A Walk Down Memory Lane

Act 3: Fortune Boys

Finale: TKO

"Where are you, TK!?" Sean burst through the backstage doors of the arena, his shotgun at ready.

"We aren't gonna bring you no harm... WE'RE JUST GONNA KILL YOU!" Young Sean held his bat with anger.

"Hey, losers"

The two turned around, getting a taser to the chest.

"What the he-"

Young Sean received the same, getting knocked out by the very powerful taser.

"I told you I'd get you two back!" JK glared down at the two unconcious Sean's menacingly, grabbing them by their feet and dragging them off further into the backstage arena.

"Hey! Losers! Wake up!"

Sean's eyes slowly opened as he looked around, seeing his younger self lying nearby.

"Oh good. You're finally awake" JK, standing on the opposite side of the elevated zombie wrestling arena, chuckled, holding a guitar in one of his hands.

"JK!" Sean jumped into his feet while Young Sean started waking up also.

"Snap out of your mind control man!"

"What mind control? I've hated you since I met you!" The Irish teens eyes glowed purple as he stared at the two.

"Now, listen up. Before you fight that piece of sh*t TK, we're gonna have a fight ourselves. If you win, you get to go and fight him. If I win, I'll kill you both and your daughter will be ripped apart by a horde of zombies.

"Dad! Help!" Telesia was tied up on a rope, being slowly lowered into a giant crowd of the undead.

"Fine! We're gonna help you out man! You will no longer follow Dark Sean! We'll be friends, I promise you!" Young Sean held up his bat, ready to fight alongside Sean.

"Well, lets see you try then!"

Chainsaw teeth rose from the sides of JKs guitar, and began spinning around, hungry for blood.

[Devil Down In Georgia, Guitar Hero 3]

"That's pretty cool!" Young Sean looked at the chainsaw guitar in wonder. JK jumped onto one of the poles of the stadium, strumming a few strings.

"I hope you don't mind if I call backup"

Super zombies rose up from the four panels around the arena, vomiting out blood charging at the two.

"Oh crap! Little me, go attack JK while I take out these zombies!" Sean charged at the closest one, slicing its arm off and jumping away from its burning vomit.

"Got it!" Young Sean kicked the pole, shaking JK off and causing him to fall to the ground. He began taking a few swings at him with his bat before rolling away from the field of electricity that surrounded their brain washed foe.

"You're not defeating me again, you little asshole!" JK charged at Young Sean, kicking him in the chest and hitting him in the side with his guitar, knocking the kid I the ground and causing him to start bleeding from the large wound in his side.

"Like that can take me down! I have orange juice!" The kid pulled out the jug from his pockets, taking a drink and causing the large wound in his side to heal itself.

"Heh, I forgot that eating food helps you feel better." JK chuckled, preparing to slam his chainsaw guitar into the downed kids face.


Sean came hurtling at him, knocking the Irish teen to the ground. He began to start punching his mind controlled friend in the face.

"GET OFF!" JK threw him off with a blast of electricity from his guitar, and jumped back from the two.

"Let me just show you my ultimate trick"

[That crazy ass solo from Devil Down In Georgia, Guitar Hero 3]

Electricity started raining down on the two, barely grazing by Sean's leg. He continued, until he finished off the solo with one powerful strum, sending a giant thunderbolt onto the wrestling arena, which the two had to jump out of the arena and into the crowd of zombies to dodge.

"Hey! You two get your asses back in here now! Or so help me go- AGH!"

JK was hit in the back and sent to the ground by a pink laser that came from behind him.

"JK! That is enough!"

Alice landed on the ground next to the temporarily paralyzed teen, picking him up into her arms.

"Woah. Alice, how did you get here?" Sean asked, climbing back into the arena with Young Sean over his shoulder.

"I don't need to be fire man carried back up, older me... But thanks anyways..." Young Sean sighed, getting off his older selfs shoulder.

"Jonathan created a portal device inside of me. It allows me to quickly come into the worlds and assist you or give you something important. Like right now." The cyborg pulled out a small axe, giving it to Young Sean.

"This, is the Plague Of Anguish. It allows you to set those that you hit with it on fire, and can also be used to as a torch." She handed the small red hatchet to the kid.

"Cool! Thanks cute cyborg chick!" Young Sean hugged her leg quickly.

"And Sean, this is the Plague of Sorrows" Alice held out a broadsword out for him to see.

"It allows you to take any liquid substance and use its power in the swords blade for a limited time. Make sure to keep it sharpened though, since if you use it too much without sharpening it, it can break"

Sean quickly put the sword into his watches inventory.

"Hey! I thought you had a daughter to save!"

A bullet imbedded into Alice's shoulder, making her fall onto the floor in pain.

