"Come on, McLate. Gibbs is gonna be so pissed at you. Get your McButt into work!" Tony DiNozzo shouted into his phone before turning it off and thrusting it into his pocket.

"Anything?" Ziva David asked from her perch on her chair, where she was going through the work schedule to make sure their late partner, Timothy McGee, didn't have the day off.

"Nothing. I called his cell phone and his home phone, texted him, beeped his beeper, paged his pager, sent him ten emails, and put out a McGeekMan signal. He should have seen or heard at least one," Tony replied and slumped into his chair, throwing a glance over at the empty desk that belonged to McGee.

It was early on a Friday morning at NCIS. It had been a month since the big explosion and only a week and half from when they each had their psychiatric evaluations.

Tony and Ziva were the only two in the bullpen. Abby, Ducky, and Gibbs had been out late last night and had called in to say they would be late. Palmer was somewhere in the building, showing around a new financial secretary.

Timothy McGee was the only one who was off the radar.

"I do not understand. McGee always tells someone when he is going to be absent. Even with his sister, he said he had laryngitis. The worry is driving me up the hall that something is wrong with him," Ziva crushed a pencil in her hand and exhaled sharply.

"Okay, first off, it's up the wall. Second, there's always been something wrong with McTardy. Besides, he's probably just sleeping," Tony replied.

"He is quite a deep sleeper," Ziva sighed and also looked over the empty desk that was diagonal to hers.

"...How do you know how he sleeps?" Tony raised his eyebrows and leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbows on the keyboard in front of him.

"He spent a few nights at my apartment when his was being renovated. That Jethro is quite a snorer," She replied.

"I never snore," A voice said from behind the bullpen.

"Boss! Hi. Uh, Ziva was talking about K9 Jethro. Not human Jethro. Which would be you... Uh. How was last night?" Tony quickly leaned back and put his hands in his lap.

"It was fine," Leroy Jethro Gibbs grumbled and walked over to his desk, coffee cup in one hand and Caf!Pow in the other.

"Are you going to see Abby?" Ziva stood up and walked over to Gibbs's desk.

"Soon, yeah. Why?" Gibbs sat down and placed the two drinks in front of him.

"No reason. No reason at all," Tony replied for Ziva and walked over to the desk also, standing next to the Israeli, their two body masses just enough to block McGee's desk from Gibbs's view.

"I already saw the desk, DiNozzo. Where the hell is he?" Gibbs looked down and shuffled through a few papers that were on his desk.

"In the head."

"With Palmer."

His two agents replying in unison caused the marine to look up, "Why is he in the head with Palmer?"

"He's not. He's with Palmer. Showing the new secretary around." Tony replied quickly.

"Yes. He is." Ziva agreed.

"I just saw Palmer and Alex. She hasn't met any of the team yet." Gibbs stood up, glaring at the two in front of him.

"Oh," Tony whispered, and then winced when a sharp pain occurred at the back of his head.

"Where is McGee," Gibbs growled.

"He hasn't shown up yet, boss," Tony said and quickly jumped behind Ziva, to avoid getting a second slap.

"Yeah. I got that, DiNozzo. But where is he?" The older man crossed his arms across his chest and stared at his agents.

"We do not know, Gibbs. We have done everything we can to contact him. He has not responded," Ziva said.

"Everything?" Gibbs asked.

"Called him on cell and home, emailed him, paged him, texted him, and beeped him. He hasn't responded to anything. The only thing left to do is go knock on his door," Tony said, holding up his phone for evidence of the calls and texts.

"Well then why are you still here?" Gibbs turned on his heel, picked up the Caf!Pow and coffee, and headed for the elevators.

"We have permission to leave?" Tony called after him.

"Part of our team is off the map. We need to find him. You have permission to do anything!" Gibbs barked before stepping into the open elevator.

"…Gibbs, hold the door!" Tony yelled and ran over, jumping into the metal contraption just before the doors closed.

"What, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked as he glared at his agent.

"I have something to say. It's about Tim," Tony replied.

Gibbs glared at him for a few more seconds before he decided to flip the emergency switch.

After all, Tony calling McGee by his first name usually meant he was genuinely concerned.

"I'm guessing you want me to talk…Uh. Have you seen Tim shoot recently?" Tony awkwardly rubbed the back of his head as he spoke.

"A gun? No, not in a couple years: he always reschedules when it's time to practice. Why?"

