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Boris hovered over Alice, watching her sleep. "You're not that special, Alice," he said quietly. "And you keep rejecting me. Yet, I find myself so interested in you."

Alice turned. As she did so, Boris stiffened. Alice slowly opened her eyes. 'How can someone be such a light sleeper?' thought Boris.

"Huh? Boris, what are doing here?" asked Alice groggily.

"U-uh, you're... dreaming?" he replied. "Y-yeah, that's right! You're dreaming."

"Oh," said Alice. Boris' ears twitched. 'So cute,' thought Alice. Since this was just a dream it wouldn't hurt to pet him, now would it? Alice reached up and pet Boris' hair. "Your hair is so soft... I like it."

Boris' eyes widened. 'In your face, Peter,' thought Boris. 'I'm obviously the better man.'

"Why don't you want to go out with me?" asked Boris "Most girls keep asking me out and I just reject them. But with you it's the other way around."

"Silly boy," said Alice. "I'll only go out with the boy I love."

Boris laughed. "You don't have to love a person to go out with him."

"You're my strangest friend ever."

Boris smiled. "Goodnight, Alice," he said and muttered a teleportation spell. Alice fell asleep again in an instant completely oblivious to the fact that Boris came into her room for real.

Blackhearts .-.-. Academy

"Thank God, Alice is slow," said Boris to himself in his room. "Man, I know I'm just asking her out for the fun of it but I'm getting kinda worried about her."

Boris lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. 'She's damn weird and difficult to understand,' He thought. 'But I like it anyway.'

Blackhearts .-.-. Academy

"ALICE!" hollered Vivaldi as she ran into the classroom with a magazine in hand. Everyone turned their heads to the source of the voice. "YOU'VE GOTTA ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS!"

"O-okay," said Alice nervously. The boys watched them in interest and curiosity.

Vivaldi flipped the magazine open. "You've got a fruit tart, cheesecake, a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake. You can share each cake with one person. So who will you share them with? You can only choose people in this room."

Awkward silence followed. Vivaldi, who noticed the boys' gazes glared at them and said, "What are you looking at, you monkeys?"

Although they turned away, they were still listening intently. "U-um," stuttered Alice. "I'll share the fruit tart with P-Peter, the cheesecake with, um, White, the vanilla cake with y-you and the chocolate cake with... with... argh I can't choose."

Vivaldi sighed and gave Alice the magazine. "This part," said Vivaldi pointing at an article. Alice looked at it.

Fruit tart:

When eating a fruit tart, you have to be careful with the pastry. You feel like you have to be careful with what you do around this person. You think this person is the treacherous type.

Alice glanced at Peter and blushed slightly. Peter looked back in complete confusion.


A cheesecake has an interesting taste and texture. Just like how a cheesecake tastes like, you find this person interesting and you want to know more about this person.

"I DO NOT!" shrieked Alice, her face going red. The boys flinched.

Vivaldi raised an eyebrow. "W-w-what?" stammered Alice. Vivaldi continued to look at her. "I told you, I am not interested!"

"Fine, fine," said Vivaldi.

"Interested in what?" asked White. Of all people, White was the one who asked this embarrassing question.

"NOTHING!" said Alice, flustered.

"Then why are you with that stressed expression?" asked Black, this time.

Alice turned away and said, "No reason." All of them raised their eyebrows in interest.

"Whatever," said Vivaldi, gesturing for Alice to continue reading. "Read the next one."

Vanilla cake:

A vanilla cake is sweet and does not have a very complicated taste. You feel like you can tell this person anything.

Alice smiled at Vivaldi who smiled back at her. Alice read what the chocolate cake represented and went slightly red. 'Phew, good thing I didn't choose anyone,' thought Alice.

Boris suddenly popped out of nowhere. His face was only a few centimetres away from Alice's. "Mornin', Alice," he said with a grin. "I love that expression on your face. It's cute."

Alice became even redder. "Move over," said Vivaldi and pushed Boris with so much force that he crashed right through the window which was next to Alice. Alice became pale.

"Vivi- chan," said Alice.

"Relax, the impact from that fall is not enough to kill him," she said nonchalantly. Alice stared at her. "Probably."

The door slammed open. "Alright, class, settle down," said Gowland as he walked into the class. "Today, we will be dissecting a dodo bird." Everyone groaned.

"And, Vivaldi, fix the window that you broke."

"Dissecting maniac who's never on time," muttered Vivaldi.

