Chapter 1: New School!?

Alice sighed as she looked out of her dad's car. She remembered the entire reason why she was here in the first place. 'This is all mom's fault. All I ask of her is to understand but nooo she wouldn't listen.' thought the girl angrily.

"Sweetie we're here," said Alice's dad. Alice was snapped out of her thoughts by his voice.

They were currently in front of a huge school with golden gates. And just so you know people, the scenery does not look like the ones in fairytales. The sky was dark and gloomy, there were no birds in the sky and the school emitted a dark aura. The only upside to the whole thing was that the building and the gates looked extravagant.

When Alice got out of the car, she sweat dropped. She cast a side wards glance to her father and asked, "Are you sure that I'm supposed to study here?"

"Well, this is Blackhearts Academy, the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry so this is where you will be studying, "he replied.

'Ugh! Why do I, of all people, have to study in this disaster area?' Alice thought to herself. Alice felt outraged. 'I had to leave everything I had just because my mother wanted me to study in this stupid place'

Alice just sighed and took her luggage out of the car. She then turned to look at her father who smiled sadly and said, "Looks like the person who will take care of you is here."

Alice turned to look at the person who came to pick her up. It was a beautiful girl who looked like she was the same age as her. She had purple hair and purple eyes and she didn't look too happy to be the one who has to pick Alice up.

After she and her father said their goodbyes, Alice's father drove off. So Alice and the girl were left alone at the gates. Alice turned to look at the girl who then glared at her. Alice smiled nervously as she sweat dropped.

"Um, my name is Alice, nice to meet you," she said in a shaky voice.

The girl just turned away and said, "The name's Vivaldi, yoroshku (nice to meet you)." Alice smiled.

"Just so you know, the teacher picked me to be your guide for two weeks so it looks like I'm gonna be stuck with you for a while. Come with me, I'll bring you to the dorms so that you can unpack."

Vivaldi then turned and started to walk away. Alice followed. Soon, they were at the dorms. The dorm looked more like a big mansion and at its door was the letter 'S' in gold.

"Our rooms are both upstairs," said Vivaldi.

"Oh," said Alice. Vivaldi and Alice started walking up the flight of stairs. Well, Alice tried to walk up the stairs but her luggage just pulled her down. Vivaldi saw this and sighed. She rolled her eyes and muttered some strange words.

As soon as she said this, the bag immediately flew to the top of the staircase. Alice turned to Vivaldi and thanked her.

"Let's just get going because tomorrow is Monday, which means that we have classes tomorrow. That includes you," said Vivaldi.

"Okay," said Alice.

Realisation only hit Alice when they reached her dorm room, why didn't a teacher welcome her? Why wasn't she sent to the school's office where she was supposed to receive the key to her room? Then again, Alice also wasn't sure since this was her first time being a transfer student to a boarding school. Maybe she was just over-reacting.

Then, all of doubts and her mental questions were answered when Vivaldi used a spell to unlock the door of her room. 'I must have forgotten, this is a school for wizards and witches,' she thought.

After Vivaldi left, Alice looked around the room. It looked more like an apartment. There was a pair sliding glass doors which led to the balcony, a bathroom with green tiles, and of course, her room. As she was unpacking, she realised that since Vivaldi knew the unlocking spell, many more people might know it too meaning… 'OH MY GOD,' thought Alice. 'ANY PERSON WHO KNOWS THE SPELL CAN GET INTO MY ROOM!'

Alice sighed. "Looks like I have to put up a barrier spell," said Alice.

Blackhearts .-.-. Academy

News in Blackhearts Academy spread faster than fire. So by the next day, almost all of the students were talking about the transfer student. This was because no sane person would ever want to transfer into Blackhearts. And those who enrol into the school just don't give a damn because even though Blackhearts Academy is a well known and prestigious school, it is also a fringing dangerous place. So having a transfer student was a pretty big deal.

Whenever someone says that it might be a guy, the girls suddenly start squealing like idiots and whenever someone says that it might be a girl, the boys start thinking perverted stuff.

After the bell rang the students either hurried or lazily sauntered into class.

Alice followed the teacher down the hallway. "Wait here," said the woman who introduced herself as the teacher before she went into the class room. Alice stood there waiting for the teacher's signal for her to enter. She was wondering how the woman, who looked very old, could be her teacher. She could hear what was going on in the class.

"Alright punks, settle down," said the woman. Although she said this, the students were still talking, loudly.

"Be quiet," she said. Nothing happened. A vein popped on her forehead.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" she shouted. The class became silent. She then regained her composure and said, "Now, as you busybodies know, there is a transfer student."

This grabbed the attention of the class. "Are you saying that the transfer student is going to be in our class?" asked some random boy.

"Yes, dumbass now kindly shut it so that we can get this over with," she replied. "You can come in now." The whole class unconsciously held their breath.

Alice walked into the room nervously. She walked towards the centre of the room. 'There are so many people looking at me. What should I do?' thought Alice.

"Introduce yourself," said the woman.

"Ah, um, my name is Alice Liddell. I hope that we can get along," she nervously said, blushing. The boys found this cute and blushed as well.

"Now Alice, you will be sitting next to the window over there," said the woman, gesturing to the empty table and chair next to the window.

As soon as Alice settled down, the lesson began. Alice didn't really pay attention to the people surrounding her. Vivaldi kept casting sideward glances at her. The time went by so quickly that it was break time before they knew it.

Although Vivaldi usually doesn't give a damn about anything, she asked Alice whether she was alright. It was too late by the time she realised what she has done and turned away, mentally cursing herself. Alice tilted her head in confusion. Before Alice could say anything, Vivaldi left.

Blackhearts .-.-. Academy

Alone, Alice just asked for directions to the library. And after borrowing two books, she left. Alice was just wandering around trying to familiarise herself with the place when she came upon a huge crowd. She looked at what the fuzz was about. Then, she saw Vivaldi and a guy with emerald eyes and spiky black hair.

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A BITCH YOU BASTARD?!" shouted Vivaldi furiously. She glared at the man before her. Her glare was so intimidating yet he just smirked.

"I can call you anything I want after all, you are just another girl," he said calmly. These words infuriated Alice. She pushed and shoved through the crowd and when she reached them both, she stepped protectively in front of Vivaldi. This caught everyone by surprise.

"If you treat us girls that way, you will never get a girlfriend," said Alice with a glare.

He just smirked."Heh. No woman can ever resist me much less hate me," he said, obviously amused.

"Well, Ihate you," said Alice coolly.

Hell froze over.