[a/n]: Hello~! The name's Megan - this is my second fanfiction, so I'm still kind of getting used to it? Usually I write from the points of original characters, so I'm still making sure to write them in character. xD

The Parting Glass (my first fanfiction ouo) was Sokai based, and a little while after I finished it, I had an idea for a Rokushion one. So, here it is! Its a twoshot, so there will be one more chapter after this. Enjoy~

My head was heavy with exhaustion. My vision was already blurring, all the reds and oranges of Twilight Town melting together into nothing but a mess. A part of me wanted to give up, just press pause on life and take care of this later, but I couldn't do that. I couldn't pause life and I couldn't stop to rest or catch my breath, and I certainly couldn't let Xion do everything on her own. So, gripping the Keyblade even tighter in my hands, I charged headstrong into the hoard.

Zip Slashers were nothing to laugh at. I watched carefully as they sped around us; they seemed to be waiting, almost calculating the perfect time to strike. One of them lunged at me, thrusting one of its elongated blades towards my head; I barely dodged it in time. How did they move so fast!? Parrying another blow from the monster, I struck it, feeling the weight of the Keyblade surge powerfully into the attack. The Heartless dissolved and its captive heart rose into the air, its reddish-pink hue glinting in the light.

Kingdom Hearts was one heart closer to being finished. Behind me, Xion let out a cry of triumph - two hearts closer. I fell back into my battle stance, certain my knuckles were turning white from gripping my sword so tightly. My gaze swept across the field, waiting for more of the Zip Slashers to come, but none emerged. The pools of darkness on the ground had disappeared, too. I relaxed a little, sighing in relief.

"Did we get them all?" Xion asked, letting her Keyblade fall to her side.

"Yeah," I replied. We both straightened, letting our Keyblades disappear in a flash of white. My fingers tingled, a sensation I was used to after wielding the Key. I always thought it was kind of an after-effect, something that just happened. It felt kind of like when your foot falls asleep, and when you get up to walk on it, it feels like static running up and down your leg. Only... gentler? I guess that could be a word for it. Warmer, too. It was a nice feeling.

Xion walked up to me, bright blue orbs shining in victory. She sure seemed in a good mood today. Maybe it was because her, me and Axel had been hanging out more lately? Or maybe it was just because we completed the mission. Nonetheless, it was good to see her smiling. "You fought good," I told her, returning the gesture.

"Eheh. Thanks," she said, "but you were better."

I didn't really know what to say, so I decided to change the subject. "Hey, wanna get some ice cream?" Sea-salt ice cream did sound good right now - the three of us had some yesterday, too, and I really wanted to go up on the clock tower with them again. Xion's face fell, though, her eyes searching the horizon as though it would give her the time. "I don't think we can," she said, her voice growing quiet, "its getting late. We've been out for a while..." I followed her gaze, realizing too how long we've been gone. "Oh... I guess so," I muttered.

We started walking; at least Twilight Town was safe now, right?

We left Station Heights, silence falling between us. It was kind of awkward - that was the right word for this - being so quiet, especially since we were both so excited just a moment ago. I wanted to say something, anything to break the tension, but nothing came to mind. What would Axel say? He was always the slick one; he could smooth talk his way out of anything. He would know what people were supposed to say in situations like these. Or... maybe they weren't supposed to say anything? I glanced at Xion, her eyes downcast. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't - this was uncomfortable. I opened my mouth, but she stole the words from me.

"Maybe we can go tomorrow," she suggested, sounding hopeful. Her eyes met mine, another smile crossing her face. Relief washed over me - honestly, I was glad I suddenly didn't have to say anything. "Yeah," I replied, mirroring her smile. "Tomorrow. We'll even drag Axel with us to make sure he makes it."

Giggling, Xion's gaze returned to the path in front of us. "Yeah."

Feeling the awkward lift, I watched everyone around us going on with life, as though they didn't notice us at all - which was kind of expected, actually. We, meaning The Organization, usually used back roads when moving in and around towns like these, but when we did come into the open, no one stopped to question us. Maybe we were just as normal to them, just people walking through town? We were dressed differently, that's all. When we did talk to the others, though, they talked to us like we belonged there. … Well, at least, they talk to me, Xion and Axel that way. I'm not sure I can say the same for, say, Xigbar, but that's what he gets for being creepy.

None of us really like Xigbar. Or Xaldin, for that matter, but we're okay with his "creepiness" because he's a really good chef. I don't know what I would do without his pancakes every morning.

Xion and I passed through Market Street together. I stood on the outside of the sidewalk - Axel told me it was something called chivalry. Apparently, I was supposed to stand closer to the main road in case something dangerous came. That way, the other person wouldn't get hurt. That's what he told me.

"I wonder if we're already late," Xion pondered aloud, more talking to herself than to me, I think. I chuckled a little, putting on a deeper voice to sound like Number VII. "Roxas, Xion! Superior will have your heads on a platter should you be late again!" Xion burst into a fit of laughter, trying her best to deepen her own voice; "You'll go without dinner as punishment. To bed!" I was laughing, too - until I realized that it wouldn't be unlike Saix to give a punishment like that. Xion stopped, too. Was she realizing the same thing?

"Hey, maybe we should...-"


"Good idea," I replied. Xion took off in front of me. I was about to do the same until something caught my attention, a movement in the corner of my eyes. More Heartless? Suspense rose in the air around me, my muscles tensing, my hand outstretched to call on my weapon. I paused, turning around to examine the event, which proved to be... two people? That was nothing out of the ordinary. I relaxed, about to race to catch up with Xion. Something made me want to stay, though. I kind of wanted to watch them - what were they doing?

They stood unusually close, their bodies touching. The guy had his hands placed gingerly on the girl's waist, one of his thumbs hooking on the belt loop of her jeans. The girl had her arms resting on his shoulders, lacing around his neck. Their noses brushed and the guy brought the girl in closer, closer until even their mouths were touching. Their mouths just kept opening and closing in on each other's, like some sort of dance. Their eyes were closed. What were they...?


"Wha- huh!?" I jumped. Xion stood next to me, her eyebrows pressed together with her head tilted. Worry? That's what it looked like. "You okay?" she asked, twisting her head to get a better look at my face. I swallowed, unsure of what to do or say. Why did I suddenly feel so... uncomfortable!? That was the best way to describe it. Like I didn't want her to know what I just did. But I didn't do anything! I was just watching those people... That wasn't wrong, was it?

Xion spoke up again, tearing me from my thoughts. "You didn't follow me to the portal, so I came back to look for you. What held you up?" she inquired, still staring at me hard with her bright, sapphire eyes. My gaze shot back to the two people, still pressing their mouths together. "Um, nothing, I was just- uh-"

Xion followed my gaze, her own eyes widening when she saw the two people. She, too, fell silent, staring it what looked like shock. My insides squirmed. Why was it like I didn't want her to see? I don't understand! I tore my attention away from the, uh, event, grabbing Xion's hand with haste. "C'mon, Xion, we gotta get back to the Castle! Right?"

Even through the gloves, I could feel the warmth from her hand in mine. My insides kept churning, but at this point, I didn't care. I heard Xion yell at me to slow down, but I didn't. I wanted to get away. Getting away would make this feeling go away. Right? We got back to the portal, stepped through it, and were quickly enveloped in darkness.