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Oral/Rimming. Self explanatory.

Fingering/Handjob. Also self explanatory.

Mild scenting fetish. Derek is a werewolf. He's got a sensitive nose. Can you blame the guy?


Knotting. Yep. There it is.

Stiles gulped down a shaky breath, and closed his eyes, lowering his head to press it against the older man's clavicle. Inhaling, Stiles wished he had the others sense of smell. To be able to memorize and dissect what his flesh smelled like. As it was, he able to vaguely detect some kind of men's shower soap. Another thing he could feel… Was warmth. So often, it was easy to look at Derek, and believe every bit of him was as cold and hard as he acted. But here, pressed into him, he was surprised that steam wasn't rising from his skin. He was like a furnace, sweltering, and delicious compared to the storm that was raging on outside. The wolf was hard, yes. Hard with steel muscle, but the skin on top of it was smooth and had just the thinnest layer of softness over it.

To say that Stiles wasn't feeling shy would be a blatant lie. He almost felt like he'd rather run out through the storm to get to his safe, empty bed, where he didn't have to face this. But the louder part of him, was the desire to stay, and warm himself on the hot ember that was Derek Hale.

Swallowing hard to precede his movement, Stiles began tentatively, unbeknownst to Derek. His face finally tilted, and lifted up. First, his pointed nose grazed flesh, and was followed after, nano-seconds behind, by his lips, moistened from his tongue. He pressed a gentle kiss to the prominent tendon that strained against flesh on the other mans statuesque throat. Derek inhaled slowly, chest rising against Stiles. He took that as acceptance, after the other did nothing to push him away, so Stiles pressed another kiss down, an inch higher than before. Working his way up. Instinctively, the teens tongue brushed out along Derek's jawline, feeling the coarse hairs against it, and he shivered with sudden want. A throb that made him wince.

He wanted to know what other parts of Derek were furry.

Sitting up, looking at the lusty gleam in the wolfs eyes, Stiles cleared his throat, and nodded, a jerky motion. It was his permission. And Derek didn't wait for any more than that. His hands flexed, and were instantaneously on the boy's small ass, gripping hard. Pulling Stiles down, his own his rocked upwards, and there was that friction again. The strangled groan that Stiles had tried to muffle bristled down Derek's spine.

The teen's slender hands were braced on the swell of Derek's pectoral muscles, gripping as he rocked his hips again, for another delicious grind. "G-God you're huge, aren't you?" Stiles whined out. He could feel the solid rod of steel through their jeans, and it had him a little scared.

Smirking at the comment, Derek pushed Stiles back onto the blanket, so that he could crawl over him. "Relax. I'll make sure you're…. fully prepared before we get that far." Was his soft growl of reassurance. And the words made Stiles gut clench. Or was that the feeling of Derek's lips grazing over his chest? He didn't have too much time to ponder that, though, as his mind went blank. Gasping, he felt the smoothness of a wet heat circling his left nipple. Hot breath pressing into his skin, before the air chilled the saliva and made his dusty pink bud draw up tight, and hard. The same thing was repeated to its twin. Even though his eyes were focused on the ceiling, Stiles could feel the trail of that tongue. Derek was sampling him, tasting here and there. Tracing the lines of his ribs that became prominent with every inhale, and delivering the occasional soft nip. It was a bit of a rush, knowing those very teeth on his skin could turn him from human, to wolf, in one too-hard bite. But that was where trust and risk came in, wasn't it? Would he really mind if he became a wolf this way? That was another thing he'd have to think about later.

"Oh my God…" Stiles blurted out again, shuddering through a groan when he felt Dereks tongue dip into his navel. It was like there was a nerve connected from his belly button, straight to his scrotum, and Derek had just yanked on it with a sweep of his tongue. Panting gently, gripping at the sculptured shoulders his hands had found to perch on, the teen tipped his hips up to Derek in a wordless begging.

This was answered, to his sudden dismay.

Derek had slid a hand up over Stiles desperate erection, massaging him through his jeans, and starting to pluck at the button of his fly. All the while the other mans lips and teeth focused on leaving a trail of hickeys and love bites along his hips. The sound of his zipper coming down was like a grounding wire to his brain, and his hands scrambled clumsily down, to keep Derek from pulling his jeans down. "H-hey… wait a sec… I… Look… So… we can't all be… you know, gifted with amazing monster wolf-cocks and stuff… So don't expect much, okay?" Stiles face was bright red from embarrassment, as he had curled up a little, to look down at the man positioned between his legs. Derek rolled his eyes.

