson, Spider-Man looked at him, "Get out of here pickle puss, I will take care of these two morons", Jameson got quickly back up on his feet and ran out of his office while Spidey turned to Shocker, "Well I guess it's time to squash the bug", he began to charge up his blasters but Spidey shot two webs at his legs and pulled. Shocker fell on his back and his blaster got aimed at Kraven who got hit by a powerful sonic blast sending him through the wall, Kraven fell towards the ground but he reached out and managed to dig his claws into the building to stop his fall.

At the same time so was Spider-Man dodging Shocker's attacks while he was waiting for an opening, he managed to shot web in his eyes distracting him, he just that moment to jumped at him and ripped the blasters of his arms before giving him five hard punches to the face, knocking him out, but just as he had finished webbing Shocker to the floor so was he tackled by Kraven, who had crawled back up, from behind.

They went out through the window Spidey had smashed earlier, they fell towards the ground while they were punching at each other, Spider-Man's spider sense suddenly began to warn him for the ground that was getting closer, he punched Kraven in the face before he grabbed him and shot a web and swung lower, towards the ground. Once they were pretty close so let Spider-Man go of Kraven who fell to the ground, Kraven growled as he got up while looking at Spider-Man who landed in front of him, he ran towards the wall-crawler who tried to jump out of the way but Kraven grabbed his leg and began to slam him into the ground.

Spider-Man's body was sore everywhere by the time Kraven stopped slamming him into the ground, he turned around only to see Kraven slash with his claws at his face, Spider-Man rolled out of the way and big slash marks appeared in the place he had been lying at a few seconds ago, he got up in time to receive a hard punch to the stomach, he gasped but grabbed Kraven's arm and threw the lion man into a wall, he ran towards Kraven and began to punch him in the face over and over, Kraven was powerful but even he began to fell dizzy from the web-head's attacks and soon lost consciousness.

Spider-Man webbed Kraven to the ground and then heard the sound of police cars and looked in the direction the sound came from, the cars was soon there and Spider-Man walked over to Captain George Stacy who was there, "Captain Stacy, both the villains is down for the count, Kraven is over there and Shocker is still in Jameson's office". George smiled at him and told Spider-Man that he had done a good job and Spidey smiled but it disappeared then he saw Jameson come towards them.

"STACY, YOU HAVE ONE SECOND TO ARREST SPIDER-MAN FOR THE ATTACK ON THE BUGLE, IT'S OBVIOUS THAT THE WEB-HEAD IS THE MASTERMIND BEHIND THE ATTACK!" Spider-Man sighed before he shot a web-line and began to swing up in the air, once he got up on a rooftop he took out his phone and called Gwen, she answered quickly, "Peter are you okay, are you hurt, did you stop them?" Peter held his phone away from his ear, "Calm down Gwen I'm fine and yes I stopped them, I'm just a little sore otherwise I'm not hurt at all".

He heard Gwen sigh in relief before she got quiet for a few seconds, she then said that Mary Jane wanted to talk and handed the phone to her, "Hi Pete, I'm glad you're not hurt, we saw Kraven slam you into the ground and then punch you but we didn't know what happen before that so we were worried", Peter told her that he was fine and asked her to tell him where he could met them again.


Harry watched the news and saw Spider-Man fight Kraven and Shocker and he felt his anger rising, after he saw Spider-Man talk to Captain Stacy and got furious over that he didn't try to arrest the web-head, he was sure that Jameson was right about that Spider-Man was the mastermind behind the attack on the Daily Bugle.

"Don't worry dad, I will make sure that Spider-Man pays for what he did to you, he will regret that he didn't try and help you fight the influence of the green", Harry threw the TV remote into the wall in anger.


Gwen and Mary Jane stood in front of a alley and waited, they slightly jumped then they felt a hand touched each of their shoulders, they looked around and saw Peter behind them, "Hi, let's go and eat something you two, after that fight so am I starving", the girls looked at each other before he began to giggle and then the three friends went to buy a pizza.

So Peter first spent time with MJ and Gwen before he had to go and fight Shocker and Kraven, he managed to stop them before they did too much damage and then returned to the girls to spend more time with them and Harry swore that he would make Spider-Man pay for what happened to his father, what will happen to our favorite web-slinger and can he fight it? Continue reading and please review.