The Final battle between the Spider and the Goblin

Last time so did Harry attack Peter at his home before they engaged in battle, at first so tried Peter to talk some sense into Harry but soon realized that Harry was blinded by hatred and that he had to take him down, after a long and hard battle so did he finally managed to defeat Harry but couldn't turn him over to the police because he knew that Harry would talk about his secret identity so he and George locked him up in the same place as the symbiotes, is the threat of the Green Goblin finally over?

Chapter 6- The return of the original Green Goblin

Peter was gasping as he was sitting in Mary Jane's room while she and Gwen was looking over his injuries from his fight with Harry, he had cuts and bruises everywhere on his body and his suit would take at least 2 weeks to repair, he on the other hand would heal fast, some of his smaller wounds would be almost healed by tomorrow.

While Gwen was bandaging one of his arms so did she ask what she had been wondering since after the fight, "Peter, what happened to Harry?" Peter looked at her, "Your dad and I put him in the same place we imprisoned the symbiotes and he will stay there until we have figured out what to do with him".

Gwen got a sad look on her face, both for what had happened to Harry and that Peter was the one who had been forced to take him down and lock him away, she and he looked each other in the eyes and MJ could see that they might want some alone time and left the room, Gwen put her hand on Peter's, "Peter I can't understand where you find the strength to keep doing this, after all you have gone through I would've suspected you to put the suit away".

Peter smiled, "I keep going for two reasons, 1 I promised uncle Ben on his grave that I would never look the other way again and 2 I really care what happens to other people, I don't want them to lose someone like I did because of I didn't do anything even though I could do something to prevent it".

Gwen sighed and looked down in the floor, she knew that Peter cared about what happened to others, he had always done and he had also told her and Mary Jane about why he started fighting crimes as Spider-Man, how he had tried to win money and then he didn't get the money let the cat burglar run past him, he then heard that his uncle had been shot and chased the criminal down only to his horror find out that it was the same man he had let go, after that day so was the crime fighter Spider-Man born.

Gwen and Peter looked at each other, they then leaned in and kissed each other, they kissed for a few seconds before someone knocked on the door and they jumped away from each other, his aunt came into the room with some food, "Peter dear are you sure that you want to go to school tomorrow? You must still be really hurt after that accident from the battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin".

Gwen slightly giggled, May had been worried about Peter being under the rubble of the house, she wondered how the kind old lady would react if she knew that he had been fighting the Goblin since he is Spider-Man. Peter smiled at his aunt May, "I'm fine aunt May I wasn't that hurt so I'm not in that much pain anymore so I can and will go to school tomorrow".

May asked him to be careful and if he was in pain he should get back to the Watson's house there they were staying until their house could be repaired, she left the room and Peter took the food and began to eat, once he was finished so did he pick up his shirt and put it on and was walked towards the window to Gwen's shock, "Where are you going?" He looked at her, "I need my spare suit and a few web cartridges because I am almost out of web fluid".

Before Gwen could say anything so had Peter jumped out through the window and landed on the ground while he silently made his way towards his home who no one was allowed near, he sneaked around to where his window was and made sure no one saw him before he jumped up on the wall and crawled up to his window. Because of his life as Spider-Man so did he barely lock his window, he opened it and went inside his room, he went over to the place there he was hiding his Spider-Man stuff, he packed his spare suit and a lot of web cartridges in a bag before he once again went towards the window, he looked again that no one saw him and stuck to the wall while he closed his window and then jumped down.

He snuck back to the Watson's house and made sure that Mrs Watson and his aunt was on the on the lower floor before he went back to MJ's window and jumped up to it, his sudden appearance in the window made both MJ and Gwen jump in shock, he told them that he would go to sleep since he had a long day today, he went up to the attic there a bed had been prepared to him as he had asked for.


Peter woke up in the attic and smiled as he saw that a lot of his wounds was gone and the others was healing nicely, he jumped up onto the roof in the attic and then jumped from wall to wall, after a few minutes of doing that so did he jumped down again, from what he could tell so was he almost fully recovered but some movements still hurt.

He went back to his bed and sat down on it while reading a book, after about a hour later so did his aunt knock on the door to the attic and told him that breakfast was ready, Peter put the book away and got dressed, he then went down there the three women in the house was already eating, he sat down as well and began to eat.

