Chapter 3: Inversions and Teleportation

Disclaimer: I do not own Aqworlds or the characters that involved except my own, Cybran and a friend that owns Farcale.

Cybran stared at the Hydra thinking of a strategy to beat it until a stranger came along and shouted, "Hey pal!" This attracted Cybran attention to an Albino demon in a pirate uniform,"You gunna sit there and get eaten or fight this thing with me The King of Derps!" he clenched his fist and his sword.

Cybran smirked underneath his helmet and replied; "Unless you call me the King of Insanity then that's fine by me" They darted towards the Hydra.

"How do we beat this thing anyhow?" The demon asked looking dumbfounded at Cybran.

"Severing it's head and using fire to stop them regenerating more heads" Cybran suggested, the demon nodded liking the plan as they jumped facing a Hydra head slashing it off with their sword and using a fireball on the wound before it could regenerate.

Cybran soon followed severing a head with his doom knight overlord sword and ordered, "NOW! Fireball!" The demon fired a fireball at the wound as they continued in this motion for hours when the creature finally died hitting the inverted tower making it collapses to the side.

"How did you know the fire trick would work on it?" The demon asked.

"I know my Greek mythology thanks the labours of Hercules" Cybran answered, "let's move in for the kill like a boa constrictor" they jumped into the hole on the side of the tower ready to face Escherion again.

"You again?!" Escherion screeched.

"Yes I live thanks for caring" Cybran sarcastically answered, "and you'll find your Hydra has been… disposed of"

"HOW DARE YOU!?" Escherion shouted pointing his staff at Cybran, "How dare YOU defy me?!"

"I've had help with my friend here" Cybran gestured to his friend as they nodded, "and you're next!"

"The BRING IT!" Escherion taunted.

"Go for the staff then him"" Cybran instructed

The demon; Farcale nodded freezing the staff and breaking it with an explosion spell causing to be super effective.

"My staff!" Escherion cried in shock.

Cybran went in for the kill slashing Escherion's left arm covering his blood ridden cape in purple chaotic blood but suddenly the staff of inversion began it fix itself but glitched during the process as Escherion picked it up and stated, "It's the END for the both of you as you will ribbited with this spell" a spell charged for Cybran to turn him into a frog but just in time Farcale used a mirror deflecting the spell back onto Escherion.

"Nicely done" Cybran smirked.

"I always carry a mirror to look at myself" Farcale smirked look at himself in the mirror.

"You're so vain" Cybran grumbled as he picked up Frogerion,"I should send you to the French they'll consider you a delicacy."

Frogerion ribbited in fear of being eaten. "Let's head to Battleon, I'm there's plenty to do there" Cybran suggested chucking Frogerion into the lake as him and Farcale left towards Battleon.

Meanwhile in the chaos realm Drakath was furious at Escherion for failing and his voice echoed, "HOW can that foolish mage be beaten by a MERE mirror?!" he kept pacing for a long time back and forth until the conscience twins showed up, one looking demonic called Id and the other Ego.

Drakath smirked and decided to make them chaotic in order to help him make better decision in future for more chaos starting with his new plan of ridding Battleon.

Warlic, an albino mage was at Arcangrove one day using the telescope that they have built looked up into space to see the other worlds and universe beyond ours then all of the sudden he spotted to meteors heading towards Lore or more specifically Battleon. Warlic gave a look of horror before leaving Arcangrove to tell the burden of bad news to everyone in Battleon.

Once Cybran and Farcale reached Battled they saw people panicking and rushing towards Warlic's shop. They stared at each other not questioning unless it had to be quested so they went Warlic's shop found out their answers.

"Please everyone may we have your attention!" Warlic shouted but was drowned out by the panicking not getting anywhere.

"SHUT UP!" Cysero a mushy brown haired blacksmith shouted which got anyone quiet.

"Now I know this seems rash but we don't want to lose our home right?" Warlic asked as everyone nodded,"Oh good- is that Cy?"

"Yes Warlic?" Cysero turned to Warlic with a confusing look.

"Not you Cysero I'm talking about Cybran" Warlic stating pointing at the doom knight overlord.

"Ohh… yeah it's him" Cysero agreed with a cheesy grin.

Cybran pushed through the crowd to get into the front row with Farcale and asked, "so what's the situation here Warlic?"

"Two meteors are heading towards Battleon and there is no way I'm losing Battleon, there's so many memories here so we're going to teleport Battleon to a safer location" Warlic answered.

"Then we best get the mages to work to levitate Battleon as a whole then teleportation to Greenguard forest" Cybran suggested.

Warlic nodded getting the mages to help each other levitate Battleon out of the ground and teleport just before the first meteor hit the old location of Battleon.

"We did it!" Everyone cheered in triumph.

"Thank you Cybran for suggestive such an idea before the meteor hit us" Warlic paused for a moment," But where is the other meteor?"

A massive shake crept over Battleon as the second meteor landed in a massive pillow which was in Greenguard forest; Cysero spoke up, "Huh, I guess my massive pillow stopped the other one huh?"

"Wait, if the meteor is at Greenguard…" Cybran thought aloud.

"THEN WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?!" Everyone asked.

Cybran and Farcale went out towards the edge of Battleon to see Shadowfall below as they were pivoted in a mountain.

"Oh bullocks…" Cybran and Farcale said together.

"CYBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Gravelyn screamed from the top of her lungs from below with anger.

To be continued.