The StarClan cats plucked lazily at the ground. "The Clans are too boring." commented Bluestar, staring down at a "Looking Puddle".

The ThunderClan patrols were boringly hunting boring prey.

"You've got that right." Yellowfang sighed. "Somehow, we need to spice up their lives."

"Oh, I know!" Lionheart announced. "Yellowfang, didn't you say you could hypnotize cats?"

"Oh yeah!" Yellowfang purred. "Lionheart, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"That I need to get some more fur polish? MY FUR ISN'T SHINY ENOUGH!" Lionheart wailed.

"No, you mouse-brain! I'll summon the Clan cats for hypnotism to go crazy!"

"Oh, good idea. I SUMMON ALL CLAN CATS TO STARCLAN!" Bluestar screamed. Poof. The Clan cats appeared.

"Jayfeather, I told you to stop stalking my dreams!" whined Bramblestar. "It isn't me this time, I swear!" cried Jayfeather.

"Then who is it?"

"Us!" Bluestar stepped up, with Yellowfang.

"Bluestar? You're a dream-stalker?" gasped Bramblestar.

"How did he ever become Clan leader?" whispered Yellowfang.

"No, I summoned you here for hypnotism." Bluestar mewed.

"Yay!" Snowkit cheered.

"Now, follow my tail. You are hypnotized..." Yellowfang mewed.

The cats watched Yellowfang's tail wave in the air.

"Ooh," Dewkit mewed. "Pretty!"

"Why is a kit drooling over Yellowfang?" whispered Firestar. "She isn't pretty!"

"Oh, who knows," grumbled Mousefur.

"EEK! ANOTHER UGLY CAT!" screamed Firestar. He ran away.

"You are now hypnotized," Yellowfang whispered. "You will go crazy. When you wake up, you will become crazy and random."

"Very random." Bluestar added.

"And very crazy." Mousefur put in.

"When I count to three, you will wake up. One, two, three!" Yellowfang clapped her paws. The Clan cats disappeared.

Let the randomness begin!

So, this is the beginning of my cats-going-crazy story. Read and review please, but no flames!