After they were finished so did they get outside and saw that Captain Stacy's car was waiting for them, they got inside and George asked Peter how it was with him today, "I'm fine Captain Stacy, almost all my smaller wounds and bruises has disappeared and only some of my bigger movements hurts". George nodded and smiled then he heard that Peter was healing nicely and he as usual get astonished over Peter incredible healing factor, they had soon reached the school and all four of them got out of the car and entered the building.


Mary Jane was looking around until she heard someone shout her name and saw Gwen coming towards her, "Hi MJ have you seen Peter?" MJ shook her head and sighed, because both she and Gwen had a good idea what he was doing right now, suddenly they heard the students outside began to cheer and looked up in time to see Spider-Man pass over their heads, Gwen and MJ both sighed as they saw him swing away and hoped that he would be careful.


Spider-Man was swinging through the air, he had been looking forward to this the whole day, there was nothing like feeling the wind in your face as you swung through the air in a web-line.

I hope that I won't have to deal with anymore super baddies for a few more days, my body still need time to fully recover so I shouldn't really fight any super… SPIDER SENSE! Spider-Man though as his spider sense went berserk.

Spider-Man looked up in time to see a pumpkin bomb come towards him, he had just gotten over his shock as it hit his chest and exploded sending him flying to a roof, he gasped in pain as he hit the roof, he fought to get back up as he lifted his head and to his horror saw Green Goblin in front of him. He knew that this couldn't be Harry, this Goblin was much calmer than Harry had been and this Goblin were also bigger, Spidey got a idea of who it could be, the only one it could be, but it couldn't be true.

"You-you can't be, there is now way you can be…" The Goblin chuckled as he hovered right over the roof in front of Spider-Man, "What's wrong Spidey? You look like you have seen a ghost", He grabbed the bottom of his mask and began to pull it up and soon so did a shocked Spider-Man look into the face of Norman Osborn.

Spidey couldn't freaking believe his eyes, "Norman Osborn, you're alive? How can you be? I saw you crash into that water tower full with pumpkin bombs with my own eyes", Norman got a big smirk on his face, "I got off the glider before it fell into it, then I realized that everyone thought that I was dead so did I use it as an opportunity to both try and turn the public against you and to make my son mature and become a man so I left the country for a few months so no one would suspect that I was actually alive".

Spider-Man felt his anger rising when he heard the last part, he got upon his legs and looked at Norman, "Harry was a good guy, a fine young man as he was, but you just needed to mess with him, your own son". Norman looked at him, "He needed to grow up, he couldn't act like a child anymore, but I must admit that then I got back to the city a few days ago so wasn't I expecting to see you fight a new Green Goblin on the TV, I knew immediately that it was Harry and I was impressed over how good he handled you. I got a little disappointed however then you managed to defeat him, however I saw it as an opportunity, I would finish what my son started and destroy my greatest enemy while he was still weak".

Spider-Man lifted his hand and pointed at Norman, "You won't win Osborn and you know it, I will take you down and hand you over to the police", Norman's smirk got bigger and lifted his hand to the mask, "Enough talking, time to end this Spider-Man". He pulled down the mask over his face again and got two pumpkin bombs in his hands and threw them at Spidey who back flipped off the roof before they hit, he gasped in pain then he flipped his body was really hurting again.

He began to swing away with the Goblin not far behind him, he knew that he was not in any condition to fight someone who was almost as strong as he was, so instead of fighting with him head-on so was he going to fight him with the element of surprise. He quickly swung around a building with the Goblin after him, but to the Goblin's shock so was Spider-man gone, he didn't understand it, he couldn't have gotten away so quickly, he was fast but not that fast.

However if he had looked up so would he have seen Spider-Man on the wall right over his head, the web-head quickly let go of the wall and fell towards the Goblin and landed on his shoulders and began to punch the shocked villain in the head. Norman pushed a button on his belt and Spidey's spider sense tingled and he quickly jumped off the Goblin just as electricity flew through his costume, Spidey shot two webs and hit two buildings that was close to each other he pulled so that he flew towards them with the Goblin flying after him.

But as he flew between the two buildings so did Spidey shot two new webs at them and held them as he continued to hold them as he continued flying, soon so did he stop and the webs then pulled him back and he got slingshot at the Goblin who didn't had a chance to avoid and Spidey slammed into him like he had been shot out of a cannon, the glider flew after them and the Goblin pulled out another pumpkin bomb. Thinking fast so did Spidey snatch the bomb as he pushed the Goblin towards the ground and he shot a web and waited until the glider had passed him, he then activated the bomb and threw it and hit the engine blowing it up, making the glider spin out of control before it crashed into a wall and exploded, he jumped towards the ground just as the Goblin painfully hit the ground.

