Chapter 2: Fang, Saw, and Flame

Black Fang Tyrant groaned as he slowly awoke. He stared at the starry night upon opening his eye. The Alter Ego laid in place, his mind replaying the memory of himself being crushed by the white girl. He then raised one of his hands up, looking at the gauntlet before slowly flexing his fingers individually.

"I'm… alive…" he said softly before lowering his arm. He then sensed someone or something looking in his direction. The boy immediately sat upright, his face briefly wincing in pain before he looked around. Violet met scarlet as Tyrant stared at the girl that stood before him.

She had long and smooth black hair and scarlet eyes that didn't reveal any emotion, just like the rest of her face. Her outfit consisted of a black jacket with a small image of a side profile of what appeared to be a lion with a row of three stars above it on the right side that was unzipped, revealing a black bikini top underneath, as well as black shorts. The jacket extended into a worn out cape that was red at the end. She had black skeletal hands with fingers tipped with claws. Finishing her outfit was a pair of long black heeled boots. However the thing that caught the Alter Ego's attention the most was the girl's horns, which were curved upwards and transitioned from jet black at the base to a vibrant scarlet at the upper half.

The horned girl stared at Tyrant in silence as he staggered to his feet.

"Who…are you?" the Alter Ego asked.

The girl only turned away and began walking off, while gesturing him to follow with her right hand without looking over her shoulder.

Tyrant flicked his tail before deciding to follow the silent girl.

"You know if you want me to follow you, at least tell me your name…" he said bluntly.

The girl stopped ant turned around, her piercing glance focused on the Alter Ego as part of her hair concealed the bottom half of her face as she pointed at him.

Tyrant sighed before tilting his head to the side, a soft cracking sound could be heard at the same time.

"I get it… you won't tell me yours until I tell you mine…" he said before smiling a bit. "I don't mind telling a lovely girl like yourself my name."

The girl took a step back, her normally stoic face showing a faint trace of unease. The Alter Ego chuckled and smiled more.

"Guess you're an Other Self… Regardless, I am Black Fang Tyrant." he said before bowing courteously to the girl.

The Other Self just stared in uncertainty as the boy rose back up.

"…Black Gold Saw…" she finally said after a moment's hesitation.

" Black Gold Saw." Tyrant repeated before stepping forward a few steps before holding out his hand.

Black Gold Saw leaped back and got into a fighting position, She stared at the Alter Ego, assuming that he was going to attack her.

"I wasn't going to fight you, Saw-chan…." he said before lowering his hand. " I guess the rumors are true… unless you've merged… all you Other Selves think about is that everyone is out to get you… "

The Other Self relaxed a little before shaking her head.

"I have merged… once…" she replied.

Tyrant nodded and stepped forward.

"Then why did you assume that I was going to hurt you?" he asked, somewhat confused by her actions.

"It's because everyone does it… to fight everyone they meet." she said.

The Alter Ego chuckled and crossed his arms in front of his chest, grimacing a bit from a sudden jolt of pain coming from his injured shoulder.

"If that's true, then why aren't we fighting?" he asked with a smile. "Is it because I'm an Alter Ego and you're an Other Self?"

Black Gold Saw's eyes widened upon hearing that before she stepped forward.

"You're… an Alter Ego?" she asked in confusion.

The boy nodded. "That's correct. And I see you truly have merged before… you're pretty talkative once started. Plus some of your reactions are not found in Other Selves who didn't merge. "

Black Gold Saw nodded before walking towards the Alter Ego. "You are not what I assumed you to be… I heard Alter Egos attack all things that aren't of their kind."

Tyrant grinned and closed the distance between them. He raised a hand up and gently brushed a cheek with the back of one of his claws. The Other Self began blushing a bit upon the action.

"I would never harm someone as alluring as you are, Saw-chan." he said in an endearing manner.

The night sky soon was filled with the Alter Ego's screams of pain and cries of agony as a now flustered Black Gold Saw beaten him to an inch of his life with her bare hands.


The orange sun rose over the horizon, the rays of light banishing the darkness slowly, revealing the scene that it concealed.

Tyrant woke up groaning facedown in a puddle of his blood. The Alter Ego sat upright and smirked a bit upon realizing that the pain from before was almost gone now.

