So I have to say that I am sorry to those who thought I was going to update one of my other stories. I just couldn't get this beginning out of my head. I have to say that most of my inspiration though comes from another author who wrote Demon's Curse. In case you guys haven't read it yet, go to it. It really should be one of those stories that have over 1+ k on their reviews, but for some reason doesn't. Letting people know, I already spoke with the author and he gave me the go ahead on using some of his ideas, so please don't tell me this story seems a kinda familiar to you guys. So here we go with this story. Hope you guys like the beginning.

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Chapter 1: The Shinobi Knight

Slowly opening his eyes, a groan came from his body and he tried to acclimate himself to see what the hell was going on. 'Uggg… What happened?' He thought as his vision began to become clearer. He was on a soft bed in a simple room. This certainly wasn't his own room back in the village. Trying to remember what happened he tried to sit up only to find himself wincing at the pain that coursed throughout his body. Looking down he saw that his entire body was wrapped in bandages. 'What is this? What happened to me?' He looked around again, 'This isn't the hospital in Konoha…. Where am I?' He put his head back on the pillow and just stared up at the ceiling.

'There was…. What was going on?' He thought, closing his eyes as he wracked his brain trying to remember. 'I was going after Sasuke…. SASUKE!' He shot up out of the bed before letting out a sharp hiss grabbing his body to dull the pain. 'Shit! I need to get outta here and make sure that Sasuke didn't go to Orochimaru!'

With that, he grit his teeth and started to move his body forward, forcing himself through the pain that seared through his veins. He finally was able to sit up and he threw his legs over the side of the bed allowing his legs to dangle for a moment. He held his head as the vertigo began to kick in. He took deep breaths and tried to calm down as he analyzed the room which he was in. It was a simple room. One bed, one dresser, a desk, chair, and a mirror in the corner. He looked in the mirror and saw his blonde-haired blue eyed self…. Well blue eye, half of his face was wrapped in bandages…. Hell, the rest of his body looked like a mummy. Whisker-like marks popped out of his bandages as he continued to stare at himself. The only other thing that he had on was what was left of his shredded orange pants.

Looking over to the chair, he saw lying on the wooden seat was his headband as well as a single bloodied kunai. His torn up orange jacket was also draped across the frame. Taking a deep breath he tightened his muscles and hoisted himself up onto his feet only to hear the sound of the doorknob turning as the door opened. Distracted he turned his head towards the door, before realizing as gravity pushed his full weight back onto his body to his already weak legs, he fell like a rock.

"WAHH-! Pmff!" he cried out at he hit the ground. The woman that had just walked in the door blinked at the spectacle that lay in front of her before realizing what had happened.

"What are you doing?!" She cried out rushing to the downed boy. "Dear!' She called out behind her, "He's awake!" She turned back to the boy, "You've been in a coma for three weeks. What were you thinking trying to get up and walk around like nothings wrong?!" She asked sternly. The blonde looked up at the woman. She looked to be in her early thirties or so. She had brown hair that was done up in a simple bun. A simple violet dress adorned her body with different shades of purple lining the fabric. Her brown eyes showed warmth, but at the same time, a sense of order, like she would take no part in misconduct. Her skin was pale, but he could tell that she had been in the sun a lot from the amount of freckles that were on her face. The blondes face then shrank into a look of horror as he process what the woman had said.

"THREE WEE-! 'COUGH! COUGH!'" He started coughing violently as he used his vocal chords for the first time in awhile. The woman in front of him just quickly got a glass of water of water, propped him up against her side and gently pressed the glass to his lips. The blonde greedily gulped down the liquid before receiving a small scolding.

"Slowly!" chided the woman firmly but kindly as she continued to help him drink the water. The boy nodded his head slightly as he tried to drink the delicious substance with less vigor. Taking a deep breath and sighing he slightly slumped back into the woman's arm that was supporting his back before looking up at her.

"Where am I?" He asked. Just then, the he saw another person enter the room. The blonde looked in awe at the man who was now standing in front of him. He was about 6'4", black hair that was clean cut. He had a crisp and clean goatee on his tanned complexion. But the thing that stood out the most, was what the man was wearing. Large plates of metal adorned his body with intricate lines having been carved into the metal. His chest was covered with the metal, but on his sides, looked to be as though red leather had been placed there for motility. More plates of armor could be found covering his arms, with metal gauntlets covering his hands. The armor extended down and covered the rest of his entire body. The blonde also saw a huge broadsword that was strapped to the man's back along with a smaller dagger on the other side. A leather belt was strapped across his chest, holding a large blue shield in place that had a picture of some type of winged animal on it. The blonde tensed slightly at the mere presence of the man. The woman holding him noticed and saw the attire that the man was in.

"Dear." She said sharply, "How many times have I told you to not wear your armor in the house." She gave a small glare at the man. The man's face changed from a serious look to an amused one.

"Too many." He chuckled before he looked at the blonde in her arms. "Well, look who decided to wake up. We were really worried about you there for awhile." The man said as he knelt down to the boys ' eye level. His voice was deep, but warm at the sound of it. It was a voice that held authority. "How are you feeling?" He asked with genuine concern in his eyes. The blonde looked at the man with some surprise. Not too many people were concerned with him. It was odd to see a stranger have a genuine concern over him. The blonde tried to sit up a little higher, wincing again at the pain that coursed through his body.

"Like my body was just pierced with a thousand blades." He said with a small smile. The man in armor stared blankly at the boy for a moment before letting out a booming laugh.

"HAHAHA!" He laughed full heartedly, "Well there's one thing you got boy, it's guts." He said getting the boy to smile a little more. Taking off one of his gauntlets, he extended his hand at the boy. "I am the Baron of Griffon's Cove, Duncan Numair. Also Knight-Commander of the Royal Guard for the King of Fiore. It's a pleasure to meet you." He smiled when he saw the boy raise his hand and grip his with a firm grip. Duncan felt many calluses on the boys' hand, but that could wait until later. Looking over to the woman who was holding him, "This is my wife Maria, she's the one who found you washed up on the shores outside of the castle. She saved your life." He said. The blonds eyes widened at his neck snapped to the woman who was holding him. She blushed slightly at the praise her husband gave her and just smiled at the boy.

"Thank you." The blonde muttered to Maria quietly, not sure about what he was feeling. He was grateful to the woman for saving his life, but how did he end up at the shores of a castle? He pondered his situation….. Things were just not adding up.

"I'm just happy that you managed to survive." She said warmly, "You had so many terrible wounds on you, I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to save you. Thank goodness that mage was passing by and was able to conjure up some potions and healing salves." The boy cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"Mage?" He questioned the word. Duncan nodded his head.

