"Abby, we didn't find anything around the perimeter, how'd the ride go?" Charlene yelled, before bumping into Willa, who stopped dead in her tracks. "What?"

Willa pointed to the ground. When Charlene followed her finger, she saw an unconscious Abby, an apple in hand.

"You don't think," Charlene gasped.

"Unfortunately, I think so." Tears trickled down Willa's face.

"You guys," Maybeck walked towards them, Finn and Philby right behind. "Haunted Mansion was a bust, except for the fact that the Doom Buggy stopped moving at the graveyard scene. We had to listen to 'Grim Grinning Ghosts for 10 minutes." Then they stopped when they saw Abby laying on the ground.

"What happened?" Finn asked.

"Well, what happened to Snow White in the movie when she was like this?" Charlene responded.

"The Poison Apple." Philby gasped.

"Well, if we're resorting to solutions from Snow White, how did she wake up?" Maybeck asked.

"True love's kiss." Willa whispered.

All eyes turned toward Philby. "What?" The ginger asked.

"Philby, we saw the way she looked at you when we first met her." Finn smiled.

"And we saw the way you looked at her." Charlene added.

"Okay, suppose True Love's kiss did work, I'm certainly no prince Charming.

"Neither was Robert in Enchanted, but look what happened there. Just try it!" Willa urged.

He hesitated, but he agreed. "Okay. Here goes." Philby leaned toward Abby, and touched his lips to hers.

He pulled away, and nothing happened.

"Great!" Willa cried. The 5 DHI's turned away from Abby's body, all of them weeping. Even Maybeck was crying.

"Hey, why are you guys crying?" A voice came from behind them. They turned and saw Abby sitting up, smiling at Philby.

"Abby!" Philby ran up to her and hugged her.

"Thank God you're okay!" Charlene joined in on the hug. The rest soon followed suit.

"Welcome to the team, Abby." Philby whispered in her ear, right before kissing her again.