"Saw-chan? Are you there?" he called out.

A flying rock striking him in the back of the head was the reply from the Other Self.

"Oww… what was that for?" Tyrant whimpered while rubbing where he was struck.

Black Gold Saw didn't respond as she came into view, brandishing in her left hand a large sword. The back of the ebony blade was serrated like a saw with two protrusions coming from the hilt acting like a hand guard. At the tip of the handle was a sinister looking white skull.

"Come…" she simply said before holding out her right hand.

Tyrant nodded and reached his hand out to take the Other Self's own.

However, upon taking her hand, violet flames erupted from the gauntlet without warning. Both Black Fang Tyrant and Black Gold Saw screamed in pain as the flames grew and engulfed both of them.

However, a few moments after both of them are covered, the flames immediately froze in place and solidified into a translucent violet crystal.

Frozen inside was a gritting Black Fang Tyrant apparently pulling Black Gold Saw against him as she had her eyes closed, screaming in pain, in an effort to shield the girl from the flames.

Stepping from behind a nearby boulder was a grey haired boy who looked a lot like Black Fang Tyrant at first glance. However, the boy had silver hair, dark grey eyes and lacked any scars, protrusions, or a tail. His bulky silver gauntlets were smoothed and rounded at the fingertips, giving off the appearance of gorilla hands. His boots were a dark grey and lacked any protrusions. The boy's outfit consisted of a pair of black shorts that was held up by a studded white belt as well as a white vest with black flame decals running across the bottom.

"So.. My brother unknowingly activated his powers at last. " the boy said calmly before looking upon Black Gold Saw. "Regardless of the outcome, that Other Self is going to change… I wonder if she will become his first partner.

' To defeat the Beast, a link will form between a single Ego with four others who share the same desire. The link then shall connect with others, forging a chain strong enough to subdue the Beast. And the ones born from the link shall make it reborn. But should the chain be made too late… All shall be slain by the Beast.'

If he is the first mentioned Ego from the Legacy of the Beast… I wonder who the others will be… assuming that this one is one of the four…" he said before looking closely at Black Gold Saw and grinning. "My brother has quite the luck with women… I wonder if more of his other half's behavior will appear.. After all… despite our differences, Alter Egos do have human counterparts… just like Other Selves… or in the case of both my brother and myself, homunculi. And for yours… a wraith, isn't that right Scythe, Wraith Cutter?"

Looking behind his shoulder were twin girls stepping into view. They both had pale white skin and long hair tied up in thin, equal length twin tails that went to their waist. However, each had different colored hair and eyes as well as different outfits.

The first one had snow white hair and amber eyes. She was wearing a French maid outfit that was inversed in color, with the majority of the outfit being white with black. Her legs were covered in white stockings with black shoes.

The second had dark red hair and bluish-green eyes. Her out was completely different opposed to her twin's. She wore black shorts that clung to her curves while her top consisted of a black bikini top that accentuated her cleavage. Her feet were encased in black boots that went up to her knees. Her hands were wearing black sleeves that each went from the wrist to the elbow.

Both twins had an identical scythe with a long black handle with a curved blade that was black at the top with the sharpened edge being a glistening silver. Connecting the two parts together was a black rhombus shaped cage with an egg shaped ruby glowing inside it. The white haired one was holding hers while the other had it fastened to her back with black bandages that were weathered.

The maid wearing one was the first to speak.

"That's correct, Stone Crusher." she replied. " Still… I don't understand why Black Fang Tyrant-sama unleashed his powers without realizing it."

Stone Crusher shrugged before speaking up.

"I don't know Scythe-chan… the Tyrant Claws don't ignite unless he's going into a fight. All this time, I thought that his power was being able to control where his flame goes, but after seeing this… It makes you wonder if there's more." he replied to the white maid.

Scythe nodded before looking at her twin, Wraith Cutter.

The black haired girl walked up towards the crystallized flame and looked at Tyrant with a worried look.

Stone Crusher noticed the girl's look and gently patted the girl's shoulder with one of his arms.

"I know you're worried about him, Wraith Cutter… after all… he was the first one who befriended you and your sister…" the male Alter Ego said with a reassuring smile. "And you know that he's the most stubborn of all the Alter Egos we've met so far. He'll get out of this…"

"He's right. Black Fang Tyrant-sama saved us from those odd creatures before as well…" Scythe reassured her sister. "You just have to have faith in him."

