You are now Mal Fallon:

You and your wife Natara Williams wait on the couch chatting about your fifteen year-old daughter Alyssa.

"She's almost sixteen Mal, she can go out with her friends!" Natara says

"What if something happens to her, huh? Half the world will be dressed as creeps and a quarter of them will actually be creeps!"

Natara smiles at you, Halloween was always one of your favorite holidays and the "Alyssa Situation" was making it stressful.

"What if I go with her?" Natara suggests, you can tell she wants you to say "No".

"Fine whatever but I'm"

"THANK YOU DADDY!" she yells, "I heard everything from outside! I gotta go call Reilly!" Alyssa runs into her room and shuts the door

"Work was fine! Thank you!" Natara jokes after her.

"Yes! This is a new shirt!" You join in.

You are now Alyssa Fallon:

"They said yes!" You squeal to Reilly over the phone

"Finally! Lets all meet at Josephs house"

"Who's Joseph?" you rack your brain for any connection.

"My new boyfriend,duh!"

You sigh audibly, Reilly is always getting a new boyfriend. It's one of the reasons you and Reilly have to overlook the deep hatred between the two families.

"I got to go... Mom's calling me" You lie. Reilly hangs up without saying anything, leaving you feeling like the worst person in the world. So what if your parents don't know Joseph? It's not like they don't talk to strangers everyday, hell they talk to strangers with guns!

You hurriedly pack your costume in your bag and set off for the party.