"Aye, it was a blessing from the gods indeed that she was passing by. Which leads me to ask, how did you end up on our shores anyways?" He said seriously causing the boy to gulp a little. A thousand thoughts raced through the mind of the young blonde as he thought furiously what he could tell the man.

'Let's see. Think! Think!' He thought furiously. 'I'm no longer in Konoha, if even in the Elemental Nations. I've never seen armor like what he is wearing, or ever heard of mages.' He wasn't sure what he should tell them. He was in a foreign land, unsure if these people were enemies to the Elemental Nations. The boy knew he wasn't the sharpest kunai in the ninja pouch, but he didn't want to give any important secrets to complete strangers. For all he knew, these people were with the Akatsuki.

Duncan sighed, taking the blondes hesitation as a sign that his earlier deductions were correct. "Are you an escaped slave boy?" He asked seriously getting the blonde to look up in shock at the man. This further convinced the man that his assumptions were correct. "Even before you received those wounds, there were scars littering across your body that only those from either torture or slavery comes from." He explained. "The calluses on your hand shows of hard labor as well meaning that you were probably a slave at some point." The boy looked down as if to confirm the General-Commanders assumption.

The boy lowered his head, not to confirm what the general had said though, but for the shame that someone had actually seen the marks from his past. They were not something that he was very proud of. The village that he had come to grow and love, had marked the boy at a very young age in his life. Not to mention the now gapping scar that was positioned above his heart.

"Boy…" The man said gently, causing the blonde to look up at him into his caring eyes. "You have nothing to fear. We aren't going to be sending you back to them, whoever they may be. Slavery is illegal in Fiore, you're safe now." He finished as the blonde slowly nodded his head.

'That… could work…. For now anyways.' The blonde thought as the woman to his left embraced the blonde a little more to try and comfort him.

"You poor boy…." She cooed softly, tears in her eyes, "And so young." The boy still trying to think about his current situation didn't say anything as he watched the larger man stand up and pick up his bloodied kunai and looked at it again.

"This blade…" He said, "This type of blade would normally be used for assassinations. Easy to conceal, quick to used, lightweight and small." The blondes' eyes widened at the analytic skill of the man. "…. I suppose slavers might use a weapon as such, especially if they were being kept from the public eye. Which means that they could be here in Fiore" He muttered to himself. Looking back at the boy he asked, "Do you know where the slavers that were holding you are?" The blonde merely shook his head in response causing the man to sigh. "How did you manage to escape from them?" He asked again.

"I-I-I took that blade from a guard when he wasn't looking." The blonde responded slowly. "That night, I used it to unlock my shackles and cell." He paused again as if he were remembering that night. "I…. tried going to the docks where the boats were, but someone saw me and tried to sound the alarm." The blonde gulped trying to make his act convincing.

"Did you kill the guard with this?" Duncan asked. The blonde said nothing but looked down at the floor. "Son. It's alright. No one is going to hurt you or judge you here." The boy slowly looked up and nodded slightly.

"A-a-after that, I got to the docks and got a small boat and started to go away from the place…. But I got lost out at sea…. I was out for a long time…. I-I-I remember a spinning around in the water, the boat going in circles until it was like the water swallowed me up…" The blonde took another pause.

"A whirlpool?" Muttered Duncan.

"I couldn't breath for awhile…. Then something hit my head hard….. Then I woke up here, not really able to move." He finished as Duncan listened closely to his story.

"Damn." He muttered, "That means that the slavers could be from other nations. Meaning they're untouchable." Silently thinking about the options. "Boy, I swear on my honor as a Knight to the King of Fiore, that if those slavers are anywhere within the nation, I will find them and I will bring them to justice." The man said with such conviction, it surprised the blonde.

"Don't worry." Maria said, "My husband will make sure that everything turns out right." She said with a smile to the boy. The blonde simply looked down.

"Thank you…" He muttered quietly, saddened at the fact that he had inadvertently lied to this nice couple. 'This is for the sake of the village…' He thought. The woman just smiled again at the boy.

"It's no problem." She said, "I'm sure your parents are worried sick that you're gone." She looked expectantly at the boy in her arms before frowning, not getting the reaction she was hoping out of the boy.

"Don't have any…" Were the words that she heard him mumbled. Chiding herself for her insensitivity, she beckoned her husband over to her to help the blonde get back into bed.

"You're still recovering from everything." She said warmly, "Here, into the bed with you until your better." Her and her husband both gently laid him on the mattress. "I'll come in later with some warm soup for you, I'm sure that you're just starving after not eating for so long." She smiled, her husband nodding his head next to her.

"What is your name boy?" He finally asked as he watched the blonde already drifting into unconsciousness.

"Naruto….Uzumaki….zzzzz." He slurred. The Commander-General smiled at the boy as he wrapped an arm around his wife.

"Welcome then Naruto Uzumaki." He said, "To Griffon's Cove."

The next few days were some of the most peaceful days that Naruto could ever say that he could remember. He found out that he was in a quiet little village just due east to the enormous castle that lay near the ocean. Maria had fussed over the blonde like a mother hen with her chicks about every little thing. Naruto took it with stride though, it was nice, to feel that someone genuinely cared for him.

The Knight-Commander had also brought out some maps for Naruto to look at to see if he could ascertain any of the geographical landmarks to where his 'supposed' slavers had kept him. Naruto was shock at the map. Every single land formation was off. He was no where near the Elemental Nations. In fact, it seems as if somehow he traveled to opposite ends of the world. He looked at the oceans. 'In the Elemental Nations, the ocean was due east. Here in Fiore, the ocean is due west.' He thought wondering how he could have gotten from his home to this strange land. "Duncan…" He said, "What's beyond the ocean here?" He asked pointing to the ocean that lay to the west. Duncan looked down at the map.

"No one really knows." He replied. "Those waters are treacherous and with the state of the economy here in Fiore, no one has the resources nor manpower to set out on any type of expedition." Naruto stared intently at the map thinking about what the man had said.

'So it is possible…' He thought….. But how was he going to be able to make a voyage like that? He knew nothing of navigation or marine life. Naruto sat down and thought about how he could return to his home. Duncan on the side looked at him, analyzing him.

'Is it possible that he came from across the sea's?' The Knight-Commander thought, 'It would make sense, everything culturally that he does doesn't match up to customs here…. And he's never seen mages. When he saw that mage performer in the street, it was like the first time he had ever seen magic before….' The man furrowed his brow, 'But that doesn't make sense. Magic surrounds all of Earthland. Even if he was from across the ocean, their should have been people who could do perform such feats.' His thoughts were interrupted by his wife coming into the room.

