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Chapter 1: Worlds Apart, Realities Conjoined.

Other World

A stood at the gateway that lead to the decaying castle that stood before her. The girl's smooth uneven twin tails swayed in the gentle breeze as she stared at the person who stood before her. Her jacket also flapped, revealing her midriff, which had a large diagonal stitched scar line on the right side, with a smaller one on the upper left, just underneath her breast

Standing before her was a girl apparently a year or two older than herself . Her long orange hair held up in twin tails as well. Her matching orange eyes stared blankly at the black haired girl. Her outfit consisted of a black hooded vest with white stripes at the side. The front was fastened closed at the upper torso, covering her breasts covered while leaving the girl's midriff completely exposed. Beneath them was a matching pleated miniskirt with white highlights at each fold. Her arms had jet black chains coiled tightly against them in a way not to restrict her movement. Her legs were covered by a pair of black boots that went up to just below her knees. The legs had chains wrapped around them, but not as many compared to the arms. The girl also wore black fingerless gloves with white cuffs.

"Chain Buster…" the orange haired girl introduced herself stoically.

The black haired girl remained silent before looking over her shoulder at the person who stood behind her.

A twin version of her stepped forward. She was very similar, yet had obvious differences to tell her apart. The most noticeable were that her twin tails were a lot shorter and spikier and her midriff was lacking any scars. Further differentiating her was a pair of dog tags that she wore around her neck. Her outfit was similar to her twin, but was ragged and torn in different places. The jacket was in the worst shape of all. The left sleeve was missing completely while the right was missing up to the elbow, with what was remaining perforated with holes of varying sizes. The hood was in shreds, no longer able to serve its purpose. Her shorts were ripped in various places, yet still were able to keep their wearer decent enough. Clutching within her left hand was a large ebony hand held cannon that was as large as herself with a bayonet blade protruding from the bottom of the gun's barrel. Her right reached for a thin black sword with a guard that extended parallel with the grip from the pommel.

Chain Buster examined the approaching girl before flicking both her arms, causing some of the chains to unravel and fall to the ground.

Black Rock Shooter held out her arm as a black hand held cannon was formed . Once completed, both the stoic girl and her double raised their respectful Rock Cannons and aimed them at the girl.

Chain Buster looked at the pair before a faint smile formed on her face. She grasped the chains that dangled from her wrists before raising one up and having it rise into the air. The girl then swung her arm forward, causing the chain to slam into the ground with tremendous force, causing the checkerboard styled ground to give way and shatter instantly.

"Who are you two?" she asked.

Both of the twins looked at the girl before answering at the same time.

"Black Rock Shooter"

Two Weeks Ago -

A cloud of dust was formed as a black haired girl leaped out of it, avoiding glowing magenta projectiles that were fired randomly in her direction. The girl's blue flame that came from her left eye flickered slightly as she ran. For the past hour, she was struggling to avoid the attacker who ambushed her. Two months since she helped out Matoi Kuro rescue her friend, she was approached by a girl who referred to herself as Strength. She warned her that she sensed something unusual happening and needed to be prepared for something and then just left.

Black Rock Shooter leaped onto the ledge of a half demolished building, The Other Self used her Rock Cannon to support herself while staring at her opponent in front of her as her blue flame started to burn weakly. Her foe leaped up and landed behind the exhausted girl.

The girl basically was a white version of herself. The girl had extremely pale white skin while her snow white hair was held up in twin tails that were identical with each other, both spiky and long. Her outfit consisted of the same clothing, but was as white as her hair with black stripes. The zipper to her shorts was left undone. Her exposed white stockings almost blended with her skin as the rest of them were hidden underneath boots that went to the knees. Her magenta eyes stared at her as a magenta flame flared from her right eye.

"Pathetic… to think that you look so much like her…" the albino-esque girl said in disappointment before holding up her own white colored Rock Cannon, which had glowing magenta band near the base of the barrel with four prongs at the other end. "Perhaps it is time for you to perish."

"White Rock Shooter-sama, that's enough." a voice said.

White Rock Shooter turned her head to see a young boy floating in the air. The scarlet hair whipped in the air as his matching eyes that were devoid of any life stared at the all white girl. He was wearing a black Cloak that hid his entire body, except for his head.

