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Chapter One


Peter lies there breathing quietly. The water hits his body softly, the water droplets slowly brushing his cheek as they fall from above.

"Peter!" her desperate screams slice through the silence. A distant whisper crushes her heart. Her pulmary pump sinking as she realised the resemblance this small sound had to Peter's own voice. She ran through the caves. The water beneath her felt like fire rushing up her legs, but she couldn't stop, not until she found him.

"I love you and when the war is over I'll come back to you. My home. My heart" and that's what the soldier said to his wife as he wrote to her his final letter, as he knew this would be his last words to whom his heart belonged to. He knew this because the war was harsh, the war dug deep. He had hope tonight, but not hope to live, hope to win the war.

"Peter!" his body limp and breathless. Gwen rushes to his side, spraying water across the caves. She held his hand tightly, gripping his life. "Peter…" Peter opens his eyes, staring in amazement.

"It's over?"

"It's over" She nods repeatedly, almost assuring not only Peter but herself.

"Then we won" Peter smiles contently. Gwen holds his face with her hands, leaning her head gently on his. This was the moment where the world would stop, would freeze everything that hurt, everything cruel. "I love you" Gwen looks to his eyes.

"I love you too" a tear slips down Peter's face. Gwen closes her eyes; she wanted the world to stop so badly. She wished it.

"Rest with me?" Gwen sits up abruptly, startled by his request. "Until help comes" He nods to her, reassuringly. Gwen doesn't speak, she couldn't. Her lips were a wall. If they were to open she would crumble. Peter slowly lifts his arm, wincing at the pain, allowing her to nest next to him, her head on his shoulder, his arms wrapped tightly around her. He was terrified, terrified of losing her. Their hand entwined together, each feeling ice cold. "Gwen? Did anyone die tonight?" Gwen's top teeth slide above her lip, battling the emotions that fought to break free.

"You can't save everybody, Peter" she whispered under her breath. Peter knew she was right, he couldn't. All he did was try to make the correct decision, but at the end of the day he couldn't be everywhere all at once. "You're not alone, you know that don't you?" her voice grasping some strength.

"I know" Peter closed his eyes, nuzzling his face into Gwen's hair. "I'm glad you are here" he murmurs as he drifts to sleep. Gwen looks up to his bruised and blood sweat face, even after war, he still remained peaceful. She envied this.

That night the world did not stop, freeze or hide the cruel truth. The world carried on spinning, endlessly… perhaps not endlessly. Only one body was found the next morning. Gwen awoke surrounded by police and paramedics. Voices echoing across her eyes, shadows and light rays spread around her ears. Each noise felt like an alien touch, nothing made sense. All she knew was the space beside her was no longer filled. Gwen knew this feeling too well now, her fathers life was an empty space beside her, now there was a new space. Empty. She allowed her eyes to flutter. She couldn't be any more tired than how she felt at this moment. Darkness fell and silence crept up behind her, she welcomed these feelings with open arms.

Chapter Two


Peter walked through his door, his body trailing behind him. Aunt May came running down the stairs. "Peter" She gasps, embracing him tightly. His arms fell to his side in defeat, his eyes falling to rest. He knew now his family was safe. Gwen was being carefully taken care of at the nearest hospital and his Aunt May was wrapped securely around Peter. Peter made it his daily routine to visit her three times a day, occasionally four. She was his life now. Every school break he would wisp himself away from the hustling crowds of New York. Spending an hour beside her bed, praying that moment would be when her blue eyes would make an appearance, her voice clearing the air around them both.

Today was no different, except he would be late.

Peter grabbed his blue back pack which was placed beside the foot of his bed. His secret identity tucked away within his books and lies. He reached for his door, his fingertips brushing the harsh cold brass handle, sending his neck hairs to stand to attention. Today was colder than usual, the cool air seeping between his parted lips as he walks briskly down the stairs. The winter breeze danced around the kitchen, causing his Aunt May to shiver as Peter stepped beside her, kissing her check softly. "Be safe!" she called.

"You too" he responded as he left the house on time. The late leafs scattering beneath him as he hits the quiet streets. Peter Parker was anything but naïve, he knew the world wouldn't stand still for anyone but what he found was not to be expected. As he turned a slow paved corner a woman was knelt on the ground clutching a large amount of crisp blue blankets. She sobbed loudly as her nails sunk deep into the blankets. Peter fell to his knees, placing a gently hand on her back.