Wraith Cutter nodded before looking back at the pair trapped inside the crystal.

? ? ?

Black Gold Saw groaned as she opened up her eyes. The Other Self looked up at a grey sky devoid of the clouds and sun. She sat upright and noticed that the ground she was on was covered in ash and filled with countless bones that were charred black. She looked over her shoulder and noticed a hill that had a large cracked tombstone shaped like a cross that was roughly ten meters away from where she was.

"Bet you're wondering where we are." Black Fang Tyrant said as he stepped into view from behind the tombstone. "Apparently we're in the subconscious of my 'second self.' It took me a moment ro realize though…"

The horned girl frowned before getting up to her feet. The Alter Ego raised his hands up above his head and closing his eye.

" Before you ask, I honestly don't know what caused us to wind up here." Tyrant stated in his defense. " But I have a feeling that getting back is going to be easier said then done…"

The Other Self gritted her teeth before storming over towards the Alter Ego. Once close enough, she grasped him by the jacket and pulled him to her face.

"Explain…" she seethed. The look in her eyes obviously showed her displeasure and fury she was feeling right now.

" I'm not good with talking with other guys… especially when they're full of angst." Tyrant explained before glancing over towards the tombstone. "My other half seems to be regretting a decision that he made… something about unleashing a terror…"

Black Gold Saw immediately released her grip and marched over to behind the tombstone.

Black Fang Tyrant blinked in confusion before the screams of a man in agony filled the air.

The Alter Ego cringed upon hearing some of the cries for help turning into blood curdling screams.

A few minutes passed before a boy with black hair and white skin crawled into view, looking like he was beaten to an inch of his life. However, his eyes widen before screaming again as he was dragged back out of view, his fingers digging into the ground in a futile effort to escape. Just then, the sound of a chainsaw echoed through the air, followed by a jackhammer, a police siren and a the back of his mind though, he couldn't help but wonder what was causing those out of place sounds, but figured ignorance was bliss.

"Better him than me…" the Alter Ego said remorselessly as he listened to his second self crying out in agony.

"HAVE MERCY!" the boy wailed loudly one last time before silence took over.

"She better have not killed him…" Tyrant muttered under his breath before he noticed the Other Self walking back into view, dragging the now unconscious boy by the back of his shirt.

"Talk." Black Gold Saw said before callously tossing the boy at the Alter Ego's feet.

Black Fang Tyrant nodded before poking the boy with the tip of his tail to see if he was dead. After a few prods, he stopped upon the boy groaning weakly as he came around.

"So… you finally willing to talk?" he asked. "First off… who are you?"

"M-Masamune Kira…" the boy groaned.

Tyrant nodded before speaking again. "Now.. What were you blabbering about a moment ago?"

Kira sat upright and shook his head before holding his head. "Can you give me a moment please… my head is throbbing in pain…"

"Fine… but don't take too long or else I'll have Saw-chan kick your ass again." the Alter Ego warned before looking over at Black Gold Saw, who smirked slightly in response.

"Okay… well…. Basically in a nutshell… I am afraid of losing control of this power that I've released and hurting someone dear to me as a result…" the boy explained.

"Wait… is that all?! God… it wasn't like you destroyed an entire civilization before." Tyrant said half mindedly.

"Actually… that kinda happened…" Kira admitted.

Black Fang Tyrant stared at his other half before sighing.

"Look… if you're afraid of hurting someone… figure out some kind of preemptive measure." he suggested. "A failsafe, in other words."

Kira's eyebrow twitched before he went to the tombstone and started banging his head against it.

"DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!" he screamed in between each blow. "Why haven't I thought about that before?!"

The Alter Ego began sweating a little bit.

"I think he's not too smart…" he whispered to Black Gold Saw, who only nodded in agreement.

Kira stopped and turned around to face the pair.

"Thanks guys… I think I now know what to do…" he said with a smile. "By the way… what are your names?"

"Black Fang Tyrant." the Alter Ego said while stepping forward and holding his hand out.

"Black Gold Saw." the Other Self said before standing next to him.