"Naruto-chan!" She said smiling, "Would you be a dear and help me with the grocery shopping?" She asked. Naruto just smiled at the woman before looking up at the Knight-commander who softly chuckled.

"Go on and get." He said while waving his hand to shoo him away, "I suppose we can't learn anything if you don't even recognize where you are. I need to get some things done at the castle anyways." Naruto nodded excitingly and followed his wife out of the house into the town's marketplace. Duncan laughed to himself wondering about how that little blonde enigma had so much energy. He sighed slightly, thinking about the look that his wife had given the blonde. Oh, he knew that look well. Years and years, both Duncan and his wife tried to have children, but it seemed like they were never meant to sire a child. Duncan knew that look on his wife's face. It was one of longing. Longing for the chance to be a mother. But a Duncan could tell… Naruto was meant to be a free spirit. Though polite with them, he could tell the boy was rearing to get out of the town and go and see the world.

He chuckled at the thought. There had been a time when he had acted the exact same way. Thinking more about the blonde boy, he got another idea. 'Maria may not like it…. But it would keep him close to home for awhile, while letting him journey across the land.' He thought as he donned on his armor and started riding his horse to the castle to make plans for the boy.

"Maria-chaaaaaaaan!" Droned a bored Naruto as he held many bags in his arms. "Are we done yet?" He desperately asked. Happy to get out of the house, shopping still had to be one of his least favorite things to do.

"Oh hush you." Chided the woman playfully slapping the blonde. She went back to checking over her list while every once in awhile glanced at the little blonde ball of sunshine. She couldn't help it. She had already felt a connection with the boy and wanted to do anything to take care of him. He had a tough life, and her motherly instincts were to smother the boy with as much affection as possible. The boy's never even had a mother! When she learned of that, it literally tore her heart. She would still have to talk with her husband, but she wanted Naruto to stay with them, live with them…. Be a real family. She almost got misty eyed just at the thought of being able to help raise the boy. True, he was already almost 13, but she would treat him like the child that she never had. She smiled warmly as some of the local village girls waved shyly to him. She giggled when the whiskered boy had no clue what was going on, but waved back smiling regardless. Honestly, she hadn't felt this kind of happiness for a long time.

"Come on Naruto-chan!" She called out getting the boys' attention. "We still have much to get done." She giggled again as the blonde groaned out his response as he followed her down the road.

"Oi! Maria-chan is so mean!" Cried out Naruto as anime tears rolled down his face. Maria giggled as they entered the house with her bags of supplies.

"No that's not it." She laughed, "Naruto-chan is just sensitive that's all." She said pinching one of his cheeks. Naruto then saw Duncan as the table looking over some documents.

"Duncan!" He whined out getting his attention. "Do something about her. She's picking on me!" He cried out pointing to the culprit who was just smiling innocently. Duncan looked at the scene for a second before he laughed out loud.

"Sorry Naruto." He laughed, "But you're on your own for this one." He watched as his wife grinned as the blonde let out an indignant yell of prejudice against minors or something like that. The three then set out to put away the groceries and started making dinner together. The entire time laughing at the antics of the young blonde boy brought into the home.

Grinning widely as he made some grandiose pose claiming that he was the most fiercest of warriors throughout the land and how they should be honored to bask in his great presence, he thought, 'I wonder if this is what having parents would feel like.' Before feeling a light bop hit his nose as he noticed that Maria had tossed a roll at his face. He then registered what happened in his mind before getting a mischievous grin on his face.

Seeing this Maria started speaking nervously, "Now now Naruto-chan. Let's not get- oooofff!" She ended as she got a face full of mashed potatoes in her face. Duncan looked at his wife and started laughing hysterically at the sight, only for himself to get some mashed potatoes to the face.

"That's it!" He said as he stood up from the table, "I am the Knight-Commander of the Royal Guard and I demand some respe- oooffff!" As more food hit his face.

"Respect is earned." Naruto said while sticking his pinky in his ear searching for gold. "You want respect? Then take out your pie and en guard! Right Maria-chan?" He asked as he got more food ready. She just grinned wickedly as they both attacked the man who was now sputtering food.

For the next hour the three had a full on war of who would get hit the most from the food. They laughed as they all wrestled around the room, multiple times Duncan would pinned Naruto on the ground as Maria would tickle the heck out of him. It was honestly the most fun that the three of them could say that they have had in a long time.

After the free-for-all food fight, the three got cleaned up and tidied up the kitchen, Maria making sure both of the boys scrubbed every inch of her floor. When they were all settled down they went to the living room to relax.

"Naruto." Duncan said getting his attention. "I spoke with the recruiters for the Royal Guard today at the castle and they said that if you're interested, that they would be willing to take a look at you to see if you could become a Royal Guardsman to the King." Naruto looked up at the man in surprise, while his wife just gasped grabbing said boy and start to squeeze the heck out of him.

"No!" She cried out, "He's much to young for that sort of thing! It's too dangerous!" Fearful that her time with the boy would soon come to an end. She desperately grabbed on to anything that she could to keep the bright bundle of joy around. Said boy was starting to turn a rather nasty shade of blue by the way.

"Maria," Duncan said, "He is still a little young for the Guards, but that's why I would be training the boy personally for the next year or so to make sure that he acquires the skills needed to be in the Guard." He turned a to look at the boy, who was still trying to breathe, "Maria! You're going to kill Naruto even before he has chance to decide!" He cried out while pointing at the boy, She looked down and gasped when she saw the lifeless blonde in her arms with part of his soul hanging out of his mouth.

"Oh Naruto-chan I'm so sorry!' She said as she quickly dropped the boy who fell straight on his face. Duncan sighed as he turned back to his wife.

"Look at him Maria. He's the kind of boy who needs adventure in his life. With this, he can journey across the land while doing good for the people of our nation." Maria's eyes started to water a little at what her husband was saying. It was true though, she could tell Naruto wouldn't be able to stay in anyplace too long. She had just been trying to deny that fact though. "Naruto, what do you say?" Duncan asked the boy who had just recovered from his near death experience. "The Guard will teach you many survival skills needed in the world as well as allow you to travel and explore different lands as well. Would you be interested?" He asked the boy as Naruto started thinking about what the man was offering.

'I'm in an unfamiliar land.' He thought, 'It would help to understand how this land works, as well as maybe find a way back to Konoha.' He then looked up at Duncan, 'He definitely looks strong, I could benefit from his training and see how people fight here.' Making up his mind thinking it was the best decision he looked up at Duncan, grinned and nodded his head. Duncan nodded his head as well in approval.

