Show me some loving

Reid came home it was Friday night, he had Saturday off, and he was going to spend the night with Luke, and he was on cloud nine. He hated to show that he was excited but he was he needed to have some fun in his life. He drove up to the house, Luke has been asking him to move in, but he was holding off but he didn't know why. He walked up to the door, and knocked, he should use the keys Luke gave him but he felt weird about it. Luke opened the door, and held his hands on his hips showing Reid he was a little upset he didn't use his keys. It was a wonderful gesture on Luke's part to give them to him.

"Sorry Luke I will use them the next time"

"If you moved in we wouldn't have to worry about it would we"

"I thought we were going to have dinner, and watch some TV, lets not fight not tonight, this has been the longest week of my life"


"Just busy a lot of sick people this week"

"Darn how could they inconvenience you"

"Luke are you mad at me"?

"No that was rude come in, I ordered Chinese, and I rented a movie one of my favourites"

"Oh your favourite"

Luke smiled, "Yes my favourite, Jerry McGuire"

"That is a old film"

"Yes but I love it, I guess because I think Tom is a handsome guy"

"Oh my God you are saying that to me, Tom Cruise you are kidding"

"Oh like you don't find anyone in the movie business hot"

"No I focus on the real thing, I like the guy right in front of me"

Luke smiled, "Good answer you just won some brownie points"

" Are we having brownies for dessert"?

"No cheesecake "


"Yes your favourite, and I even bought some whipped cream"

"Oh you spoil me Sexy"

"Yes anything food would impress you"

They went into the kitchen, they got two plates of food, and walked to the living room while Luke put the movie in. It started, Luke was so into the film, Reid actually liked it, they finished eating. Luke asked if he wanted dessert right now or wait a little.

"Wait I'm stuffed"

Luke was snuggled into Reid watching the film. Reid felt good, he loved having Luke close. Luke got up, and went to the kitchen to get some sodas, and was coming in, but he started to sing.

"Show me some loving"

"Sexy the movie doesn't say show me some loving, it says show me the money". Reid laughed as Luke put the colas down, and sat beside him, and whispered.

"I don't want money, I want some loving". Reid put his hand to Luke's face, and brought his lips over his, as they both kissed passionately. It wasn't long before they were making love, and they were totally, and completely giving themselves to each other. They were laying on the couch naked but under a blanket just holding each other as they watched the end of the movie. Luke looked at Reid, and whispered, "Reid please move in with me I hate when your over at Katie's while I'm all alone here"

"I know I was scared but you really do love me don't you Richie Rich"

"I love you with all my heart Doc"

Reid smiled as he brought his lips over his, and whispered. "Show me some more loving, I can't get enough of you Luke Snyder"

"Does this mean I'm going to have a roommate in the near future"?

"Roommate more like a Partner , I love you Luke, I'm sorry I waited so long, but you can't blame me, I was scared you would change your mind about being with me"

"I would never change my mind about wanting you in my life, I'm so happy Reid, and it is all because of you"

Reid smiled as Luke moved close, and before they knew it they made love again, and from this night on they never were apart again, they were more than just partners they were Sole Mates, that finally found each other, and they vowed from this day forward they would love each other , and never ever let anything rip them apart because they knew they found true love, and who knew it really happened to people like Reid, but it did, and he couldn't be happier.

The End