"I saw him fire six shots."

"And?" Gibbs's tone was turning into quite an annoyed one.

"They were all directly to the head. Every single one, Gibbs," Tony said, crossing his arms across his chest and leaning back.

"When you find him, bring him straight to me. Got it?" Gibbs flipped the switch once again and the elevator started humming again.

Tony nodded and pushed the button to open the doors. He stepped out and watched Gibbs slowly disappear.

"Well?" Ziva appeared next to him and handed him his gear.

"Let's go find our partner," Tony grabbed his gear from her and headed for the stairs.

There was no time for elevators

"McGeekkkkkkkk. You're late for workkkkkk," Tony knocked on the door of McGee's apartment and talked in a singsong voice.

"He is not answering. Can't we just break in?" Ziva crossed her arms and tapped her left foot impatiently.

"Ziva, I've knocked twice. Give the man some time to put on his pants."

Ziva was going to respond, but she suddenly froze.

"What?" Tony asked.

"Shut up," Ziva hissed.

"But what is it!" Tony whispered back.

"Listen," She commanded, putting her ear against the door and closing her eyes.

Tony, now intrigued, copied her action, "That sounds like.."

"A dogs whine, yes. Jethro never whines. Unless there is something wrong."

Tony's eyes widened and he started to pound on the door," Tim! Tim? Open up!"

The pounding on the door caused the German Sheppard inside to start howling.

"Ziva, door. Now," The Italian commanded and stepped away quickly as the Israeli brought her leg up and side-kicked the door handle, smashing the frame and allowing the door to swing open.

The two agents were then attacked by a flying fur-ball.

"Jethro! Get off! Ew...He just licked my mouth!" Tony rolled around on the floor, trying to dislodge the large animal that was trying to spread his salvia on every spot of Tony's face.

Ziva was already inside and checking out the premise.

"Tony!" Ziva's quick shout made Tony jump up and run inside.

He hurried in, stood beside Ziva, and froze on the spot.

"What the hell...," Tony whispered as he looked around the apartment.

The furniture in the apartment had been moved around to allow a large center area where there was a large desk. On the desk were piles of papers, folders, assorted maps, and two laptops that were both running several programs.

The windows were all covered and the only light was coming from several lamps that were gathered around the desk.

This was not something that was normal for the tidy McGee to have.

"Is he redecorating?" Ziva looked around, her head tilted in confusion at the strange surroundings.

"Into a 007 theme?" Tony walked over to the desk and sat down, rummaging through a few papers, "Zee…Come here."

"What are those?" Ziva leaned in over Tony's shoulder and looked down at the papers.

"They're files," He replied, now turning his attention to the computer screens.

"On what?"

"Us, our people, Fornell's group. Hell, here's even one on that one eyed idiot," Tony picked up a few papers and handed them to Ziva.

She looked over the familiar picture of Trent Kort and opened her mouth to speak but then closed it once again.

"What?" Tony turned in the chair, trying to get a better view.

"Look at these notes," She handed him the papers once again and pointed at many small clumps of writing that could only have been written by McGee.

Easy to go to.

Doesn't pry.

Can be trusted.

Master of disguise.

Able to get fake ID's.

Genius in many subjects.

"What the hell?! 'Can be trusted'? 'Easy to go to'? What is wrong with McGee?" Tony snatched the paper and threw it on the desk.

"I do not know, but something is definitely wrong, and we need to find out what that something is. Soon," Ziva squeezed Tony's shoulder and headed for the front door where Jethro the dog was sitting.

"Should we grab anything before we go?" Tony stood up and looked over the papers on the desk.

"Grab the files on us. And get Jethro a toy," She patted her thigh and Jethro followed as she started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Tony shouted after her, hurryingly grabbing the papers and finding a suitable dog before running after the Israeli.

"McGee is missing and clearly, something is quite wrong. Do you really think that I am just going to sit around and wait for others to do what I can do better?" Ziva was already at the car and securing Jethro in the backseat when Tony finally caught up to her.

She turned to him, just as they were about to climb in the car, "I do not wish to lose anymore family."

"Ziva, for all we know, he could be doing a secret mission for the president. Don't worry. Our family will stay intact. We always will," He smiled, climbed into the car, and drove away.

They did not have any time to waste. Timothy McGee was quickly becoming a problem, as the team would soon see.

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