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It was as if the whole world had come crashing down. In an instant, the prey had become the predator. The hunter had become the hunted. Vlad stepped back. He had to stand down. It was no fun now that he knew. No fun at all.

"I know you Vlad. You wouldn't do this. Not to me." Robin whispered, glancing between his sisters feeble body and his former best friend. Vlad inched closer to Chloe, as if warning Robin not to continue.

Robin looked on in defiance.

"I know that you wouldn't do this. Don't you remember? The old times? Finding a friend?" Robin asked, looking directly into Vlad's eyes. Vlad smirked.

"Oh, I remember. Of course I remember." Vlad spat "All for the wrong reasons breather." Vlad looked down in disgust at the word and Robin bowed his head towards the leaf stridden ground. Vlad looked up to the sky. It was getting light, he would have to leave soon.

Better get this over with then... he thought, glancing at Chloe.

In an instant Vlad was stooped over Chloe's still form. Robin screamed, a low guttural sound. Vlad smiled.

His fangs were in the blondes neck before she even had the chance to blink.

Oh revenge is sweet.