"I don't care how big your dick is, Stiles. It doesn't really matter, does it? You won't really be using it much tonight." Stiles went even darker rouge at that comment.

"Oh, what, you mean I'm not topping?" He joked, swallowing hard as he lay back, and took a deep, nervous breath, releasing the others hands.

Strong fingers tucked into the waistband of the teen's jeans and his boxers. Derek wasn't going to give him any more hang-ups to catch on. In one smooth motion, the older male slid the garments off, completely, tossing them behind him onto the couch. Stiles was a little more than flustered with surprise as his legs dropped back down to the ground, forcibly spread by the position of Dereks body in relation to his. Stammering out incoherent words, his hands jerked back in an attempt to cover himself. The wolf hovering over him wasn't going to have any of that, though. Firmly, his hands shackled Stiles wrists, and pinned them to the ground on either side of his hips.

"Stop moving." Derek growled, and watched Stiles obey him reluctantly. In his peripheral, he could see his younger partners face turned, blotched with that familiar red blush. Jaw tensed, swallowing hard, Stiles was obviously embarrassed to be so openly exposed. But Derek took his time, scanning his entire body, licking his lips.

"Even your dick has freckles." He ground out between clenched teeth. Oh, he enjoyed that very much.

Honestly, he didn't understand why Stiles was so frantic about his nudity. The boy's length was about 6 inches. A little slender, but it was stiff, and red, and proud of itself, by the way it stood, hard. It was nestled in a thatch of dark brown curls. Derek had been half expecting that he'd have been shaved, but he liked this better. Already, his nostrils flared as he took in Stiles sexy musk. He smelled like a unique mix of clean soap, and spice. A spice that was uniquely Stiles.

"O-okay, come on, Derek… It's not gonna do any tricks or anything, so you can stop staring." The pitiful whine made the wolf grin.

"Oh it'll do a trick for me. I'll train it myself." He murmured. Stiles groaned at those words, his cock visibly throbbing at the promise. That was the final straw for Derek. He had to taste him. Releasing the slim wrists he'd been restraining, Derek made sure they stayed put, before moving his calloused hands to Stiles legs. At first, he gently rubbed his hands along the crinkly hair of his calves, before moving up more. The older man seemed to enjoy the anticipation almost as much as the touch. He could smell the boys want, and need, spiking off of him in waves, like the sweetest drug. Slipping his fingertips up slender thighs, Derek pushed Stiles open more, and dipped his head down. First, he nuzzled his nose into the others curls, inhaling deeply and nestling all around the base of his cock. "Mmmm… God you smell good…" Derek's voice broke as he breathed the words out.

"Nnng…. Derek… You're killin' me here…." Stiles whined. His hands had come up to his face, rubbing over his heated visage. It was all he could do. His body was obeying Dereks orders against his own will. "This is embarrassing!" He added in complaint. The wolf chose to ignore it as he pressed his lips into the apex of where Stiles leg connected to his groin. A nip in the same spot earned him a shudder from Stiles.

Minutes passed, and Derek had yet to do anything more than litter more small bruises along the inside of the teens thighs with his mouth. The glow from the fire light up the saliva-wet patches on his flesh with a glisten, as well as the first bead of precum crowning the tip of Stiles length. A rumble like thunder rolled from Derek, emanating from deep in his chest, as he leaned up, and swiped the flat of his tongue from the base of Stiles cock to the head. Sucking at the slit, and tasting the potent, salty fluid. For a moment, every single inch of Dereks flesh seemed to shift, and bristle, like he was barely containing himself from shifting. His Wolf wanted Stiles. Desperately.

"Oh God Oh God…" Stiles panted out, his hands clutching at his short, hair, breathing hard as he tried to hold back from embarrassing himself even more.

Then Derek took him back into his mouth, and it was over. Unhinged, Stiles cried out, cumming hard enough for his toes to curl, and his spine to arch off the floor. Derek was a little surprised by that, but after the first pulsing flood of release, he closed his eyes, and swallowed, letting Stiles drain out to the end of his orgasm, before leaning up and licking his lips with a satisfied huff.

Stiles was limp on the floor, now, panting hard as he tried to get his racing heart beat to slow down. "Holy fuck… Derek… S-sorry… Woah… That was intense…" He whimpered out. He couldn't help but feel bad for blowing it so soon. It wasn't really his fault, right? He'd never been touched like that before….

