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'Mads!' Rhydian shouted running over to her. Maddy turned to see Rhydian and she smiled.
'Hey leek boy!' came a voice from behind them. They both turned and saw Jimmi and his mates laughing.
'Havn't you got something else to be doing?' Maddy snapped and Jimmi smirked.
'Like what?' he said crossing his arms with that daft smile on his face.
'Packing' Rhydian snapped and Jimmi stormed over to him.
'Listen welshy, i'm glad i'm going' he spat and Rhydian glared at him.
'You and everyone else' he said slowly and Jimmi stormed off, his mates following him.
'That. Was. Brilliant' Shannon said and they turned to her and Tom walking over.
'You saw that' Maddie said.
'Yeah, it was brilliant' Tom said and they chuckled. They walked together over to the dark room and dumped their bags at the side. Shannon went straight to the computer and plugged her small camera into it.
'Whats that Shan?' Maddy asked walking over to her.
'I found some weird prints in the woods' she said bringing up photos. Most of them were just pictures of the ground but one caught their eye.
'Go back a minute' Rhydian said and they all looked at the photo. In the middle of a pile of leaves, deeply covered was a smooth green stone.
'What is that?' Tom asked and Shannon shrugged.
'Don't know' she said zooming in and they all looked closer. Around the edge of the stone was a strange green glow.
'Where did you take this?' Rhydian asked and Shannon opened her small brown notepad.
'Erm... oh here, near the lake, on the far side' she said ad they all looked at each other.
'Not another expedition' Tom moaned and they laughed, knowing they couldn't stop themselves.

'Shan, how long do you think we're going for?' Tom joked as Shannon walked over with her hiking pack.
'Its necessary' she said hitching her bag up higher.
'There's four of us, not twenty' Maddy joked.
'Well there's maddy, she eats enough for at least ten' Rhydian said right before Maddy whacked him with her bag.
'You're the one to talk' she said and they set off laughing. Maddy and Rhydoan stayed behind Shannon and Tom, whispering.
'What about Camilla and Tyson?' Maddy asked quietly.
'I'm sure they'll see us before we see them' Rhydian smiled and they dropped the subject.

'Here, this is where i took the picture' Shannon said walking out and dropping her bag near the lake. Maddy and Rhydian stuck by each other and scowered the ground, checking near trees and under leaves. Maddy saw a glint of silver and looked to her side to see Camilla. She nudged Rhydian and he looked over smiling at her. They easliy snuk away from Tom and Shannon and the three of them crouched down behind a large tree.
'Whats up?' Maddy asked and Camilla looked worried.
'Theres a dragon egg round here, i'm suposed to get it and bring it back to my villiage' she said biting her lip.
'Is it green?' Rhydian asked and she nodded quickly.
'Have you seen it?' she asked.
'Yeah, out friend took a picture of it and thats why we're here' Rhydian said and she sighed with releif.
'Well, have you found it yet' she asked and they shook their heads.
'What if they find it first?' She asked and they looked at each other.
'If we find it first, we'll hide it and give it to you and if they find it, then we'll have to find a way to get them away from it' Rhydian said and Maddy sighed, shaking her head and smiling.
'We'll get it before they do' she said pulling Rhydian back out. Camilla stayed behind the tree and watched closely.
'Any luck?' Rhydian called and they jumped at the sudden noise.
'No, now be quiet' Shannon said laughing and they continued their search. Maddy saw a shine of green and turned to see the polished surface of the egg. She grabbed Rhydian and crouched down beside it. She placed her hand over it and felt the egg give a jolt. She retracted her hand and looked at Rhydian who bent down and picked it up. They slipped away from Shannon and Tom and met back with Camilla.
'Your a life saver' she said taking the egg and placing it in her bag.
'So, who gets the egg?' Rhydian asked and she looked at him.
'The egg chooses its rider, it will only hatch if it feels the presence of its rider' she said and they nodded.
'Do you know, like before they get the egg?' Maddy asked and she shook her head.
'We need to try every one, and then pass on the egg through generations until we find the rider' she explained.
'But that could take years' Rhydian said and she nodded.
'Its our job' she shrugged and they smiled.
'Guys, where are you!' Shannon called and the two of them sighed.
'Come here tonight, i've got a treat for you' Camill smiled and she disappeared in a blink of an eye.
'There you are' Tom said pushing the branches out the way.
'Tom!' Shannon exclaimed slapping him on the shoulder.
'OW, What?' he asked running his arm.
'I think they were in the middle of something' Shannon said raising her eyesbrows.
'What?, no, no, no way, we weren't' Maddy and Rhydian said stumbling over their words and Tom and Shannon laughed.
'So, find it yet?' Rhydian asked dropping the topic.
'No, we got something better' Shannon said pulling out a bright white orchid with purple markings.
'Wow, whats that?' Maddy said looking around it.
'Its a rare wolfbanicus' she said proudly and they congratulated her on her find. They forgot about the egg and settled down for the biggest picnic ever.

Camilla mounted Branko, keeping her bag to the side, keeping an eye on the egg, and took off. Branko reared and whinnied before galloping off, over the thick fallen leaves. She heard a deep flapping noise and looked to her right to see Tyson dropping into it, folding his wings in.
'Tyson, whats up?'
'You have to see this' he grumbled loudly. She guided Branko over to Tyson who nodded. She dropped his reins, slid off and held the egg close.
'You found it!' Tyson said his eyes widening in suprise.
'Yes, well Rhydian and Maddy found it' she said out loud and Tyson smiled. She pulled herself onto Tysons saddle and he took off quickly the air rushing under them. They headed towards Tyson's cave and Camilla asked him why they were going here.
'There's someone you need to see' he replied and he picked up speed. They glided over the trees and Camilla looked around cautiously.
'Skulblakas ven' she yelled and she scowered the ground. Zooming in she saw three figures gliding through the forest. She was about to say somethign when they landed in the cave. She jumped off his back and looked around the small, dank hole. She didn't see anyone or anything unusuall until she caught the sight of a small dragon sleeping in the corner.
'Tyson, who is thats?' she said slowly.
'I don't know, i thought you might know, or know what to do at least' he said walking over and lying down next to it.