"I guess you're right… I only came here to gauge this look alike's strength. It appears she's weaker than I originally thought." WRS said calmly with a nod. She lowered her weapon and looked at the black haired Other Self.

"We'll meet again, little girl. Next time I hope you don't disappoint me." she said before casually leaping off the platform and falling out of sight.

Black Rock shooter turned to look at the cloaked boy, who in turn stared back.

"I strongly advise you get stronger, Black Rock Shooter-san… My lord wants you to survive what's to come…" he said while keeping an emotionless face before he started to float away. "As with White Rock Shooter-sama, I, as well, will return… but for different reasons."

BRS only glared at the boy with a determined face.

"Before I leave, I should advise you, the one who gave you your scars has returned." the boy said.

The silent girl's eyes widened slightly upon hearing that. It was over a year since her last confrontation with her.

"Until our next meeting, I wish you the best of luck." the boy said before flying away.

Black Rock Shooter held her hand out and opened her mouth, about to say something but ultimately decided not to as she closed her mouth.

Present- Other World, wasteland

A lone figure walked through the desert wasteland, He occasionally stopped to look for his barings

The boy of around sixteen years of age had jet black hair that was messily kept yet spiked while the bangs framed his face. His sickly pale white skin sharply contrasted his hair. A stitched scar ran from the upper right temple diagonally down to the bridge of his nose, going just above his right that was eye violet colored with a slit shaped pupil. His left eye was covered by a black metallic adornment, acting like an eye patch. Protruding from his forehead was two small black horns that curved upwards a little bit.

His outfit consisted of a long black jacket similar to the girl's own, but instead was slightly ragged and missing the white highlights and star. The right sleeve was completely torn off, revealing a slightly muscular arm underneath with two pairs of black belts crisscrossing each other tightened against the limb. The jacket was opened up, revealing a black tank top underneath it. His hands were both encased within metallic gauntlets that had the fingertips pointed to emulate claws as well as spikes at the knuckles. He was wearing black shorts with countless belts fastened to his legs . The feet were inside black metal boots that went up to his knees. The tips of each boot had three silver , razor sharp talon like protrusions while the heels each had a single one, given the boots the allusion of saurian feet. Appearing from underneath his jacket, around the back of his waist, was a long skeletal like tail that was ebony in color that swayed left and right lazily.

The Other Self shook his head in disappointment before walking on. However, he stopped upon hearing the almost rhythmic ringing of metal clashing against metal. The boy turned to his left and ran in that direction, slouching forward a little while flexing his fingers.

The further he ran, the louder the ringing became, signaling that he was heading in the right direction. Soon he approached a cliff side and noticed sparks flying above.

The boy leaped up and dug his fingers into the bedrock with one hand before doing it with the other hand, followed by his "toes" . He then pulled out his right hand and repeated the processes at a faster pace as he began to scale the cliff. A few minutes passed before he reached the top. Grasping the edge with both hands, he kicked off and did a backflip upwards. His feet landing first on the plateau.

The Other Self watched an all white girl with a white hand held cannon firing upon a young scarlet haired boy wearing a cloak. The boy was holding out a hand as a an almost invisible barrier was deflecting the magenta projectiles coming from the firearm while clutching a staff with a zigzagging end with glowing red highlights. Both of them stopped upon noticing the newcomer.

"Hmm…I didn't expect to have company out here." White Rock Shooter said in a polite manner.

"White Rock Shooter-sama, this person is like me…" the boy said.

"He's an Alter Ego? Interesting…" the white girl said in amusement before turning to the silent teen.

"May I ask what your name is? I'm White Rock Shooter, and my associate next to me is known as Void."

The boy remained silent for a moment before replying.

"Black Fang Tyrant."

As Black Fang Tyrant stated his name, he held out his hands to the sides, as deep violet flames erupted from the many gaps within the gauntlets. His tail raised upwards before it too was erupted into flames. As the flames appeared, the boy slouched forward a bit before raising his head upwards, staring at the pair.

"Tell me… where is Shadow Eater…" he demanded in an cold tone.

"So, you know of him." White Rock Shooter noted calmly. "True, I was asked by an associate to help his Alter Ego, but I never thought that someone else would know of him…"

Black Fang Tyrant took a step forward and held up one of his flaming hands.

"Tell me…" he said as his face contorted to one of anger. "Where is he?"