Derek seemed to already be over it though. "Roll over." He barked out. Groaning at the effort of his warm, relaxed muscles, Stiles managed to flop over onto his stomach. And once he was there, and settled, Derek crawled over to his new position, and straddled his legs. Stiles realized he felt less vulnerable in this position, but he couldn't deny that what Derek had just done to him was incredibly hot. Groaning softly, it took Stiles a moment to catch up to what was happening now, and why it felt so good. Derek's hands were firmly rubbing the muscles in his lower back, while kissing along his spine.

"Mmmm…. That's nice…" He whispered, folding his arms under his head, inhaling deeply. Derek was taking a few moments to reel himself in, and get back under control.

"You taste so good, Stiles." The wolf whispered into his ear. So much for relaxing. Stiles swallowed hard again, and took in a deep breath.

"Th-thanks?" He replied, uncertain of how anyone could respond to something like that. It earned him a chuckle. Derek's body was curled over him. Its warmth had him so comfortable, that he could have fallen asleep there, if it weren't for the fingertips starting to massage the fleshy globes of his ass.

"Mmnnn… D-Derek… I…" He'd started, but then the man's lips were on his, swallowing his words and his fears.

"Relax. I'll take care of you." Derek assured, and just like that, he was off of Stiles, sliding back down. Kneeling over the teens lower legs, Derek worked his firm fingers up the backs of his thighs, until his palms rested over the boy's ass. Gripping, squeezing firmly, Derek watched as his flesh shifted, and spread, exposing the pale, tight hole that was his goal. Staring at him, the wolf released a deep growl, shifting his hands to spread him wider. Stiles suddenly realized that this was MUCH more exposing and vulnerable than when it was just his dick. He could feel Derek's thumbs pressing against either side of his twitching asshole. Time dragged on, and the man didn't do anything more.

"Take a p-picture or something, man, it'll last longer." He breathed out exasperatedly. Derek smirked.

"Well with your permission…" He started, removing a hand, digging for his phone.

"N-NO! DON'T YOU DARE!" Stiles yelped, reaching back to swat at Dereks hand. Derek laughed, and grabbed his hand, pinning it to the small of his back. Stiles would have complained about that, if he hadn't just heard the most amazing sound. Derek… laughing?

He wanted to ask who this guy was, and what he did with Derek, because this was not a person he'd ever met before. Was this a glimpse under that steely shell?

Stiles was starting to feel like a whiteboard. Again, all of his thoughts were wiped away completely. Derek had yet to release his wrist, wrenched back and pinned to his back, but his other one was still fee, and had moved to take over spreading open Stiles' most private place.

"Ohfuckme…" The teen gasped, when he suddenly felt Dereks stubbled jaw pressed against the pale, freckled flesh of his asscheeks. It was followed soon after by the press of a hot, moist appendage, right against his tightly closed entrance. It wouldn't be like that very long.

The painful throb of his cock pressed between him and blanketed floor reminded Stiles that it was going to stay like that. Being a connoisseur of masturbating, Stiles knew exactly what it took to make him come, when it came to touching his dick. But he'd only once dared venture farther south. He'd been drunk and curious that night. He'd passed out before he'd even gotten a fingertip inside of himself. So this was completely new territory for him, and he didn't know anything about how he would react to being split open by a giant cock. He had fantasized that it would feel amazing, but in all honesty, he knew it took a lot to get over the pain of being stretched like that.

"Stop thinking, Stiles." Derek growled, nipping at the soft globe of flesh to his left. "You're about as relaxed as concrete." Exhaling, Stiles realized he had been holding his breath. With a shudder, he took a few deep breaths, and forced himself to relax more. Only once Derek felt the muscles in the teens ass unclench, did he press his tongue back against his hole gently. It sent shocks of pleasure like electricity up through Stiles spine, and he let out a groan. His un-restrained hand clenched at the blanket.

"D-Derek…" He ground out between his teeth, lifting his hips a little. He wasn't sure why, though. It was either to press his body closer to Derek's mouth, or to relieve the pressure off of his flushed length.

Derek let Stiles hand go, grabbing his hips firmly in both hands, and pressing them down to the floor again. His growl animalistic, the alpha shifted up, his nose buried behind the others ear. He was inhaling deeply, over and over. It tickled a little, making Stiles laugh, and wriggle, until one of the man's hands shifted

It left his body completely, and out of his line of sight. But he could hear the snap of the bottle lid. His mind supplied the imagery of slick lube coating Derek's fingers. But Stiles was wrong. He felt the drizzle of liquid on the flesh of his ass. Derek was already making a mess. There was a gratuitous amount of lubricant all over him, and an empty bottle clattering onto the floor, rolling away from being tossed aside.