"Stay away!" she yelped. A scream so violent and filled with terror, the pain was almost visible in her hazel eyes. Peter hesitated contemplating the situation, what had happened?

"I can help you" Peter urged in a delicate tone. He took one step towards her, however throwing his body back as she brought up a gun from under the blankets. "Miss…" His arms slightly rose defensively. He immediately began to scan the area for any possible victims this woman could choose, so far he was clear. "Let's stay calm…"

"You're Peter Parker aren't you… May's nephew" she hisses, as she brought her upper body to a stand, dropping the blankets with a thump.

"What's your name?"

"Spider-man" she muttered under her breath. Peter's heart stopped. The possibility of her knowing his hidden identity was so unlikely, so he thought. He tried to focus himself, steady his pulse and concentrate on her. Faces flashed, if she knew him, he knew her. But nothing came into focus, he drew a blank. She smirks, snorting. "I thought so. Always so injured yet useless"

"I don't know what you mean Miss, but we can talk. As soon as you put the gun down" He nodded trying to persuade her it was the right thing to do, yet she didn't move.

"You killed my babe" for the first time she spoke sincerely, quietly and broken. Peter's brow hardened as horror and confusion struck him. The woman irresponsibly points the gun at Peter aggressively. "You are supposed to be a hero! But you didn't save my little boy!"

"I'm so sorry about your little boy, but – but" He was lost himself. His words wouldn't form, leaving lips unreliable.

"You fill people's lives with hope, then leave us behind. I have nothing" Her fingers reached for the trigger. In an instant Peter drops to his hands, the bullet cutting the air he once stood breathing. He extends his leg, swooping under her feet causing her to slam into the ground beneath her. Peter grabs the gun, clutching it tightly as he snaps it into two rough pieces of scrap metal. He turns his head throwing the pieces across the road but as he turns to face her, a hot, burning sensation arose from his stomach. Peter's lung enclose as he loses his breath. As he glances above, the woman has already fled. His hand instinctively pressing on his new wound. He pushes himself up with one hand, shaking as his body aches. His eyes met the blood that was now soaking his clothing. His lower lip quivering as his vision blurs, colours merging and object beginning to float amongst each other. Strangers staring, burning holes of concern into his soul. He knew needed to move, needed to get out of the public eye, he needed help.

With all his strength Peter, had gathered himself to the hospital Gwen was resting. His feet mistaking the odd movement, stumbling as he struggles to focus on every detail. As he entered the building, the emergency rush welcomed him, families, doctors, nurses and simple staff carefully avoiding his existence. He was thankful, as he didn't think he would sturdy himself for much longer. He reaches the reception desk, grunting as he leans on the counter. "Could you point me in, the – the direction… of Gwen Stacey… please?" He pleads breathlessly. The receptionist frowns at the sight of the sweat dripping silently down Peter's face. She begins to type furiously on the key board.

"Miss Stacey was taken home today" Peter doesn't seem to register her words. "Son? Are you okay?" Peter nods.

"Yes, thank you" He turns leaving the hospital.

"Peter, I've been calling all morning, I'm worried. Please call me back as soon as you can" This was the sixth time Gwen had tried to call Peter since her arrival. She was startled he hadn't been there, but now his absence frightened her. She knew his tendency to fall into danger and the thought of possibly losing him again, was heart breaking. Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of vibration muffed by her bed quilts. She picks up her phone carelessly. "Peter?"

"Gwen? Where are you?" Peter sounded out of breath and in pain. The two sounds she hated crossed with his voice.

"I'm at home. Tell me you're safe? I'll come meet you now" Gwen pushed.

"I'm outside your window" Gwen darted up, finding Peter leaning breathlessly on her window pleadingly. She throws her phone onto her bed, rushing to her window. As she unlocks the lock, sliding the window above her head, Peter falls through the newly made space.

"Peter" Gwen panics guiding him to his feet, holding him as he stumbles to her bed. Peter unfolds himself on to her bed, his clothes soaked in his own blood. "Oh my god, what happened?"

"A woman was angry… I couldn't save his child" His eyes fluttering.

"Ok, ok. Everything is going to be ok" Peter smiles anxiously.

"I know, I'm just tired" His body begins to relax.

"Peter, stay awake" Her hands cupping his face. He nods but already falling into a sleeping state.