The white girl sighed and raised her firearm.

"I honestly don't know where he is. But one thing is for certain. Even if you do find him, you won't reach him." she explained. "Still, I was told that it is quite rare to find either an Other Self or Alter Ego to produce a Flame… "

Black Fang Tyrant stopped as he listened to White Rock Shooter, his flames settling down a little at the same time.

"You… know of the Flames?" he questioned.

White Rock Shooter nodded before continuing.

"For Other Selves, the Flame represents that they have untapped potential that is yet to be unlocked. The color represents the nature of the power yet to be attained. For Alter Egos, it's different… For them, the coloring represents how strong they are." she stated before magenta flames came out of her right eye. "I am neither a Self or Ego. Therefore my flame is completely different in nature."

Black Fang Tyrant's flames intensified in response to the appearance of the girl's own.

"An Outsider…" he muttered before raising his arms up and lunged forward.

White leaped up into the air and fired upon her opponent as Void watched intently. Tyrant didn't as much as flinch as he was struck in the shoulder by one of the glowing projectiles, having some of his violet blood spray from the wound slightly. The Alter Ego swung one of his flaming hands, attempting to slash the woman with his clawed tips. White Rock Shooter smirked and jabbed her weapon forward, the four prongs puncturing into the shoulder. More of the blood oozed from the wound before Tyrant was forced back towards the ground.

"I am impressed by you, Black Fang Tyrant. For a violet flame, you are very much under control of yourself." White stated as she landed on the ground gracefully. "Usually, Anyone with the violet flame will be driven insane by the power."

Tyrant glared at the girl in silence before he lunged again, White Rock Shooter sighed before leaping up into the air and swinging the barrel of her firearm into her opponent's unprotected side. The Alter Ego coughed up blood as the sounds of his ribs breaking could be heard clear as day before he was sent flying off the cliff, leaving a trail of violet blood that lead to the edge.

White Rock Shooter shook her head before looking at Void.

"It appears that despite his impressive strength, he's reckless and too slow for me. Still… what troubles me is that he has a Flame… the only one I know who has one is that look alike Other Self. " she mused to herself out loud.

"Remember, Other Selves by nature fight amongst one another, and Alter Egos follow the same rule." Void explained as he walked forward. " However, it is quite rare for an Alter Ego to act just like Black Fang Tyrant… It was almost like he had…emotions…"

"If he did… then that Alter Ego will be most troublesome. " the girl admitted with a faint frown.

"I recollect Shadow Eater warning us of a power so great, even insanity will bow before it. Perhaps Black Fang Tyrant is the one we were warned of." the scarlet haired boy stated while staring at the trail of violet blood.

"No… I don't think he's the one…" White Rock Shooter said while shaking her head. "Something tells me that things are only beginning, Void-kun… and we will be seeing that Alter Ego again in the future."

Down at the bottom, Black Fang Tyrant laid still on his side within a puddle of violet blood as the flames still kept on going. The Alter Ego was laboring to breathe. Each breath was shallow and weak, occasionally interrupted by him coughing up blood. The boy's eye was struggling to stay open as he tried to remain conscious. The only thought that came to mind was how he was defeated so easily by the white girl.

"I… I can't…die…here…" he wheezed as his eyesight became blurry.

The last image he could make out was a pair of legs wearing something black stepping into view before he slipped into unconsciousness.

The Ruined Castle

Black Rock Shooter fired a few shots from her firearm to distract Chain Buster as her double charged from the side, thrusting her own weapon forward in an attempt to impale the orange haired girl with the bayonet. However, she noticed this and spun in a circle, forcing her opponent to leap back to avoid being struck by the chain.

Chain Buster stopped spinning before twisting her arms, causing the chains to wrap around her arms again. The twins paused at the motion, weary of the action being a possible attempt to have them lower their guard.

"That's enough…" a voice said. " Be at ease you two, we were only testing you."

A Girl stepped out from behind a pillar. She wore a black gothic-lolita dress with a mechanical black tail sticking out from below the skirt. Her smooth black hair went to her shoulders while held together by a black headband that had cat ear like protrusions sticking out from it. The girl's golden eyes had slits, further enhancing her feline like appearance. Her feet were replaced with ebony mechanical ones with small serrated wheels where the heels were at with a protrusion that resembled cat's feet. Her hands were covered in sleek black metal gauntlets that had slots at the tips.