"I had a feeling you were that guy I saw in my dream… wonder if you met Black Rock Shooter yet." he quipped.

"Eh?" Tyrant asked while blinking in confusion.

Black Gold Saw however froze in place upon hearing the all too familiar name. Her eyes widened as her hands trembled.

"Where… did you hear that name?" she asked in a soft yet demanding tone.

However, before Kira could speak, both he and the landscape were replaced with a white void.

"What the hell?!" Black Fang Tyrant cried out in shock as he witnessed the sudden transition.

Black Gold Saw stared at the void quietly.

"Calm down." she instructed.

The Alter Ego nodded before grimacing in pain as he lurched forward a little bit. He felt the pain coming from his covered eye as it began to feel uncomfortable. The pain began to intensify with each passing second, veins bulged around the adornment before small specks of violet flame seeped through the top edge.

"What… What's happening to me?" he asked before moving a hand up to the covering.

The Other Self watched with a stoic look on her face before she felt her right eye beginning to feel uncomfortably warm. She immediately covered it with the palm of her right hand, only for the eye to start throbbing.

A few seconds passed before The Alter Ego screamed in pain as the cover over his left eye began to crack as more violet flames slipped through. The cracks spread throughout the appendage before shattering, releasing a plume of flames in the process. At the same time, his tail and Tyrant Claws ignited into roaring infernos.

The flames soon spread throughout his body, burning away his outfit completely except for the boots, tail, and gauntlets.

The Alter Ego's hair began to stand upright as the black started to transition into deep violet at the tips. Two tendrils of fire originating from those cloaking his body reached out towards the Other Self, who was caught off guard by the throbbing in her eye. The girl didn't react in time before the tendrils wrapped around her body, yet not harming her in any way, and started pulling her towards the boy.

Black Fang Tyrant's right eye glassed over before he grinned maniacally.

"You… You are one of them." the Alter Ego said in a voice that wasn't his own.

Black Gold Saw struggled to break free while glaring at him, ignoring the throbbing the best as possible

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"I will tell you only if you tell me yours…" Tyrant said.

"…Black Gold Saw…" the Other Self replied.

"No… I want your REAL name… I know you recently merged with your Other Self…"

The Other Self's eyes widened as she gasped.

"H-How did you do know?" she asked.

The grin on Tyrant's face grew more before closing the distance between the two of them.

"I know almost everything that goes on… My ability allows me to possess Alter Egos, learn from their memories, and forcefully connect them with their other half's… But you… you seem to be connected with my host's power… That's why you were brought along…"

"Let him go…" Black Gold Saw warned.

"I will… after you awaken both of your powers." the possessed Alter Ego replied.

" Our… powers?" the Other Self asked skeptically.

"Yes… You have a Flame waiting to be born … one that resonates with my host's own… " "Tyrant" explained before pointing to the blazing left eye. "Yours is telling you it's time to ignite it. Only then does any pain you are feeling shall subside…"

Black Gold Saw fell silent to contemplate what to do… in her current disposition, she was in an unfamiliar location while being restrained by tendrils of flame. A few moments passed before she opened her mouth to speak.

"Tell me… how do I awaken my flame?" she asked.

"Do you trust this Alter Ego?" Tyrant's possessor replied with a question of his own.

"I…" the Other Self said before hesitating. "I… only met him last night… I don't know who he is… or why he was injured…"

The grin faltered a bit as the lifeless eye focused on the horned girl.

"What does Black Gold Saw have to say?" he asked.

"I… She… doesn't completely trust him… but she recognizes him as a possible ally…" she admitted.

"I see… but where do you stand? Do you see him as a friend or foe?" the possessor questioned.

"I… I see him… as someone I can trust…" she replied.

Tyrant nodded before the grin gave way to a warm smile.

"Excellent… you are indeed one of them… I don't understand your reasons for merging, nor will I ask. Just remember… your desires shall be fulfilled if you work with Black Fang Tyrant… Both yours and Black Gold Saw's."

The girl nodded a bit as a faint blush formed on her face.

" Very well…" she said before closing her eyes. " No matter what…"

The tendrils that restrained her began to change from violet to a deep scarlet as she spoke. The Other Self then opened her eyes as the right one began glowing.