"Oh my God…." Stiles whispered in a mild panic. One broad hand was firmly cradling his skull, the other massaging through the lubricant all over his skin. The strong fingers were manipulating his flesh and tissue, slicking up his digits thoroughly.

"Y-you know, we could… h-hold off and m-maybe play I s-spyyyYYYOHMYFFFFF-" Sinking his teeth into his own arm, Stiles whimpered. Instead of probing, and prodding, testing the waters, Derek had sunk one lubricated finger in deep, to the last knuckled. It was by some saving grace that the man didn't move it or try for more right away. He held his hand still, and let Stiles adjust.

"Breathe." Derek reminded. Instead of a growl, this time, his voice was almost a purr. He trailed his lips down the side and back of the teen's neck, waiting for him to loosen. It took a few long minutes, but finally Stiles shoulders started to relax, and his breathing was closer to normal. Derek huffed in the effort of his restraint, before starting to tentatively stroke his digit in and out. It took a few experimental twists and hisses of displeasure from Stiles before Derek finally heard and felt what he was looking for.

Choking as white hot pleasure exploded in front of his eyes, Stiles jolted and gasped once he could get his heart out of his throat.

"What the HELL was that?!" He demanded, letting out a hard breath. Grinning, Derek did it again. He dug his fingertip firmly against that tight bundle of nerves, massaging right into the teens previously undiscovered prostate. And within seconds, he had Stiles red-faced and trembling.

"Say hello to your prostate, Stiles. You and he are going to become very close friends." If he hadn't already had an orgasm earlier, inside of Derek's mouth, Stiles would have lost himself again.

It took a handful of minutes, before Derek was able to slip in another finger. Another handful for a third. But by the time he was 3 fingers deep into Stiles ass, Derek was breathing hard, and sitting upright over Stiles body. His thumb was tracing the puffy, red rim of Stiles hole. The Alpha found himself intoxicated by the heady combination of Stiles keening moans, and the obscene squelch of his lubricated fingers stretching and plundering the boys insides.

Not to mention the overwhelming aroma of sex that hung in the air. Dereks garnet red eyes were fever-bright, pupils dilated.

"GODDAMMIT DEREK FUCK ME ALREADY!" Stiles sobbed out. His hands were trembling. All of him was trembling.

"Fuck…. "Derek cursed in a hard growl. The demand wasn't what did it. It was the desperation, and the need in Stiles voice, and in his scent. Slipping his fingers out of the younger male's body, Derek was fumbling with his jeans, trying to get them open with his slippery fingers. It took too long, for Stiles.

The skinny teen wriggled around until he managed to flip over onto his back, under Derek, reaching up to pop open the fly of his jeans. "OhmyGod you're huge…" Stiles hissed. His hand had ducked into the Alpha's underwear, slipping over what could have easily passed for a scalding hot steel rod. Hissing, Derek pumped his hips forward, thrusting into the boy's hand. Stiles had to let go. His hands anchored onto Dereks jeans, and started tugging on them. The older man lurched forward, bracing his hands on the floor at either side of Stiles head, so that he could rest his weight onto them and stretch his legs back. With some wriggling, and Stiles help, Derek was able to get the rest of his clothes off, and kicked aside. Finally. And it seemed like it was just in time. Stiles could see the strain Derek was under trying to hold himself back. His eyes were red, and his tendons were taut and prominent under his skin. Seeing that look on Derek Hale… On old Sourwolf… Grumpy Cat Angry Puss Derek Hale… And knowing that Stiles was the reason from inciting this need… It broke what inhibition the wiry teen had left in him.

"Fuck…. Derek… Shove that dripping, hot cock in my ass and pound me into the floor you fucker!" Stiles demanded, spreading his legs. The moment Stiles opened his mouth, and started pouring out dirty talk, it didn't stop. Like every other moment of the day, he was talking. Saying things, wild things.

Even when Derek clamped a hand over Stiles mouth, muffled sounds showed that he hadn't even stopped then. "Shut up Stiles." Derek snarled, bracing his cock with his free hand. The glistening tip, of which, he was pressing against Stiles thoroughly stretched, pink hole. His cock was a wider than the 3 fingers he'd used to loosen up the teen, so when Stiles felt the broad cockhead pop past the ring of muscle, Stiles cried out against the hand on his mouth, sinking teeth into flesh.

