From Chaos comes Order

Chapter 1: Foretold dreams

Disclaimer: This is based off the storyline of adventure quest worlds; I do not own a majority of the characters except my own whom will be known as Cybran. This may contain a romance between OCxGravelyn

Cybran was in the realm of chaos wielding his doom knight overlord sword with parts of his overlord armour ripped to shreds showing bruises and scars from Drakath's assault. Drakath smirked in sheer delight and spoke, "You think you can out match me, the Champion of Chaos? You're nothing to meit's time to end THIS!"

Cybran grinned slowly standing up chuckling, Drakath raised any eyebrow and yelled, "What are you laughing at you pathetic mortalling?!"

"I'm laughing cause unlike you, you lonely old bag of bones I have friends beside me and they have faith me and so do the rest of Lore, and I shall put you down like I have with your Chaos Lords as they all say 'From Chaos comes Order'" Cybran said pointing his sword at Drakath.

Drakath slowly clapped "Well done, what a fantastic speech it almost made my void to where my heart was pump ever so slightly" Drakath sarcastically replied.

"Let's finish this BATTLE ON!" Cybran cries charging toward Drakath as does the same.

Cybran woke up from underneath the tree wearing his rogue outfit wielding nothing but a dagger and whispered, "It was only a dream… but it felt so real…" Cybran pulled out the map to find what direction to take next, "Right onto Swordhaven see what this undead invasion is all about" He got up from under the tree and started to walk onwards to Swordhaven.

Cybran got to Swordhaven to see the invasion at feet. Skeletons were surrounding Swordhaven as the flying castle of Shadowfall is in plain sight, high up in the air, completely in isolation. Cybran saw a few skeleton fire mages and said to himself unsheathing his dagger, "This shouldn't be too hard" he jumped the skeleton as they screeched when their heads were severed.

Once Cybran defeated the skeleton fire mages he can hear screams and screeches from in the capital itself and moved in for the onslaught, but as he entered he saw a paladin wielding a golden axe with brown hair and eyes to match warding off the skeleton warriors… that paladin was Artix.

"Hey! Buddy," Artix shouted to Cybran holding off two skeleton warriors, "Could use a little help here!" Cybran assisted Artix by severing their heads off as they fall to pieces on the ground.

"Thanks, there buddy I thought I was a goner until you come along" Artix smiled widely and pulling out his hand, "The names Artix, what's yours?"

Cybran shook Artix's hand and answered, "They call me Cybran but you can call me CY for short."

"Cool! Listen the skeletons have invaded the Swordhaven castle there was too many for the Pactongonal Knights to handle… Alteon is waiting for Sephlachure to arrive to fight to the finish to settle their scores between Good and Evil." Artix instructed, "I need you to stall them or help as much as possible, Robina is inside thwarting them off as well."

Cybran nodded heading towards the castle but stopped to see a giant skeleton with a 5 foot sword stare at him waiting for him to make his move and Cybran murmured, "The bigger they are…" He charged at the skeleton as it swipes its massive sword, Cybran quickly dodged slashing its legs making it collapse then severing its head from the body, "The harder they fall." He kept moving pulling down the bridge entering the castle to see it in a wreck by the undead.

"Thank god you're here, the names Robina I need your help, Sephlachure is inside with King Alteon and I can't get them apart while fighting these skeletons with the other Pactongonal Knights, you must go in there and stopped them from what they are doing!" Robina ordered firing her arrows from her bow claiming head shots on the skeletons even if they were wearing helmets her arrows still penetrated the iron.

Cybran quickly nodded went upstairs into the throne room to see the monstrosity of a battle between Sephlachure and King Alteon. "It's no use Alteon you cannot defy me any longer, you cannot defy the ShadowScythe!" Sephlachure shouted wielding his doom knight sword.

"You may say that here and now Sephlachure but Good always triumphs over Evil" Alteon stated.

They stopped to slowly turn their heads and stare at Cybran. He gulped thinking, "I am so doomed!"

"Seems like we've drawn a crowd Alteon." Sephlachure paused, "come with me mortalling, the power of darkness and immortality will be at your finger tips if you join the ShadowScythe" Sephlachure walked up to Cybran persuading him to join his side.

"No! Stand by my side and light show you, your true path in life to overcome the shadows and what surrounds it in future" Alteon argued.

Cybran paused for a moment completely in his thoughts. His feet were moving on its own accord towards Sephlachure as Alteon's heart throbbed, "No…" Sephlachure laughed in glory as he rose up his sword in mere triumph.

"You have chosen wisely mortalling now stand by my side as we kill this old fool together!" Sephlachure cheered.

Cybran nodded closing in on Alteon but suddenly an explosion busted the exterior walls revealing a man in purple armour with gigantic demonic wings as they walked into the battle as their wings wrapped around their armour like a quilt as they revealed their face.

"DRAKATH!" Both Alteon and Sephlachure yelled with very shocked expressions on their faces.

"Drakath it's him the man from my dreams who I was facing could the dream be true of what is to come?"Cybran thought to himself.

To be continued.