'Maddy, get out of here' Rhydian shouted running towards her. Red and orange flames danced around her as she tried to find him. She had to find him. He was everything to her.
'RHYDIAN!' maddy shouted, trying to find him.
'Maddie, run!' he shouted, his voice in a panic. Maddy felt the heat of the flames licking at her skin, but she had to find him.
'RHYDIAN!' sshe shouted again.
'Maddy, get down!' he shouted running through the flames. Maddy turned and saw the large brown wolf leaping towards her, teeth beared. The last thing she heard was rhydian's pained howl. Then he was gone.

Maddy shot up in her bed, her voice hoarse from screaming.
'Maddy, whats wrong?' her mum said running through the door. Maddy looked about the light room and saw it was morning, how long had she been screaming?
'N-nothing' she said putting her head in her hands. She walked over and sat down beside her pup. She wrapped her arms protectively around her and maddy leaned into her mothers touch.
'It was just a dream' her mother soothed, but maddy couldn't beleive it. There was something...familiar about it. It didn't seem like a dream.
'Your all right now' she soothed and maddie sighed, closing her eyes. It was just a dream. Her mum left to go to work and maddy slumped out of bed. She felt like she didn't get any sleep at all. And to make things worse, it was a full moon. Her bones were aching and a constant dull pain was in her head. She grabbed her school bag and a quick apple, feeling a bit sick inside.
'Bye ma, bye dad' she called.
'Bye sweetheart' her dad called and she left. She looked down the oath and saw rhydian sitting on a stone pillar that was attached to the gate.
'Hey mads' he said jumping down, swinging his back pack over his shoulder.
'Hey rhydian' she said hugging his extra tightly.
'Whats up with you?' he asked smiling, seeing she was tense.
'Just a bad dream' she said and he took her hand.
'Want to talk about it?' he asked and she shook her head. They headed down the street and met shannon and tom at the corner.
'Hey guys' shannon said happily adjusting her glasses.
'Hey shan, hey tom' maddy and rhydian said. They walked happily to school, discussing the english homework that tom 'forgot' to do.
'Come on mads, you know i don't do well in english' tom complained and maddy smiled.
'I'm sure you'll be fine' she reassured him and he smiled. They walked through the gates and saw the three k's had found a new fashion toy to play with. Each of them were wearing a large bow on their heads.
'What are they wearing?' shannon said and they laughed, catching the three k's attention.
'Oh look, its the beast trackers' kay said.
'Catch any monsters yet?' kara teased.
'No, for that you need nets, maybe we could borrow yours' maddy said and they glared, placing their hands protectively over their massive bows. The other three were covering their mouths, trying not to burst out laughing and they ran inside. Once in the dark room they were able to breath again and shannon slumped into the computer chair.
'How could they think that looks fashionable?' tom said and they started laughing again.

The bell went for first period and jimmi was obviously in a bad mood. He kept his arms folded and a frown was plastered on his face. His friends were trying to cheer him up, but it didn't look like it was working.
'Whats up with jimmi?' rhydian whispered and tom leaned in to them.
'Apparently, his dads making him move school because he got a new job' tom said and they couldn't help but feel sorry for him.
'Its still near by though, isn't it?' shannon said and tom shook his head.
'Its somewhere in england, he has to leave everything behind' tom said and rhydian couldn't help but compare his sitiuation to jimmi's.
'All right, settle down class, kara, phone away' mr jeffries said walking in and they sat down in their seats.

After school, maddy and rhydian ran home. Maddy knew her mum and dad would personnely hunt them down if they didn't get there for the full moon. They haven't had a proper full moon yet and were determined not to let this one fail. Rhydian jumped over the back fence and maddy followed, running through the door, pretending to attack each other.
'Eh, shoes off young lady, you too rhydian' her mum said pulling the large turkey out of the freezer.
'Ok ma' maddy said kicking her shoes off and waiting for rhydian.

They paced the living room, feeling the walls closing in on them at each step.
'I can't take it' maddy said throwing her arms in the air and rhydian smirked.
'Its just for one night maddy' rhydian said passing her while they paced.
'I wish we could transform outside' she said quietly.
'You know why we can't young lady' her mum called, obviously hearing her.
'Can't say anything infront of a wolfblood' maddy said and her mum smiled. Rhydiean smiled and maddy heard her dad come in.
'Hi dad' maddy called and her dad waved, walking over to her mum and planting a kiss on her cheek. Maddy made a sick face and rhydian laughed.
'All set for tonight?' maddy's dad said walking in and plonking himself on the couch.
'Sort of' rhydian said and maddy smiled at him.
'Well, if you have anything to say, say it now or else it'll turn into growling' he dad and the two of them chuckled.
'Right, all set?' her mum said and they nodded, nervously. The walk to the cellar seemed like ages but was in fact a few seconds and soon they were standing in the middle of the den, doors locked, food and water in the middle. Maddy and rhydian sat down on a log and waited. Maddy closed her eyes and the fire sprung to life, the wolves, the flames, rhydian. She opened her eyes quickly and took a deep breath.
'You ok?' rhydian whispered and she nodded.
'Just nervous' she said shrugging and he smirked with her. Her mum and dad stopped pacing and they looked up. Through the small glass window they saw the moon. Claws shot from their fingers, fur sprouted over their bodies and they faced elongated. Maddy could feel her insides changing to suit the wolf and soon the pack was formed. The alpha and the female took in the features of the two pups infront of them and welcomed them to their small pack. The alpha and the female ate first then let the pups feed, to show dominance. Once full, the pups chased each other while the adults chewed on hard bits of rope and sharpened their claws. The male pup ran after the female and jumped on her and they tumbled into the leaves. They yipped in happiness and started climbing the wooden logs and playing with each other. The alpha and female watched over them carefully and stayed beside each other, like any other wolves would.

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