A/N: Hi guys! I've read some of HyaHya's amazing work and I just had to do a drabble fic of my own! Enjoy! Xx

Vlad I

Vlad was angry. He was angry at Bertrand, angry at his Father, angry at Ingrid, angry at Erin and beyond angry with himself. How could he have not known? Erin was a slayer. Erin was a slayer. He could have got his entire family turned to ash because he was too stupid to realise he'd brought a slayer home. Because he'd fallen in love with a killer.

So he'd vanished for a while. He needed space to think and he couldn't do that with so many people around him. At the minute Vlad was stomping across a forest somewhere in Wales. He knew it was dangerous, being this close to his old home town, but at the moment he didn't really care. The emptiness of the place comforted Vlad somehow and his splitting head ache had finally gone away.

As he took in the peaceful surroundings Vlad's impeccable sense of smell picked up on something miles away. Slapping his hand across his mouth, Vlad winced as he tried not to drop his fangs. Blood. He could smell blood, and there was lots of it by the strength of the scent.

Breathing deeply even though he had no use to it, Vlad summoned all of his strength and tried to turn away from the enticing smell. It was probably only an unfortunate animal caught by a bear, but Vlad's mind was telling him something completely different. This was no animal. The scent was all wrong.

This was a breather.

His dark side was winning. Vlad knew he didn't have much time left, he felt his fangs drop down. He physically couldn't turn away from the scent of the blood, it was too much to bear. Suddenly, Vlad sped forward through the forest at breakneck speed, his eyes flashing with hunger. Leaves swirled around the empty air that the young vampire had left behind him.

Bad Vlad was back, and he was hungry for fresh blood.