"Very well then." He said, "Then tomorrow morning, we will start on basic survival skills. Be prepared though Naruto for a brutal training regimen." He stood up. "I will make sure that you are the best damn Guardsman that this world has to offer." This only caused Naruto to grin as he too stood up.

"Bring it on old man!" He shouted out causing the man to gain a tick mark on his head as his wife just giggled.

The next morning, Duncan came into Naruto's room at 4:30 am to get him up. Unfortunately for the blonde, he was a pretty heavy sleeper, but soon became wide awake when he found himself being drowning in a freezing pond. After that the boy sluggishly followed Duncan for their first survival training exercise.

"You should have seen him honey." He said to his wife while excitingly explaining their first day together. "He was a natural when it came to almost everything. He's a little rusty on what types of plants and fungus are safe, but other than that, man. This kid's gonna go far." Maria just smiled at the fact that Duncan was so proud of the boy and his progress. "He caught onto tracking and hunting very fast, and his stealth to sneak up behind prey is astounding. I couldn't have done a better job myself!" He exclaimed, "It's almost like he was…. Trained….." He paused causing his wife to look at him in mild concern.

"What is it?" She asked gently.

Thoughts were pouring into Duncan's head rapidly. 'Everything that we did today….. It's like he was meant to not be seen.' He started to remember little bits of events that were occurring throughout the day.

Flashback no Justu:

Naruto was now standing across an open area of land with a wooden sword in his hand. It wasn't any type of sword that Naruto had seen before, well at least before he had met Duncan at least. It was a double-edge wooden sword that had a rather cumbersome hilt on his. He tried to think about how he would be able to use the sword like he normally handled bladed weapons. He held the sword out in a reverse grip, trying to accommodate the weight of the sword. In his other hand was a round wooden shield that Naruto wondered why he would need to have. If he was fast enough, there wouldn't need to be a reason to have it….. right?

Duncan noticed the way the boy was holding the sword. 'I guess he picked that up watching the slavers.' He would soon need to correct that though. He nodded to the boy as a signal for him to begin. Naruto charged at the man, surprising him momentarily at the boys' speed. 'He's fast!' He thought as he dodged the clumsy swing of the blade causing the young boy to expose his back to the man. Duncan sighed as he went to knock the boy down with a kick, 'Looks like we have a long way to go.' But just as he was about to make contact, the boy jumped to the side rolling out of the way, but twisting his arm. Duncan's eyes widened, 'Where did that come from?' He thought at he saw the boy grab the wrist that was holding his shield in pain.

The boy momentarily cursed the shield for being cumbersome, before getting an idea. He took some string that was in his pouch and tied the shield around him so that it was on his back. Grinning widely, he gripped the sword again and charged at the man. Once again the man dodged and let out a strike at the boys back, only for it to be countered by his shield. Naruto grinned as he saw a small hint of pride run through the man's eyes.

Duncan's eyes were analyzing the boy with every move that he made. 'He's trying to dodge most of my attacks. He doesn't bother to counter or parry, he looks for weaknesses within the opponent. He knows a little how to handle a blade, but not large blades, the weight of the wooden sword is starting to affect the way he holds it.' He thought as he started thrusting his sword out at the boy. 'A lot of wasted movement, but he moves just like an assassin…. Guess I'll just have to show him that speed isn't everything, especially if you run up against a faster and stronger opponent.' In all honesty, Duncan wasn't expecting the boy to know how to fight at all. He dodged another clumsy swing for the boy to expose his back again. Duncan noticed his right leg tense and Duncan blurred out of sight only for Naruto to run smack dab into the man. Duncan grabbed the boy roughly and lifted him to eye level with his wooden blade against the boys neck.

"I win gaki." He smiled as he tossed the boy on the ground. The boy huffed in annoyance at the man.

"I almost got you." He whined. The man laughed as he shook his head.

"There's still a huge difference in almost and actually winning Naruto." He said getting another huff of annoyance from the boy.

"How did you even get me?" He asked. Duncan just raised his eyebrow

"You're fast kid, but you ain't that fast." He said, "Remember, there will always be someone out there who is stronger and faster than you." Naruto thought about it and nodded his head as he accepted the hand that Duncan was offering him.

"Now," Duncan started, "I like what you have done with your shield." Naruto grinned, "But, we need to have it be more accessible to you during a fight. As of right now, you would have trouble taking it off without cutting through the string correct?" He asked. Naruto looked at the string, then struggled for a little bit trying to get the shield off only to get himself tangled in the string causing the Knight-Commander to laugh.

"Grrrr… Why do I even need to use this thing? It just gets in the way!" He growled out as he finally got the blasted shield off. Duncan sighed.

"Naruto, your shield is probably one of your most important weapons you carry on you." He said, "If you need to make a choice between your blade and your shield, take up your shield. It can protect you when you most need it." Naruto looked up at the man as if he were crazy.

"That doesn't make any sense!" He yelled, "You can stab anything with a shield, so how are you going to win?" He asked as Duncan took off his shield from his back and held it in his hand, dropping his wooden sword to the ground.

"Come at me then." He said, "I will use nothing but my shield to defend and you will see." Naruto shrugged his shoulders and took his stance once again. Hey if the old man wanted to see who could last longer, his attacks or the old mans defense, he was sure he could win. Naruto charged in quickly trying to make his way around the mans shield. Duncan though was too quick and Naruto was about to have his wooden blade hit the shield when all of a sudden the shield shot forward ramming into Naruto's entire body.

Naruto saw stars as he flew back and hit the ground wheezing. The wind was knocked out of him and he was having trouble breathing. Coughing his way back up he heard Duncan walk beside him.

"Remember Naruto," He started, "Your shield can be a protector or a destroyer as well." With that he hurled his shield at the nearest tree. A large crack resonated throughout the forest as Naruto watched the shield embed itself into the tree.

'Holy shit!' He thought still trying to inhale oxygen, 'That could've taken off someone head!' He looked back up at the Knight-Commander.

"Come on and get up gaki." He said as he hoisted the boy back up to his feet. "I'll teach you how a true Knight wields a sword." He finished with a grin. The rest of the day, the Knight-Commander and Naruto worked on his swordsmanship and the importance of using a great defense as an offense.

End Flashback no Jutsu:

Duncan thought about the different events that occurred throughout the day. 'The way he held the sword, he only considers an opponent down if you stab them.' He thought. He had also noticed that Naruto's accuracy, while not precise, was pretty damn good considering he was supposed to have been a slave. When they practice archery, it took him a few times, but then he was nearly getting every shot within the red circle in the center. Not quite the bullseye, but damn close.