"If Black Gold Saw can fight Black Rock Shooter again… If I meet someone who will not use or hurt me… the two of us will work together to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way…" she said as her conviction began to be recognized in her voice. "If our dreams can actually become reality… we will do everything to make it happen.

The flames covering Black Fang Tyrant's body dispersed, his original outfit beginning to materialize. The scarlet Tendrils relinquished their hold on Black Gold Saw.

"Excellent… now tell me… Who are you?"

"I am Black Gold Saw… that is my only name…" the Other self said before opening her eyes. The tendrils dissipated as a scarlet flame erupted from her right eye, burning intensely and painlessly. She held out her right arm and her serrated sword, the King Saw, materialized. " Now… let Black Fang Tyrant go…"

The possessed Alter Ego laughed heartily before nodding.

"Very well… You show no fear before the Emperor, and I admire that… I shall return you both into your bodies… Remember… Never lose that conviction you have right now, Black Gold Saw." he said before covering his left eye with a right hand for a moment before the flames dissipated. The hand was lowered, revealing the black covering again. "Farewell."

Black Gold Saw then was blinded by a flash of light before everything went black.


The three Alter Egos stared in confusion at the crystal after Stone Crusher noticed a faint crack forming.

" You think Black Fang Tyrant-sama will escape anytime now?" Scythe asked.

"Maybe… but remember… this never happened before…" Stone Crusher reminded the maid.

Wraith Cutter only stood quietly, her attention completely focused at the crack. The silent girl heard a soft creaking sound as the crack began to grow slowly at first before speeding up as it spread across the crystal.

The other two fell silent as they turned their attention to the formation, waiting in anticipation at what was going to happen next.

Wraith Cutter stepped forward before grabbing her scythe and drawing it. She then raised the curved blade above her head and closed her eyes. The blade began glowing white before the Alter Ego opened her eyes and lowered her weapon, releasing a glowing crescent shaped white projectile at the crystal. The crescent collided and slowly dug into the cracked crystal. The cracks became larger before the entire structure exploded, sending shards flying in every direction.

Wraith Cutter calmly spun her scythe in front of her, using it to deflect any of the projectiles that came her way.

Stone Crusher raised his right hand before the gauntlet glowed, causing the crystal shards to halt midair before falling down straight into the ground, each one leaving a small yet deep crater in the ground upon impact.

"Hey… we're back." Black Fang Tyrant said with a grin as he stepped forward. He looked over at the Other Self and whistled. "I sure didn't expect you to have a Flame…"

Black Gold Saw smirked as her right eye blazed brilliantly while shouldering the King Saw on her shoulder.

"Neither did I…" she said calmly before turning to the left to face the trio of Alter Egos. "Anyway, I see we have company…"

Tyrant looked in the same direction before his face twisted from one of curiosity to hatred.

"Stone Crusher… Why are you here?" he seethed while igniting the Tyrant Claws.

"You know why I'm here…" Stone Crusher said with a smirk before charging forward before raising a fist.

Tyrant swiped upwards with his right hand, only for it to collide with the incoming fist. A shockwave erupted from the collision, sending both combatants backwards.

"I am not surprised…" he said dryly. "You always want to kill me."

Stone Crusher smirked before kneeling.

"Of Course… I want to prove to all that you're inferior to me, brother." he said before punching the ground, triggering an earthquake.

Tyrant staggered as he lost his balance due to the shaking ground. He plunged his tail into the ground to keep himself from falling until the tremors stopped.

"Seriously? I know you love that tactic very much, but it's getting annoying…" Tyrant said while pulling up his tail. He slouched forward before charging towards his brother. "And why are the twins here?!"

"They were worried about you, brother… so they followed me in hopes of finding you…" Stone Crusher answered calmly as he held his arms up, bracing for impact.

Black Fang Tyrant smirked before plunging his right hand deep into the ground. He did a somersault before pulling out a black handle from the ground. As the Alter Ego landed on his feet, the rest of his weapon was revealed.

The handle was attached to a guard shaped like a black skull of a reptile with the jaws open. A long semi translucent violet blade was in the middle of the gaping maw of the skull. The blade was mostly straight except for the tip, which curved upwards with four deep notches the end, giving it a saw like appearance.

