You are now Alyssa Fallon:
You quickly turn around and prepare to attack the voice behind you. Your breath catches in your throat when you see who it is.

You are now Mal Fallon:
You try your hardest to console your crying wife Natara Williams. It's hard because you are crying as much as her. You sit in your house in the dark, with one coconut scented candle lit.
"If only I- I- I stayed with her like you wanted!" She stutters you rub her back and inhale deeply.
"We can't play the blame game Nat, it's none of our faults. It's that son of a bitch who stole our daughter" you sigh
"Long live Alyssa, I hope your" she jerks up and stares at you in fear "Genevieve"

You are now Alyssa Fallon:
"Genevieve" you say, "my parents will find your ass and put you in jail for the rest of your life"
She laughs "I'm counting on that" she says patting your head as if you were an animal, "I need your mommy" she spits out the word mommy like you're a child.
You lunge at her but the man you were attacking yanks you back to the ground.
"Get off me you oaf!" You say and kick him in his already messed up ribs. He groans and melts to the ground.
"Come, follow me" Genevieve says motioning to the door. You don't move until she gives you a death glare that your mother has perfected.
With great reluctance you get up and follow her.

You are now Natara Fallon:
Your tears turn into rage, "Genevieve has my daughter and Anders won't even admit that he needs us involved in this case!" You just called Anders and gave him what information you knew and he said "thank you , we will go track down Mrs. Collins you and Mal need to stay where you are" you had slammed down the phone when he finished yelling "he called me ms. Williams".
After marrying Mal, Anders never called you or even attended your wedding. He hates Mal even though you try to convince Mal he doesn't. That's beyond the point.
"We could go against Anders... Yes, I would go with her and you take Alyssa home and then" your cut off by Mal.
"I won't lose either of you"

You are now Amy Chen:
"What?!" You scream causing Kai to spin around in his chair anticipating a fight "You put Mal and Natara off the case?!"
"Ms. Chen, I had to, this case is too personal and who knows" you cut him off by yelling
" don't be an ass Anders, you know they could do it."
You are now Alyssa Fallon:
You are sitting at a very fancy table in what you believe to be a dining room.
" how is school?" Genevieve says to you. You remain silent except for your steadily tapping asked you to stop a while ago but you will not.
"Dear, won't you stop tapping? It's going to ruin the finish." She says. Suddenly you get an idea, you scrape your nail against the table peeling off paint. This makes Genevieve laugh bitterly, "just like your mother, hmm?" She ponders " you are younger, and in better shape..." She stands up and leaves the room.

You are now Kai Kabala:
You sit at the computer playing The Sims 3. You are now playing as the Fallon house hold. You type in "testingcheatsenabled true" and delete Alyssa.
"Sorry Lyss" you mutter. When Natara and Mal burst in.
"Kai your going to help us" Mal says