"Honey? Are you alright?" Asked now a worried Maria seeing her husband zone out the way that he did. At that same time, Naruto also walked into the room coming from his shower.

"What's wrong with Jiji?" He asked getting both of their attention. Duncan sighed, maybe it wasn't important for right now. He could worry about that later.

"I'll tell you what's wrong with me." He let out a fake growl, "The fact that I have a blonde gaki calling me an old man when I'm just hitting my prime!" With that he jumped at the blonde putting him in a headlock and started to give him the noogie of his life. The blonde struggled desperately.

"AHHHHH!" He cried out flapping his arms while biting the mans arm. "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! MARIA-CHAAAAN! DON'T JUST STAND THERE LAUGHING! HE'S GONNA KILL ME IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING!" Maria just stood off to the side her hand over her mouth as she watched the boy struggle valiantly over the deadly noogie.

She let out a warm sigh. 'Oh Naruto.' She thought, 'I pray that you decide to stay here with us.' She smiled at the thought.

The next four months went by quickly for everyone. Naruto found that he had learned a lot from Duncan about surviving in the wilderness. True, he had ninja training to do so, but this mainly honed his mediocre skills in the field. After all, he didn't really have the best teachers growing up.

Duncan taught him many different forms of wielding different weapons. Whether they were with a broadsword to a simple lance. Archery was getting to be a favorite of Naruto's. It made up for a long distance attack that he really never had before, well besides just spamming clones out left and right. But he didn't want the people here to think that he had any special abilities. He wasn't quite sure what would happen if he did, but it seems like none of the soldiers that Duncan talked about had any sort of these abilities, only mages. It wasn't that he didn't trust them….. He just wanted to be treated normally though…... Like a regular person.

Though he was training to become a Knight and in the end that was his main goal before he headed back home, he was a Konoha Shinobi through and through. On his shredded jacket was a seal where he had kept scrolls of just notes of either the different jutsu that he knew or of others that he thought sounded pretty badass… The problem was that he had no way of knowing how to recreate those jutsu…. He mumbled something about prejudices against him just because he was an aspiring Shinobi in the making or something like that. But now, Naruto really had to sit down and think, what else was there that he could do to further develop his Shinobi skills. He had learned various skills from other ninja from after the invasion of the leaf by the Sand and Sound villages. Naruto shrugged his shoulders as he decided to try and perfect those things that were taught to him. He quickly unsealed a tanto that was given as a gift of gratitude to him by the eternal genin. He smiled slightly as he looked at the blade with fondness. Determination then flooded his eyes as he got in the basic stances that the man had instructed him in.

Late at night, when both Duncan and Maria went to bed, Naruto would sneak out of the house and train in the shinobi arts. His training in the Shinobi Arts soared and he grew stronger than ever before. Especially with the training that he was receiving from Duncan. He wasn't sure about it, but he thought that if Duncan were ever serious with him, shinobi or not, Duncan could beat the living hell out of him. There were just times, like when he thought Naruto was getting a big head, would all of a sudden pull out a new maneuver out of nowhere on Naruto to humble said boy.

That Evening:

Maria was pacing around the room frantically telling herself to calm down over and over again. Her husband just watched her with his eyes move from one side of the room, to the next.

"Maria," He started, "Please try to calm down." He said calmly.

"But what if he doesn't accept?!" She cried out, "What if he wants to leave us?!" Tears started to pour out of her eyes as she sank to the ground. "I-I-I don't know if I could take it." She said as her husband came to her side silently rubbing her back.

"Well we won't know unless we ask will we?" He said in a gentle voice, only to get a muffled reply back from the woman who was clinging onto her husband. Naruto had changed her life significantly. She had never loved a child so much as this one. She already considered him her son. If he didn't feel the same way, her heart would be crushed. She had prayed and prayed over and over again that he would accept their love. But now, she just didn't know what the blonde wanted.

"Maria-chan?" Came a new voice. Both looked up at the blonde in the doorway. "What's wrong with Maria-chan Jiji?" He asked with concern in his voice as he too came up to the couple on the ground.

Embarrassed Maria quickly started whipping her tears away trying to put on a smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Nothing Naruto-chan." She said trying to dismiss the boy. Naruto just narrowed his eyes.

"Jiji…." He said, " What's going on? Why is Maria-chan crying?" He asked the man. Duncan looked at the boy in front of him and sighed. He stood up and started to roll up his sleeve until Naruto saw a black tattoo that was on his shoulder. It was the same symbol that was on Duncan's shield as well

"Do you know what the significance of this symbol is Naruto?" He asked seriously. Naruto just looked at the tattoo and shook his head. "Griffons are powerful noble creatures. They are loyal to the death and will protect you with their life if they have your trust. They are also the most trustworthy magical creature throughout the land. In the midst of their presence, no one can tell a lie. It is impossible. That is why we Numair's, all bear the mark of the Griffon. Honesty, loyalty, and power…." Naruto listened to the man intently, caught in every moment of what he was saying. "Only those of the Silverback family are allowed to wear this emblem on their body. It's a commitment that you will protect that, which is precious to you. My father gave me this mark when I was your age Naruto. That day, I truly became a part of my family." He looked down at Naruto. "Naruto… I would be honored if you too bore the mark of this crest on you body as well." Naruto eye's widened significantly.

"Y-y-you mean that?..." Duncan nodded his head.

"That's right." He said, "Maria and I would be honored if you truly became a part of our family…. And be our son." Naruto looked at the couple dumbfounded. Never in a million years would he have thought another family would want to have him. This was something that he had always wanted, ever since he was at the orphanage….. But wait… What about his promises that he had already made… Becoming Hokage….. Rescuing Sasuke… What about those things. He looked back up at the couple. Duncan was smiling warmly, but Maria was sitting there shaking with fear. Fear of rejection…. Fear of being left alone….. Naruto's heart went out to her.

'How can I deny them the one thing that I have always wanted.' He thought, 'They have been so kind to me and have truly loved me.' Thinking about his past, he looked down thinking about what he should do. He was silent for several minutes, that the couple in front of them were about to explode with anticipation for his answer. Then the blonde let out a huge grin and looked up, determination flowing through his eyes. 'Whatever! I will still rescue Sasuke!' He thought. 'I still will become Hokage! But who says that I can't be their son as well!' With that he flung himself at the couple and wrapped them both in a tight hug.

"I've always wanted a family." He whispered. Maria's eyes widened at what the blonde had said. Slowly they closed back down as tears to run down her face. She wrapped both of her arms around the small blonde.

