Against All Odds

Disclaimer: I don't own Walking Dead, because if I did Shane and Rick would have hooked up at least once, and Shane would have never turned into a psycho bastard. What does Lori has a magic pussy or something?

Mature Audiences Only! 18+ for strong language, graphic violence, sexual content

Summary: What if Shane hadn't left Rick at the hospital at the start of the zombie apocalypse? Trapped in a house with only an injured Rick, Shane discovers feelings he didn't know he had. Slash

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama, Slash

Couple: Shane/Rick

A/N: My Rick and Shane fic, this one is the first part of a series. Sorry for mistakes! And comments make me write faster, so if you like it, comment on it. ;-) And see I have to bribe you, because otherwise I wouldn't get any comments. Anyway. Please enjoy.



Shane peeked out the front window. Zombies still crowded the street, looking for him, led there by the smell of Rick's blood that still stained the street. Shane hated this. There was a car in the garage, and even if it were safe to move Rick, what could Shane do? Drive until the horde of zombies become too thick to move through?

He was knocked out of his thoughts when he heard a soft moan from the other room. He walked in and put his shotgun down, kneeling by Rick's side. The man was lying on the mattress, his face sweaty and pale. At least the wound in his shoulder finally stopped bleeding. Shane turned towards the bowl by the table and squeezed the white cloth of excess water.

"Are you okay?" Shane asked softly. He wiped Rick's face with the cloth, clearing away the sweat, wishing he could also wipe away the pain. All he had was ibuprofen, and not even the strong kind.

"Lori…" Rick whined. "Carl…"

"They're… they're okay," Shane said, hating the taste his lie put in his mouth. "You just rest now, you hear? You have to get better so we can leave this place."

"Lori…" Rick whispered, before closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep. Shane sighed deeply. If Rick got better Shane was going to have to tell him the truth. Shane wanted nothing more than for Rick to get better, but he didn't want to be there when he told Rick what happened to his family.

-T-H-E- -W-A-L-K-I-N-G- -D-E-A-D-

Shane opened his eyes to the sound of banging. He blushed when he realized where he'd fallen asleep – right next to Rick on the mattress. Even more embarrassing, Rick's head was resting on his arm. Shane heard another bang and that even woke Rick up.

"Huh…?" Rick groaned.

"Shh," Shane said softly, picking up his shotgun. "I'll be right back, don't you worry."

"Please don't…" Rick sighed, but went back to sleep. Suppressing the urge to touch Rick, Shane snatched up his shotgun and marched towards the noise. It wasn't in the front of the house, it was towards the back. He crept down the hallway cautiously, his gun held out in front of him. Another bang made him jump.

He reached the door at the end of the hallway. It was eerily like a horror movie, Shane noticed. He still opened the door that led down to a long staircase and another door.

When something slammed against the door again Shane knew exactly what was going on. He flipped the switch before racing down the stairs, shotgun in hand. Before even opening the door he fired, putting a huge hole in the door. He kicked it opened and saw the walker was lying on its back, its entire body twitching even though there was a huge hole in its middle half.

It gurgled on its blood while twitching on the floor. Shane sneered at the walker. Probably the owner of the house, who trapped himself down here after being bitten. Shane wasn't going to wait to find out if there were more. He used the butt of the gun to bash the walker's head into goo, while its limbs flailed around.

After he was done Shane fled the room, closing the ruined door and the second door behind him. He tried not to get any walker blood in the carpet, but little drips came off the butt of his gun. After checking on Rick quickly Shane cleaned up at the kitchen sink.

Before the water went out he wanted to take a shower… and he blushed when he thought of Rick joining him.

-T-H-E- -W-A-L-K-I-N-G- -D-E-A-D-

Rick went in and out of sleep for a while, and nothing he said made much sense. Shane was glad that the family who previously lived here had a reserve of canned goods, but it would only last for so much longer. And with the horde of zombies still right outside of the house and Rick still delirious Shane knew he wouldn't be leaving any time soon. But how long would the canned food last?

He was getting restless, hated stay in one place for so long. A month had passed and he was chomping at the bit to leave, but he couldn't, not yet. He would have even braved the horde if Rick wasn't still feeling like total shit. So instead he took care of Rick, put all of his energy into that.

He found himself lying down on the mattress with Rick every night, letting the other man cuddle against him. Shane hated the way his face would heat up; his heart would begin to pound. He hated it.

-T-H-E- -W-A-L-K-I-N-G- -D-E-A-D-

Shane woke up the morning. The first thing he noticed was Rick's head was not resting on his arm. He sat up found Rick was not lying by his side. He practically leapt out of the bed, his shotgun in his hand, all but screaming, "Rick, where are you? Where'd you go? Rick? Rick?"

"H – here," Rick said softly.

Shane whirled around and saw Rick turn the corner, leaning heavily against the wall. He still looked awful but he was standing. Shane let out a deep breath he didn't know he was holding, rushing over to Rick.

"Don't scare me like that," Shane said. "I thought the walkers had dragged you off while I was sleeping."

"Don't count on it," Rick smirked.

Shane reached out with his free arm and put his arm around Rick's waist, pulling Rick's weak body away from the wall and against his own. Rick relaxed against Shane's body, wrapping his arm around Shane's neck and letting Shane support his weight.

"How long have I been out?" Rick asked as Shane led him back to the mattress.

"A month," Shane said.

"A month?" Rick repeated, choking on the words.

"C'mon, sit down," Shane told him, helping him down onto the bed. Rick sighed as he went down on the mattress. Shane's heart was beating rapidly as he got ready to tell Rick the truth, about what happened to his family.

"Where's Lori, and Carl?" Rick asked.

Fuck, Shane thought. He cleared his throat. Feeling it would be better to be at about eye level, Shane got down on one knee in front of Rick. "I need to tell you about that, Rick… you see, I –,"

Shane stopped talking when a faceless walker with a giant hole in its chest came out from the hallway.

-T-H-E- -W-A-L-K-I-N-G- -D-E-A-D-