Black Fang Tyrant held the Fang Slayer above his head with a single hand before swinging the weapon down Crusher raised his arms above his head, using his gauntlets, the Gravity Fists, to parry the strike.

Both brothers glared at each other before one of them grinned.

"Unlike you… I am willing to fight alongside others." he commented before leaping back.

His brother stood in confusion before the King Saw slammed into his right side from behind, the serrated side of the blade digging into his flesh, causing white blood to ooze out. Stone Crusher looked over his side to see Black Gold Saw glaring ruthlessly back at him.

" Never turn your back on your enemy." she commented flatly before pulling her sword back, further injuring the Alter Ego.

Stone Crusher grasped the blade and pulled it out of his side before leaping away from it. However, before he could recuperate, he raised his arms up above him to block two scythe blades before they made their mark.

"You two also huh?" he commented while looking at Scythe and Wraith Cutter.

"We didn't attack you before because we needed you to find Black Fang Tyrant-sama…" Scythe explained as her twin nodded in acknowledgement. "Now that he's here… we won't let you hurt him…"

The outnumbered Alter Ego smirked before pushing the scythes away as the Gravity Fists began glowing. The Twins immediately fell onto their knees, struggling against the intensified gravity pushing down on them. However, Stone Crusher was forced to stop in order to evade the incoming Fang Slayer as it descended from above. the sword blade missed its mark and slammed into the ground, causing a small cloud of dirt to rise before its holder leaped back.

"Leave them alone!" Tyrant said before sticking his sword into the ground and leaving it behind as he charged forward, slashing swiftly at his brother in order to overwhelm him.

The tips of the Tyrant Claws were stained white with the blood of Stone Crusher as he was too slow to stop the blow in time. The further injured Alter Ego staggered backwards as blood dripped to the ground from his sides and left shoulder.

His four opponents surrounded him, each poised to attack at any moment. The Alter Ego chuckled before smiling.

"Looks like I have to retreat, brother…" he said before his gauntlets glowed slightly before morphing into a pair of drills . The gray haired boy leaped up before spinning in the air. As he plummeted, he held the drills in front of him before burrowing into the ground, making his escape within a makeshift smokescreen made out of kicked up earth.

"He's getting away!" Scythe cried out.

"Leave him." Black Fang Tyrant said. " Black Gold Saw and I injured him enough to have him be out of commission for a while. Besides… I'm not at full health either…"

"It is better that we don't push ourselves more than we have to…" Black Gold Saw said in agreement.

Wraith Cutter nodded in agreement before walking over towards her sister.

The flames of the Tyrant Claws were extinguished before the male Alter Ego looked at the twins.

"So… why did you two decide to come after me in the first place?" he asked.

"It's about Shadow Master…" Scythe replied. "He's trying to make the Legacy of the Beast a reality. He's also out to kill anyone with a Flame…"

The Alter Ego's eye widened in shock as he began trembling.

"No… he can't be serious… if I can't find a way to fix everything… then every single Other Self and Alter Ego…"

"Indeed… we will all be slain at the hands of the Beast…" the maid said in a serious tone.

Tyrant gritted his teeth before clenching his fists. He went towards the Fang Slayer and pulled it from the ground.

" Looks like there's no time for me to rest… I have to find them before he does…" he said while resting his sword against his good shoulder and turning to face the others. " Will you help me out? I won't hold it against you if you refuse…"

"We'll follow you anywhere, Black Fang Tyrant-sama…" Scythe responded instantly as she ran up to the Alter Ego, followed by her sister.

Tyrant looked at Black Gold Saw and smiled.

"Black Gold Saw… I know we only just met… but I think we make a good team." he said before holding out his hand. "Will you lend us your strength?"

The Other Self looked at the hand before walking over towards the other three.

"I have a feeling that I'll find what I'm looking for if I travel with you… " she said before taking his own hand with her own and shook it.

Ruined City

A girl leaped across the rooftops of the decaying buildings followed by another. The girl stopped and looked over her shoulder. Her short black emo styled hair swayed with the gentle breeze as her violet right eye focused on her follower, the longer bangs partially obscuring it while concealing her forehead completely. Her left eye was hidden underneath a large black eye patch. She was wearing an outfit similar to that of a sailor uniform with long sleeves and having black be the predominate color except for the white collar. The collar was wide enough to expose her shoulders somewhat as well as a thing shoulder strap of a black blouse. Fastened to the left sleeve was a white armband with a thin black pentagram on it. Underneath her top was a short black pleated skirt. Her feet were covered in knee high boots, and completing her outfit was a pair of black headphones that were covering her ears. Within her grasp was a large black artillery weapon with an very large blade attached to it, making the entire length of the weapon equal to or even larger than its wielder's height.

