Rito wakes up to find that Eve has left his room only to see her making breakfast downstairs.

"Good morning Yuuki Rito. Did you sleep well?" Eve asked.

"Yeah, but I have been getting up a lot earlier than usual these past few weeks so I don't know if I have enough sleep or not."

"It's the result of your increased stamina due to the training you have gone through. In case you haven't noticed, you are a lot less accident-prone and more energetic than you used to be."

"My body definitely feels lighter whenever I move around and I have you to thank for that Eve."

Hearing Rito's praise, Eve starts to smile as Momo watches the development with a smile.

"If only Rito-san was like this before, he would have attracted more girls he has met, but better late than never." Momo said in her thoughts.

"Momo-san, what are you thinking?" Seeing Momo's delighted face, Mikan continues to watch her with suspicion.

"By the way, did Yami already leave?" Rito asked.

"I didn't see her in the house so she must have." Nana told Rito.

"Mikan told me that you have to help your father today after school. Do you mind if I said that I wanted to help also?"

"I am sure that my father would be happy that Eve would come and provide extra assistance."

"Mikan-san and I will come also to help." Momo said enthusiastically, which Mikan finds as an excuse so she can come along with them.

As promised, Eve, Mikan, Momo, and Rito came to the office where Rito and Mikan's father is working with Zastin and his men helping out. Of course, when the father takes a glimpse at Eve, he becomes excited that Rito has another girl beside him, much to his and Mikan's dismay. Eve remains silent after greeting him and slightly blushes when he jokingly said that Rito has a new girlfriend, which embarrasses his son as well.

"I am sorry you had to see that Eve-san." Mikan is still feeling embarrassed for her father's childish behavior.

"It's fine. It actually kind of reminds me of when Sven and Train fight during the time I was with them. Watching your father do these kind of things makes me feel a little more at home."

As they are on their way home, a familiar face is seen in front of them. Momo and Rito immediately became cautious upon sight.

"Nemesis…" Momo said.

"So nice to see all of you. I was told that you guys made a new friend so I wanted to meet her. I didn't expect her to look almost exactly like Golden Darkness though. There was no record of your creation so I am curious. Who created you?"

"Even if I did know, I will never tell." Eve transforms her hands into blade.

"It seems as though you are wary of me despite having only just met. How can you know me when you don't even know yourself?"

"I can sense that you are nothing less of a sadist. I have never felt such darkness in this city until now."

"You are an interesting one. It took Golden Darkness some time to see who we really are and yet you immediately see me as a threat out of instinct."

"You are the only one I saw in this town with such behavior so it wasn't difficult to figure out who you are. Since you know about Yami, I am guessing you were heavily involved with bio-weapons if I am not mistaken."

"You are right, but one thing you did not know is that I am a bio-weapon myself. I can tell that you see Golden Darkness as a friend so let me tell you that the darkness inside of her will keep on spreading no matter how much she is drawn to humanity. If that were to happen, she won't be the same anymore. How exactly will you be able to stop that?"

"I remembered being changed to a killer once, but I was able to overcome it with some help. Though I can't guarantee that Yami will overcome the darkness, it doesn't hurt to try as the same thing was said about me. Try looking at where I am now and you will see that nothing is impossible."

"We shall see. I am not here to fight, but just to say hi."

Nemesis then turns her head to Rito. "I am also going to borrow him for a little while so I will see you in a bit."

"Wait! What?" Rito yelled out of surprise.

"Hold on, what is going on here?" Mikan is also dismayed by the situation.

"I also wonder! If Yami-san is your main target, what exactly do you need Rito-san for?" Momo also shows signs of anger.

"The humanity that Golden Darkness is drawn towards was caused by this boy. I am going to have him come explore this city with me to find out what kind of person he is." Nemesis then grabs Rito's arm and begins dragging him.

"Hold it! There is no way I am letting you take Rito-san." Momo grabs his other arm.

"Calm down Momo-hime. I have no intention of causing harm. I prefer to have Golden Darkness do that job for me so she can become the heartless assassin she once was. For right now, I am taking him to have a little fun."

"No you don't! There is no way I will allow Rito-san to…" Before Momo is able to finish, Eve interrupts.

"Let him go Princess Momo. I can tell that she has no intention of harming him."

"What are you doing Eve-san?" Mikan also became confused by her actions.

"I feel displeased about the situation also, but as long as Nemesis doesn't harm Yuuki Rito, we would only bring more trouble to ourselves if we continue to intervene. Besides, Nemesis' secret weapon will work against should Nemesis harm him. Just let them go for now."

Momo reluctantly does so while Rito continues to feel dismayed. "You are just going to let me be taken away?"

"It's okay Yuuki Rito. I know that you are strong enough to hold your own and we will be there should something happen." Eve assured Rito as he is being dragged away.