"Thank you." She whispered, "A thousand times thank you for choosing us!" She cried out at she hugged the boy for all he was worth. Tears started to run down the blondes face as well as he embraced his new mother. Duncan smiled warmly, happy to see the love of his life was in such a state of happiness.

"Welcome…." He said gently as he too wrapped the boy and his wife in a hug. "To the family….. Naruto Uzumaki Numair."

A couple weeks later, there in the doorways of the Numair's home stood a crying Maria. She looked out as she saw the two boys in her life ready to ride out to the castle.

"For goodness sake Maria." Sighed Duncan, "We're going to be back by night." Maria just bawled more at that.

"B-b-but m-m-my baby!" She cried out while blowing her nose in her hankers chief. "H-h-he's much too young for the guard!" Duncan sighed again while scratching the back of his head.

"Normally I would agree with you." He said, "But Naruto here has shown so much improvement, that the committee doesn't want to see such potential go to waste, so they wanted to start him up on guard duty despite only being 13." He patted the boy on the head affectionately, "But, I would have to say that I agree with them as well. The gaki here needs to get out of the house and see life for what the world is really like." Naruto growled lightly under the hand on the giant man in front of him.

"Geerroofff me!" He growled out. "Kaa-chaaaaan! Tell Jiji to stop picking on me!" Maria smiled warmly every time the boy would call her that. She couldn't help it. She loved the fact that he had considered her, of all people, his mother. Duncan just cuffed the boy across the head.

"Why does she get the Kaa-chan while I get the Jiji." He grumbled. "You for once could just call me father." He muttered while anime tears were going down his face as he huddled in the corner, rain clouds over his head. Maria just giggled at the two. She wiped up her tears as she head over to Naruto and tried to matt his unruly hair, but the blasted thing wouldn't be tamed.

"This blasted hair of yours." She grumbled out as Naruto struggled to get out of her grasp.

"Kaa-chan!" He grumbled, "I'm fine." Maria just smiled and kissed him affectionately on the forehead.

"I know you are Naruto-chan." She said, "I just wish that I could keep you here with me forever." Duncan sighed.

"You'll see him tonight!" Cried out. "We're only going to be gone a for at most like 10 hours or so." Maria still wouldn't listen as she sobbed over the fact that Naruto was going to be apart of the Guard.

Finally after much coaxing, both Naruto and Duncan were able to get away from Maria, they were soon both riding their horses to the gates of the castle. The fortress looked strong that was built around three towers, one much thicker than the others. Naruto looked around, he was impressed by the thinkness of the walls around the outer court as well as by the alertness of the guards that were stationed at their posts. He looked around in awe as he saw different soldiers honing their skills and practicing with one another. Others were marching around the courtyard in unison. He watched as the drill sergeant barked out sharp orders and the men attentively listened and obeyed the orders.

"Wow." He said quietly, marveling at the unity of the soldiers. Duncan chuckled a little at his reaction. He knew that in a little while, Naruto would grow to hate the endless drilling and orders being barked out at him. The endless hours of keeping watch and having guard duty…. Soon Naruto would soon grow to hate the mundane chores that these soldiers would have him go through to accept the young boy. Most recruits were around the age of 17 or 18 when they were found to be acceptable to enter into the guard. But, every now and then, there would be a younger teen who would show promise and be allowed into the guard. Naruto was sure to have a rough beginning with these men in the guard.

The next few months, Naruto had definitely rethought about his decision to become a member of the Royal Guard. Most of the men in his company were pretty cruel to the young boy, always making him take their slack of the work that needed to be done around the castle. They called it their initiation rights. Naruto just called it straight bullying. So some of the old Konoha King of Pranksters had to come out.

On the morning of one of their inspections, Naruto had painted all of the men's armor hott pink. When the inspection officer saw what the regimen was wearing, he became outraged and started to grill out the men in their ridiculous armor. Naruto just snickered until he saw a bunch of armored men running after him.

"You're not gonna get away with this Naruto!" One yelled. Naruto gleefully started giving the men a merry chase around the castle courtyard, sporadically setting off his paint bombs and sneezing powder at the men. Many of the veterans of the castle just looked onward at the scene, amusement in their eyes as they gathered on the outside of the courtyard to watch the show.

"BARON!" A soldier cried out to the man who was currently looking at the scene through his window in the tower. He just sighed.

"It's Naruto again." He said dully, only for his second in command to chuckle at the man.

"Oh I don't know Duncan." He said cheerfully, "He does spice things up around this dreary old place doesn't he? I mean look, when was the last time you saw that many colors in the courtyard?" He laughed. Duncan's shoulders slumped.

"What am I going to do with that boy Sam?" He asked, "I know that it's partially the men's fault for this, but still, he needs to learn discipline."

"That's the problem with having one join the guard at such a young age." Sam replied, "I mean look at him, he can fight off most of the Guards here with the exception of the veterans. He's skilled in hunting and tracking. And he can gather information like no one we have ever seen before." The man thought about the situation for a moment. "What if you gave him an assignment outside of the castle?" Duncan looked at the man as if he were crazy.

"Are you serious?!" He asked shocked, "He's not even six months in the Guard and you want to send him outside the castle?! Do you know how dangerous that is?!" Sam just held up his hands in his defense.

"Now now. Just listen to what I have to say." He said trying to calm down the commander. "Just give him an easy assignment that's close by." He said while picking up a piece of parchment that was on the Knight-Commanders table. "Like this one. There seems to have been some missing miners close by, this is just in the next town over. What if you sent him with a troop to go and investigate?"

Duncan took the piece of parchment from the man and looked it over. It would get Naruto out of his hair for awhile. But then again, he would get an earful from his wife if she had ever found out….. But the boy needed something else besides just standing guard. He was surprised that the boy had lasted this long personally with the long hours of guard duty….. But, those jobs were there for a reason, to develop discipline. Something of which the boy was starting to get, but still was a long ways off by any means. It was a tug-o-war of his thoughts before he made his decision.

Finally he nodded his head, "Very well." He said, "Bring him to me along with the 3rd division. I want them out of here in the morning to investigate the situation." Sam simply smiled and bowed his head before heading off to fetch the company.

"Man! This kinda sucks!" Said Naruto as he and 3 other men headed down a cavern in the side of the mountain. They had split up from the main company to cover more ground to find the missing miners.

"Shut your mouth Numair!" Snapped one of the men, "You should just be grateful you're even let out of the castle in under six months. Just because you're the Baron's son." He growled out.