The Other Self held her gunblade, preparing herself for battle. A violet flame erupted from her right eye as she glared at her pursuer.

The Pursuer was also female, but panicked a little upon seeing the flame.

"P-Please don't hurt me!" she cried out.

She had black hair that went to the base of her head, her even bangs long enough to cover her forehead as well as her ears with three small white stars adornment fastened near the top on the left side in a curved line. She had glowing light green eyes behind a pair of black glasses. Her ensemble consisted of a short black jacket with a hood and long sleeves that were oversized at the end. Her skirt was reminiscent of the lower half of a kimono, albeit much shorter in length. A white belt kept the outfit in place with a grey book fastened to the side with black belts. Her legs had long black stockings that stopped mid thigh with black boots that were loose at the top. However, the things that stood out the most were the girl's cat ears and tail. The ears rested at the sides of her head above her human pair, the fur black on the outside with white tufts of fur inside. Her ebony furred tail twitched while she grasped onto her weapon, a handheld cannon with a very long and thin barrel, with the handle shaped in a way to give it the appearance of a sniper rifle. The catgirl immediately placed her firearm down at her feet to show she didn't mean any harm.

The emo looking Other Self lowered her own weapon upon seeing the gesture. Her flame slowly shrank in size before vanishing completely before she spoke.

"Why are you here?" she asked in a cold manner.

"I need help. Some kind of monster is after me, but it's too powerful for me to defeat alone." the cat eared girl said. "I saw you and I thought you could help me out.

The other girl shouldered her weapon before turning around.

"What is it?" she asked without looking back.

"…nyu…" the spectacled girl mewled weakly before holding herself as her cat ears drooped.

"An Alter Ego…"

"What is your name?" the headphone wearing girl asked.

"Demonic Cannon User…" the catgirl Other Self answered.

the other one said back " Do you know the name of this so called monster?"

"No… but I know she has red hair…" Demonic Cannon User replied as her cat ears drooped even more.

Black Matagi froze in place.

"An Alter Ego…" she muttered under her breath while tightening her grip on her gunblade.

"Umm… you haven't told me your name yet." the catgirl Other Self asked.

"Black Matagi…" the violet eyed girl responded as her flame reignited.

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Blazorna: *nods and pulls out a candybar.* here you go.

Black Rock-chan: *Takes it and starts gnawing on it.*

Blazorna: Now.. I bet some of you guys were or currently screaming at me for how I am portraying Black Gold Saw. Keep in mind, this is the BGS based off of the OVA, who only appeared BRIEFLY at the beginning. So we don't know her personality traits nor abilities besides being a proficient sword wielder. She could behave and have the same abilities like she did in the anime, or is a rival in which the impaling scene was unintentional (not very likely, I know, but we don't know for certain.)

Now… On to the question!

Black Rock-Chan: *stops eating and holds up a large sign above her head with the question on it.*

Will this story have other BRS Characters, like Geshumaru and Maid Gunner, that don't appear in the OVA, Game, or Anime?

Black Rock-Chan: *Puts sign down and resumes nomming*

Blazorna: *smirks* that's definitely a good question. Well, for those not well versed, there are more characters that don't appear in any commercial media, and only found in huke's drawings and the 3D music video (or the MMD PV for the sticklers) of the Song. One of these characters is Geshumaru, which is a name between a girl and a large robot who appear together. (it's unknown which one is actually named Geshumaru, but for me, it's shared) There are also two more characters with "Black" in their names. And there are other characters with flaming eyes for those wondering.