The boy's hands scrambled to brace against Dereks ribcage, squirming under him on the floor. He wasn't quite sure if he was pulling him in closer, or trying to push him away, but whatever it was, he forgot, at the feel of hot skin under his palms. Dereks hand had moved off of his mouth so his voice was free to sound. And it did. Stiles was practically wailing as inch after inch of Dereks length sank into him. He'd never imagined he could feel so full. Another inch, another whimper. Lurching up, Stiles buried his face against Derek's neck, biting at his flesh as if it would help him control himself. He wasn't expecting the chain reaction it earned him though. The bite seemed to affect Derek, earning him a wild buck from those hips.

Sobbing, Stiles hitched his legs up around Dereks back. There was no stopping now. Not now that he could feel the aching fullness, the throb of pulse inside of him. He was pegged, and he didn't think he'd ever be able to go back.

"So…. Ugh…. Fuck…. You're so… tight…" Derek grunted as he began to move in a steady rhythm. It was many intense, long minutes, before Stiles felt something familiar. The pain had relaxed. It would be back, later, he knew that much. But for now, something else was building back up inside of him. It was a heavy, lurching pleasure. Tightening in his gut, and the base of his spine. Just like when it had been Derek's fingers, he could feel a persistent thrust over his new 'close friend'. The sheer size of Dereks cock had made it inevitable. The blunt head of the length was grinding right over his prostate, with each pass. And every time, Stiles felt his cock twitch, and leak out another glob of precum. It was like he was being milked from the inside.

"D-Derek… OhGod…OhGoood!" Breathing hard, the teen couldn't formulate words beyond those, and the sharp, broken cries of begging need. Pleas for Derek to bring him to completion.

They went unanswered.

In a mess of sweat, and sliding flesh, Stiles was losing himself into heat, and the pressure inside his gut. It was almost painful, but in the most delicious way, that he almost didn't want to end. The charred house around him that creaked and rattled in the wind meant nothing to him. The dimming glow from the fire was inconsequential. He couldn't feel the temperature lowering a little as the fire began to temper down to a smolder rather than a blaze. Because the fire was between them now. Their bodies, and friction, and passion created a heat that kept sweat beading on flesh, and ghosting down paths between goose bumps.

It was fear that rose in Stiles when one backward draw of Dereks hips completely unsheathed his length from his body. Fear that it was over too soon. Fear that he would be left empty the rest of the night. Empty and wanting. His fears were not realized, though, as his body was flipped with an air-wrenching impact onto his stomach. Hands once more gripped his ass, with less finesse to spread them apart. And this time, as his Alpha resumed his thrusts, they were erratic, and sporadic. Timing meant nothing now. It was a hasty rush for completion. But something felt different in this position. Stiles mouth was pouring out demands, still. Half of them didn't even reach his own ears, but he felt Derek's response to them. Maybe an hour had passed. He wasn't sure. But Stiles was sure that Dereks dick hadn't felt this big in the other position. And… was it….. Getting bigger?

"H-holy…. Fuck… Derek… Oh shit…. Fuck… fucking… Give it to me… Derek, goddammit, yes…. Fu… ah…Ah! Hnnn…. Guh…God…. Do it… Fucking… Plug your fat… Cock in my a-aaaAAAaaasssss… Fuccckk…. P-plug me…. C-come oonn…. Oh fuck… Are you... A-are you gonna…?" His breathing was hard, coming out in bursts, thanks in part to the intense, bruising thrusts of Dereks hips. He knew something was coming. Derek wasn't getting in as deep, and there was something… pressing against his wet hole. He knew what it was. He'd done the research. Scott had talked about how bothersome it was… But… it was happening now, here, with Derek.

"Take my knot, Stiles!" Derek commanded in a gruff command. He was battering the swollen bulge at the base of his dick like a ram, against the weakened and already over-stretched gateway into Stiles ass. Stiles was locked into position by Dereks arms, twined around him like bondage ropes. Dereks face was pressed against the teen's neck, breath coming in quick, hot pants. One of his arms was looped around Stiles chest, hooked under his arm and angled up to clutch at his shoulder. Claws extended and digging into skin thoughtlessly. His other hand gripped the human boy's slender hip, scoring his flesh there as well. Stiles, subconsciously knew he was in for a hard recovery. But seriously, how long had it been since Derek had been with anyone? Probably too long. He was pent up, wound up, in need of this release. He couldn't control it anymore. And Stiles got off on that, hard.