Vivaldi: Hyper Fix

The window went back to its old form as if nothing happened.

"Mr Gowland, the dodo bird is extinct," said Alice.

"I have the last living dodo bird," said Gowland. A cage suddenly appeared out of nowhere and in it was a big bird with short wings, a dodo bird to be exact.

"Shouldn't you release it?" said Alice. "What if that wasn't the last and there was another one? Their species will have better chances of surviving that way, don't they?"

"Sorry, Alice, but I will become very problematic if I don't manage to experiment on this bird before it becomes extinct," said Gowland with a dark grin. This sent shivers up Alice's spine. 'The teacher's lost it,' thought Alice.

"Leave him be, Alice," said Boris who again, appeared out of nowhere. "He lost his sanity at a young age."

"You're not one to talk," said Gowland. "You and your go-out-with-me issues. Bothering Alice just because she caught your eye. SHAME ON YOU!"

Boris twitched. "Fight, fight!" said Ace. A table flew towards Ace and hit him smack dead on the head.

"Don't egg them on," said Peter, his hand glowing after using a telekinesis spell.

"I don't have an egg," said Ace, literally on fire. No, seriously, he was on fire. The table which caused Ace to have a lump on his head started to burn, the metallic parts on it started to melt. "And next time, don't attack like a girl. Jeez, Peter only a girl would throw a table. If you're a man then, attack like one."

A vein popped on Alice's forehead. "Underestimating us females, now are you, you jerk," she said, holding up a fist.

"Oh boy," sighed White. "Now she's on competitive mode."

"No one underestimates us girls and gets away with it," said Vivaldi with fire in her eyes. "I DECLARE WAR ON ALL MALES!"

Everyone froze. "Vivaldi! We're only girls in this class."

"If it's a fight you want then bring it on," Elliot challenged. This is a lesson for all folks. Don't declare war in this class. They take it really seriously.


And so, Alice is dragged into something stupid yet again. "Alice," said Vivaldi. "Repeat after me: Paranoia Marionette." Peter froze.

"Paranoia Marionette?" said Alice.

"WITH CONVICTION!" shrieked Vivaldi. 'SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!' thought Alice.

"NO! Don't say it!" exclaimed Peter, rushing forward to stop Alice.

"PARANOIA MARIONETTE!" cried Alice. A bright light engulfed the classroom. When the light faded, Vivaldi smirked. Everyone turned to look at Alice.

"What the heck happened?" asked Ace.

"Don't you know about that spell?" asked Nightmare.

"Yeah," said Gray. Blood stared at Alice with great interest. Vivaldi did an evil laugh.

"Now," said Vivaldi. "Tell them to do a hula dance."

Alice looked at her in confusion but did it anyway. What happened next surpassed Vivaldi's expectations. Not only Peter and Boris danced. Black and White were also dancing (revenge for Black's 'paw' and White's 'kiss'?). Alice froze. Vivaldi, Elliot and Gowland laughed. Blood, Nightmare, Julius and Gray gawked at the scene before them.

"Oi, Alice," said Gray. "Don't tell me that all four of them are your familiars."

"U-um they a-are" stuttered Alice. A shiver ran up their spines.

'Alice, huh?' thought Gowland. 'I feel like experimenting on you.'

'Interesting girl,' thought Blood.

'Torture machine,' thought Black and Boris.


"Looks like it's gym class," murmured Gowland. "Alright it is gym class get changed and go to the fricken' gym."

"Okay," said Alice.

"Shit," said Black, Boris and Elliot.

The rest of them either groaned or just went calmly. When they exited the class, though, the boys avoided the girls.

"You guys take declarations of wars seriously, huh," said Alice, laughing nervously.

"Damn straight we do," said Vivaldi. "Until they surrender, we will be against them."


"Oh, by the way, I brought it," said Vivaldi with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"You didn't have to, you know," sighed Alice. "Besides, I already have Black and White."

"The more the merrier."

After Alice and Vivaldi got changed, they ran to the gym which, by the way, was not too far away. When they got there, the boys were already waiting not-so-quietly for the teacher.

"About time you got here," said Ace, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor. "You girls change slower than a chameleon."

And, with this, Alice is back to competitive mode. "At least my underwear is not showing," retorted Alice, pointing to Ace's underwear which was sticking out. Ace immediately stood up and pulled his shorts up. Ace and Alice glared at each other, both emitting ominous auras. And the rest who were in the background just watched the two quietly wondering what the outcome of this battle will be. And, as I said, they were watching quietly, all of them, except for Vivaldi who was cheering like a madwoman.