"What was that you bastard!" Snarled Naruto at the man. The man's name was Brian. He was just a typical soldier who had joined the regimen at age 18, now 23, he served the guard faithfully, but for some reason he had a strong disliking for the blonde boy.

"You heard me." He snapped, "You know if it wasn't for daddy, you wouldn't even be here. Unlike you, all three of us had to work our butts off to even become a Guard." Naruto growled and looked at the others, while they said nothing, they seemed to share the same feelings as their comrade.

"Hey I had to work my fingers to the bone to even be approved by the regimen!" Naruto cried out only to get a mocking laugh from the older Guard.

"Yea right you little -….!"

"Quite!" Came the voice of one of the other two, "Something is up ahead." Everyone fell silent as they brought their torches up to see if they could see further into the darkness. Then a strong scent his Naruto's nose as he gasped in shock.

"What is it?" Said one of the guards quietly.

"Blood…." Whisper Naruto getting the other three's eyes to widen. "And lots of it." With that they turned the corner, only to see a sight that would probably haunt most of them for the rest of their lives.

Blood was splattered everywhere. Bodies and limbs were strung around everywhere. Guts and intestines were flung all over the place. The smell of decaying flesh almost made everyone in the area hurl. Flies were littered around the bodies, having their mating fest; it was a reproductive heaven for the insects. Bodies looked like they had been half eaten and flung away like trash.

"W-w-what is this!" Cried out Brian as he looked around in horror. Naruto, holding up a scarf to his nose looked down at one of the rotting corpses.

"Quiet!" He said seriously, "We don't know if there's anything else down here!" He started to examine the body. "It looks like we found some of the miners." He said getting panic looks from his patrol. "We need to report this to the lieutenant immediately!" He snapped out, only getting quick nods from the rest of the group who were still in slight shock at the sight they had seen. They had seen a lot, hell, they had fought a lot of battles, but there was nothing as gruesome what they were seeing in this mine.

As they turned an arrow pierced the helmet of one of the Guardsmen, instantly causing him to fall to the ground dead.

"AZRATH!" Cried out one Guards as he dropped his torch and ran to his friend. Naruto looked back to where the arrow came from, and saw a humanoid looking creature there with what looked like to be a horn.

"NO!' He cried out realizing his intention. He grabbed his bow that laid across his back and shot out an arrow at he creature. But it was too late. The horn sounded a low rumbling roar throughout the caves before the arrow was lodged in his skull. "Shit!" Naruto said before looking at his other Guardsmen. "I don't want to be around for when whatever he called here shows up." Pointing to the fallen guard, "Pick him up, no one gets left behind! We need to get out of here fast!" He said urgently. The other men, just nodded there heads and picked the man up before running back the way that they had come.

It was only about 5 minutes before the small group started to hear the echoing of growls, screaming, snarling, and footsteps coming up from behind.

'Shit! We're not going to make!' He thought as the sounds became louder and louder. Stopping he started to scrounge around in his pack.

"What are you doing?!" Cried Brian, "We need to get out of here! They're right behind us!"

"We're not gonna make it!" Naruto said, "I will buy you time, get the hell out of here and inform the lieutenant!" He shouted back as he started to lie some of his traps on the ground.

"You think that we're just going to leave you here to die?!" He cried out.

"I'm not going to die!" Naruto cried out, "I'm just buying us time so that we can reach the rest of the company! Now get out of here! I will follow shortly. If we don't get this to the lieutenant more innocent lives will be taken! NOW GET GOING!" He shouted. Brian just looked at the boy, hating himself for what he was about to do.

"You better come back alive Numair." He muttered with worry in his eyes as he and he fellow guardsmen picked up the fallen guard and ran on.

Naruto let out a small sigh before getting back to work on what he was doing. These caverns were thick, so he had to apply many paper bombs outlining the tunnel. 'Thank you Fuinjutsu.' He thought. As he an arrow whizzed by his head. Looking up, he saw more of the humanoid creatures gathering around and charging up the narrow path. Naruto turned tail and started to run up the tunnel. A whip came out of nowhere and wrapped itself around the boys' ankle causing him to fall to the ground.

'Shit!' He thought as the beasts were already falling upon him. He brought his fingers up to form the sign, "KAI!" He shouted out.


Explosions rang throughout the tunnel. Many of the beasts howled as the explosions took their lives. The tunnel shook violently as it began to collapse on the monsters coming up through the tunnel. Naruto cut through the whip with his short sword and dashed his way up through the tunnel, avoiding the falling rocks that came crashing from the ceiling.

'There it is!' He thought as he saw entrance to the tunnel that they had taken before separating from the regimen. He pushed chakra in his feet and sped his way diving out of the tunnel before the entire thing collapsed on the monsters. A loud boom resonated as the tunnel collapsed.

Naruto flipped on his back taking in deep breathes. "That was close." He panted/laughed out. He rested for a second before getting to his feet and started to turn to look for his company. As he was walking away though, he heard a small rock fall from the tunnel that had just collapsed. Turning he eyed the tunnel carefully.


Boulders exploded as three giant humanoid creatures came out of the rubble growling and snarling at the young guard in front of them.

"Fuck me." Naruto said as he glanced upon the giants. Each of them were easily over 13-14 feet tall. Demon-like faces with horns adorning their skulls. Armor was laid only on one arm, around their loins and the wrist of the other arm. Spikes shot out of the armor and veins buldged from the massive muscles that these creatures had. Green liquid could be seen dripping out of their grayish skin, Naruto assumed it was blood from the blast.

Naruto took out his sword and shield. 'Shit!' He thought, 'I can't use many ninja techniques with all this armor on!' It was true, his speed greatly reduced as he had much weight on his body. He needed to conserve his chakra too, to move at the speed he wanted to with the bulky metal. His armor also limited his range in movement as well. Naruto was confident in his skills as a knight, but he wasn't sure if he was up to fight three of these monstrosities. It didn't look like these monsters were about to give him much time to change either. He could only hope that he would last until the rest of the regimen reached him in time to assist him.

One of the monsters decided to make its first move by picking up a nearby boulder and hurling it at the boy. Naruto dodged, latching himself against the nearby wall before rocketing over to the nearest monster sword arched back ready to take off its head. To his surprise to monster blocked his sword with his wrist guard before grabbing the young Guard and started slamming him into the ground repeatedly. Blood sprayed from Naruto's mouth as he took his sword and stabbed it into the arm of the giant. Letting out a blood-curling scream, the giant dropped Naruto, who had already latched three arrows on his bow as he was falling.

"Eat this bitch." He said as he laced the arrows with chakra. He let go of the string just as he hit the ground. The arrows flew through the base of the skull of the giant, out through the other side instantly killing the demon.