The Goblin got back up on his feet in time to receive a powerful punch to the face, he looked up and saw Spidey that had just thrown another punch that nailed him in the face, the Goblin quickly lashed out with two punches and a kick that hit Spider-Man who gritted his teeth as he tried to ignore the pain.

Spider-Man then gave Goblin a nasty spin kick to the head followed by a nasty uppercut and finally a powerful kick to the chest, finally knocking him unconscious, Spidey gasped for air as people from the street was gathering around him as well as news people was gathering, Spidey saw a familiar face coming towards him, Ned Lee, "Spidey, Spidey, Ned Lee from the Daily Bugle, didn't you fight this guy just yesterday?"

Spider-Man shook his head, "That was another Green Goblin, now ladies and gentleman, I present to you…" He bent down and grabbed Goblin's mask and ripped it off, "…Norman Osborn", Everyone gasped, there in front of them on the ground was Norman Osborn who was supposed to be dead, Spidey looked at them, "He made it look like he died to try and turn everyone against me, now if you excuse me, I have to go, I'm going to hand him over to the police but I need him for something else first.

Spidey shot a web and swung up to a roof with Norman, he pulled out his cell and called George, "Captain Stacy it's me, listen you won't believe who I just ran into, met me at the old station and hurry I'm only a few minutes away", he put away his cell phone and made his way to the old police station.


Spider-Man stood in front of the old station leaning against the wall with Norman on the ground next to him, he saw George's car and stood straight up, George got out of his car and got really shocked then he saw Norman Osborn, Spidey walked towards him while dragging Norman on the ground, "He just pretended to be dead to turn everyone against me and try and make Harry the son he wanted him to be, someone here need to see him before we put him in the vault".

George nodded, he knew what Peter meant, they went to the secret passage behind the station, but just as George opened it so grunted Norman as he began to regain consciousness, Spidey lifted him up and gave him a hard punch across the face, knocking him out again, he saw that George gave him a weird look, "If he woke up it could get troublesome, now let's go", George nodded and they went down, they soon stood outside of Harry's cell.

Peter put Norman against the wall next to the door as he opened it, Harry looked up then he heard the door open and immediately got an angry expression on his face when he saw Spider-Man in the door, "Easy Harry, I'm just here to show you something", "And what would that be pal". Spidey could hear venom in Harry's voice when he said the word pal, he grabbed Norman and held him in front of him so that Harry could see him and an expression of total shock appeared on Harry's face, "Your father just pretended to be dead to make me look like a villain and try and turn you into what he wanted you to be".

Harry looked shocked and then looked at Peter, "What are you going to do with him?" Peter looked at him, "What do you think Harry? I'm going to turn him over to the police and then get him locked up in the vault, ironic he will be put in the prison he built himself". Harry looked angry at him, he had just learned that his father was alive and now he was going to lose him again?

"Don't look at me like that Harry this is for the best, and after we have put Norman away so am I going to do everything I can to make you go back to how you were before", Spider-Man walked out of the cell and closed the door, he then nodded at George and the two of them left.


Spider-Man, George and the warden looked as the cell door for the newest inmate, Norman Osborn aka the original Green Goblin closed, Spidey thought that now so was the madness of the Green Goblin almost over, now there was only one more thing he had to do.


Peter and aunt May stood in front of their house that had completely repaired, they were both happy for being able to go home and Peter was happy for more reasons, now that he knew Norman was alive so didn't he need to feel guilty anymore, no one blamed him for Norman's death anymore and he had gone through Norman's files and found all of his secret hideouts and destroyed them as well as his Goblin technology and equipment and all the Globulin Green.

For the first time in a very, VERY long time so do I really feel at peace, I have finally taken down the legacy of the Green Goblin and I put Norman Osborn behind bars and I think we're getting through to Harry, I think things are finally starting to look brighter for me, Peter though as he and his aunt May walked into their house and closed the door.

So Peter stopped the Green Goblin for good and destroyed all the Goblin's tech and all the green so now he would not need to see him for a while, but that doesn't mean that our favorite web-slinger isn't going to have tough challenges waiting for him, who knows? The next one is maybe waiting for him around the next corner, only time will tell true believers and the only thing I have to say to Spidey is happy swinging web-head and good luck in the future.