Then in the midst of the two's heated intimidate-me-if-you-can contest, a dark haired man walked in. He had dark, slightly green eyes. "Alright, settle down," he said.

"TAKE A HIKE!" shouted Ace and Alice, annoyed by the interruption. A vein popped on the man's forehead. He glared at the two of them. This was enough to earn him an apology from Alice. Ace, on the other hand, glared defiantly.

"Who the heck are you?" asked Boris, walking towards the man.

"My name is Jericho Bermuda and I'm your new Physical Education teacher," he replied.

"What happened to the old one?" asked Vivaldi.

"He cracked under the pressure and stress that you gave him," said Jericho. "I already know all of you, anyway, I'll be teaching you how to play whizball."

Jericho conjured a ball out of thin air. "Anyone of you from Earth?" he asked. Alice raised her hand. Elliot, Nightmare and Ace took a step away from her.

Books suddenly hit the three boy's heads. "Insensitive jerks," muttered Vivaldi. Alice looked around.

"Black? White?" said Alice.

"Sorry Alice," said White. "But we originally come from Genocy."

'Looks like we have a rare witch with us,' thought Jericho. "The game is almost like dodge ball."

"You can only catch the ball with your hands," he continued. "Just hit anything that moves on the opposite side of the court and you'll be fine. Choose your team mates."

"GUYS VERSUS GIRLS!" said Ace, obviously psyched up.

"Fine!" exclaimed Vivaldi.

"I'm going with Alice," said Black, Boris and White. Alice stared at them in confusion.

"I'm not playing this stupid game," said Blood, Peter, Julius and Gray.

"Those who don't participate will be forced to stand naked at the school porch for five hours as punishment," announced Jericho.


So in the end, everyone formed their teams with Alice, Peter, Vivaldi, Boris, Black and White in one team and Blood, Nightmare, Gray, Elliot and Ace in another.

Alice continued to look at the boys in her team in confusion.

"I'll always be on your side," the boys said at the same time, slightly blushing. They glared at each other. Alice smiled, causing them to blush even more.

"ALRIGHT! Spells are allowed, weapons are allowed but killing is not allowed," said Jericho holding the ball up. "Ace's team first." He tossed the ball to Blood.

Blood aimed at Peter and hurled the ball. Peter dodged but a long dragon's tail bone suddenly grew out of it and held Peter in place. The ball hit Peter on the chest.

"Peter, OUT!" said Jericho. "By the way, the ball reacts to the magic of the person who threw it."


'Idiot,' thought Peter as he sat on a bench.

Boris picked the ball up, grinning as he did so. He aimed at Gray and threw it. Grey who saw it coming put up a shield but as it neared the shield, it disappeared. When it reappeared, the ball hurtled downwards from above Gray's head. Gray looked up and thus, the ball hit him square on the face. Everyone flinched.

"Safe!" said Jericho and blew a whistle.


"If you get hit on the face then you're safe," he explained. Black swore.

"This game is stupid," said Vivaldi.

"IN YOUR FACE!" said Ace in triumph as he pointed at Alice. Alice glared at Ace wrathfully.

"If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get," said Alice with a fist pump.

"Oh?" said Ace, eyebrows raised. "Is that a challenge?"

"DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS," shrieked Alice.

Everyone froze. No one, I repeat, no one challenges Ace. In this case, it seems that the challenger has a mild case of stupidity and plenty of pride, competitiveness and recklessness.

"I hope that you're man enough to accept," added Alice.

"Maybe you should sit this one out," said Ace. "You girls will just get pushed around and then you'll get hurt, what do y-"

"Don't worry, Ace, we'll push harder," Alice cut in. Glares were exchanged and before long, Ace hurled the ball towards Alice. It suddenly burst into flames midair. Not only that, the ball's speed seems to have also increased. Alice' eyes widened.

'GYAAH! I'm going to get hit by this fireball!' thought Alice. Black and White twitched.

Black and White: Quagmire

The moment the spell was cast, the ball stayed frozen midair. The fire became extinguished. That was not the only thing that happened. The moment their spell took effect, Black and White disappeared.

Alice stiffened as she felt something around her neck. She put her hand on it and felt a choker with two small pendants on it. She took it off and looked at the pendants. Both of them were silver. One was a frowning mask and the other was a smiling mask.