"OhholyfuckingcheeseandtitsDE REK!" Stiles cried out, seeing stars as the thrusts became more forceful. More painful. It was conflicting. The pain, and the pleasure, the raw ache of being fucked into like he was a steak being hit with a tenderizing mallet over and over… For some reason, Stiles dick was harder than it had ever been in his short life, and currently being pummeled into a puddle of his own pre-cum over and over again. Derek was trying to force in his inhumanly shaped appendage. The bulb at the base of the older man's cock was probably the size of a tennis ball. And it wanted into a place that Stiles had never once in his life considered shoving a tennis ball. But now… "Do it! Fucking… gahh…. Ah…. H-haaaah! F-fill me! Knot m-me Derek! Sh-shooo-ove that… fat knot… in me… push it in and…. FUCK!... Breed me!" He begged, realizing that was what it was. All of the wolf's instincts right now were months, maybe years of pent up heat, and instinct. The need to fuck, and breed, and cum. It was Stiles acceptance of that, which pushed Derek off of the edge he'd teetered on, completely.

With a reckless howl, Derek's hips snapped forward, and finally, the speed, pressure, lubrication, and Stiles body all fell into perfect alignment. With an imagined POP, and a guttural snarl, Dereks knot was tied snuggly behind Stiles excruciatingly tender muscle. It wasn't quite over yet. The thrusts were shallow now, more like insistent grinding, but Stiles was as full as possible and getting fuller by the moment. A torrent of cum had been unleashed inside of him, and he was slowly starting to feel the pressure of the incredible amount of liquid heat flooding him. Dereks knot was pulsing, and grinding strategically right against the teens prostate. 3, 4… 5 sharp grinding thrusts later, and Stiles was screaming out his pleasure, drool painting glistening lines down his chin as his body seized up against his will.

Legs trembling, back stuttering and arching, chest heaving, and hands scrabbling at the floor, the full bodied orgasm Stiles underwent was more than a simple emptying of his balls. It was a deep release. Deeper than anything he'd known his body could experience. It scratched an itch he didn't know he had. A rare anal orgasm, hands free, and all encompassing. It was minutes that he convulsed, pinned under Derek and trapped on his cock, against his chest. He didn't even have the mental capacity to wonder what the wild catch and release of his inner muscles must be doing to the wolf inside of him, forced to ride it out like a drunken man tied to a mechanical bull. The milking grip of silken muscle around his knot only succeeded in forcing out more and more of his potent seed, until Stiles belly was heavy with it.

A full few minutes later, Derek finally felt Stiles come down from the prostate orgasm he'd suffered. He could hear the boy's heart, beating as fast as he'd ever heard a human heart pound. His lungs were heaving, but his body was slowly cooling down, falling into bliss, and an amazing afterglow. Derek was himself again. The moment his own release had washed over him, like a cleansing wave, he'd felt his wolf recede, and calm. His eyes were no longer red, his claws long since retracted.

One thing still remained, though, and it was the reason that Derek was still on top of Stiles, rather than flopped out onto the floor next to him. His knot…

"….Hey, there…" He heard the raw croak of a voice from beneath him. Stiles was finally conscious and coherent again. He'd gotten his heart, and his breathing under control enough to talk.

"…Hey." Derek replied quietly, watching the blissed out expression on the teens face.

"….." Stiles licked his lips, and sighed. "….You are… fucking amazing at sex."

That earned a half chuckle from Derek, who relaxed a bit. He didn't realize he'd been braced for…. Something…. Rejection maybe? To be pushed away? Regardless, the man sighed, and nuzzled once more at Stiles neck, pressing a kiss to the spot he'd been in an internal war with himself to keep from biting, before he leaned up onto his elbows.

Now that he wasn't in a frenzy to mate Stiles, Derek could feel the temperature in the room. Where they were, on the floor, he was lucky enough to be able to reach the pile of wood Stiles had brought, and loaded some into the nearby hearth, stoking up the fire again, before looping an arm around his companion, to move them onto their sides.

"Next time I want to be the big spoon." Came a sleepy grumble of half-hearted protest from Stiles. Derek rolled his eyes, grabbing the other two blankets that lay nearby, pulling them over. The whole time, he'd been careful to keep his hips flush against Stiles, not wanting to tug, and cause pain. It would be a long wait before he could pull out.

"In your dreams, Stiles." Derek retorted fairly quickly, as he arranged the blankets over them. By the time he was satisfied, and settled, Stiles was already snoring.