"You aren't really going to leave them alone aren't you?" Mikan asked Eve.

"There is definitely something about Nemesis that makes her different from how me and Yami were created as bio-weapons. I am hoping to find out by allowing her to do what she wants. If she had any intention of harming Yuuki Rito, I would have intervened. We better go before we lose them."

Much to their surprise, Nemesis really is having Rito showing her around town and she ended up having fun exploring new sites and trying new things such as arcades and unfamiliar food stands. Momo and Eve are most displeased with how Nemesis is trying to act like she is close to him by sitting on his lap whenever they take a break on a bench.

"Um Nemesis? What are you trying to accomplish by dragging me everywhere with you?" Rito is still skeptical around Nemesis.

"This isn't to accomplish anything. Whatever happens to Golden Darkness will be done by her and her only. I am just doing this to relief my boredom as this city is too quiet." Nemsis replied.

"What kind of an environment do you live in?"

"It is something that an Earthling wouldn't understand, but I might as well tell you what I can so you can understand Golden Darkness a little more. Where I came from, there is always conflict every minute, everyday. Not even 30 seconds have passed when I couldn't hear weapons being fired no matter how far I went. Sometimes it gets to the point where you can't even relax your body for about a week. It is only by chance that Mea and I came to a Solar System not affected by any forms of major conflict, which is where your planet is in by the way. When we heard that Golden Darkness was on Earth, I thought that conflict would start already, only to find out that she is too much drawn to humanity."

"If you are here to only escape why would you want Yami to start a conflict?"

"Because her darkness would be of use to combat the conflict we tried to escape from. I only had intention of having her coming back to her old self so nothing could hold us back. It may be true that I favor destruction, but it is how things are when you were raised in such an environment. No matter how much she is drawn to life here, our pasts have already made our marks so our hearts can't be changed so easily. Don't worry, this Solar System was never my intended target so you will still live in peace once Golden Darkness comes to our side."

"Are you sure there is no way for Yami to avoid giving in to her darkness? It sounds to me just now that you have a desire to live here on Earth."

"Maybe in your point of view, but I already mentioned this now that our hearts are not changed so easily. Try considering that if you want to do something for Golden Darkness. For me, mercy will always be a sign of weakness so I never show any whenever I myself have to fight. As for now, I will enjoy treating you more like a pet."

Nemesis lifts up her kimono to let Rito take a look. He does not take it very well as he immediately blushes upon sight.

"Such a delight to see your tormented face over something like this."

"Hey! Stop this right now!" Momo immediately stepped out of the hiding place out of jealousy.

"I guess that is to be expected from Momo-hime since I am with her precious Yuuki Rito. Let me guess, the others are watching us to."

Eve and Mikan stepped out with the later showing an embarrassed look after seeing Nemesis' tormenting Rito.

Eve gets even more displeased. "What exactly makes Yuuki Rito special to you? It is mainly Yami that has business with him."

"That is the reason why I am interested in him. If he gave a heart to Golden Darkness, I want to see such qualities for myself, but so far I felt a bit displeased. Nonetheless, I have fun messing around with him and I think I will do it some more."

"You will cease your activities at once." Eve turns one of her hands into a blade.

"I guess I can wait a little longer. The next time all of you will see me is when you least expected, especially you, Yuuki Rito." Nemesis then disappears from sight.

"Yuuki Rito, are you okay?" Eve checks on Rito.

"I am fine. Thanks Eve."

"I feel a lot better with Nemesis gone." Momo finally calms down from her jealous rage.

"It seems like Nemesis doesn't mind opening up to you. She probably thought that there an Earthling like you wouldn't be able to do anything."

"You didn't have to add that Eve, but I do feel the reason she told me all of these is deeper than that. It makes me wonder how I can make her see what Yami sees."

"Anything is possible Yuuki Rito. For now, let's just go home." Eve suggested and everyone agreed at once.

As soon as they are back in the house, Nana is seen playing a game with Mea.

"Wow Mea, you are good at this game." Nana said after she is beaten.

"When it comes to fighting, that is something I am very good at." Mea said proudly.

Eve felt a similarity between Mea and Nemesis and becomes cautious upon sight and turns to Momo.

"Princess Momo, there is something about Mea that is similar to Nemesis. Who is she exactly?"

"Nemesis is actually Mea-san's master. She sent her to observe how life works on Earth so she could blend in with the population to prevent causing trouble."

"How did that work out for Nemesis?"

"Nemesis is learning, but because Mea is also starting to become drawn to humanity herself, it is unknown what she is going to change for the moment. However, when it comes to her knowledge about Earth, it is very limited compared to Mea and Yami's since she came here not long ago."

"That would explain why I am not as cautious around here compared to when I was with Nemesis."