I actually DO plan on including some of these characters, especially the "Blacks." In fact, I've included two of them already. Just keep in mind, that due to these characters not appearing in the OVA, Anime, or Games, they don't really have any personalities I can work with. So the way they're each portrayed in this story may not be accurate at all…

This is because the Incursio Votum Series was created with the intention to introduce anime fans to lesser known series(mainly anime, but with a few games thrown in.), and in the case of this one, to further pique any further interest in Black Rock Shooter. Though unintentionally, this could also be seen as a way to get BRS fans to check out the main story as well…

While I'm on the subject, for the part where Black Gold Saw goes and does whatever she did to Kira, that was just a taste of the humor that the main storyline of Incursio Votum has.

Anyone who is old enough to read M rated fanfics without problems, I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out the main story "Incursio Votum quod Alius Insolitus Res." and leave a review. I am putting a lot of effort into this project, yet only three people have taken their time to leave a review… I would really like to hear what people think about it and/or this story. I try hard to keep my OC's from being a Gary-Stu (Mary-Sue), but it's much more difficult if people don't point out what's wrong… especially when you have a character like Kira, who can usually shrug off almost any form, , of physical harm, including lethal methods, but the "immortality" is utilized only for humor. Kira has other abilities with drawbacks that counteracts this issue.

A good example of this is Black Rock Shooter riding Kira like a surfboard on pavement after falling from the stratosphere, resulting in Kira being caught on fire while falling at terminal velocity. BRS used him as a shield during the descent for those wondering. Kira shrugs that off like you would after hitting their head against something accidentally. However, when fighting, Kira can shapeshift into chimeric forms, but when he does, the transformation puts severe strain on his body and DRASTICALLY reduces his healing rate to about five percent of the CURRENT efficiency for an extended period of time. In fact. If he changes multiple times yet doesn't get any injuries, he can actually die from the accumulated strain alone, as each change further slows his healing down, becoming increasingly difficult to handle the strain.

See where I'm trying to balance him out?

Anyway. If there's a BRS character that doesn't appear in the anime, OVA, or Game, that you'd like to see in Echoes of the Blue Flame, let me know!

Black Rock-chan: *finishes lollypop before yawning cutely.*

Blazorna: Guess it's nap time for you, Rock-chan.

Black Rock-chan: *nods and stretches arms above head*

Blazorna: Oh… before I forget, I did a little research, and apparently, there's EIGHT different incarnations of BRS, if you also count the PV. Here they are:

1. Black Rock Shooter: The Game - PSP game

2. Puchitto Rock Shooter - online game in Japan

3: OVA


5: Black Rock-Chan (still going on at this time)

6: Black Rock Shooter : Innocent Soul (think it's still going…)

7: Anime.

8: Original Concept

Some would argue that the concepts shouldn't be, but from what I've came across, I feel like that there's some kind of story going on there… but only huke knows what's going on.

*heads over to a cookie jar before opening it, looks inside and closing it. *


Kira: *grumbles and comes in half asleep.* better be good… I was having a nice dream before you woke me up.

Blazorna: *pulls out a frying pan and smiles maniacally..* EHEHEHEHEHHEH!

Black Rock-Chan: * Eyes widen in fear before running out of view.*

Kira: *Eyes widen in shock while trembling in fear* OH NO… BLAZORNA'S GONE PSYCHO! AGAIN! SOMEONE MUST HAVE EATEN THE LAST COOKIE!

*Tranquilizer dart is fired at Blazorna, knocking him out.*

Black Rock-Chan: *comes in holding her still smoking Rock Cannon. * just in time.

Kira: Thank you . I owe you one…

Black Rock-chan: *starts firing at Kira*


Black Rock-Chan:*closes distance and holds Rock Cannon to Kira's face* Blazorna said I get a snack for each time I hit you. *fires again*

Kira: *Gets hit square in the face by the Rock Cannon, making his face blacken and smoking.* … ouch…. *falls unconscious and falls to the ground face first.*

Black Rock-Chan: *Stands on top of Kira's head and holds two fingers up in a victory pose while keeping a stoic face.* Victory

Black Fang Tyrant: *pokes head in from behind a door* Rock-chan… we need to get going, it's time for lunch.

Black Rock-chan: *flame appears while jumping up and down on top of Kira's head in excitement* LUNCH! *Runs out the door as fast as possible.*

Black Fang Tyrant: *blinks* oh… that thing of Blazorna's still running? Well… seeing that he's out of commission… might as well say that's it for now. Until next time, the idiocy will, thankfully, be at a standstill. *vanishes from view*