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Hastily, he popped his collar up to protect himself from the blistering wind. "How did Korra live in this weather", he thought idly, inspecting his surroundings. He stood, searching for that familiar flash of blue.

He huffed a sigh; watching his breath steam into the air, then fade away. Hands still in pockets, he looked both ways before crossing the street. Not two steps were taken before there was a flash of white, a cackling laugh, and then Tahno saw stars.

"Ughh", he groaned as he slowly came to. Eyes fluttering open to see a gleeful grin staring back, roughly two feet away from his face. The waterbender nearly leapt out of his skin. "Dear Agni Korra! Must you invade peoples space like this?" he exclaimed, struggling to sit up straight. They both sat on the sidewalk across the street from the noodlery. From the tears on his shirt and pants, he could tell he'd been dragged.

"Dammit all, would you look at my new jeans" he thought, making a mental note to punish Korra later.

"HAHAHAHA!" she guffawed, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her skull from delight. "Naga gave you a scare, huh pretty boy?" "What the hell happened Korra?" Tahno grimed out, irritation consuming him. "OHHH you're calling me Korra now?" she tried her very hardest to keep a straight face. "Someone must be upset." The waterbender gritted his teeth.

His grey eyes swirled with suppressed rage and slight embarrassment for her just realized that people have begun looking on to their little conversation on the sidewalk. "What was it with this girl and attracting attention?" he thought. "But then again, that's how Tahno first met her. Her beauty in the noodlery, simply demanding his attention." He shook the thought from his mind.

"Look Uh-vatar", he began, "I'm lying on a sidewalk, my clothes are ruined, my hair is messed up, and I'm… I'm covered in fur?" he added just realizing the tufts of white dotting his clothes. Korra's hand shot to her mouth to stifle a giggle. "Well" she started, sitting back on her haunches.

"Well, um, I had Naga kind of, sort of, surprise attack you. I uh, learned that from my uncle" she added as an afterthought. "Haha, meat, sarcasm, and surprise attack guy. That was him", she giggled reminiscently. She could feel Tahno's irritation growing. Quickly, she cleared her throat and continued.

"Ahem, yes so I just had her kinda nudge you though. I didn't expect you to react the way you did." She plopped down onto her butt, and crossed her hands in her lap. Tahno could see the guilt in her eyes and softened his demeanor.

"Well Uh-vatar, clearly it was more than a nudge if it did all this damage to such a work of art as this." He gestured up and down his body seductively. Again, Korra tried to stifle a chuckle. He was beginning to hate it when she did that, even if it was a tad cute.

"That's not exactly what happened" she stated. Tahno's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "You fainted. You were out cold. I had to drag you out of the street before you got hit by a rogue Satomobile!" She could see the embarrassment flush his cheeks. "Oh! And sorry about the jeans!" she added.

The waterbender looked at his avatar. His avatar, yes, he could get used to that. Looking into those azure eyes, so full of life, he couldn't help but crack and lopsided grin.

"Well Uh-vatar, I only have 3 things to say to you" he said as he stood up and brushed himself clean of dirt and polarbear dog fur. Korra followed suit.

"Number One: NEVER do that again."


"Number Two: Thank you for pulling me out of the street."

"Geez, you better be! Took me forever! You weigh too damn much to be that skinny."

Tahno considered mentioning that muscle weighs more than fat, but dismissed the thought.

"And Lastly"

He took a step closer to Korra, and that all-too-familiar smirk crept upon every inch of his angular features. Korra's breath hitched slightly. She hoped he didn't notice. He did. He bent his neck over her, casting her face into the shadows.

"I caught you."

Korra's mind immediately recalled their conversation that took place a few minutes ago in the restaurant, though it felt like ages now.

/"You know what pretty boy, maybe I will peel those skinny jeans off later." She whispered seductively. (or as seductive as she could be) "Oh really?" Tahno gawked, eyebrow cocked up towards his forehead. "Yeah, if you can catch me first."/

"I've caught you, and now I have to punish you."


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