"Put us back on," two familiar voices whispered into her ear. Alice shuddered. She looked around but she couldn't find the owners of the voices. It was only then that Alice realised that Black and White were missing. A thought struck Alice. She immediately put the choker back on. 'It looks like Black and White came to help,' She thought.

While Alice was dealing with the choker, everyone was wondering where Black and White were. Peter was the first to notice Alice and the choker, followed by Gray, Blood, Jericho and Julius.

'So that's how it is.'

Alice plucked the ball from the air. 'Thanks', guys,' thought Alice.

"Anytime, Alice," whispered the voices.

Alice smirked at Ace. She aimed and then hurled the ball. Ace dodged. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as that. Elliot, who was keeping a very close eye on the ball, froze. The ball was not only reacting to Alice's but also Black's and White's magic.

Ace felt his body becoming numb. A few moments later, Ace lost the ability to move altogether. 'What the hell?' he thought. He could no longer even speak. The only thing that he could do was blink and think. He was frozen in a running position with one foot on the ground while the other was in the middle of being lifted. (There is no ice, mind you.) Vivaldi applauded Alice. Everyone else stared in amazement.

The ball, which was still going towards the direction in which Alice threw it, abruptly changed its course and hurtled towards Ace at an amazing speed. The moment it came within two centimetres form Ace's back, the spell on Ace wore off but being that close to the ball, he was unable to dodge the ball. Pain shot through him as the ball made contact with his back. His body skidded to a halt on the ground.

Alice gasped. "ACE!" she cried as she ran towards him. Ace staggered to get up on all fours, he was facing the ground and he coughed out some blood. On her way there, Alice clumsily tripped on her own foot due to her being worried. All of her weight landed on Ace's head. Ace who was not expecting a thirteen-year-old girl to fall on top of him so suddenly also fell the only difference was that while Alice fell like a chopped down tree, Ace fell face first onto the hard, wooden floor on the gym.

Everyone else who witnessed the scene flinched and wondered if Ace would still be alright after all that happened to him. Vivaldi shook her head and clicked her tongue. 'That's what you get for opposing a girl,' she thought.

"You fought 'till you bitter end," said Nightmare, "At least you get to die with boobs on your head."

"Pervert!" shrieked Vivaldi, throwing her shoe at him. It landed on top of his head.

Nightmare whined as he patted his head which was starting to bruise. "Relax it's not like I want anything from you of all people," he said.

Vivaldi rolled her eyes at him.

Alice got up and realised that she landed on poor, poor Ace. Alice started to cry. "Ace! Don't go towards the light!" she gushed as she shook the out-cold Ace. "You have to forgive me before you die or else this incident will always haunt me!"

"Relax, Alice," said White, appearing in a puff of smoke together with his brother. Both of them were behind Alice.

"That fucking dimwit is still alive," added Black.

"How do you know?" she asked, shooting a glare in Black's direction. "And Black, I told you so many times before even when we were kids to stop swearing."

"Uh, hello? We can fucking use magic too, ya know," snorted Black. "And about swearing, what will you give me if I stop?"

"Nothing!" snapped Alice. " vulgar meanie!"

"Anyways, we need to get Ace the infirmary," said Jericho walking towards them. "Black, White, drag his ass into the infirmary and come back quickly. Alice you can look after Ace if you want."

"Okay," smiled Alice.

Jericho returned his smile. Black and White shot glares at him.

Blackhearts .-.-. Academy

Ace opened his eyes slowly. He found himself in a place that was different from where he passed out. He looked beside him and found Alice looking at him with relief.

"You finally woke up," she said with relief.

"What happened?" Ace asked.

"Oh, um well, you got hit by the ball and you coughed out blood and when I ran towards you, I tripped and fell on top of you," she explained and gave him an apologetic look. "You passed out after that so we had to bring you to the infirmary. Mr Jericho gave me permission to stay with you."

"Hmm," drawled Ace. "So you caused me to pass out?"

Alice flinched. "Sorry about that."

"Has Ace woken up?" asked the nurse as she walked in with a cup of coffee.

"Alice, marry me!" Ace demanded.

Alice nearly fell out of the chair that she was sitting on. The nurse nearly dropped her coffee.

"Oh, my," giggled the nurse. "I forgot something I'll have to go get it."

After giving Ace the thumbs up sign, the nurse left. 'Don't encourage him!' thought Alice.

"I'll help you," said Alice, getting up.

"No! Stay!" Ace and the nurse exclaimed at the same time.

'Why do all the embarrassing things have to happen to me?' thought Alice.

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