Hey guys, its me; Sonicfangirl321. And here to say enjoy! And I do know I should be making more of "A Dark Rose". But I think I should let my mind go and play.

I mean if I only made one thing, what's the fun in that? Oh yes. The hero in this is not me. One- I'm not a boy. Two- I'm not a teenager.


I walked home, I jumped on my laptop. Not even saying 'hello' to my mother. I just wanted to play. And yeah my Sims 2.

Hello, I'm Zack. I'm 16 and I fall in love with a… girl. But not in the "real world". She's a…. sim. She's a teenager now. I made her as a baby. And saw her grow. And fall in love.

So, I gave anything and everything I could get for her. And I keep asking the people who made Sims 2 to make more.

I named her "Lizz" its not a real name, tho. I think it's beautiful.

Lizz POV

I sit in a sit; I was looking at my mother. Making something for herself. My brother. Timmy was playing in his room. Dad was at work. I goad outside. I walked to the park. And met some new Sims.

I live a happy life. Not much happens tho. But I really couldn't care less.

Zack POV

The ones who made Sims gave me a Email. I read it.

"Dear Sims2lover432.

We see how much you love the Sims 2, and we gave you a new way to play! You are the winner. Gets to test our new way of playing Sims 2! Please just click this {sims} now try!"

I clicked it. And goad back on Sims 2, and Lizz! She not there! I was about to click her picture. But that was not there as well!

Than I looked in the Family Tree; nothing of her.

Did I kill her? No! She would sill be In the Family Tree! Than what? I couldn't think, I lost some one I love. And just fall in bed and go asleep.