Naruto rolled out of his fall as best as he could before launching himself at one of the other beasts, both of which were charging towards him. Pulsing chakra through he shield, he chucked it at one of the oncoming giants, causing his head to snap back halting the beasts progress. Naruto went to slide underneath the legs of the other, only for one of his arms to be caught, as he was halfway through.

"URKK?!" Was all he was able to let out as he was flung across the small room, his body hitting the solid rock, effectively making a crater in the side of the wall. More blood spewed from the young teens mouth. Sensing danger, Naruto quickly pulsed chakra into his hands and feet to climb up the wall when he found his shield embedded to where he was just a second ago. Looking up he saw the second giant had regained his bearings once again.

Naruto looked at his state of dress, his armor nearly shattered from the blows that he had received, helmet gone. All he had was his shield and his sword…. Well…Naruto looked down at his sword, seeing that it was shattered. Tossing it away, he plucked his shield from the side of the cave wall before running up the wall and on the ceiling at the two giants. They started to hurl boulders at the blonde. Naruto dodged the boulders as he pulled out a short stick from his shield. Pulsing chakra through the stick, the metal started to extend into a spear.

Naruto launched himself from the ceiling and chucked what looked to be a small ball at the giants. Just as it reached them, it exploded into a bright flash of light blinding his opponents who let out a large roar while clawing at their eyes.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Cried out the Lieutenant who was rushing back with Naruto's patrol to rescue the blonde from the army of demons that were coming up from the caverns.

"Shit! Numair you better not be dead!" Brian cried out as he and the Lieutenant picked up their pace to rescue the blonde with the rest of the regimen behind them. They stopped at they came to the entrance of their tunnel only to watch in shock and awe at the site they were witnessing.

Naruto was coming down from the ceiling, spear and shield in hand. He hit the ground hard before redirecting his gravity at one of the giants launching his spear straight through the base of its skull. Naruto then rushed to the other giant swinging his shield as hard as he could at the almost recovered giant. The giant stopped the shield in midair with one of its hands. Naruto pulled out another blade from the back of his shield, twisted his body, arm still in the grasp of the giant, and making a full circle plunged his blade into the neck of the creature.

The creature stood still for a moment…. Before gurgling out its last breathe, blood flowing from his mouth, and fell to the floor lifeless. Naruto rolled off to the side panting heavily at the foes he had just vanquished. Suddenly, he heard cheering echoing throughout the cave. He looked over surprised to see the entire 3rd division there crying out cheers of celebration over the boy. They rushed to the boy and lifted them up on their shoulders. Praises were made left and right along with pats on the backs head ruffles. Naruto simply smiled up at the older men who were now grinning at the boy and his accomplishment. Many of the men were acting like children trying to reenact the feat, that they had just witnessed. Naruto grinned as he simply as he made his way to the side of the cave and sat down to take a breather.

Naruto's victory over what he later found out were ogres, ran like wildfire throughout the entire nation of Fiore. Not only had he single handedly taken out 3 monstrous ogres, but an battalion of monsters, demon-like creatures, but collapsing part of the mine. Naruto, was no longer just the Knight-Commanders brat who got on only because of his old man, but a true hero in the light of many of the guardsmen. He had even been promoted to Warrant Officer. Receiving his very own blade that signified his rank.

When Duncan had found out just what had happened, be he couldn't have been more proud of his son. His mother on the other hand, Maria hugged the poor boy and cried out that she was never going to let the boy go again. Duncan had to many times effectively stop his wife from literally squeezing the life out of the blonde.

Duncan looked down from his window in the castle at his son. Impressed that all the praise had not gone to his head. He was now sparring with many of the different guards with what looked like to be a mace and his shield. Duncan noticed that his shield was slightly different from most, instead of just being a normal round shield, on both the top and bottom, it looked like it was edged a little inwards, coming down before coming back up on the other side. It was unique in its design, Duncan looked forward to seeing if it had a purpose or not in the future.

"So…." Came a feminine voice behind him. "That's the Naruto Uzumaki Numair that I've heard so much about." She said with a slight giggle to her voice. Ducan turned around to see a pale-skinned teen with dark purple hair and brown eyes. Her hair was down and straight that reached her mid back. The teen had a voluptuous figure, wearing a revealing dress that stopped at mid thigh, sporting a striped pattern. Many of the men in the castle, even though she was much younger, couldn't help but stop and stare at the beautiful teen. "I really can't wait to meet him. And to think, he's only 14." She said giving a predatory smirk at the boy. Duncan tightened his fist but bit his tongue.

"But you councilwoman, are only 15 going on 16, and you're already on the council. That too is a great feat in itself." He said respectfully. The girl laughed lightly.

"True, but what your son has done, definitely has the councils attention now." She said, "I can't wait to get to know him more on a…. personal level if you will." She said slightly sultry gaining a small growl from the Baron. She only smiled as she continued to watch the blonde train.

"Damn." Said the slightly sweaty blonde as he walked throughout the castle, "I wonder what the old man wants now." He was stretching one of his arms by swinging it around. Every now and then soldiers would appear and raise a greeting with the blonde. Naruto would respectfully acknowledge them and continue down his way.

He was wearing his leather armor today, seeing as he was only training. His Metal armor was expensive and he felt bad if he had to ask Duncan or Maria for the money to have more. So he bought what he could with the missions that he was assigned. Sure he could use the standard armor that the Griffon Cove Guardsman used, but Naruto was never one to just go for the ordinary. He wanted to stand out some. With time, he would be able to get armor in which could be customized to his liking.

Reaching the Knight-Commanders office, he gave a salute to the two guards there who saluted him back, he reached up and knocked on the large oak door,

"Come in!" He heard his father on the other side. Opening the door, he walked in. "Alright ya old geezer, what'dya want with me this time…" He paused when he saw that his father wasn't sitting in his chair, but a beautiful girl a few years older than himself.

"Now that's not very nice." She said amusement running through her eyes. "I've still yet to hit my peak of beauty don't you think." She enjoyed the scene unfold in front of her as she saw the boy flush a slight red. Duncan then stepped in.

"Naruto. I would like you to meet Councilwoman Ultear Milkovich. She comes from the Magic Council from the capital in Crocus." He paused and Naruto saw that his father had clenched his jaw slightly. "She has some business that she would like to address with you." Ultear only smiled at the strain that she heard in the man's voice.

"Yes indeed Naruto-kun." She said sexually, looking over the toned muscles in the growing boys body, "I can't wait for the both of us to get to know each to other better." She said licking her lips.


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