"Ah! You must be Eve-chan! I have heard so much about you from Nana-chan. Anyway, it is nice to meet you."

Mea takes a closer look at Eve. "Master is right. You do look a lot like Onee-chan."

"It is nice to meet you too, but let me guess who your master is, Nemesis."

"It seems like that you already know. Don't worry, Master doesn't cause random destruction and doesn't plan to bring conflict in a place like this."

"I already know that when I saw Yuuki Rito and Nemesis talking to each other."

"Oh, so Master had some business with Yuuki-senpai. That sounds interesting. Do you mind telling me all about it?"

Eve then remembers Nemesis showing Rito what is below her kimono and blushes slightly.

"Yuuki Rito and Princess Momo know more than I do so ask them."

"Aw, you are no fun Eve-chan." Mea pouts at Eve's refusal.

"So what are you doing here anyway?" Momo asked Mea.

"Nana-chan invited as most of you are out, leaving her and her big sister alone. I also plan to stay for dinner if you don't mind."

"Fine, but leave the cooking to me. I still remembered what happened the last time when you tried to cook." Mikan warned.

"That's a good idea. You don't want to flip my switch again." Mea gives a mischievous smile towards Mikan, much to her discomfort.

"So did anything happen during Master and Yuuki-senpai's date?" Mea is still looking for answers.

"Date?" Eve becomes confused by the word.

"Oh my Eve-chan, you don't know what dating is?"

"Is that true Eve-san?" Momo turns to Eve.

"I have heard of the activity, but I never knew what it is."

"Dating refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple." Mea answered.

"Wait, Yuuki Rito and Nemesis as a couple?" Eve does not like the sound of that.

"It wasn't that kind of date. Nemesis forced Rito-san to go out with her against his will so she can find out more about Earth. Besides, you are the one who let them go." Momo explained.

"I didn't know about any of this, but at least I got more information than I expected from her." Eve attempts to change the topic.

"Poor Eve-san. Don't worry; you will make a great harem candidate. I wonder how can I make Yami-san be more like you." Momo again has perverse delusions about Rito's harem and begins drooling.

"Princess Momo, you are drooling again." Eve pointed out.

"Ah! Sorry!" Momo immediately wiped out her drool.

"Date huh?" Eve then imagines herself and Rito going on a date and becomes more curious about the subject.

Once dinner starts, Mea wasted no time enjoying Mikan and Momo's cooking. "It's delicious as always. It always feels good eating with others."

"The fact that we are friends is the reason why I invited you Mea. Hopefully by now you understand the warmth of a family." Nana said.

"I sometimes wish Master could be able to experience things like this. Such a peaceful life often makes me wish I can stay here a little longer."

"Then what is stopping you? There is nothing wrong with living a life of peace just because of the environment you came from. If it is that hard to live your life out there, then live your life in here. I think that everyone deserves a chance for this life." Rito told Mea.

"Yuuki-senpai…" Mea blushes slightly hearing Rito's response to her wish.

"That's right. If you are able to learn the values of human warmth, then I am sure your Master will be able to as well. All it will take is a little time." Nana added.

"You are right. Hopefully if Master makes friends and stay as long as I have, I am sure that she will grow accustomed to this quiet life. I also hope that she doesn't do anything rash before that though. As for Yuuki-senpai, I can see why you are the guy Momo-chan chooses the man for the harem plan."

"HAREM PLAN?" Mikan and Nana both yelled causing Momo to desperately find an excuse.

"Please calm down, I already told Nana it was just a game me and Mea-san are playing. It is nothing more than that. Mea-san! Please quit saying things that will cause a misunderstanding!" Mikan and Nana continues to stare at Momo suspiciously.

"We will forget about it this time. For now, let's just enjoy dinner." Mikan suggested.

As everyone gets ready for bed, Eve still cannot take her mind off of what dating feels like, especially with her best friend and student, Yuuki Rito.

"Yuuki Rito's kindness was what made me feel close to him ever since I started living here. I want to get closer." Eve thought to herself.

As soon as Rito enters his room, he sees that Eve has a confused look on her face. "Eve? You look like you are unsure about something. Are you okay?"

"I am fine Yuuki Rito."

Rito remains concerned, but leaves Eve alone, feeling that he would only bring her more trouble.

"If that is the case, then I will be going to bed."

Before Rito reaches his bed, Eve grabs him by the arm. "Yuuki Rito, please go on a date with me tomorrow!"

"WHAT?" Rito yells out of shock.

Finally, another chapter released. Sorry it took me a long time to create another chapter due to oneshot requests and sneak previews of possible future projects. I know that Eve's feelings for Rito feels a bit rushed, but in this chapter, she is actually more confused about her feelings for him rather than actually being in love. More will be explored in the next chapter. This chapter was inspired by chapter 29 (raw) of To Love Ru Darkness.