"I am known as Shade Runner. We were expecting you two. However, the only way we could've been certain that you weren't impostors was to engage you in combat." she explained. "Come inside, and I'll explain our situation."

The two Black Rock Shooters looked at each other. The one with the spiky twin tails nodded before relaxing a little. The other one followed soon after glaring at Chain Buster one last time. The pair walked up to Shade Runner and followed her into the castle.

"Before we continue, I should let you know that this place is a refuge for us Alter Egos…"

"Alter Egos?" the spiky Black Rock Shooter asked in confusion.

The Alter Ego turned to face her and nodded. "That's what we refer to Other Selves who never existed in this world until recently. We are very similar to Other Selves in many areas, which I believe one of you must be. However, there are two major differences, one is that we communicate verbally more, and the second is having the ability to express some emotion." she explained.

The Other Self Black Rock Shooter nodded in agreement.

"I also know that there are beings in this world that are neither Alter Ego or Other Self. We refer to them as Outsiders…" Shade Runner added before looking over her shoulder. "May I ask what your names are?"

"Black Rock Shooter." the twins said in unison.

"Okay… do either of you have another name that you go by?" the catgirl asked while shaking her head slightly.

The spiky haired Black Rock Shooter nodded before speaking up.

"I am also known as Stella…" she answered.

Shade Runner nodded as her tail flicked slightly.

"Stella. I take it you're not an Other Self." she deduced. " You speak almost as much as myself."

Stella nodded in response before looking at Black Rock Shooter, who only stared back at her twin indifferently .

The feline like Alter Ego looked forward while flicking her tail.

" Have either of you ever heard of the Legacy of the Beast?" she asked next.

Neither Black Rock Shooter responded in anyway.

"I am not surprised. It is something like a warning told amongst the Alter Egos. It goes something like this.

'The unity that never meant to be will bring new life that never existed. The ones blessed by Flame shall fight against the shadow's ruler, who seeks to become whole.

When the Emperor of Terror finds the heir, the slumbering power shall be received. The ruler shall fall when the Beast awakens.

.Beware of the Beast… as even Insanity is helpless against it once the crown is donned.'" the Alter Ego recited calmly.


A pale skinned man wearing an all black cloak with light grey highlights stood on the top of a tombstone. The robe covered his entire body, except for his head and neck. His short dark grey hair stood upright in spikes that pointed in random directions. His matching colored eyes watched in silent interest as a tiny black orb emanating a green aura danced in the air in front of his face.

"I see… you were significantly weakened by your human half rejecting you. I am honestly impressed you held on in your current state." the man said apathetically to the glowing speck. "And you wish to take revenge on the one responsible for what happened to you? "

The speck danced erratically in response as the glow intensified slightly.

"Very well… I will have Void restore your body to its original state… but on only one condition. You obey my every command." the man said before a faint smirk formed on his face. " Do you understand ?"

The orb glowed even more, causing the grin to form even more.

"I, Shadow Eater, will be looking forward to work with you, Dead Master." he said.

Final Thoughts: Other Version

Blazorna: First of all, thanks for reading. Welcome to Final Thoughts: Other Version.

For those who've read the other stories of the Incursio Votum Series, You know what to expect here.

As for those who are new, this is an end of chapter segment where several characters of the story and myself tend to discuss about a question, but it usually turns into mild chaos with some occasional trivia thrown in the mix. However, this time around, It will be straightforward and to explain a few things.

First off, the two Black Rock Shooters I'm using in this story are each based off of the Video Game and OVA incarnations. However, I never played the game, (Waiting for it to come out though), so both White Rock Shooter and Stella will more than likely have different personalities and abilities in this story opposed to the game. So I apologize to any purists, just treat them like they came from an Alternate Universe. As for the OVA BRS, I will be tweaking her a little bit to include some abilities that the Anime incarnation has.

