A Walk Down Memory Lane

Act 3: Fortune Boys

Chapter 1: Mad Money

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"Dude... When did I get this strange wrestling suit on?" Young Sean tugged at his orange wrestling suit. The two were in a small pitch black room, so dark that thy couldn't even see each other.

"Wait... How can you see what color yours is?" The older Sean asked, wearing a green wrestling uniform.

"Um... Can we just call it a continuity error?"

"Ladies and gentlemen! Say hello to your new contestants!"

A shining light blinded them, the floor under there feet slowly rising up.

"What..." Sean muttered.

"The..." Young Sean cringed.


The two had been raised into a cage, surrounded by a giant flock of grey, yellow eyes zombies on the outside of it. The stadiums audience booed at them as they looked around.

"So, are you two ready to cause some carnage?"

The two blondes looked behind them, seeing someone Sean hated very much.

"God damn it... TK..."

"Where exactly are we, dude?" Young Sean asked the shows host.

"Well, my little moronic friend, you are on..."




The crowd cheered back to the man.

"Oh... I know which world we're in now! We're in- Hot babes on stage!" Young Sean lost track of what he was saying, looking at the two co hostesses in the silver and gold dresses.

"Amber and Crystal... Locked me in a closet, stomped my man hood... Pissing blood for a week... I hate those bimbos..." Sean glared at the two women.

"Now, you two. You're going to give us all a show, with some good old zombie carnage!"

The crowd cheered at TK's voice.

"Wait... Zombie carnage? But we have no weapons!"

Young Sean had just realized that they were weapon less.

"Boo hoo! Get creative! The more carnage! The more money!"

"We get money for this!?" The kid was confused.

"Yeah, we get money for giving blood craving viewers some carnage. All of you people are sick! I would rather watch Honey Boo Boo than this crap!"

The audience gasped in shock when Sean said that.

"Well, we WERE going to give you our brand new electric chainsaws for you two to take for a test run, but after insulting us like THAT? Let the games begin!"

[Terror Is Reality, Dead Rising 2]

And with that, the cage walls sunk into the ground, the zombies clambering up to chew on the two.

"Oh no! What are we going to do!?"

Sean ran up to a plank on the ground, charging at some zombies in the front.

"Start killing! Climb up on those grinders and activate the flamethrowers!" He slammed the plank onto the front zombies skull, smashing it open.

"Got it! Woah!" Young Sean barely dodge out of attempted bite of a zombie, running up to the first platform.

"I got up on it!" The kid smiled.



Fireworks shot up from underneath the unfortunate kid, sending him flying off the grinder and into a large group of zombies.

"Oh for Pete's sake!"

Sean ran into the group of zombies, making some heads roll with some swings of a baseball bat.

"Thanks older me!" The child version of him got up off the ground.

"No problem!"

"I don't know what's worse. The zombies, or the two brats?" TK taunted from the stage.

"SHUT UP!" Young Sean yelled.

"Grinders. Climb up on them." Sean r kicked a zombie into the now open grinder, blood shooting from its rotating blades once it fell in.

"Lets go then!" The little kid swerved and dodged the arms of the zombies trying to grab him, jumping onto another grinder, and leaping from that one onto another.

"One more!" He waved.

"Don't worry, I have it" Sean climbed up the last one, jumping off quickly.

Fire shot up from the arena floors, roasting the very large swarm of zombie shambling after the two.

"Alright! Now lets kill some more zom-"

"And there we have it ladies and gentlemen! The two shits have run out of time!" TK yelled over the loud buzzer, the walls of the cage rising back up around the two.

"Aw damn it! I didn't get to kill any of them!"


"Alright, lets wipe 'em up and hose them down! Let me hear it people!"

The crowd cheered once again at TK's command, Sean and Young Sean standing up on stage nearby the host.

"I love you TK!" A random woman yelled from the audience.

"TK loves you too baby!"

"TK can suck my d***!" Sean threw his voice in a bad French accent.

"Is one of our contestants a little butt hurt?" TK asked the crowd.


"God damn it..."

"We were VERY disappointed in you two boys..." Amber traced a finger on Sean's shoulder, the teen shrugging it off.

"But I guess it's obvious you two don't have a chance with the ladies" Crystal shoved the envelope of money into Young Sean's arms.

"But we just getting started people! The carnage is just beginning!" TK continued shouting into his microphone.

"So right now, let me hear you make some noise!"

The pyrotechnics onstage shot off as the audience roared with joy.

Later on in the locker room...

"Well, that was kind of fun. Killing the zombies I mean, not actually competing in the show, huh little me?"

"She touched me..."

"Heh, that was how I reacted when I first came to this world and met them. I guess this is like some real time déjà Vu" Sean patted the kid version of himself on the head.

"So what do we do now?" Young Sean hopped off the bench and followed behind Sean.

"We need to go the elevator. Talk to Bitch One and then Bitch Two when she comes out, and then the actual trouble begins" The teen began heading down the hallways of the backstage area, looking for the elevator.

"So, you say that you despise the two kids?" Dark Sean took a sip of his beer.

"Of course I do! Those kids caused the ratings for this show to hit a new all time low! We may just go off air because of them! I mean, did you even see how awful they were!?" Tyrone King shouted, throwing down the tallied view count on the table.

"Good. Now, did you bring the man?"

"I sure did bring you the man" TK pointed at the tall guy in the green sweater standing near him.

"Excellent" Dark Sean thrust a small brown package into the tall mans hands.

"Take this to the zombie pen gates, and then you'll be rolling in money soon enough. All of the money you can get your hands on to be precise"

And with that, Dark Sean disappeared into a black portal.

"You heard the man, GO!" Tyrone yelled at the tall man, the guy rushing out of the dressing room door.

"I see one of the hot twin sisters down there at the end of the-"

A tall man wearing a green sweater and holding a brown paper package bumped into Young Sean, almost knocking him over.

"Watch where your going!" The man hissed, rushing off down another hallway with the package tucked in his arms.

"Jeez. What was his problem?"

"I don't know, and nor do I care. Just don't make eye contact with Amber." Sean whispered as they walked past the woman, soon standing at the elevator.

"Alright, open this up and-"

"The ladies were a little disappointed in you two tonight" Crystal stepped out from the elevator, brushing a hand on their shoulders.

"But you probably get that a lot, huh Seanie?"

"I have a girlfriend, who I have been dating for one year already" Sean muttered.

"It must be his sister" Amber giggled to her sister once she was standing next to her.

"Ouch..." Young Sean grimaced at the insult. He looked back to the two sisters, getting a slight wink from the two of them just before the elevator doors closed.

"She touched me again..."

"Oh shut u-"

The elevator suddenly started shaking violently, sending the two heroes slamming all around it, and knocking them both out

And so starts Act 3!