"Now, both of you. Get your ugly asses up here! Now!" TK shouted through the megaphone he was holding.

"Al-Alice?" JK looked at the downed cyborg lying next to her.

"Here guys... Use this to get up to him..." One of Alice's wings detached from her shoulders, and formed itself into a platform for them to use.

"Are you going to be alright?" Young Sean looked at her.

"Yes, I will be. All I need is to pull this bullet out. It's nothing that harmful to me, really" She sighed heavily, before digging into her shoulder to find the small bullet.

"Thanks again, Alice. You really are a big help" Sean stepped onto the platform along with Young Sean. It began slowly rising up to the scaffolding above the entire arena, where TK was waiting for them.

"Se-Sean?" JKs eyes began turning back to their normal blue brown.

"Well well well. You two finally got up here" The host of Terror Is Reality held his microphone mace in his hands.

"TKKKKKK!" Sean charged at him, punching the host in the face and dazing him for a bit.

"Hold on, future daughter! We're gonna save you!" Young Sean began cranking the crane holding Telesia, starting to lift her back up.

"Not so fast, you little piece of crap!" TK got back up, and hit the kid in the side of the head with his microphone before kicking the crane back, causing Telesia to start lowering faster.

[TK OT, Dead Rising: Off The Record]

"I finally get to destroy you! I hated your show since the beginning of this story, Dead Rising 2" Young Sean threw his hatchet at TK, which embedded into his shoulder and started igniting him.

"Your stupid toys aren't gonna work on me!" The man quickly tore the hatchet out, tossing it to the ground and putting out the fire on his vest.

"Try this one for size then!" Sean came running behind him, swinging his Plague Of Sorrows at his back, slashing the host in the back.

"You two were the worst contestant I've ever hired onto the show! You didn't even get bronze!" TK turned around, dodged another swing, and punched the teen in the face before turning back to see Young Sean spinning the crank again, trying to pull Telesia up again.

"Oh no you don't!" He started charging at the kid, catching him and carrying him to one of the railings. While the kid was stunned, he began beating him, hitting him with his microphone repeatedly.

"Get off little me! You ass licker!" Sean grabbed him by the neck, and began choking the host.

"B*tch, please! You couldn't strangle me if you tried!" TK headbutted Sean, and threw him over the railing.

"Oh no! Hold on older m-" TK knocked out Young Sean with a swing of his microphone, before turning back to Sean, who was holding on for dear life.

"Looks like you didn't risk it all!" He gave a chuckle, starting to crush Sean's right hand under his foot.

"After all. Your gonna have to risk it all, if you wanna-"

"Fall to your death?"

TK turned around, and was hit in the face by a chainsaw guitar, knocking him over the railing and to his death.

"And to finally realize who your friends are" JK pulled up Sean and handed Young Sean a orange juice.

"It's good that you're finally back to your senses, bud. Thanks for the help..." Sean weakly gave the Irish teen a pat on his shoulder.

"No, thank you. For trying to pull my mind out of that stupid Dark Sean's control. Alice told me all about what's gone on."

"Don't worry, I have you Telesia." Young Sean finally pulled up the worried girl, untying her from the crane.

"Thanks, young dad!" Telesia gave him a quick hug.

"She's pretty adorable... Can't believe something this adorable came from that Samantha girl you like so much..." Young Sean gave her a pat on the head.

"You'll see little me. As soon as you meet her, you'll fall in love" Sean said.

The door to the white plains opened once more, Nega standing in the doorway.

"I see you got JK back, good job you two. The new worlds just shown up also. I think Young Sean will like it a lot" The two Sean's could see a lush forest, the world hub had a red and white ball floating over it.

"AWESOME! LETS GO OLDER ME!" Young Sean started running towards the world.

"Telesia, stay with Alice and JK. I have to go and explore another place from my past" Sean walked through the white door with everyone else, turning back to his daughter.

"Okay... Are you gonna find Pyke and Mommy?" Telesia looked up to her father, worried.

"Yes. I am going to find them, and we can get back to a normal life" Sean patted we on the head before heading towards the new world.

The man on the hoverbike could see the lush forest ahead of him on the white plain. He had spent so many hours navigating the confusing Fortune City, and could faintly see on of his target, a blonde teen wearing a Midnight Riders shirt.

"Soon... Soon I can get my paycheck, and get her back..." The man began cackling, revving his hoverbikes engine more and gaining speed, the destination coming closer in sight.

And so, our heroes made it through the world of Dead Rising, rescuing both a good friend and Sean's daughter. They've made it half way through their journey, but they still have a way to go.

Stay tuned in the future for...

Act 4: Pokemon: Mannly Orange and Bitter Lime!