For the Incursio Votum readers not well versed in BRS, there are several different continuities of Black Rock Shooter. In addition to the two I mentioned already, there's at least two more I am aware of. One is Black Rock-chan, who is an adorable chibi with a childish streak and always hungry,( or just a young child who's always hungry, take your pick) that appears in a 4koma style manga. And then there's Rock, another Manga incarnation where she resides in the afterlife as part of an military(?) like organization tasked with defeating souls that haven't reached heaven and become corrupted. Plus, unlike the other incarnations, Rock's Rock Cannon is actually a form that a dog like being named Ron can turn into, the other is the Black Blade naturally. For those wondering, the mentioned BRS who appears in the main storyline is more based on the Anime incarnation, but is from an AU.

Hmm… feels like I've forgotten something important…

? ? ?: …

I could be mistaken here, but I could be the first person to do a fanfic here that involves Black Rock Shooter's trademark Blue Flame as a major plot element. Still debating that, if I decide to use her, I should have Black Gold Saw have a flaming eye like she did originally or not like the more recent art and in the Anime…

The Alter Ego is something I came up with to differentiate the OC's who appear in the story from the Other Selves. Some of these Alter Egos are based off of characters of other anime, who also appear in Incursio Votum. The Egos will have a bit more diversity with abilities opposed to Other Selves. Before anyone jumps the gun, I am not making Egos superior. What I meant was that some Egos will have abilities that are not suitable for combat.

This story, despite the plot being independent, will have connections with the main storyline besides the Alter Egos. So for those who are new and wish to fully understand what's going on, I recommend checking out the main one. Be warned, the chapters for that story will not only be much longer, but will also be a massive crossover with more humor, fan service, and some mature content, as it is rated M after all. I am doing shorter chapters for this story and another one so that I can work on more than one story due to the limited amount of free time I have. If I attempted to do three stories each with at least ten thousand words per chapter, I will never update on a somewhat monthly basis.

Anyway, I want to hear what you all thought of this story so far. What did you like about it?

Besides Grammar and Spelling errors, was there anything I should be aware of that needs to be improved on, or anything that I've should've elaborated more on? For this story, I'm also willing to hear any ideas you have.

? ? ?: *stares at Blazorna quietly while tugging at his pants to get his attention. *

Blazorna: *Looks down* ACK! I AM SO SORRY! *looks back up* Everyone, this is Black Rock-chan, the aforementioned chibi.

*looks back down at Black Rock-chan.*

I'm very sorry about forgetting that you were here, Rock-chan. I got something for you to make it up to you . *digs into a pocket before pulling out a piece of candy*

Black Rock-chan: *raises hands up above her head while standing on the tips of her toes in an attempt to reach for the candy. * Gimme!

Blazorna: *smiles and chuckles softly before kneeling down and offers the candy*

Black-Rock-chan: *eagerly takes candy and starts to eat it.*

Blazorna: I think I found my co-host for here.

Black Rock-chan: *stops and stares at Blazorna blankly before tilting head to the side in confusion*

Blazorna: Do you want to help me, Rock-chan? I'll give you one snack a day if you do.

Black Rock-Chan: *Shakes head no*

Blazorna: Two?

Black Rock-Chan: *shakes head again, keeping the deadpan face* Lots of snacks!

Blazorna: Sorry Rock-chan… I can't give you a lot, otherwise De-chan will be very angry with both of us. And that means NO snacks.

Black Rock-chan: *Gasps before holding up three fingers*

Blazorna: Three snacks it will be then. Now then, want to play a game? *smiles and pats the top of Black Rock-chan's head*

Black Rock-chan: *closes eyes upon being petted before nodding*

Blazorna: *stops and removes hand* Okay, just let me say one last thing before we play.

I am going to be working on the side stories in an order based on viewer demand. So if you want me to work on this story more than the others, then let me know.

Now if you excuse me, I have promised Rock-chan that I'll play with her. We'll see you next time. And Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it!

*Looks at Black Rock-chan* So, what game do you want to play? Tag? Hide and Seek?

Black Rock-chan: *trembles slightly upon hearing Hide and Seek*

Blazorna: umm… should we get into our Halloween costumes instead?

Black Rock-chan: *immediately gets excited and runs out of sight before returning while wearing a real Jack-o-lantern with only her arms and legs sticking out of it.

Blazorna: * leaves as well after before returning while wearing a poorly made Black Fang Tyrant costume.*

NOW LET'S SET OUT UPON OUR QUEST FOR CANDY AND SNACKS! *Epically points at nothing before running off*

Black Rock-chan: *pumps her hand into the air the best she can while Blazorna points before following him*