Chapter 1

Deadly silence.

She didn't like it. Maybe she shouldn't have prayed for help. Maybe she should have just kept cowered in the box, and not screamed for someone to free her from her prison, where her mind had slowly slithered into madness.

The sound of that clock still lingered within her head. The comfortingly annoying noise had been her only source of sound when she awoke.

She didn't hear her creator. She didn't see him. She awoke in a different to room to where she had been. Serves her right for trying to follow the other one. One... The first. That's what he had said to the other stitchpunk.

But... She was the first wasn't she...? Had she not breathed life before him?


Why? Why only when she was thinking?


It always got louder.


Ruined her thoughts. Her memories.


So much forgotten!


"Hey." She snapped into what was reality, her deranged mind cleared into a calmer setting as she looked up ahead of her, out towards the scenery which was mostly brown and dark, but was in some way enlightened by the sky. It was such a beautiful pink colour...

Her gaze, though, fixated on the source of the call. A fair distance before her was another female of her kind. She looked back at her with her right eye. She had no left eye. Only a patch for where it had been.

From the way she was standing, two scars upon her back showed, shaping a little to look like the number '11', her zippered front glistened in the light as did the triangular plate upon her head. Rope tangled around her waist, complete with a needle. She also noted the rather nice gems curling around her arms and neck and then leading back up to the zipper, where a larger gem rested near her burlap skin.

A glint of concern showed through her half-closed eye as she looked back at her.

"You okay, Zero?"

Zero simply diped her head as a brief nod and continued forward, her feet clanking against each other as she shuffled gently. Eleven waited for her to catch up, then -when Zero had caught up by about a few inches- she turned and began to walk on, leading the way once again, and once more, Zero's fast walk to keep up slowed as the tick-tocking slowly but surely began to seep back into her mind.

"We don't have to far to go." The noise silenced as Eleven spoke. It felt nice to have someone finaly talking to her. An ACTUAL someone. Not just a voice and character Zero had created within her mind.

Zero made a small noise from the back of her throat. She hadn't spoken for so long, only muttered as she had written on the walls of her prison as she desended into madness. Slowly. Painfully.

She heard the other one make a faintly amused noise. "You don't have much to say for yourself, huh?"

She decided to break that logic. "...I... Havn't had anyone to talk to. Except... Me..." It was quiet, but audiable.

"Hmm." The other female simply hummed.

They walked on in silence. The sound of eleven's voice had been comforting while it had lasted.

The tick-tocking returned.

Rather quiet at first...

Then louder...

And louder.

And louder!




She screeched and leapt forward, only briefly seeing eleven's shocked face turn towards her before Zero slammed herself into the other's chest and clung on tightly, as though if she let go she would die.

She let out sharp breath and loud whimpers.

NO! A voice rung in her head. I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! IDON'TWANTTO-!

"Hey, hey, It's okay!" A voice rushed to calm her, but it sounded so shocked and hurried that she knew somthing was not okay. She clung on tighter, whimpering.

Eleven hushed her again, sounding more calm now as she gently pat Zero's feathered head. "It's okay. I promise."

Zero squeaked. "But that noise-!"

She was cut off. "It... It was just... the wind." She sounded hesitant, and began to lead her forward. Zero simply went along, too scared to do much, her eyes darting around in panic, her heart racing and thumping against her chest.

"But- But- Bu- But-!"

"Shush..." Eleven insisted camly, and Zero did shush.

She stayed silent until they finaly reached a large building. Eleven called it the libary. Home.

Was this home? Her home now? Was this where she belonged now? Belonged...

She was ushered inside by Eleven, climbing over a mountain of books, most of which were ruined, some hd tiny holes in, lining up in messy rows across the covers. Peeking over a red book, she could see something very clearly. A large orb like object was still in the middle of the clustered and dark place. Zero stared, wide-eyed, curious of the object. From a rather wide crack near the bottom of the orb, she could see a yellow, bright light escaping from within.

She kept right on Eleven's heels, at points accidenatly walking into the other's back after looking off into the distance and allowing herself to be distracted.

"Sorry..." She'd mummble, and Eleven wold simply give a weak smile.

They were nearly right in front the object now. Zero had to crank her neck in order to look right up at the monsterous size of the orb. Now she was closer, she could see the objected was coveered in many odd shaped and coulers, mainly green and blue, although the paint had evidentaly started to fade away.

It took her a moment of standing still and staring up for her take it all in. She they snaped her neck to see Eleven starting to enter the globe. A small yelp sounded from the back of her throat and she scrurried after her.

They got to a small room like area before Eleven gently placed a hand on Zero's shoulder, stoping her to look at her. "Wait here, okay?" Before Zero could say or do anything, Eleven took off deeper into the globe.

She stood there, and blinked a few times. She let out a gentle whimper. She didn't like being alone again. What if Eleven didn't come back? What if Eleven didn't want the burden of looking after her? Was she destined to be alone and forgotten? She was only Zero. She was nothing.

She let out as small noise from the back of her throat. She hugged herself tightly as she backed against the wall. The moment her back hit it, her feet gave way and she slid down, her knees came up to her chest as she lowered her head so her forehead rested on her knees.

The noise returned...

Is this -Tick tock- my destiny -Tick tock- to be -Tick tock- Alone froever?- Tick tock- -TICK TOCK- -TICK TO-!

"Hey." She screeched and leapt straight to feet, too fast unfortunatley as she quickly found herslef toppling backwards, her head smacked into something hard and the world went dark.

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